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Addiction X V3 LEDs

Addiction X V3 LEDs


Just landed - In stock!

This new version of the Addiction X LED features:
• Two new captivating color schemes!
• Hatch latch hold the canopy in place
• Powerful 4s set up gives this plane a boost, resulting in a whole new flying experience!

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In celebration of a decade in constant production, this record-breaking best-seller airplane has now been updated and its Version 2 is being released.

In designing and developing the Addiction series, our main target was you – the pilot!

We aim to build your confidence, make you a better pilot and inspire you to challenge yourself and succeed in maneuvers that you could only dream of before.

The ADX is not just a larger version of the 40” Addiction. We approached it as both a part of a series, and as a stand-alone plane with its own unique flight characteristics, based on the input and feedback from thousands of Addiction and Addiction X flyers over the years.

Version 2 of the Addiction X features:

  • Unique and enhanced aerodynamic design allowing much faster flying-speed for high energy and precision flying, without compromising the phenomenal slow 3D capabilities that the ADX is known for.
  • New construction using PA most up-to-date innovative FiberFusion techniques – more solid than ever!
  • Custom-made new airfoils further expand its flight envelope
  • More powerful iPAs set up – 24 poles Thrust 45 Revo motor (rear mounted with CF X mount) combined with NXT180-HV digital servos for a completely new level of performance, never seen in the Addiction X before.
  • Factory-ready for night flying – extending your flying hours into the best time of the day, when temperature and wind drops.
  • Includes light harness custom made, pre-soldered and ready to use. 
  • New awesome solid white color scheme and checkers on bottom wing as so many of our fans requested, for better visibility.

We have spent well over a year in the design and testing of this model enhancing the Addiction’s design features and taking advantage of the granted stability that comes with the larger size airframe. The result is a featherweight model that is incredibly stable, easy to fly and is capable of performing precision 3D maneuvers even in windy conditions, as well as high energy maneuvers and precision-flying at its best. 

The combination of its extreme lightweight (low wing loading) and state-of-the-art aerodynamic design makes the Addiction-X fly slower than a turtle walking through peanut butter! (LOL). This gives the flyer ample time to think and act. Due to the huge control surfaces, the Addiction-X will respond immediately to your stick inputs, which is crucial when flying slow 3D. These factors make it perfect for learning 3D.

Ever dreamed of hovering in your first flight? – Now the dream can become a reality! Not only that – you’ll be able to choose your spot and hover above it! Torque roll, reverse torque rolls and the tightest waterfalls will all come naturally and it will land at less than walking pace!

Similar to the original Addiction, the Addiction-X harriers exceptionally well in both upright and inverted positions and is perfect to learn harrier figure eights and spot landings. Stationary flat spins are exceptionally easy to do, meaning you can transition from a regular harrier or inverted harrier to a stationary spin at any height, without losing altitude.

The Addiction X is capable of doing the most amazing high alpha (AOA) knife edge, and tightest knife edge loops you have ever seen in an airplane this size. The overall aerodynamic design and incredible rudder authority means zero coupling in KE so you could fly Knife Edge all day long just holding the rudder stick. You can change KE direction and even do knife edge waterfalls, all with ease.

 The Addiction-X gains airspeed rapidly from stall position which allows awesome transitions between maneuvers that adds to the amazing 3D display. Unlike many other 3D models the Addiction-X is also surprisingly precise and tracks extremely well, even in windy conditions. It is sure to impress not only you, but everyone else at the flying field.


New in the Version 2 of the Addiction X is the higher energy maneuvers – the V2 excels in faster snap rolls, more precise point rolls, high speed knife edge circles and even tighter knife edge spins and blenders.

While the Addiction 3D 40” was all about inspiring pilots of all skill levels to perform 3D like the pros, the ADX will match your growth in hardcore 3D skills. If you crave for a bigger dose of the rush to go even further, the 50” Addiction-X v2 was made for you! But don’t be mistaken – you don’t need to graduate from the Addiction in order to fly the Addiction-X. The Addiction-X can most certainly be your first 3D model.


iPAs Set Up

Looks can be deceiving and although the Addiction X feature a 50” wing span it is longer than the 57” Katana MX and seems just as large – this means it is the largest model on the market to be flown using a 3S 2200mAh pack with great power for 3D flying.

When you see it in person, you’ll be surprise that this huge airframe is powered by an economical lightweight 45 size iPAs setup and a 2200mAh 3S LiPo.

We have also tested numerous propellers and ended up with one size larger wooden propeller to yield the best performance out of this model/motor/battery combination. The VOX 15×6 propeller brings the Addiction-X to life and provides outstanding power. This powerful set up and extreme throws especially engineered to allow superior thrust to weight ratio, that make the Addiction-X extremely responsive providing absolute control, so you can get out of the most difficult situations with ease. The classic T40X propeller can also be used.

The Addiction-X’s striking color schemes are very visible in the sky and attracts everyone’s attention at the field. The translucent covering reveals our unique FiberFusion® construction which contributes greatly to the strength of the airframe without sacrificing on weight.  Shaun Vanunu our chief engineer outdid himself yet again, and the discerning modeler will find himself gazing in awe through the covering at the unique construction features of this model. The Addiction X V2 is also available in white solid scheme as requested by our fans.

Similar to other PA models, the Addiction-X is built using finest grade material, all cut by state-of-the-art laser and CNC machines. Two wing halves are removable making it easily transportable for a model of this size. The wings are joined together with a CF wing tube and CF sleeve that makes the Addiction-X a compact and durable aircraft.

So, if you feel that you have had just about enough with flimsy foamies or are still struggling to learn that seemingly illusive hover or torque roll or if you are already addicted to the Addiction 3D, this is certainly THE plane for you, but you should know – looking so good can be addictive!


Following PA tradition this model too gives the word QUALITY a whole new meaning. From the design to the construction, the hardware and the level of finish – the attention to detail is second to none

The Addiction-X is a TRUE ARF, 99% built for you in our factory:

  • Pre installed CF anti rotation pins
  • Fiberglass pre cut cowling reinforced with carbon fiber. No cutting is required!  The cowling aerodynamic design (intakes, outtakes), clever motor box design and two large air baffles allow airflow to efficiently cool the motor, battery and ESC.
  • Pre-fabricated tinted canopy and hatch is one unit attached to the model with very strong magnets. No canopy trimming or gluing is required.
  • Pre-drilled stiff CF landing gear and pre-installed blind nuts in the fuselage allow a quick and trouble free undercarriage installation.
  • Extremely robust Pre glued motor box with the correct thrust line already built in.
  • CNC Machined pre cut firewall. Simply bolt your motor on!
  • CNC machined metal clevises and German made ball links for smooth and safe control
  • pre cut fiberglass wheel pants with ply mounting plate (pre-installed in the mould)
  • The brief assembly is a joy and most modelers will have it set up in one evening.






Wingspan: 1,270mm / 50 in
Length: 1,331mm / 52.4 in
Flying weight (including LiPo): ~1200g / 42.3oz
Wing area: 744 sq. inch
Wing loading: only 8.18oz/sq.ft!!
Note: Vortex Generators and Carbon fiber spinner are not included in the kit

Required to complete:

PA Thrust 45 Revo brushless outrunner
PA Quantum 45A Evo ESC
4x Nexatec NXT-180HV servos
PA Gen2 LiPo 2600mAh 14.8V (4s) 30-60C
VOX 13×6.5 Prop for the Thrust 45 Revo 

iPAs Combos

Combos include the following:

iPAs Drive:
The Drive package includes

  • Addiction X V3
  • PA Thrust® 45 Revo 24 poles motor with RotorKool® Technology
  • PA Quantum 45A Evo High performance Programmable ESC with HV SBEC
  • CNC machined precision prop adapter
  • CNC machined Carbon fiber X mountGerman made CNC machined precision prop adapter (We decided to include this adapter instead of common prop adapters usually bundled with motor accessories to avoid performance robbing, vibrations and motor mount structural damage).

iPAs Pro:
The Pro package includes

  • Addiction X V3
  • PA Thrust® 45 Revo 24 poles motor with RotorKool® Technology
  • PA Quantum 45A Evo High performance Programmable ESC with HV SBEC
  • CNC machined precision prop adapter
  • CNC machined Carbon fiber X mountGerman made CNC machined precision prop adapter (We decided to include this adapter instead of common prop adapters usually bundled with motor accessories to avoid performance robbing, vibrations and motor mount structural damage).
  • PA Gen2 LiPo 2600mAh 14.8V (4s) 30-60C
  • Nexatec NXT-180HV servos – 4pcs (NEW High end, best in class! Torque monster, High Speed, and Ultra Precision / FULLY CNC machined)
  • Thin gauge twisted light extension lead (made in the same German factory as our giant scale airplanes HD leads). Due to its fine high quality strings it is extremely flexible preventing RF noises and features low internal resistance.
  • Set of 4 Carbon Fiber extended servo arms specifically designed to achieve the desired linkage geometry for full control surface movement.
  • Low resistance Original Amass XT60 Plugs and Gold plated bullet connectors
    for the best electrical connection and power delivery to the drive.
  • Vox 13×6.5 Wooden Propeller


What is iPAs?  – Integrated Performance Airframe-Drive System



Unlike glow aircraft where it is mostly a matter of bolting on a specific size engine, the options for electric flight gear are simply overwhelming and matching electric gear to an airframe is a complex task for the average modeler and quite often can be very confusing.

Most manufacturers direct their customers to acquire a “compatible” motor and ESC or at best offer a “Combo” package that comprises of an off-the-shelf motor and ESC that would, in theory “fit” within the model’s power requirements.

Surveys we conducted showed that each and every EP models flyer has experienced at least one if not more of the following problems:

  • Unpredictable handling problems caused by reduced wing loading due to oversized motors or battery packs or ancillary gear.
  • Overheating or unwanted ESC cut outs due to over propping or undersized motors
  • Handling problems due to drastic shift in CG and overall weight distribution.
  • Unacceptable flight duration due to inefficient “hot” motors or undersized packs
  • Airframe structural failure due to increased aerodynamic loads caused by oversized drives and packs.
  • Overheating and swelling of battery packs caused by serious drive mismatch.
  • Less than optimum motor performance due to ESC incompatibility.
  • Crashes as a result of servo gear failures caused by excessive loads on the control surfaces or exceeding the maximum airspeed limits.
  • A huge disparity in flight performance observed in the promotional videos against actual aircraft.
  • Premature Motors, ESC and Battery failures or performance degradation over time due to mismatch setup.
  • Gear does not properly fit the airframe and requires modification.

We do not believe modelers should have to live with compromises in flight performances.

Through hundreds of hours of flight testing our airframe designs, we have established that there is a direct correlation between airframe and drive system, which influences the desired aerodynamic performance. This means that airframes and drives should not be treated as independent items, but as one integrated system.

Due to the extreme lengths taken in the design of the airframe, and the unprecedented flight testing period to finally achieve the desired aerodynamic characteristics, we felt a complete solution for this model is necessary. As a result, we have developed our iPAs, PA Integrated Performance Airframe-Drive System.

Each iPAs component has been carefully selected, tested individually and on the airframe itself. Any impacts on the overall flight performance and aerodynamic characteristics have been identified and addressed to ensure that all iPAs components interact in full synergy, as an integrated flight system within the constraints of the design specifications. Each component has then been further refined. The result achieved is a perfectly matched setup, successfully meeting the desired performance criteria.

For the first time, flyers have the unique opportunity to experience the exact aerodynamic performance as envisaged by our chief designer and team of test pilots minus all the guess work and unnecessary expense.


PA LEDs Lights / Power Harness (4s 14.8v)

Addiction X Pro package without airframe

Addiction X Bling Package

Thrust 45 Revo 24 Poles Motor with RotorKool technology

PA Quantum 45A Pro ESC New version user-selectable HV SBEC (6.0 / 7.4 / 8.0v)

NXT-180HV digital super-torque metal case and gears servo

KMX/Extra MX/AddictionX/Addiction XL long Carbon Fiber servo arms 4pc

Thin gauge electric extension lead – 2 meter / 78″

VOX 15×6 Electric wooden propeller

VOX T40-X Electric wooden propeller

PA Gen2 LiPo 2600mAh 11.1V (3s) 30-60C

Original Deans Ultra Plugs

Ultra Deans connectors – female only pack of 4pc

1.8″ Carbon Fiber Ultimate Style CNC machined spinner

Addiction X Carbon Fiber Vortex Generators

Addiction X wing bags

Padded Lipo carry bag

Customer Reviews


It’s the best flying plane in my fleet.




I have hundreds of flights on my ADX and it flies great.




The most fun RC plane I’ve ever owned!




I have just finished my translucent green Addiction X and have about 7 flights in. It is a striking plane and worth all the effort to assemble.




I recently purchased an Addiction X and I absolutely love it!!!! I’ve never had so much fun flying. I’m fairly new however, back at it after 15 yrs off, and this plane is giving me a serious case of false confidence.


Benjamin Behrens


I love the Addiction X V2 I have seven flights on it and I am flying again in the early morning tomorrow with lights.


Stephen Hall


Flew her for the first time last night with 3S 2600 . VERY happy!


William Mitchell


I’ve been flying the blue ADX since last year. I love it! That’s why I bought the green one. I don’t want any down time if the unthinkable happens.


Chuck Mills


I hadn’t flown my Addiction XL in a couple of months and took it out to the field this week for several flights. DANG WHAT A GREAT AIRPLANE! I had forgotten how much I love this plane! It’s possibly my favorite plane I have owned in 40 years of flying RC.


Mike Oliver


I have been flying model airplanes since 1953. I have just completed my 40th sortie on my Addiction XV2. As I stated before not only is this airplane a work of art it is also an engineering masterpiece. I have explored the flight envelope of this machine and it appears there is nothing that it can’t do. The Addiction V2 is the most honest and maneuverable aircraft I have ever flown. It flew off the bench without a hitch. I highly recommend this aircraft to anyone looking to explore 3D flight. My hat is off to the crew at Precision Aerobatics.


Gary Kopecky


Hello Shaun, flew the Addiction X V2 today, maiden flight – was perfect as expected, great job!!!
Thanks again for designing such incredible kits/aircraft!!!

Neal Smalley


Awesome little airplane, it’s like a fine jewel, doesn’t look to be any excess weight anywhere! At first glance, I think the covering job is superior to anything I’ve ever done, superb! Color me impressed!! I can hardly wait to get it flying. 

Ruben Pastian


I am totally blown away with the quality of your kits! You didn’t send us some model airplane kits you sent us some classic works of art. I am totally impressed and you can be assured that I will be your best advocate. Thank you for providing us with quality products! 

Gary Kopecky


The Addiction X is really such a fun plane!

Gordon Guy


Just maidend my new to me Addiction X !!! Everything went well. Very Happy !!

Ken Meidinger


Very cool airplane. Love mine

Tyson Lambert


Best all around plane just to play with, have/had 2-Add Xs, Add Xl, XR61, 2-Addictions.

David Childress


Hands down my favorite airplane to fly!

Dale Walton


My absolute favorite and go to … I want another one

Nakia Hamilton


these are great flyers.Sums up pretty much what I feel like every time i take one of them out. Does not matter the size. They are just such an awesome flyer.

William Beecher


Such an awesome plane!!!

Chris Larsen


I love mine. One of my favorite planes

Jason Lorenz


Completed Maiden on Monday!! Went great! Just 2 clicks of left and 1 click of up.
Flies great, plenty of power on stock setup. Worth all the work!

Rick Larson


The Addictions are sooooo much fun. I have them all. From the baby to the XL. Initially I did not like the look of them. Then I flew it. Fell in love, and now, I always bring one along.

William Beecher


I just finished my build last week, it is a beautiful airplane and it flies fantastic!

Hans Windisch


I’ve been flying my Addiction X almost every weekend for almost two years now. I must say that this is the ultimate R/C plane for me. I enjoy flying it tremendously. It’s the most stable, predictable flyer in my fleet. It inspires confidence and handles great in just any weather. The workmanship is exquisite- light, rigid and strong. The design and construction of the model- with balsa, plywood and carbon- is amazingly thought out. Attention has been put into every detail and carful production standards are evident in all aspects. From the packaging, to assembly and setup instructions everything assures successful results. The Precision Aerobatics customer service were responsive and highly professional in answering every question i had. Last but not least- it has it’s own unique style and beautiful looks which will stand out in every flying field. Highly recommended. 

Gil Smetana


I own the Addiction X. It’s one of the best flying aircraft I’ve owned in 30 years. If I had known how great it was I’d have bought the XL. I must warn you though; after flying a PA model everything else will feel inferior.

Michael Hambrecht


It’s been over 2 months since I got this plane ready to fly. Finally today I was a able to get the maiden and second flight in. What a great airplane! very little trim. Flew like a champ. Best balsa electric I’ve ever had by far. Unbelievable performance on 3s at 7000’ in altitude. Guys that are thinking about this plane: I highly recommend.

Stephen Cubbage


I have to congratulate your work! The airplanes fly wonderful and the quality is wonderful! This is our second airplane!



All I can say about the ADDICTION X is WOW! The build was as described in your detailed manual. 

As a builder of many aircraft over the years, including kit, scratch, and ARF’s, this one stands well above the rest. 

The plane flies unbelievably! Very little trim on the maiden flight. Waterfalls are tight and true with no rollout. Elevators and barriers are smooth and predictable. Knife edge is straight with no coupling. Lands like a dream. She goes where I point her!

I want to add a special “Thank You” to PA Team Pilot Michael Wargo for meeting with me personally, sharing with me his rates and expo info, and advising me on my build. Turns out we live fairly near one another here in central Florida, so I’m looking forward to flying with him in the days ahead. He is a tremendous ambassador for PA and the RC hobby in general. He is always helping other pilots, often foregoing his own flight time to do so. He’s a definite positive force for PA! I’m looking forward to working with him in the future. 

I’m kinda late to the “Addiction party,” but I’m glad I finally showed up! Thanks for producing a genuinely superb product!

Keep on giving us outstanding airframes! I’ll be sure to brag on you! Now I’m addicted to PA!

Kevin Goza


Addiction X maiden went perfectly. I followed the manual without deviation, used all PA equipment, batteries, and recommended settings. I literally only needed 3 clicks of right aileron trim. Very impressed with this aircraft; all the hype is founded in superb performance. Flew 10 batteries today. If you are in the fence about this one, or have ever considered it; BUY IT NOW!

Michael Hambrecht


The addiction x is the best built airframe I have owned and the electronics you guys have put together for it are top notch.

Mike Jordan


I’ve almost finished assembling the model and must say that it’s really beautifully designed and constructed. Amazing level of accuracy and attention to detail…. ingenious design!

Hans Kahlert’s YouTube videos were extremely informative and helpful.

I’ve flown my ADX this weekend and it flies like a dream! Stable, accurate and can go S l o w.. thats what i was looking for..:-)

Gil Smetana


Maidened my Addiction x today and she flies beautifully. I’m not a 3d pro by any means but this plane takes almost all the fear out of flying a 3d balsa plane .
She can move So slow and gracefully through the air and landing is a joy .
Great job Precision Aerobatics.



I have one. You can believe all the hype! It is the best 3D plane I have ever flown!

D.B. Hooper


I must say when I watch those films of you guys I have to admire how much control you have over this plane…it is the most responsive plane I have ever flown. Also, I thought the Thrust 40 was more than enough, it was down the soccer field in a jiffy.

I might mention that while we were out there two different people came all the way across the field just to say that the plane is one of the most beautiful they had ever seen and asked me about the details…one fellow had a piper cub he was flying out there and he also came over and said this one is way above his class and asked me where to get one. I might also mention that this Thrust 40 motor with the VOX T-40 prop makes a very interesting purring sound…I like it.

sylifis @ RCGroups


I now have about 30 flights on mine. It deserves airplane of the year award!!!! I would love to see this done in a 72″ wingspan with air foiled tail feathers. Knife edge loops are effortless! Slowest landing plane I have ever seen or flown, and that includes the deprons I fly indoors in the winter. I cannot praise the plane enough! I think I am going to have to put skis on it for some winter flying fun.

PerfectPathTech @ RCGroups


The plane does everything well. So stable and slow it is funny. IT almost stops! This plane is more fun than I was prepared for! Thanks Shaun for another almost magical airframe!

Michael Wargo @ RCGroups


The Addiction is a GREAT 3d plane and will do the book. The Addiction X is on a whole other level. It does stuff I haven’t seen before in a plane of it’s size and does it easily.

Mr. Kamikaze @ RCGroups


I got it out to the field today at lunch. It was immediately apparent that this is a great flying plane. Next flight…no issues. Knife Edge is great with this one. Very fun. Hold KE, drop it low and slow and go by then give some rudder and throttle to change directions and go the other way. KE loop is very effective. Harrier is great and it just seem to lock in to hover. It seemed to just stay in hover without much correction at all. Even in a torque roll, I didn’t have to work to keep it there. With the Thrust 40 and Vox prop the power seems to be about perfect.

I started doing rolling harriers about 20 ft off the ground and almost put it in twice but….maybe I didn’t mention….I can’t do rolling harriers!! I couldn’t before anyway. It’s like flying a simulator. This is an even better flying plane than the original addiction and I have two of those.Even low speed full rudder turns it didn’t want to snap out. This will be my new backyard flyer. As big as the control surfaces are and since I set them up to move greater than 55 degrees I was a little nervous that I might be over controlling it but it wasjust right. I love the plane and the green looks better in person than it did on the computer.

cmala @ RCGroups


I was really awestruck at how well the Addy-X handles wind and gust. Really exceeds all expectations. As you said, I am completely sold on the Addy-X and for sure I will be taking one…..hmmmmm…then again knowing me…maybe two. Loved the way it does the KE loops almost effortlessly and the really slow KE. The power setup felt good and I loved the slow and stable TR and super easy hovers. Man I wished we had still air that afternoon to really put the Addy-X through it’s paces but from the few flights I had, I have a very good feeling about this one. I honestly had half a mind to pinch Shaun’s Addy-X and take it home with me. This looks to me to be another primary airplane for anyone’s hangar. Geez now I really need to add more airplane racks in the house. Guess this will be one tough and expensive negotiation session with the wif to fight for prime real estate. Sigh!

Radio Rookie @ RCGroups


I’ve been waiting for a plane like the Addy X for a while now. I found I was trying to make all my other planes do the things my Addy X does with such ease and style. I’m getting more compliments with this plane then any other I’ve own. I tell everyone that it’s not me the Addy X make all my flying look good.

rogersrick123 @ RCGroups


Trying to describe the ADX flight characteristics…it’s like steering a feather, only it goes where you point it…the Thrust 40 motor continues to impress me as very quiet, purring and smooth, one of the best motors I’ve used. I was able to do a lot of rolls and KE’s and some other maneuvers very easily. I really love this plane.

sylifis @ RCGroups


I must say that my new addiction x is a huge BORE. It flys just like every other product I have built from P.A. . Flawless! Maybe one of these days I will at least be able to find a couple of faults but I have found none with this model. donnie

menksters @ RCGroups


I am amazed at how easy the AddyX lands. I’ve had at least 20 flights without a hard landing yet, and I’m terrible at landings. It floats in sooo slow that you just set it down easily. Twice I did flex the gear a bit without any bad effects. This is the easiest landing plane I’ve ever flown – including foamies. Anyone flown a plane that lands lighter than the AddyX? I want to ask PA to STOP SELLING THIS PLANE before my friends buy one and learn that it’s the plane that flys so well & not me.

Full Flaps @ RCGroups


It is a truly confidence inspiring plane! All I can say is wow. For close slow flying the ADX is a winner! I got my CG as close as possible to the recommended 132.5mm and 20 seconds into my first lipo I already felt comfortable enough to stay low and close. Hovers… easy, KE… easy, Rollers… easy, should I go on?
Tried a blender to KE spin and it held it spin first time, maybe I was lucky, but it is a very cool plane to fly. I can see this improving my 3D flying a lot!

demonGti @ RCGroups


Managed to do the maiden flight with my purple ADX today and IT IS GREAT!

Hands off upright and inverted, it tracked very very well on low rates – something I did not expect with this plane. Switch to high rates and the fun is on. Everything is slow and easy with this plane.

Cuba @ RCGroups


This is absolutely one of the best slow flying planes I ‘ve ever flown !

Pittsfan @ RCGroups


Just had another flight with the adx, forgot to set my timer, was in a hover and the battery started to pulse inevitably fell on to the rudder and guess what the adx is so robust its bounced and landed on its wheels perfectly. After carefull inspection I could find no damage. Pa has clearly made a quality strong airframes that can handle the abuse..Amazing

higcel @ RCGroups


Best flying plane I’ve had to date.



I had a Low Voltage cut out whilst hovering and the plane dropped about 18 inches straight onto its rudder, and I heard an almighty crack. NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
Fearing the worst as I approached the plane, I was amazed to find the back end of the Fuse 100% intact and only the bottom stringer on the rudder had cracked. (not broken, just cracked)
Wow, this is one robust plane guys.



-Fliegt für einen Funflyer erstaunlich gut geradeaus.
-Kein Drücken im Rückenflug notwendig, perfekt.
-Im Messerflug nur wenig Seitenruder zum Halten notwendig. Messerflugmischer
kaum notwendig. Bis jetzt noch nicht programmiert und auch schwer erkennbar,
was zu korrigieren wäre.
-Rollt sehr gut, ohne zu eiern.
-Man kann immer mit Männerausschlägen fliegen.
-Bei der langsamen Rolle sind nur geringe Korrekturen notwendig
-perfekter Harrier, aufwärts und im Rücken.
-Beim Hovern kein Kippen nach vorne, hinten, oder zur Seite. Nur leicht mit
Querruder gegenhalten. Ist extrem easy direkt vor der Nase. Die
Ruderwirkung aller Ruder ist beim Hovern sehr gut.
– Übergang vom Kraftflug in den Segelflug ohne Hoch-Tiefkorrektur.
-Powerrollen ganz easy.
-Rollenkreise gehen sehr einfach, da in den Schräglagen wenig gestützt
werden muss.
-Landung, wie auf Schienen und ganz langsam und ohne Überschlag im etwas
gefrorenen Schnee.
-Flugzeit 6:30 mit 2200 Lipos.
-erstaunlich, mit 1600er Lipos 6 min bei gleicher Akkulage und natürlich
schwanzlastig. Aber ich merke nichts Negatives. Geht also ohne Probleme
schwanzlastig und mit kleineren Lipos.

Gerhard Hanssmann (Germany)


Wow, what a plane!

After not having touched any Transmitter nor plane for 8 months, I was really excited to try the bigger Addi. But it so easy to fly, that even the 3D Hardcore Heli fliers back in KL have a blast with it.

Knife Edges are great, fast, slow, high angle, low angle, you name it. Hovers are so easy, that probably even Sarah Palin could do it

What surprised me most was, how tough that thing is. On flight #2 I waterfalled it into the ground because the elevator servo arm came off (my mistake, I was in a hurry going to the flying site). Damage was only the prop and spinner and one wingtip. 5 min later it was flying again. The next day my Spektrum receiver gave up on my and the plane spiraled down after a KE Snap form at least 10-15 feet. The Motorbox got crushed but everything else was pretty much fine. Unbelievable. Changed the Motorbox the next day and the following afternoon it was flying again.

Then: Mid-Air collision with another Addi (Stuff like that happens quite often in Mafia Land ). Only a cosmetic damage. Then, on another low level waterfall, my aileron linkage came lose (again, set up fault ) and one wing dropped and I was too late to recover: another spinner and prop toast, but apart from that, no damage.

In addition I had: low level rolling harrier a bit too low… no damage. KE to low… No damage.

I am sold to the idea, that light planes suffer from less damage during a crash due to the lower impact forces
Anyway, we have most on video!

Oliver Decker @ RCGroups


Just received my ADDX from the brown truck today

Opened the box to take a look at it and am very impressed.

The design and build of this thing are top notch!

fritzdecat @ RCGroups


Finally finished and flew my Addy X.

Wow it is stable for 3D stuff. Hovers are a piece of cake! Great for throwing around like a maniac.

liftytim @ RCGroups


First five flights complete!

All I can say is wow. This plane really makes you look like a 3D master. That’s not saying a whole lot about me as my last 3D plane (if you could call it that) was an EFlite Tribute

A buddy of mine just happen by. He was shocked at how easy it hovered.

I do have some feedback for those wanting to get some of the bling.

The VOX propellers are nice, are they worth $10.00 a piece? I guess so. If you break one on this plane, then you deserve to pay. This guy lands slower then you can walk.

The carbon fiber wheel pants, look very nice. Very cool looking and great finish.

The vortex generators, again look very nice.

Madguns @ RCGroups


I continue to be impressed with the X. I am so comfortable with its flight characteristics that I have been allowing a few friends try it to introduce them to 3d; it goes without saying, but the X has given every one of them their first taste of hovering and all with big silly grins on their faces. Sweet machine!

Bsbauman @ RCGroups


Well, I just joined the club with this plane and all I can say is I LOVE it…It’s so much fun to fly..I was looking for something to dip into 3d flying with and this fit the bill to a tee..

Been using a mix of 2200 batteries from my 450 helis and she’s a keeper for sure..It lands so slow and harriers so nice it’s unreal..

Only bad thing is all my buddies at the field are lined up to fly it every time I’ve been out with it..

TurboTech @ RCGroups


hello everbody
for about 1 month now I am flying the addiction x.
conclusion first:

the adx is THE PLANE who opens the door for 3d completely.
Very easy, very stable, the curve radius to any direction is incredible.
No complaint!
Fantastic toy, thank you PA.

Long leg @ RCGroups


I got a chance to fly an Addy X this weekend. It was nice, they definitely fixed all of my gripes with the smaller one:

Thinner wing means better harriers, and the super-low wing loading means that it still jumps out of trouble and gets on the wing right away so you can learn 3D quickly.

Much better in KE (possibly due to thinner wing)

Overall lighter and more stable feel

Better aileron authority

All the places that warped whenever I tightened the covering have been braced

Real hinges

The power delivery was smooth and comfortable. Plenty of reserve for pulling out of trouble, but it wouldn’t really go fast enough to get ahead of you.

I really enjoyed it and it’s a totally unique flying experience. Nobody else really makes an airplane like it.

cwojcik @ RCGroups


I flew my Addiction X yesterday for the first time!! The thing is like a big foamie! It slows right down and does amazing 3D!! The hovers and harriers lock right in, and it does a hands off KE!

PinkYakRC @ RCGroups


This is by far the BEST 3d floater ive ever owned (30 years of flying).



I received the RC model and wanted to let you know that my son Ben (33year old) said that it is by far the best RC aeroplane that he has ever owned.
He started on model aeroplanes at the age of 6 years and now shares the interest of RC aeroplanes with his 13 year old son. He wanted me to pass onto your team just how happy he is with it, he loves it and talks about it all the time.
Thank you for a great job in getting it us safely, the precision sure lives up to it’s name.

Leonie de Looze


OK, Maiden flight done today.
My god what a gentle girl this plane is.
I only fly on low rates but I must say at 1/2 throttle she is super gentle and slowwwwwww!!!
Did a couple of elevators at height and some short hovers at height and just stable!!.
I even found that nice aggressive elevator use on take off resulted in hovers at low altitude without trying.
Knife edge is coupling free once I got the CG sorted with plenty of authority.
I actually found it easier than the real flight sim for hover and knife edge.

bigroger @ RCGroups


I now have a purple blue adx. the x is my favourite. Just because of its wing loading it has this foamie floatiness thats unlike any other balsa on the market its my favourite plane.

higcell @ RCGroups


I have fifteen flights on my new Addy X now. It’s absolutely everything I hoped it would be. Very nice work, PA folks. You done good.

I agree with those who’ve commented on how user-friendly it is to fly. It’s as comfortable and relaxing as the floatiest foamy, and it makes a 3D shmuck like me look sort of halfway good.

Depronicus @ RCGroups


I LOVE this airplane I hit rudder on the ground to day more times than I can count.

crazyflyboy30 @ RCGroups


Thank you for the excellent service. The goods arrived today.
I might say that the Addiction X is the best performing aerobatic plane I have owned and has been well worth the money




Fantastic job with the AddyX plane. This a great kit with simply wonderful flight characteristics. Looking forward to the other new designs of PA!



Peter Mergaerts from Belgium


The Addy X is as user-friendly as one of these planes can be. It floats like a blimp if you want it to, or you can put through every 3D move in the book with absolute confidence. I know that no matter what sort of trouble I may get myself into, all I have to do is yank the elevator stick all the way back, and the A-X will instantly come to a near-halt in the air, doing loops in its own length, while I get re-oriented and let the adrenalin rush wear off.

Depronicus @ RCGroups



I have a Addiction X (red) and I now have 35 hours actual flight time on it!
I just ‘love’ !!


Sal Manganaro


I’m new to 3D flying and had the opportunity to fly a friends addiction X with a buddy box. I thought it was incredible and am interested in getting one.

cschrein @ RCGroups


The Addiction X has this foamie floatiness thats unlike any other balsa on the market, its my favourite plane.

Higcell @ RCGroups


I am pleased with the ADX and expect a lot of fun, and learning, is ahead of me.

Lenrev @ RCGroups


I gave 2 guys at the field a fly of my Addy X on Sunday. The secret is out! They thought I was a good pilot, now they think the Addy X is making me look good. They were amazed at how it flew, and both were able to get it hovering for a 5 or 6 seconds (up high) which pretty much blew them away as they had never really hovered before.

So… Don’t let people have a go of your Addy X! Tell them to get their own!!


Mr Kamikaze @ RCGroups


Your confidence level will skyrocket after just a few flights with the X.

gmarisiv @ RCGroups


OK, Maiden flight done today.
My god what a gentle girl this plane is.
I only fly on low rates but I must say at 1/2 throttle she is super gentle and slowwwwwww!!!
Did a couple of elevators at height and some short hovers at height and just stable!!.
I even found that nice aggressive elevator use on take off resulted in hovers at low altitude without trying.
Knife edge is coupling free once I got the CG sorted with plenty of authority.
I actually found it easier than the real flight sim for hover and knife edge.

Bigroger @ RCGroups


Well I finally did the maiden on mine, only two flights, and I have to say I’m impressed. Overall she did everything I wanted and more. Knife edge was a snap, inverted was rediculously easy. Tried some tumbles and did my first knife edge spin and flat spin.

Slopoke13 @ RCGroups


One of the BEST flying planes I have ever flown…

Walt and Sage @ RCGroups


Hi guys! I live in England and read a review on the AddX in my subscribed magazine, searched around and found all the required ingredients to build my own AddX to reccommended specification (using all PA components), while I was waiting for delivery I started to read this thread from the start (!), build was completed last week and still only half way through the thread! I have never flown 3D before, so I maidened her on low rates and was a dream to fly.

Yesterday I finished reading the entire thread! So decided I am suitably qualified for Hi-rates 3D madness, well… I flicked the Hi-rate switches on my tx, took a deep breath and went for it, WHAT AN AMAZING PLANE!!!! Ive only been flying for 6 months max, last night on my 3rd lipo in the AddX I was knife edging, harrier rolling, almost prop hanging (the wind turned it into more of a static harrier!) etc etc.

Thanks for all the great info on the builds, mods and repairs.

The knifes edge @ RCGroups


I’ve had my ADX since last summer and just love it. Best plane I’ve ever had for 3D.

olezippi @ RCGroups


1st flight tonight……….WOW, Never flown anything like this before. Very easy and neutral on low rates. Incredibly precise response to input. Can’t wait to get to know this plane better.

jevery @ RCGroups


When I get tired of my higher wing loading, more stressful planes to fly, I always go back to the Addy X to do some relaxing 3D! Always so fun and so easy to fly!

RCPilot1234 @ RCGroups


It’s a fun one for sure. Seems to be a great platform for getting into 3D in my opinion.

nice and floaty it is indeed. Nothing in my current fleet of 30+ planes is this floaty or forgiving when practicing 3d moves.

Reef_rc @ RCGroups


I am a new member from Turkey and got my addiction x. I am new to airplanes and more newbie to 3D. But this plane is a real fun, i liked it so much…

mustaine @ RCGroups


Have owned 3 of these . what can i say when my current addy X is no longer flyable i will have another sitting in the wings . WARNING – if you ever want to fly other planes do not buy an addy X because you will be constantly comparing it to the addy X and saying to yourself it doesn’t fly as good as my addy X!

Steve Shaw from Australia


The Addiction-X is an incredible 3D flyer. It’s ultra low wing loading and high thrust Vox prop, with a light motor setup makes for an agile plane capable of very slow flight. Powered only by a 3S 2200mAh 25-30c pack, the Thrust 40 motor pulls the plane around with authority when coupled with the VOX T40-X prop that is made specifically for the Addiction-X.

It is one of my favorite planes to haul out to the field when the winds are light.




I never thought it would be THAT great. You can read a lot about the outstanding performance of the Addiction X but then you think, yeah right what should be so different? But after flying the ADX for the first time, I can really tell they are right. Just from the start you feel like having flown this plane a thousand times before. Deflection of all control surfaces is really impressive but can be controlled really smooth.

Impressions after 4 flights:
– Very responsive with impressive control surface deflections of up to 55 °
– from the beginning very smooth to control
– Feel of no gravity (not to describe, gotta feel it)
– Can be flown very very slow, (in comparison, slow motion is fast)
– Hover as easy as it gets
– KE is just wonderful, on the third flight I performed a KE-looping (never did that before)
– Harrier (positive negative negative) very stable and good to control
– All maneuvers in your trick-box can be performed right from the beginning
– AddiX guarantees an absolutely stress-free flight

– I could go on and on and on and on like that, but I don’t´t want this to sound like a promotion brochure

Addiction, its not only the name, you really get addicted to it.
WOW, I am really impressed, to sum it up:

Flying in a whole “different Dimension”



I own an Addiction X — by far the best 3D plane I’ve ever flown! Worth every penny! Robust airframe and stellar quality with perfect balance in KE and hovers. Only need about 25% rudder to hold KE with no other cross coupling effects! Handles wind just fine! I think it has ample power — use good batteries for best performance and “punch”! The recommended prop is designed for optimal 3D performance not extreme high speed.



It’s official!!! Addiction X is the easiest torque rolling plane in my hangar. Even beats the foamy indoor stuff. I had it out yesterday in zero wind and using positive ailerons to help the roll I had it spinning like a top about 3 feet off the deck. It was so stable and spinning so fast with the ailerons it made a couple of the other guys that don’t have Addy X’s jealous. hehehehehe

Brett Mezen



Fantastic job with the AddyX plane. This a great kit with simply wonderful
flight characteristics. Looking forward to the other new designs of PA!

Peter Mergaerts
Werchter, Belgium

Peter Mergaerts


While I have not finished my assembly yet, Im very impressed with the quality of this Addiction-X. It seems every PA plane I get has better and better design features. My favorite to date has been the AMR, its a beast and I am sure this X will be just as entertaining. I can already tell the X is going to be an entirely different animal and I am very eager to get into the air. Keep putting out product like this and I will keep buying! Also, thought you should know your products made a great showing at the airfield the other day. Usually I feel I am the only one out with one, but alongside my AMR was a Bad Boy and a big beautiful Extra MX! not only that, I was not the only one building an X!! I look to see many many more out at the field;

Bradley B


I own an Addiction X — by far the best 3D plane I’ve ever flown! Worth every penny! Robust airframe and stellar quality with perfect balance in KE and hovers. Only need about 25% rudder to hold KE with no other cross coupling effects! Handles wind just fine! I think it has ample power — use good batteries for best performance and “punch”!. The recommended prop is designed for optimal 3D performance not extreme high speed.



First flight with the new X. Wow what a plane !!! I’m still grinning!!!



Flies just great and extremely light.



Flys GREAT with 304 flights on it.. I LOVE the plane !!!!
So much so I have a new one in the box With new servos
just waiting for the END of the faded one…(also purple)…

It has helped in improving my rooling circles and hovers..
I roll to the right and turn to the left..

How about making a 50cc addition X…

I would purchase at least TWO TODAY !!!!!!!!!!

I think about the BEST plane I have flown in 40+ years of flying



i have just about finished putting together my new ADDICTION X in BLUE
and i must say this the best looking colour combo and plane that i have ever seen.this is now my forth PA plane
and they just keep getting better well done to you all !!

i can hardly wait to see what you will do next.

kind regards “ Richardhl “



You guys named this plane right! Finished putting together my Addiction X and maiden this sunday 3rd. I went to the field with 3 aircrafts and ended up flying only the Addiction throughout out. 8 batteries and wishing i had more and the day doesn’t end by 6.30pm. This model is so much fun to fly, and easily for that matter! Me and the Addiction X are gonna be stuck for a long while.

Sunday A. Idajili


Ive been flying the addiction x about 30 flights and it is much more improved than the smaller version. Dont be fooled by the wing section as this is slightly thinner than the smaller version making it better for smooth aeros and will snap good aswell. This is by no means just a funfly model but a good allround freestyle model which flys tight and if setup correctly will perform well. Many people ask me whats the best model to train manouveres with and then transform these to larger models but in all honesty there is none, the key is to get used to stick inputs and how much or how little input is needed for each manouvere, but the addiction x will help any budding freestyler

Mike Williams


Wind was ok yesterday so finally got the plane maidened. What a non-event and this I say with the greatest of pleasure. She flies amazing well and easy, I just puttered around on low rates for a while to get her trimmed, only took 1 click of up and it was hands off..
I did a bit of high-rate flying and loved it though made sure I was high enough though that will change soon, I can never contain myself for very long.
Only 4 flights in and already it’s (by far) my favourite plane!!

Casllab @ RCGroups


As I have an Addiction XL now on back order, I am interested in a more exact expected date for shipment to me.
After now flying the Addiction X for a while I am ecstatic about this line of RC airplanes that u offer. I am aware of the contest now ongoing and am currently composing a killer video for your consideration in the contest. Of course I am sure that it will be the winner!
I simply am convinced that this plane is the VERY BEST 3D PLANE EVER BUILT!!!
I have been flying RC for over 50 years and after endeavoring to learn 3D for now 3 years I have reached a break thru in my learning curve thanks to the AddictionX.
More on that in the video….
Thank you for your efforts!

Capt. Chip Owen


Not sure If Michael can chime in here or not. His original how to videos lead me to purchase PA’s AddictionX and a twisted slick foamie when I got serious about learning 3D. My opinion is, if were learning 3D on balsas, and the sim and foamies only takes us so far then I wanted an airframe that could fly slower and lend me the time I need time to get the inputs correct. This plane has such light wing loading and so much power that you can practice the moves so much lower than you can with a heavier airplane (one that will drop further towards earth when you screw up the sticks). The PA planes are the lightest and stiffest out there, the side benefit is they run on smaller packs too. I flew for 7:10 on My X yesterday morning working only on rolling harriers and still landed with 3.3/cell. (love telemetry). you wont get that with another manufacturers product.

The AddX seemed so intimidating to me at first it was the biggest plane I had then, made of wood, and way more expensive than any other plane in my hangar. So I abused the foamie to all to heck, saving the X for the ‘perfect days’ only. But I tell you all that was a mental block, now the Addiction X is my cant go to the field without it airplane. Its my warm up airplane, its the one I try everything with first, it looks completely different than everything else at the field, the performance is unreal, and I can throw it around with complete confidence despite having mediocre skills. It flies as slow and forgiving as the foamy but that is where the similairites stop, its many many times better than the best EPP foamy. I fly it every time, even in the howling wind. Watch the videos Dan and Michael do with the AddyX and the other PA planes…simple awesome.

kohersh @ RCGroups


Airframe design and setup really counts here folks, If your struggling to transition your new found foamie success to a base plane you may want to re evaluate the overall wing loading of your plane and/or your CG.

Long before this thread existed or I even knew who Michael Wargo was, he sold me on the Precision Aerobatics Addiction X with a youtube video he did of it. He claimed something to the effect of it being the easiest plane to hover ‘that he knew of’. I bought mine, under the influence of black label immediately after watching that video. I now have 100+ flights on it and realized today in gusty 15kt winds that it flies so dang well that I toss it around low and slow like its made of foam. There is really nothing else that gives mediocre pilots like myself the amount of time to react that this one does, and it may be worth a try for anyone struggling. And to think it has a big brother coming out with 2x the wing area! Cant wait to here what Wargo has to say about the XL when he flies her

kohersh @ RCGroups


Last night I thought back on all the years I have been flying RC (31 now) and realized that my Addi X is the most ridicules airplane I have ever had. I would like to contrast it to some of my other planes.

For the last 30 years I have never bought an electric or an ARF, everything was built from scratch or from a kit. My first electric and ARF came about 10 months ago and was an E-Flite Albatros DVa 25e. I got it to practice WWI flying as I am just finishing up a highly detailed ¼ scale Fokker DVII.

The Albatros was built crooked and is small and heavy and flies just like I had expected it to….like crap. The Albatros is so bad it cannot roll and loops need to be done slow and big to keep the pos from snapping out in some kind of faux 3D snap thing.

So my wife said “Why don’t you get one of those aerobatic ones we have seen other people fly?” Now if you are married you know two things can be read into that statement. First, she just gave the OK to buy another plane. And secondly she thinks my flying skills stink because she has seen other people fly 3D.

Many years ago I was into pattern and sport planes but nothing capable of 3D.
So I started looking and it came down to a PA plane. Why? Because after all the years I have been flying I have found three simple truths. 1) Build it light, as light as possible. 2) Build it straight, I mean like crazy straight. 3) Balance and setup controls as precisely as possible, I mean get them perfect.

I could tell from reading this entire 262 page thread and others that PA builds the lightest planes and that people were happy with how straight they were. How precisely it is assembled, balanced, and setup is my problem.

So I bought a purple Addi X, iPA system, and bling package plus some spare props. I must say that both calls I placed to PA USA showed great customer service. Both times the woman I talked to answered my questions in a knowledgeable, professional, and friendly manner.

Got the bird and was very happy with the build quality. I took about 10 hours to assemble it and got everything perfect. I live in Colorado and its maiden flight was in a 10+mph wind, gusting, and about 35 degrees. Flew it 3 times and gave up trying to trim it out since it was getting blown around like a kite but appeared to only need a click of down elev. My 1st impression in that wind was promising as I was able to land all three times in a hover.. Humm mystery plane.

Had to wait a couple of weeks for good weather and the snow to melt but went out 3 days ago and flew…and flew…and flew… then went out again yesterday and flew all day until I ran out of daylight.

Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me! I don’t think I have had this much fun in RC since I started back in 1982! And I am really throwing it around…getting lower, and lower with each flight. My god does this plane inspire confidence!

So what happened last night? Just could not pass up the 20% discount. Bought 6 more battery packs because I can’t stand waiting for them to charge now. And bought a mango Katina MX, iPA, and bling package.

This is the 1st time in 20 years of marriage I have ever bought something this expensive and not told the wife. I’m having it shipped to my office and may end up keeping it there until I can find a way to explain it to her.

PA thanks for bringing so much fun back into the hobby for me!


co_gts @ RCGroups


if you want to learn 3D there is nothing better than an addy x . I am on my 5th one and when it dies I will get another. it makes me look better than I am. the airframe is designed for a 3S 2200mah pack. Be warned though once you start flying an addy x you may not be able to fly normal planes ever again.

jester56 @ RCGroups


3S, 3D? – Addiction X – nothing absolutely nothing is nowhere near. From experience – have (or did have) at least 10 planes in that size (all known names/models) and nothing comes close to AddiX. Just my opinion.
All of these planes were very good or even excellent but when You summarize everything AddictionX is simply better.

faldomak @ RCGroups


Not sure If Michael can chime in here or not. His original how to videos lead me to purchase PA’s AddictionX and a twisted slick foamie when I got serious about learning 3D.
My opinion is, if were learning 3D on balsas, and the sim and foamies only takes us so far then I wanted an airframe that could fly slower and lend me the time I need time to get the inputs correct. This plane has such light wing loading and so much power that you can practice the moves so much lower than you can with a heavier airplane (one that will drop further towards earth when you screw up the sticks). The PA planes are the lightest and stiffest out there, the side benefit is they run on smaller packs too. I flew for 7:10 on My X yesterday morning working only on rolling harriers and still landed with 3.3/cell. (love telemetry). you wont get that with another manufacturers product

The AddX seemed so intimidating to me at first it was the biggest plane I had then, made of wood, and way more expensive than any other plane in my hangar. So I abused the foamie to all to heck, saving the X for the ‘perfect days’ only. But I tell you all that was a mental block, now the Addiction X is my cant go to the field without it airplane. Its my warm up airplane, its the one I try everything with first, it looks completely different than everything else at the field, the performance is unreal, and I can throw it around with complete confidence despite having mediocre skills. It flies as slow and forgiving as the foamy but that is where the similairites stop, its many many times better than the best EPP foamy. I fly it every time, even in the howling wind. Just because they re light does not mean they cant fly on less than perfect days I’ve seen the 3DHS planes and they are awesome too, They all excel at certain things so get one later but for now stay as lightweight as possible. Watch the videos Dan and Michael do with the AddyX and the other PA planes…simple awesome.

kohersh @ RCGroups


Hi Shaun,

just some feedback – the AddictionX was way tail heavy, and all the throws on the control surfaces were out. After I applied the correct setup as per the instructions you supplied, she flies like a dream!



Shipping was timely and customer service was very good with my recent purchases with PA.

jevery @ RCGroups


Wanted to thank everybody at Precision Aerobatics for getting my order out so fast and for the customer service that is great. I added to my order twice and the good people at PA dealt with me with in a patient and pleasant manner, not to mention the Addiction X is awesome. The packing is top notch one of the best in the industry. Have not had a chance to fly the Addiction X yet but I have the Addiction and I love it, that’s why I bought the Addiction X. Thanks again for the great experience

Richard Roberts


Dear Lady: this is just a simple letter of praise for Cheryl Widner at P.A. U.S.A. – I recently made an order of two electric RC planes and made a mistake in doing so!
Cheryl called me to verify this is what I wanted (it was not) she helped me get this order right and answered all of my questions and needs in such a courteous and professional manner, I felt this letter was in order! Not only do you sell the best model aircraft on the planet, you also have top notch employees and support crew like Cheryl !

Keep up the Good work,

Dennis A. Hobson


Many companies have support for e-mail questions. However, very few answer in a timely, accurate fashion as you did.

This tells me that PA understands the value of good customer service. I will definitely purchase my next aerobatics aircraft from PA.


Paul Herman


Thank you for your call back, and the time you spent with me today. If this plane fly as well as your customer service this will be my favorite plane. Customer service any more seems to lack politeness, concern and urgency. This is not the case with you are your company. This Hobby is my fun and release I appreciate your friendliness politeness concern and urgency. Thanks again and look forward to meeting you some day.

Tim Parrish

Tim Parrish


Thanks so much! The service is just as brilliant as the plane it self!

Bjorn Erik


Okay now I’m laughing, my brother swears by 3dhs and says they fly better than the addiction x well had to find out my self so I bought a 74″edge and a Addiction XL. Sorry haven’t started the XL build yet but I own 2 Addy x’s and just completed the 3dhs build. Okay not trying to rant but 3dhs instructions are horrible compared to my addy x builds tons of packaged bolts and screws with no labels so just figure out where it goes. Well finished the build yes it is beautiful and flies very nice but I’m sorry 3dhs it don’t fly like my Addy x so I’m totally pumped about whats on my bench to build next if the XL flies better than the X my 3dhs edge will be jealous cause it won’t get flown as much!!! Thanks PA for the outstanding planes your producing.

jasonille @ RCGroups


Hello P.A. I would like to thank all of you Cheryl, Jim and Jerry and anyone else who works at P.A. For the customer service, you are so nice and accommodating. Very professional but like talking to a friend. Wanted to thank the guys for there shipping and packing well the packing is the best I have dealt with on-line, they do the little thing to keep your products safe like taping props to a piece of cardboard. Owe yeah they make Great planes to. Thanks again P.A. Richard R.

Richard Roberts


PA product is outstanding good and solid planes! (I have 4 Pa planes in my collection, and i’m very satisfied with their performance!)

Paul Gunnar Strand, Norway


Just want to give a big thanks to Cheryl and Jim for their excellent customer service at PA USA. A big improvement from past PA experiences for me. I now have my fleet of PA (MX, Bandit, and Addiction X) up and ready to fly when weather improves. 🙂

wblacker @ RCGroups


My Addy X (see below) has its own fan club. The reaction it gets from everybody is nothing short of amazing. Every time I bring it to the field people are all over it. They marvel at the construction details they can see through the translucent green covering. The cowl alone draws all sorts of comments. The enormous control surfaces are always good for funny remarks.Bicyclists roll by, point at it and yell “Nice plane!” If I go a while without flying it, FBs ask me about it. I’m especially careful with it because so many would be broken-hearted if I wiped it out.

As much fun as it is to fly, the reaction it gets may be even more enjoyable.



Guys, flew my addy x for the first time yesterday. All I can say is “wow”. It’s perfect. Flys smooth and straight. Hovers without even trying.

HedRick @ RCGroups


Thank you for providing these great Precision Aerobatics airplanes to the world! Extremeflight, Pilot-Rc, Eflite, Aeroworks, Great Planes, Hangar 9 could go to bed and sleep, compared with the PA machines! I have never seen or flown a electric balsa/carbon plane with this kind of light weight and extreme durability as the PA planes! I’m on my third PA bird now (there will be a fourth), and the best so far. The Extra MX is amazing! It looks great and the performance is fantastic! The only thing I wish you could do to the Extra mx is to add carbonfiber in the front of the glasfiber cowling as you already have in the back, it cracks up really easily.
Again! The best electric flyng machine I’ve ever had.

To everyone PA team – Thanks!

Best regards,

Robin W. Karlsen


I just wanted to say thanks for such a fine electric aircraft. I’ve never liked flying electric plane’s till I got the Addiction X. What a blast!!!

Dave Lohr


I LOVE the thought FIBERFUSION Construction. It looks great!! I LOVE MY ADDICTION X

JM Manderscheid


Love my addiction x and ultimate. So much stronger than my other planes and they fly great. The customer service is awesome. Managed to get the wrong cowl. Let them know and had a new cowl the next day

Ryan Plummer


I love my Addiction. Very stable at low and slow aerobatics. Rugged construction gives confidence to push it to the limits. I added the mesh to the cowl for some “addy”tude.

Darrin Pennington


i love the quality of your products and their durability. Your customer service has been phenominal in helping me construct my Addiction X and the wing loading on all of you planes is soo crazy low that it flies better than my trainer and has floated over the entire runway that i fly at numerous times. It has taken sooo many crashes and came back every time flying just as good as it did when it first came out of the box. Your products are the best and no others can compare to the quality and durability

Kyle Stromecki


I think pa is the best plane in this size. PA plane looks good and very different from other plane . There is a lot of carbon and it is take very light and strong. 3cell 2200mah battery is very cheap. So if we have 10 packs we can use it all size pa plane . 1 in smaller 2 in bigger plane.! So we dont need lot os size battery just 1 it is excelent !!! When i fly my addiction-x firts I feel the different. It is professional plane and i decide I never buy other plane just PA ! In my country just a fiew PA plane and i never seen if anybody would like to sell it ! It meens it is the perfect plane. ! Thanks PA

Dániel Horváth


I have a addiction X and it’s awesome! Had a issue with the kit and the customer service was outstanding. Helped fix the problem since I already had the plane assembled. One of the best flying planes I ever had. Top notch! There’s always room for another PA plane in my hanger!

David Jacob


I have an addiction-x, and it is by far and away the best stunt/3d plane I’ve ever flown! Predictable, reliable, beautiful, elegant, and amazing, this plane is a club fav, and turns heads every time, and everywhere I fly it! Thanks PA for such an amazing design!!

Neil Bettencourt


I have an Addiction X, which I have been flying regularly for about 2 years. I have flow many 3D planes but the Addiction X is by far the best of all the ones I’ve flown. The quality, construction and flight characteristics are superb. The customer support is also phenomenal! Cheryl at the USA warehouse actually returned a call late at night, after business hours, to confirm a question she had about an order I placed — incredible! It really is a beautiful model made by a company that cares. I would love to have an Addiction to add to my collection.

Wayne Clinton Ashby


I love the way the PA planes fly! I have the Ultimate, the Addiction X and was excited to finally get the MX Extra. I fly with a lot of guys who love very precise flying; one of them is David Guerin. (F3A competitor, was a builder for Quique Somenzini, and Nats manager up to 2013) I wanted a great 3D plane but also a very precise flying plane. I had Dave help me with the final GC and setting the low rates for precise flying. He said: “I had a really nice plane with no bad characteristic” and I should “continue adjusting the low rates till it flew like an extension of me.” I love the slow axial roles with no wallowing. (Dave’s were slow and beautiful!!!) Yet when I throw it to mid rates it does beautiful 3D maneuvers and high rates for walls, elevators, slides and more dynamic maneuvers. Anyone who says this plane is not a precise plane either does not have it set up right on CG, throws or both. As I have seen the right pilot make this live up to it name Precision Acrobatics!

Terry Rikard


I have an addiction and an addiction x. Best planes I have owned. Very durable, very lite, very best!

Joe Bauman


Got my first PA product for Christmas!!! Awesome product, the best RC plane I have flown. I would like to Thank Adad and Cheryl. My Dad is computer challenged and ordered some of the wrong bits, and Adad and Cheryl fixed us up! Great customer service. you guys Rock. I would luv to get my Dad into an Addiction so we can fly together (He wont fly mine , he feels he is best left with EPP ) Thanks PA

Collin Kehler


I have an addictionX. I’ve owned it for over three years and fly it as hard as I can and it takes everything that I throw it. It flies fantastic 3-D. Yet, it can fly precision aerobatics. It’s very evident the company name fits their products.

Casey Last‎


My husband has an addiction X and an XL and a Bandit. He absolutely loves them !! The best planes ever! Makes me a weekend flying widow … lol

Christy Buhler


A couple of years ago I bought an AddictionX as a fairly new pilot. This incredible plane brought me to a new level of flying skills because of it’s incredible maneuverability, responsiveness and slow flying capability. An absolutely awesome flying machine. This is still my favorite plane in my fleet!

Marcel Daigle‎


Bought my first pa plane, an addiction x and it is hands down the nicest plane in my fleet and it makes 3-d flying a lot easier to learn….LOVE IT!

Collin Wilson‎


I started my addiction with an extra 260. next i saw the addiction in a video and thought wow what an ugly plane. when i watched the video i bought one and then another. then the addy x came along . have had 6 of them. the addy xl have had 2 so far. also along the way i have had an extra mx a katana mx an ultimate and an electric shock.does anyone know of a group that can help with this sort of addiction? I just ordered a new Addy X today

Steve Shaw


I will say the addiction was my very first balsa and pretty much my first plane. The stability of PA planes are amazing it has taught me how to fly 3d the guys at the field do not believe me when I tell them how long I have flown. I really didn’t want to come out and tell no one but the truth be known it is because of the planes I flew. Addiction, 2x X’s and then on to the XL and now the XR is ready to maiden. One of my daughter’s now is flying my first addiction I purchased. So with that said I’m very thankful for the planes that I have from PA not only bringing my daughter’s and I closer together but involving them in a lifelong skill and not on the street looking for trouble like I see with many kids today. So with a new addiction my youngest daughter would be thankful but even without I may just have to cut one of my X

Jason Ille


I want to send out a big thanks to the team at Precision Aerobatics, I love my new Addiction X. Cheryl and the team in the US are great people and a special thanks to Shaun for his technical assistance. PA makes a great product and its good to hear Shaun is working on some new products to expand the line.

Jt Stanton


I have the addiction x, it is such an awesome airplane to fly. I’m new to flying and in short order my addiction has me doing things with an airplane that I thought were beyond my talent level. This airplane will make anyone look good. Definitely my favorite airplane yet

Mike Craig


I purchased the Addiction X for my husband when it first came out. It is an amazing plane that flies like a dream. My 11 year old son also flies r/c planes and flew ours at an airshow in October. He got a standing ovation. He flew with 20 mph crosswinds and still had a perfect landing. Unfortunately, we lost our plane when a good friend tried flying it and dumb thumbed it. Though my husband was disappointed my son was devastated because this was his favorite plane. PA is great to do business with and they have great customer service if you have any problems. We would love to have another Addiction!

Sheree Williams


I just want to say that you guys make great products. I come from the F3B & F3J competition world where you pay $2K for an airplane and there are no instructions, set-up notes or anything (this is the norm, but still kinda stupid).

I found it really enjoyable building something as precisely made and well thought out as your kits (I have an Addiction X too). Keep up the good work!

Best regards,

Steve Condon, CAS

Steve Condon


Hi Adad,

I finally got to maiden the plane this morning. Flies very well and perfect for my skill level.
Just wanted to say thanks for the extra effort you put in to enable me to finally get her in the air.

Adam Santa Maria


Just had the maiden flight with my addiction X. I’m not the best pilot by any stretch. And there was about a 10 mph wind. But it Flys great! Knife edge on my first battery. Lands so slow. Got a little carried away on my 3rd battery and had an unscheduled put down. Cracked a wheel pant 🙁 but if that was the worst. That was a win. Can’t wait to fly it in some nicer weather.



Hi Shaun.

I’m really looking forward to flying this one (Extra Mx). my Bandit is three years old and going strong. Katana MX two years old and perfect, Addiction X flawless, AMR two years old and stunning, Addiction 3D beautiful. They all run as good as they did the day I got them, all get polished weekly and look brand new after hundreds of flights. I can’t say enough about these planes and your design. At this point I have six of your planes. I don’t have another manufacture’s plane. I just love the effortless reliability of your airplanes.

Warmest regards




Note videos below are of the V1, more videos of the V2 coming soon!

Build videos

Episode 1:  


Episode 2:  

In this Episode of PA Builds Hans’ covers servo installation and the building of both types of linkages found on PA planes.

Episode 3: 

In Episode 3 of PA Builds Hans Kahlert continues explaining the propert techniques and methods of construction your PA ARF. Topics cover include: Installation of the tail, motorbox, and the pull-pull system

Episode 4: 

Hans Kahlert continues the build video series with Episode 4.
Topics covered include:
Landing gear assembly
Installation of the Motor, ESC, and air scoops
Cowling alignment and mounting
Installation of the Optional CF Vortex Generators

Episode 5: 

Hans Kahlert demonstrates the basics for a good radio setup as well as the methods to properly balance your model and its prop

Soldering Guide:  

PA Team Pilot Hans Kahlert continues along the “Builds” series with a special episode covering the proper techniques for soldering electrical components of your model. These methods are applicable for all soldering procedures including servo extensions and battery connectors.


Vox 13×6.5 (Thrust 45 Revo / 4s 14.8v setup only)

VOX 15×6 (Thrust 45 Revo / 3s 11.1v setup only): This prop is a must-have with the ADX V2 and is included in our iPAs Pro package. This is the highest range propeller for the Thrust 45 Revo with the V4 pack and is an excellent overall propeller for extreme 3D specifically tuned for slightly slower and graceful 3D. Due to the large size of the ADX V2 (more drag), this prop is an excellent match with overall performance for aerobatics and 3D. The added thrust and prop wash provide excellent traction when flying slow 3D such as slow harrier rolls and slow KE. The ADX V2 has a very wide flight envelope from precision aerobatics maneuvers to very slow and easy 3D. The extra output thrust this prop produces is therefore essential, especially in sustaining the flight speed during the transition between maneuvers so you don’t lose much of the energy. The Larger prop diameter generates better propwash for 3D flying. It gives an excellent punch for recovery out of awkward situations especially when learning to hover or torque roll. Allows moderate speed maneuvers and good tumbles/spins at a manageable pace. 

VOX 14×8 (Thrust 45 Revo / 3s 11.1v setup only): This is a good alternative propeller, an excellent overall propeller for high speed aerobatics, precision and sport flying. The added speed provides excellent performance on windy days. It is very suitable for practicing precision and high-speed knife edge circuits and alike.  It allows tighter and more aggressive tumbles. Lower thrust means slower pull out from hovering so if you are after slower 3D the 15×6 would be a better choice.


NOTE: Adequate airflow to cool down the motor and ESC is mandatory, as well as strict throttle management.


Warning: Plastic APC “E” propellers of equivalent sizes are NOT recommended for any of the PA planes as they generate a lot of vibrations being out of balance. They also flex and will draw much higher amps compared to the Vox props at the same sizes being less efficient. Using them instead of the recommended Vox propellers can lead to a motorbox failure!!

Spare Parts

Addiction X CF main landing gear

PA Lightweight Main Wheels

MX Size Tail wheel assembly inc. tail wheel

Katana 52 / Addiction X / XR-52 / Ultimate AMR / Extra 260 carbon fiber wheel pants set

Addiction X Fiberglass wheel pants set

Addiction X Fiberglass cowl

Addiction X V2 Thrust 45 Revo Motorbox (rear mounted)

Air scoops set Extra MX / Addiction X / XL / Katana MX

Addiction X Tinted canopy/hatch

Addiction X carbon fiber wing tube

Addiction X pull pull complete set including rudder double servo arm

German made PA ball links- 4pc

Aluminum CNC machined lightweight clevises Pack of 4

Addiction X CNC machined CF control horns – set of 4pc

Addiction X Tail Feathers

Addiction X Fuselage

Addiction X wings set

Addiction X right wing (pilot view)

Addiction X left wing (pilot view)