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Precision Aerobatics
Precision Aerobatics4 days ago
The BEST Electric planes in the world specifically designed for 3s 2,200 batteries! From 40" to 60" find them only at
Precision Aerobatics
Precision Aerobatics5 days ago
Beginner to Pro learning how to fly 3D series by Daniel Dominguez: In this series we will teach from the basics of 3D to the most advanced maneuvers. This is the first video of the series, The Elevator.

You can view the youtube video of this version here:

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Precision Aerobatics
Precision Aerobatics1 week ago
Hans Kahlert unboxes his Precision Aerobatics Ultimate AMR 60 for the first time, and he shows us the complete content of the kit, the cool wing bags, new thrust 60r motor, nxt hv servos, quantum 70a with hv bec and other cool things! Must see video for anyone interested in the Ultimate AMR 60.

For more info about the plane visit:
Precision Aerobatics
Precision Aerobatics2 weeks ago
We apologies, due to Hurricane Florence we may be unavailable to reply your email this week. We will know better as the storm moves through the region when services will be fully restored. We will return emails and phone messages once power and internet services are available to us.
Precision Aerobatics
Precision Aerobatics3 weeks ago
Learn from the pro! AMAZING must see video of the Precision Aerobatics Katana 52 raw and uncut flown by Daniel Dominguez! with radio stick movements.
Precision Aerobatics
Precision Aerobatics3 weeks ago
For EUROPEANS fans, get this awesome deal! 20% OFF on the amazing blue/red KATANA 52 offer ends 10/09/218

Featured Testimonials

Some comments from our Customers:


I flew in today the xr 61 and was speechless, it was one of the best planes I’ve ever flown in this size, even the addiction I would never give her back, already have 3 of them:)
I hope you’re building a model which goes into the 2 – 3 meter class.
Thank you and you all the way
Nice greetings from Switzerland in Europe.


Martin Sputz      

Today I maidened the Ultimate AMR 60. Now, thats a whole new ballgame! Wow, what an amazing airplane! The best yet! And the mounting tech of the wings is just amazing. Goes real quick!.



Maidened my Addiction X today and she flies beautifully. I’m not a 3d pro by any means but this plane takes almost all the fear out of flying a 3d balsa plane .
She can move So slow and gracefully through the air and landing is a joy .
Great job Precision Aerobatics.


Austin Pittman      

Just made online order …then remembered I forgot to apply the discount code….
called PA and Adad answered and applied the discount, this took less than 1 minute….I was ready to give up thinking it would be too hard and time consuming, thanks Adad… I love this company, I pretty sure I have never said that about a company before…


Herb Kilian      

With PA, you get what you paid for – and then some                                                                                                                         


William Beecher      

So many reasons we all love PA! service is top notch, and quite frankly, un-excedable! The planes fly themselves, as well as photo beautifully. And, let us also not forget, the user group is a cut above the rest.


David Childress      

After 5 PA planes, I have nothing but praise for PA. In person (at Joe Nall) and over the phone, service is top notch     


Charlie Lili      

PA is the best !!!. No one comes close                                                                                                                                                       


Jerry D      

In the world of aerobatic planes, there are two categories : the Precision Aerobatics planes and the others ….

The best electric planes ever! Every new plane keeps getting better and better!                                                                        


Jim Robb      

I own 8 Precision Aerobatics planes (two are duplicates), and may be enticed to add the XR 61. There’s no question in my mind, these are the highest quality, best flying electric airplanes available: light, strong where they need to be, and very forgiving. And, they don’t need giant power packs to get the job done. Good job PA! I’d love to see them produce a little larger aircraft.


Rich Grow      

I’ve Owned Most PA Planes and All EXTREME FLIGHT EXP Series Planes.  This New XR52 Just Feel Intuitive and More Connected than All over 100 ARF’s My Flying Buddy Don and I Have Built and Flown.   Over 1/2 ARF’s We Built are Giant Scale 3D Gassers NOT ELECTRICS!!! 

The More Flights I Get On My 2 XR52’s The More I Love Them !!!  Best of All I Can Carry up too 4 Fully Assembled Ready Fly Planes This Size Inside My 4 X 4 !!!  Also the XR52 has Bigger Fuselage That Makes It Way Easier By Far To Change Your Batteries and Keep Flying !!! A MAJOR PLUS +++


Ken Bird      

Every thing that I have bought from PA has been of the best quality , Batteries , Motors, speed controllers & the aircraft ! It makes the complete package.


Kev Allen      

Excellent customer service and love the planes. From the time I purchased my Katana MX and XR-52, I’ve been impressed with how friendly and quick PA are to respond to my questions. For the customer service alone, PA have won a life long customer..


Greg Prevette      

There is only one thing I can say..!! they are by far the best planes I have ever flown..!!                                                         


Ever Perez      

best planes on the market! Super precise engineering.                                                                                                                     


Larry Field      

Precision Aerobatic Airplanes have become the performance standard in 3-D model aviation. This is particularly true of the “Addiction” model.


Terry Rikard    

I love the way the PA planes fly! I have the Ultimate, the Addiction X and was excited to finally get the MX Extra. I fly with a lot of guys who love very precise flying; one of them is David Guerin. (F3A competitor, was a builder for Quique Somenzini, and Nats manager up to 2013) I wanted a great 3D plane but also a very precise flying plane. I had Dave help me with the final GC and setting the low rates for precise flying. He said: “I had a really nice plane with no bad characteristic” and I should “continue adjusting the low rates till it flew like an extension of me.” I love the slow axial roles with no wallowing. (Dave’s were slow and beautiful!!!) Yet when I throw it to mid rates it does beautiful 3D maneuvers and high rates for walls, elevators, slides and more dynamic maneuvers. Anyone who says this plane is not a precise plane either does not have it set up right on CG, throws or both. As I have seen the right pilot make this live up to it name Precision Acrobatics!


Dan Wait Jr.    

Some of the nicest airframes money can buy along with excellent customer service!.                                                              


George Roth    

Build quality was excellent and factory support was extraordinary.                                                                                            


Jason Cole    

All PA models should be called Addictions cause that is what they become. Great planes and great service to back it up, Gotta go fly…..


Harry Jay Rose    

I have three PA planes now and I love everything about them from the excellent packaging they come in to the instructions to build it and the quality parts like the thrust motor and well designed airframes using carbon fiber with light wing loading. I wish I could own one of each of them!! Or maybe two!!


Alexander Guffler    

As an aerospace student and active designer of airplanes I know how difficult it is, to make an extraordinary and well flying airplane. I really appreciate the hard work of PA to make their 3D planes aerodynamically and structurally the best out there.


Paul Gunnar Strand    

PA product is outstanding good and solid planes! (I have 4 Pa planes in my collection, and i’m very satisfied with their performance!)


Paul Herman    

Many companies have support for e-mail questions. However, very few answer in a timely, accurate fashion as you did.

This tells me that PA understands the value of good customer service. I will definitely purchase my next aerobatics aircraft from PA.                                                                                                                


Tom Rehm    

You won’t go wrong with the XR-61! Super light and agile but very precise. I am not the world class pilot like Daniel or Michael but this plane makes me more confident with the way it performs. With each flight, I am getting it more “dialed in”. One other point, besides great design and great customer service is that it uses the very common and inexpensive 3s2200mah batteries. Think about your battery inventory and replacement costs as part of your purchase decision.


Luke Neilson    

It’s been a long wait but I finally have my XR 61 and have flown this awesome machine. So far I’m very happy with its performance. After coming from flying the EF 60” airframes then flying hundreds of flights on my 3 KMXs. I have come to really appreciate how good it is to fly a plane with a light wing loading there are just so many advantages of this. With one of the biggest advantages being that it gives you a slipt second longer to correct any mistakes that you make. I think the KMX is an outstanding airframe.

I’m that happy with the XR61 that I’m going to place an order for another one.

I cannot wait to see what your next design will bring. I hope that the rumours of something bigger are true.