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Precision Aerobatics
Precision Aerobatics16 hours ago
Addiction XL V2 - 3D R/C plane aerobatics flight by Alex Fredrickson

Despite being a 3D plane in every aspect, it is extremely stable and precise - capable of impressive precision aerobatics maneuvers with a feel much like a 150cc airplane.

Being built using finest grade material, all cut by state-of-the-art laser and CNC machines and utilizing the very latest PA FiberFusion® building techniques, the ADXL is incredibly lightweight and rigid. In fact it is by far the lightest fully-constructed plane in its size.

Don’t be misled by the wing span – this model is HUGE with a wing area of 1,055 sq. inches (similar wing area of most 70” class aerobatic models on the market today).

The size of this plane makes a huge difference in the flying capabilities and flight envelope and especially at its wind handling capability and stability. Of the Addiction series, the XL handles the wind better and is easiest to see due to its size, yet like its smaller siblings – it is extremely rewarding to fly!

iPAs Set Up

The Addiction XL’s lightweight and unique aerodynamic design means its iPAs set up (for ultimate hardcore 3D performance) is an economic Thrust 60 Revo 24 pole/Quantum EVO 80HV combo with two 2200mAh / 2600 mah 3S packs in series, or one PA 6S 2600 pack*. This means you get to fly this massive plane at a very minimal investment compared to other models of its size – then again – there really is nothing like it.
*If you plan on using the factory built-in night lights – use two batteries and not a single 6S for easier set up.

The NXT 200HV super high torque servos are precise and agile, giving you confidence to execute new maneuvers. (They make a real change in the plane's performance when comparing to the ADXL v1).


Up until the Addiction XL - when you thought of a 3D dedicated airframe, automatically you would not expect it to track well or perform accurately.

The Addiction XL will surprise you as it tracks better than any other Addiction or other 3D plane of its size. The
generous tail section means awesome tail authority and the ADXL advanced aerodynamic design allows you to do incredible elevators, knife edge loops, high alpha knife edge, rock steady harriers, the easiest and most impressive rolling harriers, and yet when you go to low rates, its capable of the most beautiful point rolls, and rolling circles. The ADXL is even capable of tricks like one roll circles and loops and beautiful slow rolls that you can take to the length of your flying field! Engineered for precision flying, the ADXL is a very neutral airframe - you will find zero coupling and no mixing required for precision flying. No CG adjustment required for switching between precision and 3D flying either!

The ADXL does beautiful fast knife edge circles, and even knife edge elevators and knife edge waterfalls! Things other planes are not capable of. The flight envelope will keep expanding as you get more and more familiar with the plane, and being a slow flying plane will make new manoeuvers easy to experiment and develop – which guarantees to improve your 3D and precision flying skills.

The ADXL V2 is NOW capable of higher energy maneuvers! The V2 excels in faster snap rolls, more precise point rolls, high speed knife edge circles and even tighter knife edge spins and blenders.

The ADXL power set up is very responsive allowing you to get out of get out of the most difficult situations with ease. This, combined with its predictability and very slow flying capability, makes it a perfect choice for entering into 3D or you can just enjoy it as an accurate sport plane and build your confidence. Yet in the hands of an advanced 3D pilot – the ground is truly the limit!

The word best describes this plane is FUN and you’ll impress anyone at the flying field because the ADXL makes it look so easy!

We said this before: "3D is challenging and fun, and with the right aircraft it is within the grasp of anyone regardless of experience or flying skill!" The Addiction XL is all about that!
Precision Aerobatics
Precision Aerobatics
Precision Aerobatics2 days ago
When this happens, it's usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see it or it's been deleted.
Precision Aerobatics
Precision Aerobatics6 days ago
Great News - with a new container now on its way we are finally happy to remove the shared container fee. When? - Starting today!
If you are waiting on a backorder item and paid the container fee already, it will be refunded
Precision Aerobatics
Precision Aerobatics7 days ago
Addiction V2 - FUN Low and Slow 3D r/c aerobatics! Pilot: Daniel Dominguez

In designing and developing the Addiction series, our main target was you - the pilot!

We aim to build your confidence, make you a better pilot and inspire you to challenge yourself and succeed in maneuvers that you could only dream of before.

With more than 12,000 sold, the Addiction proved that 3D flying is challenging and fun, and with the right aircraft it is within the grasp of anyone regardless of experience or skill level!

Making an already awesome airplane even better is not an easy task, but Shaun Vanunu, our chief engineer, attacked it from many angles:

New aerodynamic design allows much higher flying-speed for precision flying and higher energy maneuvers, while keeping the ability to fly at crawl-speed for the Addiction's famous slow-3D.
New construction using PA's most up-to-date innovative FiberFusion techniques - more solid than ever!
Custom-made new airfoils further expand its flight envelope
Even more powerful iPAs set up - the all new Thrust 25 motor combined with NXT70-HV digital servos for a completely new level of performance, never seen in the Addiction before.
Factory-ready for night flying - extending your flying hours into the best time of the day, when temperature and wind drops.

We are proud to say with complete confidence that the Addiction V2 is simply the best 3d plane in its size, incomparable to any built-up 3D plane on the market.

This small airplane is extremely capable, allowing you to fly night or day, fast or slow. Easy, predictable, stable and relaxing or go wild and push your throttle for a high energy flight experience.

It is designed for 3D beginners, 3D addicts working on bringing their skills to another level or any pilot who simply wants to have pure unadulterated fun.

The Addiction features exceptional stall and slow speed handling characteristics, quick recovery and robustness - allowing any modeler to fly hardcore 3D with ease, inches off the ground.

The new Thrust 25 motor was designed specifically for the brand-new Addiction V2. With even more power it expands the Addiction’s flight envelope to a vast range of maneuvers which were never available in a single plane before. Now, its your call how fast or slow to go.

This powerful set up makes the Addiction extremely responsive providing absolute control, so you can get out of the most difficult situations with ease. You will be naturally flying much lower and more aggressively than ever before.

If you already own a Thrust 20 motor, we've made sure the motor box configuration will accept your old motor and you’ll just need to adjust the CG.

Did you ever come back from flying sessions a little disappointed from your flying skills? Well not anymore! The Addiction’s forgiving and stable nature makes it exceptionally easy to hover vertically without much aileron input.

Torque rolls are slow, smooth and stable requiring very little control corrections. This means you’ll be able to torque roll with the rudder merely inches above the ground.

Knife edge is simply stable with close to zero coupling making it easy to execute knife edge circuits. Rolling harriers require very little control input and effort, ideal for learning to harrier roll for the first time. The exceptionally low wing loading allows ample time to think and react during the maneuvers. Jaw dropping, flashy tight waterfalls are simply easy to perform a few meters off the deck. The blenders stop immediately, meaning that you can do this as low as you want without fear of returning home with a bag full of balsa toothpicks. It harriers exceptionally well in both upright and inverted and is perfect to learn harrier figure eights and spot landings.

Apart from excellent 3D flight characteristics, the Addiction performs very well in the precision flying department, allowing you to mix 3D and precision and widen the scope of aerobatic maneuvers that can be mastered and performed.

New in the Version 2 of the Addiction is the higher energy maneuvers – the V2 excels in faster snap rolls, more precise point rolls, high speed knife edge circles and even tighter knife edge spins and blenders.

So, if you feel that you have had just about enough with flimsy foamies or are still struggling to learn that seemingly illusive hover or torque roll or just seriously addicted to fun, this is certainly THE plane for you, but you should know - looking so good can be addictive!
Precision Aerobatics
Precision Aerobatics
Precision Aerobatics2 weeks ago
Katana 52 - Crazy 3D R/C Aerobatics pilot Ignacio Tapia

The Katana 52 is simply a work of art. The intricate design was carefully developed over several years to reach the highest standard in aircraft design and performance, together with a new and efficient iPAs power setup, and two striking color schemes designed by Malcolm Stiles, our very own scheme designer.

The Katana was designed by Shaun Vanunu, the man who delivered the most amazing electric-powered model aircraft available on the market today. Shaun is Precision Aerobatics' chief engineer and co-owner. The man behind PA's unique construction technique called FiberFusion®, which was first implemented in 2006.

FiberFusion® is a sophisticated engineering and construction method, developed and enhanced over the past ten years by Shaun and his team. FiberFusion® uses 100% real carbon fiber, along with competition grade balsa/ply, utilizing carbon fiber where it really matters. Each variance of fiber used in the plane is carefully selected and utilized in a unique way, resulting in a much lighter - yet stronger and more rigid aircraft, that will fly like nothing else!

Shaun's fresh approach to the Katana 52 design brings added benefits even to those who already own each of PA's previous models, as the Katana 52's flight envelope is like no other PA plane: combining the ability to perform new maneuvers never seen before on a PA plane, yet capable of the amazing slow speed handling PA planes are renown for, and precision to boot.

To reach these goals is not a minor undertaking - through hundreds of test flights we ensure you get the specific flight performance we envisioned in the design process. We invested endless efforts to test and retest in different climate conditions, adjusting the CG to get to the exact sweet spot and to guide you, so anyone can reach the peak performance this plane has to offer. We make sure our plane suits you, and your skill level. It's all in the setup, and we cover it all thoroughly in the manual so the Katana 52 can be your sport plane, or your most advanced beast.

Flying it

Here is how our lead team pilot, Daniel Dominguez, describes the flight performance:

“Torque rolls are very predictable and smooth, requiring very little control corrections. This means you’ll be able to impress all your buddies with the rudder merely inches above the ground without having to be a pro.

Knife edge is simply out of this world stable, with ZERO coupling, making it easy to execute sick knife edge dead slides, tight knife edge loops, and jaw dropping high speed knife edge passes and circuits.

Rolling harriers require very little control input and effort, roll rate has been increased allowing for higher energy flying and faster combinations and stops, which allows very impressive rolling loops in slow 3D and fast speed flight.

Jaw dropping high energy tumbles and precision flight are simply easy to perform, at slow or full speed. Blenders and tumbles stop immediately as the plane is so responsive. It harriers exceptionally well in both upright and inverted, with no wing rock. Knife edge spins are beautiful, and very easy to control the exits without a worry about it over-rotating.

Apart from excellent high energy and 3D flight characteristics, the Katana 52 performs amazingly in the precision flying department, allowing you to mix 3D and precision, and widen the scope of aerobatic maneuvers that can be mastered and performed. It's capable of the longest and most impressive slow rolls you can imagine, beautiful rolling circles, perfect point rolls, and amazing snap rolls that stop so fast that it feels like you are mentally connected with this airframe.
Precision Aerobatics
Precision Aerobatics
Precision Aerobatics3 weeks ago
Addiction X V2 LEDs ON!! 3D Aerobatics night flight flown by Daniel Dominguez

Ever dreamed of hovering in your first flight? – Now the dream can become a reality! Not only that - you’ll be able to choose your spot and hover above it! Torque roll, reverse torque rolls and the tightest waterfalls will all come naturally and it will land at less than walking pace!

Similar to the original Addiction, the Addiction-X harriers exceptionally well in both upright and inverted positions and is perfect to learn harrier figure eights and spot landings. Stationary flat spins are exceptionally easy to do, meaning you can transition from a regular harrier or inverted harrier to a stationary spin at any height, without losing altitude.

The Addiction X is capable of doing the most amazing high alpha (AOA) knife edge, and tightest knife edge loops you have ever seen in an airplane this size. The overall aerodynamic design and incredible rudder authority means zero coupling in KE so you could fly Knife Edge all day long just holding the rudder stick. You can change KE direction and even do knife edge waterfalls, all with ease.

The Addiction-X gains airspeed rapidly from stall position which allows awesome transitions between maneuvers that adds to the amazing 3D display. Unlike many other 3D models the Addiction-X is also surprisingly precise and tracks extremely well, even in windy conditions. It is sure to impress not only you, but everyone else at the flying field.
Precision Aerobatics

Customer Reviews

That’s why they are appropriately called “ADDICTION”. I would NEVER fly RC with out an ADX or ADXL … to fly. I love all rc planes. Flown many since 1972. Even planes from back in the 1950’s. GOTTA GET MY ADDICTION FIX OVER ANY, ABSOLUTELY ANY OTHER RC AIRCRAFT! Tremendous fun from my ADXL since 2017!

David Falgout

Great customer service and I really mean that. True test of a company’s quality is how they react when there are problems. PA ROCKS in that category. Keep up the good work.

Mark Roddy

I just wanted you guys to know, according to my battery logs I put my 500th flight on my AMR 60 this past Saturday. This is been the most amazing airplane I have ever owned. That says alot considering I started flying at the age of 13 and just had my 46th birthday a few days ago. My 3D skills are at a level I never dreamed that I could attain. To top it of it looks exactly as it did close to two years ago, there’s not so much as a wrinkle in the covering. I’ve changed the prop once, and it was more or less just because I couldn’t get the grass stains off of it. I just wanted to thank you guys for spending the time to develop such a great airplane. Now I just want a bigger one just like it.

James McDonald

I have the Addiction, for about 8 years now, and it’s my favorite of all 45+ planes I own and fly. They fly as good and easy as my EPP planes…well, maybe much better except the foamies I can crash and repair on the ‘fly’! But the foamies and the simulators have made me a safe and experienced pilot and crash only on rare occasion. PA is the best in the business, the support I’ve received from Shaun, Daniel Dominguez, and Adad is always fast with the greatest customer service and they show their appreciation for my business.

Tim D Barnett

The NXT-200HV servos take the XR-61 to a new level of excellence!! Super smooth, powerful and precise.
Thanks again for a great design and aircraft..

Neal Smalley

I hadn’t flown my Addiction XL in a couple of months and took it out to the field this week for several flights. DANG WHAT A GREAT AIRPLANE! I had forgotten how much I love this plane! It’s possibly my favorite plane I have owned in 40 years of flying RC.

Mike Oliver

Thank you for being such a great company. I can say it has been a pleasure doing business with this company.

Travis Mertz

I have been flying model airplanes since 1953. I have just completed my 40th sortie on my Addiction XV2. As I stated before not only is this airplane a work of art it is also an engineering masterpiece. I have explored the flight envelope of this machine and it appears there is nothing that it can’t do. The Addiction V2 is the most honest and maneuverable aircraft I have ever flown. It flew off the bench without a hitch. I highly recommend this aircraft to anyone looking to explore 3D flight. My hat is off to the crew at Precision Aerobatics. Bravo!

Gary Kopecky

I want you to know that I am very proud to have this plane, I feel I am in an elite group of people that fly only the best!

Chris Bonham

Wanted you guys to know that I really enjoy your videos. The aerobatic tricks that your guys do are outstanding and it gives me the motivation I need to achieve aerobatic flying with my planes. Keep up the great work of selling great aircraft for your customers that make them satisfied.


Awesome little airplane, it’s like a fine jewel, doesn’t look to be any excess weight anywhere! At first glance, I think the covering job is superior to anything I’ve ever done, superb! Color me impressed!! I can hardly wait to get it flying.

Ruben Pastian

I am totally blown away with the quality of your kits! You didn’t send us some model airplane kits you sent us some classic works of art . I am totally impressed and you can be assured that I will be your best advocate. Thank you for providing us with quality products!

Gary Kopecky

Oh my gosh! The Addy XL is my new favorite plane. I’ve had it out to our field a few times now and, just like I had hoped, it has rekindled my love for 3D flying. It hovers like a dream! Thank you Shaun and Adad for such a superior plane!

Mike Oliver

I put Vox propellers on all electric planes, not just PA 😉
They make everything better. They are lighter, stronger and quieter than anything else I have tried.

William Beecher

I to date have never flown another Bipe of any kind (foam/balsa etc etc) that even remotely comes close to what your 60 Bipe throws down and allows the pilot to truly feel and almost unrealistic sense of security during maneuvers all other bipes would simply not tolerate and often lead to their demise.

Blake Hilson

Just wanted to say thank you…I have receiving the emails that include product info, instructions, and deliver status. I’m so very happy with Precision Aerobatics at this point, you have been extremely pleasant and helpful. I especially like the quality control inspection prior to shipping…that’s great!

Eric Steeves

PA really has the best customer service I have ever had. It is getting tougher and tougher with restrictions and supply chain issues . They still go above and beyond. With a special thanks to Adad, for always helping me out…To Daniel for helping with technique and Shaun for setup. And of course the rest of the PA crew. Cheers…

William Beecher

My Addiction XL has arrived this week. I have unpacked everything and I must say packaging is second to none. Futhermore all parts are in absolutely excellent condition, no warping, no nicks, no dents, no nothing. Just flawless. All parts I have ordered in addition were very carefully placed and taped into the box. Taking such care despite having a huge order backlog to process is nothing short of top notch customer service. I am very proud to have bought a plane of such a great company. Many thanks again to you and the whole team. Can’t wait to start the build and get it in the air.

Robin Gottschalk

I have been in the hobby for nearly 60 years. Having assembled and flown several of your airplanes I have to say that your airplanes are among the highest quality and the best flying planes on the market.

Larry Bresson

Building a PA plane is like building a Ferrari or similar hand build exotic car. Those are not rushed. PA planes come out best when not rushed. What at first appears as lack of quality, is actually just the opposite. Its not a fast build like EF and others. But neither DO those others fly as exact. All of them fly good , but the flying a PA plane is a reward that can only come from super precise fit and finish and great attention to detail. I own several EF and PA. For super precision and ability to slow way down ONLY PA can do that! Heavy has to fly faster to stay up. Some prefer the higher energy of other makes. Some appreciate the feeling of a PA plane, the precision, slow landing speed etc.

David Falgout

I’m a decent sport flyer and a newbie 3D flyer,Flying a PA is as close as you can come to nirvana.
Once I had stick time on the PA it ruined what I thought were enjoyable airplanes!

Darryl Franke

Plane arrived yesterday perfect condition no damage AAA+++ on your packaging looking forward to the build.

Darren Smith

I have Pilot RC and Extreme Flight planes,
I will say your planes are superior to both. Super light and surprisingly more rigid.
The XR 52 is allowing me to learn slow flight 3D much better than the others, which is what lead me to get this AMR 60. I have 23 different planes and EDF’s now. This will not be the last of your models that I get. I will be getting the Addiction XL as soon as it comes back in stock next. Love the look of it and the LEDs will introduce me to night flying.

Chris Maier

Thanks again Shaun for you attention to detail, and creating such amazing planes.
As a mechanical designer myself, I am really impressed by your designs. Well done!

Steve Swensen

I’ve flown my Addiction XL several times now and it is truly the best flying plane I’ve ever owned

Nick Couch


Thanks for all your hard work, awesome designs and thorough manuals.

Timothy Bearup

Just received my Addy XL V2 and I must say I am truly impressed! The difference between this plane and the Addy XL I purchased a couple years back is remarkable! After going over every inch of my V2, I can’t find a sign of a peel anywhere. Drum tight and control surface edges ruler straight! All dry fittings seem to be right on. And I love this White scheme. My other Addy XL is red and blue as my fly”n buddies have red,green,purple,etc. So this one is definitely going to stand out. I’m enjoying this build so much, I may milk it for a couple of weeks until it’s purfect!!!! There is nothing out that flies like an Addy. It does’nt tumble like an Edge or an Extra but then…….let’s see your Edge do this!!!!!!!! So……I’m a happy guy and a PA cust. forever! Good work PA!

Bob Fairrington

Out of all the companies I’ve ordered from in the past Precision Aerobatics has the best customer service. Thanks I’m looking forward to doing more business with you

James Guyton

I have had most of them. Seems like everytime I get a new one that’s the best one.

Ben Rufli

Great customer service. Quick responses and helpful replies. Awesome planes, of course!

J Leonard DeCarlo

Can I take the time to congratulate you on the finest quality and most beautifully constructed kit I have ever received. Everything is better than advertised and it is amazing to see the construction and finish quality with fantastic attention to detail and fitment.

Chris Barton

Thank you for always quickly replying to me. Your customer support is the best I’ve seen.

Dale Hendrickson

Thank you for supporting your product and most of all building such fantastic planes.
I must admit I only fly PA planes now and am truly addicted to my Addiction XL, AMR 60, XR-61, little Addiction and the grab and go EXTRA

Ron Alers

I own the Addiction X. It’s one of the best flying aircraft I’ve owned in 30 years. If I had known how great it was I’d have bought the XL. I must warn you though; after flying a PA model everything else will feel inferior.

Michael Hambrecht

I’ve been flying my Addiction X almost every weekend for almost two years now. I must say that this is the ultimate R/C plane for me. I enjoy flying it tremendously. It’s the most stable, predictable flyer in my fleet. It inspires confidence and handles great in just any weather. The workmanship is exquisite- light, rigid and strong. The design and construction of the model- with balsa, plywood and carbon- is amazingly thought out. Attention has been put into every detail and carful production standards are evident in all aspects. From the packaging, to assembly and setup instructions everything assures successful results. The Precision Aerobatics customer service were responsive and highly professional in answering every question i had. Last but not least- it has it’s own unique style and beautiful looks which will stand out in every flying field. Highly recommended.

Gil Smetana

Your aircraft designs and kits are incredible, compliments never stop at the field on appearance and how well they fly!!!
Can’t wait to see what you create next.
Keep up the good work and thank you so much for all the help..

Neal Smalley

All PA planes are incredible, the issue I have is deciding which one to take out to the field!!!


I flew nothing but foam for a lot of scale and war birds till I got my first PA plane a xr52 first flight landing was perfect and these planes honestly are easier to fly then any of my foam planes have since bought the xr61 and ultimate thanks PA for building amazing air planes

Chris Flanders

Gotta say that over the 30+ years I’ve been in the hobby, my 48″ PA Extra is arguably the best-flying RC plane I’ve built/owned so far. Zero bad habits, goes exactly where I point it, does exactly what the sticks command, tough as nails, crazy 3:1 thrust-to-weight on a single 3s 2200, with a to-die-for wing-cube-loading! Quite literally, a precision aerobatic aircraft!
Been loving mine for a decade so far & it’s still in perfect condition – even after hundreds of hours in the air!


It started with an Extra 260 from a friend that decided he was never going to build it. I ordered the IPA power system for it. It was my first balsa kit. That was so much fun I decided to try an Addiction, which is incredibly easy to fly. My 13-year-old son can fly it as well. It is the first plane he can fly totally inverted for long periods of time and without a buddy box. It gets a lot of attention at the clubs and I let other members try it out. Today my Katana 52 is arriving. After that, I plan on an Ultimate 60 and probably will end up with most PA planes eventually.   

I like to build them, I love to fly them, and I don’t know how they do the covering, but my other 2 non PA kits I built seem to need ironing all the time. The PA planes look like they did when I took them out of the box. I can’t recommend PA planes enough.

Chad DeQuevedo

The Ultimate AMR 60 is unbelievable, it’s hands down the best flying plane I’ve ever had. I absolutely love everything about my AMR 60 btw, you guys really have something with that one, if anything ever happens to it, it will be replaced immediately.

James McDonald

Everything about your company is wonderful. I have been flying for over 30 years and have never had such a wonderful experience. From your product to the how to video series to the returning emails while you were at Joe Nall. Thank you

Brian Bezayiff

It’s been over 2 months since I got this plane ready to fly. Finally today I was a able to get the maiden and second flight in. What a great airplane! very little trim. Flew like a champ. Best balsa electric I’ve ever had by far. Unbelievable performance on 3s at 7000’ in altitude. Guys that are thinking about this plane: I highly recommend.

Stephen Cubbage

It’s hard to imagine a company being bold enough to call themselves “Precision” Aerobatics. Well you hit it right on the head. My two PA planes (Katana and Bandit) are the finest planes I have ever seen. The Bandit is sexy. When I walk on to the field carrying my Bandit, it’s like walking into a room with a beautiful woman. Sleek, and well put together. My club members actually gather around my Bandit and admire it. All of my future planes will be Precision Aerobatics, because I’m not rich, so I want to put my money into absolute quality.

Jerry Zito

I’ve been in the hobby for 55 years. I very rarely fall in love with my aircraft. The AMR 60 is testing my  feelings. It is everything it is said to be and likely much more. You did a hell-of-a job with this fine aircraft! I was compelled to purchase a second…besides I’ll now have the two colors.

Jan Hyde

The addiction x is the best built airframe I have owned and the electronics you guys have put together for it are top notch.

Mike Jordan

I flew in today the xr 61 and was speechless, it was one of the best planes I’ve ever flown in this size, even the addiction I would never give her back, already have 3 of them:)
I hope you’re building a model which goes into the 2 – 3 meter class.
Thank you and you all the way
Nice greetings from Switzerland in Europe.


Today I maidened the Ultimate AMR 60. Now, thats a whole new ballgame! Wow, what an amazing airplane! The best yet! And the mounting tech of the wings is just amazing. Goes real quick!.

Martin Sputz

Maidened my Addiction X today and she flies beautifully. I’m not a 3d pro by any means but this plane takes almost all the fear out of flying a 3d balsa plane .
She can move So slow and gracefully through the air and landing is a joy .
Great job Precision Aerobatics.


Wait until you try the AMR… It combines the speed, agility and inertia of the 260 with the confidence inspiring stability and obedience of the addiction

Andre Philippe

With PA, you get what you paid for – and then some       

Herb Kilian

So many reasons we all love PA! service is top notch, and quite frankly, un-excedable! The planes fly themselves, as well as photo beautifully. And, let us also not forget, the user group is a cut above the rest.

William Beecher

After 5 PA planes, I have nothing but praise for PA. In person (at Joe Nall) and over the phone, service is top notch 

David Childress

PA is the best !!!. No one comes close           

Charlie Lili

In the world of aerobatic planes, there are two categories : the Precision Aerobatics planes and the others ….   

The best electric planes ever! Every new plane keeps getting better and better!             

Jerry D

I own 8 Precision Aerobatics planes (two are duplicates), and may be enticed to add the XR 61. There’s no question in my mind, these are the highest quality, best flying electric airplanes available: light, strong where they need to be, and very forgiving. And, they don’t need giant power packs to get the job done. Good job PA! I’d love to see them produce a little larger aircraft.

Jim Robb

I’ve Owned Most PA Planes and All EXTREME FLIGHT EXP Series Planes.  This New XR52 Just Feel Intuitive and More Connected than All over 100 ARF’s My Flying Buddy Don and I Have Built and Flown.   Over 1/2 ARF’s We Built are Giant Scale 3D Gassers NOT ELECTRICS!!!    

The More Flights I Get On My 2 XR52’s The More I Love Them !!!  Best of All I Can Carry up too 4 Fully Assembled Ready Fly Planes This Size Inside My 4 X 4 !!!  Also the XR52 has Bigger Fuselage That Makes It Way Easier By Far To Change Your Batteries and Keep Flying !!! A MAJOR PLUS +++

Rich Grow

Every thing that I have bought from PA has been of the best quality , Batteries , Motors, speed controllers & the aircraft ! It makes the complete package.

Ken Bird

Excellent customer service and love the planes. From the time I purchased my Katana MX and XR-52, I’ve been impressed with how friendly and quick PA are to respond to my questions. For the customer service alone, PA have won a life long customer..

Kev Allen

There is only one thing I can say..!! they are by far the best planes I have ever flown..!!     

Greg Prevette

best planes on the market! Super precise engineering.               

Ever Perez

Precision Aerobatic Airplanes have become the performance standard in 3-D model aviation. This is particularly true of the “Addiction” model.

 Larry Field

Click here to read more customer reviews


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