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How to Fly

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    Learn how to 3D! Beginner to Pro video series by Daniel Dominguez

    By aerofundan on 01/09/2021

    Stuck at home? There is no better time to hone your flying skills and get back to the field...

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    Michael Wargo Flying & Setup tips

    By Dan Dom on 01/08/2021

    Compilation of flight and setup tips from Michael Wargo

  • Basic setup Quick Guide R/C 3D Airplane

    By aerofundan on 07/25/2018

    Basic setup Quick Guide This Quick guide is an easy way to develop a standard setup procedure guaranteeing accurate...

  • Top 10 R/C Flying Tips

    By aerofundan on 07/25/2018

     The following are the best tips I have compiled from many sources and contributors.   Many of these did not...