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Warning and Safety notes

Be sure you have read and understood the entire instruction manual before you assemble a Precision Aerobatics model


Do not overlook the warnings and instructions provided by Precision Aerobatics and other manufacturers, and the official AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) Safety Code. They were designed to assist you in preventing damage or injury.

Our instructions are our suggestions only on how to assemble PA’s model. There are other ways and methods to do so.

Precision Aerobatics has no control over the final assembly, the materials and accessories you use when assembling a kit or the manner in which the assembled model and the installed radio system and electronic parts, are used and maintained. Thus, no liability is assumed or accepted for any damage resulting from the use of the assembled model aircraft or from this instruction manual including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, special, and consequential damages. In no event shall Precision Aerobatics’ liability exceed the original purchase price of this kit.




Radio controlled model aircraft that are not properly assembled, operated and maintained can cause serious damage to body and property. If you are not an experienced pilot and airplane modeller you must use the help of an experienced pilot or preferably an authorized flight instructor who will assist you with the assembly and flying of this model.



  1. Before assembling and flying this model read carefully any instructions and warnings of other manufacturers for all the products you installed or used on your model (especially radio equipment and power source).
  2. Check thoroughly before every flight that the airplanes components are in good shape and function correctly. If you find a fault do not fly the model until you have corrected it.
  3. Radio interference caused by unknown sources can occur at any time without notice. In such a case, your model will be uncontrollable and completely unpredictable. Make sure to perform a range check before every flight. lf you detect a control problem or interference during a flight, immediately land the model to prevent a potential accident
  4. Youngsters should only be allowed to assemble and fly these models under the instruction and supervision of an experienced adult.
  5. Do not operate this model in a confined area.
  6. Do not stand in line with, or in front of a spinning propeller and never touch it with any object.



Precision Aerobatics quality control team checks each plane before it leaves the factory to ensure that each kit is in fine condition. We have no bearing on the condition of any component parts damaged by use, modification or assembly of this model. Inspect the components of the kit upon receipt

If you find any parts damaged or missing, contact the hobby shop who supplied this kit immediately. We do not accept the return or replacement of parts on which assembly work has already begun. Precision Aerobatics reserves the right to change this warranty at anytime without notice.