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Addiction V3 LEDs

Addiction V3 LEDs


V3 now with full span ailerons and updated construction!

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New updates to Shaun Vanunu Signature design: The Addiction 3d is now released in its 3rd version! 

We have taken this already amazing airplane a notch higher – with all the upgrades from V2 but now with full-span ailerons for maximum control surface authority! 

Other updates been incorporated to the construction resulting in an even stronger yet light FiberFusion® airframe!

Lastly – green shade film was updated to a new lively mint which looks simply fantastic!


After years of glory and over a decade in high-demand, the Addiction 3D has been updated and its Version 3 is being released.

In designing and developing the Addiction series, our main target was you – the pilot!

We aim to build your confidence, make you a better pilot and inspire you to challenge yourself and succeed in maneuvers that you could only dream of before.

With more than 12,000 sold, the Addiction proved that 3D flying is challenging and fun, and with the right aircraft it is within the grasp of anyone regardless of experience or skill level!

Making an already awesome airplane even better is not an easy task, but Shaun Vanunu, our chief engineer, attacked it from many angles:

  • New aerodynamic design allows much higher flying-speed for precision flying and higher energy maneuvers, while keeping the ability to fly at crawl-speed for the Addiction’s famous slow-3D.
  • New construction using PA’s most up-to-date innovative FiberFusion techniques – more solid than ever!
  • Custom-made new airfoils further expand its flight envelope
  • Even more powerful iPAs set up – the all new Thrust 25 motor combined with NXT70-HV digital servos for a completely new level of performance, never seen in the Addiction before.
  • Factory-ready for night flying – extending your flying hours into the best time of the day, when temperature and wind drops.


We are proud to say with complete confidence that the Addiction V3 is simply the best 3d plane in its size, incomparable to any built-up 3D plane on the market.

This small airplane is extremely capable, allowing you to fly night or day, fast or slow. Easy, predictable, stable and relaxing or go wild and push your throttle for a high energy flight experience.


It is designed for 3D beginners, 3D addicts working on bringing their skills to another level or any pilot who simply wants to have pure unadulterated fun.

The Addiction features exceptional stall and slow speed handling characteristics, quick recovery and robustness – allowing any modeler to fly hardcore 3D with ease, inches off the ground.  

The new Thrust 25 motor was designed specifically for the brand-new Addiction V3. With even more power it expands the Addiction’s flight envelope to a vast range of maneuvers which were never available in a single plane before. Now, its your call how fast or slow to go.

This powerful set up makes the Addiction extremely responsive providing absolute control, so you can get out of the most difficult situations with ease. You will be naturally flying much lower and more aggressively than ever before.

If you already own a Thrust 20 motor, we’ve made sure the motor box configuration will accept your old motor and you’ll just need to adjust the CG.


Did you ever come back from flying sessions a little disappointed from your flying skills? Well not anymore! The Addiction’s forgiving and stable nature makes it exceptionally easy to hover vertically without much aileron input.

Torque rolls are slow, smooth and stable requiring very little control corrections. This means you’ll be able to torque roll with the rudder merely inches above the ground.

Knife edge is simply stable with close to zero coupling making it easy to execute knife edge circuits. Rolling harriers require very little control input and effort, ideal for learning to harrier roll for the first time. The exceptionally low wing loading allows ample time to think and react during the maneuvers. Jaw dropping, flashy tight waterfalls are simply easy to perform a few meters off the deck. The blenders stop immediately, meaning that you can do this as low as you want without fear of returning home with a bag full of balsa toothpicks. It harriers exceptionally well in both upright and inverted and is perfect to learn harrier figure eights and spot landings.

Apart from excellent 3D flight characteristics, the Addiction performs very well in the precision flying department, allowing you to mix 3D and precision and widen the scope of aerobatic maneuvers that can be mastered and performed.

New in the Version 2 of the Addiction is the higher energy maneuvers – the V2 excels in faster snap rolls, more precise point rolls, high speed knife edge circles and even tighter knife edge spins and blenders.

So, if you feel that you have had just about enough with flimsy foamies or are still struggling to learn that seemingly illusive hover or torque roll or just seriously addicted to fun, this is certainly THE plane for you, but you should know – looking so good can be addictive!


Following PA tradition this model too gives the word QUALITY a whole new meaning. From the design to the construction, the hardware and the level of finish – the attention to detail is second to none

The Addiction is a TRUE ARF, 99% built for you in our factory:

  • Pre installed CF anti rotation pins
  • Fiberglass pre cut cowling reinforced with carbon fiber. No cutting is required!  The cowling aerodynamic design (intakes, outtakes), clever motor box design (for either Thrust 20 or 25 motor) and two large air scoops allow airflow to efficiently cool the motor, battery and ESC.
  • Pre-fabricated tinted canopy and hatch is one unit attached to the model with very strong magnets. No canopy trimming or gluing is required.
  • Pre-drilled stiff CF landing gear and pre-installed blind nuts in the fuselage allow a quick and trouble free undercarriage installation.
  • Pre glued motor box with the correct thrust line already built in.
  • pre cut fiberglass wheel pants with ply mounting plate (pre-installed in the mold)

The brief assembly is a joy and most modelers will have it set up in one evening.



  • Two-piece removable wings
  • All new FiberFusion® technology
  • Largest wing area and lightest model in its category (=lowest wing loading)
  • State of the art laser cut light ply, balsa and carbon fiber construction
  • 4 lightweight transparent color schemes to choose from with solid white trimming.
  • Top quality hardware kit.
  • Light harness custom made, pre-soldered and ready to use. 

100% Carbon fiber features

  • CF FiberFusion® construction
  • CF pushrods
  • CF wing tube
  • CF firewall locker
  • CF Leading edge
  • CF quality landing gear
  • CF reinforced cowling
  • CF CNC machined battery tray
  • CF CNC machined control horns
  • CF wing and fuselage sleeve/spar
  • CF elevator trailing edge reinforcement (pre installed)
  • CF CNC machined double rudder control horn
  • CF anti-rotation wing pins (pre installed in the factory)

Optional upgrades:

  • Carbon fiber wheel pants
  • CNC machined carbon fiber spinner
  • CNC machined carbon fiber servo arms for correct linkage geometry




Wing span: 1000mm /39.5 in
Length:1063mm/ 41.85 in
Weight: RTF approx 750g / 26.5oz
Wing Area: 485
Wing Loading: 7.85oz/sq.ft
Note: Vortex Generators and Carbon fiber spinner are not included in the kit

Required to complete:

PA Thrust 25 outrunner motor
PA Quantum 35A Evo ESC with HV SBEC
CNC Machined Prop Adapter
Vox 12×5 Wood Propeller
PA Gen2 LiPo 2200mAh 11.1V (3s) 30-60C
4 x NXT-70HV micro servos
Set of 4 Carbon Fiber extended servo arms
Thin gauge twisted light extension lead

iPAs Combos

Combos include the following:

iPAs Drive:
The Drive package includes

  • Addiction ARF V3
  • PA Thrust® 25 outrunner motor with RotorKool® Technology
  • PA Quantum 35A Evo ESC with HV SBEC
  • 5mm German made CNC machined precision prop adapter (We decided to include this adapter instead of common prop adapters usually bundled with motor accessories to avoid performance robbing, vibrations and motor mount structural damage).

iPAs Pro:
The Pro package includes

  • Addiction V3 ARF
  • PA Thrust® 25 outrunner motor with RotorKool® Technology
  • PA Quantum 35A Evo ESC with HV SBEC
  • 5mm German made CNC machined precision prop adapter. We decided to include this adapter instead of common prop adapters usually bundled with motor accessories to avoid performance robbing vibrations and motor mount structural damage.
  • 4x NXT-70HV Digital Metal Gear Servos
  • PA Gen2 LiPo 2200mAh 11.1V (3s) 30-60C
  • Thin gauge twisted light extension lead (made in the same German factory as our giant scale airplanes HD leads). Due to its fine high quality strings it is extremely flexible preventing RF noises and features low internal resistance.
  • Set of 4 Carbon Fiber extended servo arms specifically designed to achieve the desired linkage geometry for full control surface movement.
  • Low resistance Original Amass XT60 plugs and Gold plated bullet connectors for the best electrical connection and power delivery to the drive.
  • Vox 12×5 Wood Propeller


What is iPAs?  – Integrated Performance Airframe-Drive System



Unlike glow aircraft where it is mostly a matter of bolting on a specific size engine, the options for electric flight gear are simply overwhelming and matching electric gear to an airframe is a complex task for the average modeler and quite often can be very confusing.

Most manufacturers direct their customers to acquire a “compatible” motor and ESC or at best offer a “Combo” package that comprises of an off-the-shelf motor and ESC that would, in theory “fit” within the model’s power requirements.

Surveys we conducted showed that each and every EP models flyer has experienced at least one if not more of the following problems:

  • Unpredictable handling problems caused by reduced wing loading due to oversized motors or battery packs or ancillary gear.
  • Overheating or unwanted ESC cut outs due to over propping or undersized motors
  • Handling problems due to drastic shift in CG and overall weight distribution.
  • Unacceptable flight duration due to inefficient “hot” motors or undersized packs
  • Airframe structural failure due to increased aerodynamic loads caused by oversized drives and packs.
  • Overheating and swelling of battery packs caused by serious drive mismatch.
  • Less than optimum motor performance due to ESC incompatibility.
  • Crashes as a result of servo gear failures caused by excessive loads on the control surfaces or exceeding the maximum airspeed limits.
  • A huge disparity in flight performance observed in the promotional videos against actual aircraft.
  • Premature Motors, ESC and Battery failures or performance degradation over time due to mismatch setup.
  • Gear does not properly fit the airframe and requires modification.

We do not believe modelers should have to live with compromises in flight performances.

Through hundreds of hours of flight testing our airframe designs, we have established that there is a direct correlation between airframe and drive system, which influences the desired aerodynamic performance. This means that airframes and drives should not be treated as independent items, but as one integrated system.

Due to the extreme lengths taken in the design of the airframe, and the unprecedented flight testing period to finally achieve the desired aerodynamic characteristics, we felt a complete solution for this model is necessary. As a result, we have developed our iPAs, PA Integrated Performance Airframe-Drive System.

Each iPAs component has been carefully selected, tested individually and on the airframe itself. Any impacts on the overall flight performance and aerodynamic characteristics have been identified and addressed to ensure that all iPAs components interact in full synergy, as an integrated flight system within the constraints of the design specifications. Each component has then been further refined. The result achieved is a perfectly matched setup, successfully meeting the desired performance criteria.

For the first time, flyers have the unique opportunity to experience the exact aerodynamic performance as envisaged by our chief designer and team of test pilots minus all the guess work and unnecessary expense.


Addiction V2 Pro package without airframe

PA Quantum 30A Pro ESC New version user-selectable HV SBEC (6.0 / 7.4 / 8.0v)

Nexatec NXT 70HV servo – Pack of 4 servos

Thrust 25 + PA Quantum 30A Pro ESC HV SBEC (6.0 / 7.4 / 8.0v) + prop adapter

Carbon fiber MD size long servo arms -set of 4pc

Addiction V2 Carbon Fiber Vortex Generators

Thin gauge electric extension lead – 2 meter / 78″

5mm long prop adapter for the Thrust 25 – 50 motor

VOX 12×5 Electric wooden propeller

PA Gen2 LiPo 2200mAh 11.1V (3s) 30-60C

Original Deans Ultra Plugs

Ultra Deans connectors – female only pack of 4pc

1.8″ Carbon Fiber Ultimate Style CNC machined spinner

Padded Lipo carry bag

Customer Reviews


I have the addiction plane and absolutely love it . Best plane I have .




The addiction is one of my all time favorites and I have had 5 so far. One is still new in the box as I found if I took the addiction out none of my other planes got a look in that day.


Ian Titchell


I have the Addiction, for about 8 years now, and it’s my favorite of all 45+ planes I own and fly. They fly as good and easy as my EPP planes…well, maybe much better except the foamies I can crash and repair on the ‘fly’! But the foamies and the simulators have made me a safe and experienced pilot and crash only on rare occasion. PA is the best in the business, the support I’ve received from Shaun, Daniel Dominguez, and Adad is always fast with the greatest customer service and they show their appreciation for my business.


Tim D Barnett


I love my Addiction V2. My first real 3D aircraft. After just a few flights after trimming, I attained prop hang for 5 seconds tonight and basic harrier is getting much more controlled. When I have an “oops”, I can readily recover (as long as I am three mistakes high, at least).


Bruce Bina


I hadn’t flown my Addiction XL in a couple of months and took it out to the field this week for several flights. DANG WHAT A GREAT AIRPLANE! I had forgotten how much I love this plane! It’s possibly my favorite plane I have owned in 40 years of flying RC.


Mike Oliver


Maiden went great with only one click of down. Awesome flying low and slow plane. Bring on the night.

Brian Myers


Flew the Addiction today………….just love the plane.
I like the fact that it’s so responsive without being touchy. Also the easy landing characteristics.

Jay L. Cutler


Hey we wanted to share our deep love of the Addiction. Greg loves the control over the bird, while still being floaty. He said he never had a plane that he inverted and didn’t have to put up elevator inputs. The Addiction is as stable inverted as right up. It’s flashy and cool. All his friends are jealous. We fly out here with a group called Thursday Night Combat. When the Addiction came out, everyone stopped to watch. Great job

Casey Saumure


The Addiction is forgiving, can be flown easily very slow, doesn’t stall, is very predictable. These are very good capabilities especially for beginners.

Andreas Goldkuhle


I just bought one of your Addiction planes and from the time I opened the box I new this was the best built plane I ever had, and I have had a lot of planes (so says my wife). It wasn’t until I flew it (yesterday) that I knew that this was the best flying plane I have ever had and just wanted to thank all of you there for all the fun I am having with it. I blew away some guys flying there flat foam airplane want to be or as I call them powered kites with it last weekend, they now know what balsa can do.

Thank You,
Brian Buxton
Mechanical Designer
Phoenix Az.

Brian Buxton


I flew a PA Addiction this weekend. It’s a really nice plane. It does 3D effortlessly and it’s solid all the way around. It’s also a fairly big airplane (which I like) and it weighs next to nothing. It’s delightful to fly.

Doc Austin @ RCGroups


Well, maiden flight 1 & 2 are in the books. Using the set-up in my prev. post I am VERY happy to report all went well. This is a straight forward aircraft, does what you ask it to and doesn’t talk back. I’m not risking the “inches off the ground” 3D stuff just yet, the airplane is new!? But it took off and landed well from a winter grass surface. The landing gear is stout, I feel it will hold up well over the long term. And speaking of landing, the Addiction will land TAIL WHEEL FIRST with little encouragement from the pilot, VERY COOL! Solid harriers, seems to hover well. But I was attempting hovering at 20+ feet and in 10+mph winds so I will have to report more back about that when I find a calmer day. If I were to combine the building experience plus my early flight experience I would rate the Addiction overall a 9 out of 10. And who knows, with more time on the sticks it might become a 10 out of 10!?

Fun airplane, happy flying!

flyinghigh025 @ RCGroups


I can breathe maiden over. I had to fly in the local park which was smaller than I really wanted, but after a few initial short run takeoff and landing and getting a feel for the stall speed I was away. Click of trim here and there and that was it!!!

I am a nervous flyer really and still learning good 3D. It harriers so solidly, no hint of dropping a wing rocK solid. Hovers easily. I feel like I am flying my foamy again except it tracks much better. Very responsive, very light to fly, I love it. I need to increase my precision aerobatics skills to clean up lines etc. I love how clean it pitches from a down line into an upright hover stance.

Definitely a fun plane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Datman @ RCGroups


One hell of a plane, maiden flight today. one click of trim, very stable or just full on. the build was easy, running thrust 20 motor. this thing leaves a smile on your face & makes you want to invest in more batteries. worth the wait.
Thanks PA.

brandongids @ RCGroups


I put the first six flights on my addiction today and all I can say is that this thing is the best 3D plane I have ever had!

If you want an airplane that you can control in any attitude or situation and have authority to spare, then this is your plane. Want enough aileron authority to stop a torque roll? This thing doesn’t just have enough aileron to stop one, but you can do reverse torque rolls all day long! <Sick!

Add to that that the thinned funfly airfoil makes a perfect and clean transition from normal flight to 3D (harrier or full stall, like in a wall) and you end up with a totally predictable (I hate to use the word stable) airplane. Walls and waterfalls require little to no rudder to keep them straight! < Sick!!

It also does not have a side up preference! It harriers just as good right side up as it does upside down (Sick!)…

This is the first airplane that I have had where I literally had to do NO rudder to elevator mixing! It will KE straight down the deck with no mixing (balanced at recommended spot)! Plenty of rudder for KE work! KE loops etc, no problem. It could do control line turns port-a-john. <Sick!

I think everybody is going to be very happy with this plane! It is just sick, sick, sick!

hercdriver7777 @ RCGroups


As an engineer for a large aerospace company, I appreciate a well engineered product when I see it and the Addiction certainly fits that description. Everything about the Addiction, from the quality of construction to the excellent flight characteristics make this plane stand out from the crowd. I love this plane! In fact I just ordered my second one

Ken Drake
Florida. USA

Ken Drake


“Wow” that’s all I can say after flying the PA Addiction this weekend. I own four other PA aircraft, Bad Boy V2, Electric Devil, 2 X Electric Shocks and this is the finest. The fuselage has an amazing amount of carbon fiber used in the construction giving a wonderfully strong and rigid airframe. The wings are the classic PA design similar to the electric shock, the fat – thick wing gives great lift the plane nearly floats with minimal throttle. I must say that you will not be disappointed by the flying characteristics of this aircraft. It will make an even a bad pilot look good. After setting up the aircraft as per the instructed throws, I launched the aircraft into the air, I expected to make some adjustments to the trims but none were needed, I have read this before about the addiction and it is true. To me this shows the skill of an aircraft manufacturer that truly understands the product being produced and takes all measures to ensure absolute accuracy in the complete assembly of a model aircraft. As you can see I am a truly converted Precession Aerobatics fan, If you check out their website you will see the most advanced model aircraft made in the world today, Shaun is reinventing the rules of model aircraft construction and using modern materials in ways never before seen in model aircraft. If you do choose to buy a PA addiction or I would strongly suggest using there what they call iPA’s, for example… The bluebird servos supplied are excellent with chunky metal gearing sticking out the top, as well they are quick .11sec. Also the motor and speed controller are of the highest quality the Thrust 20 has been developed by PA to give the best possible performance with rotor cool technology. Any way I going to stop writing now, I could tell you all day about how good the PA addiction is but you should take my advice and get one your self, you will not be disappointed especially if you like 3D. Happy flying !!

Don Cumming, Sydney


I have a story. I helped a mate maiden his Addiction last weekend and it couldn’t have gone better. I flew it first to check it and found he had done a perfect job on the build. It felt sweet but the C of G was forward which is ok for him to start with but not back where I like it. It reminded me of the ‘eureka’ moment when I got the battery in the sweet spot on my plane and suddenly it came alive!*Anyway, I handed him the controls and he got into it straight away and was stoked. Especially when he discovered it virtually landed itself. Another happy Addiction addict created.

So a while ago I proposed the question, what is the meaning of the 7 on the rudder. No takers so I guess its just a lucky number, but for me its the number of days a week I try to fly my Addiction.



The Addiction rocks! Never have I flown a plane that handles so perfectly. Its the only plane I’ve had that has never crashed. You can always pull it up into a vertical climb or hover at critical moments. 🙂 AWESOME.

Stefan Mittelmann


I have flown the Addiction 1 hour 45 minutes since yesterday with no mishaps.
It handles better than any plane I have flown. You did great on your design!
I like it and am glad I got it. It flies the same right side up as upside down, does inside and outside loops with ease.
Does horizontal and vertical rolls nice and true and pulls vertical very well.

I hand launch it like a glider due to the small wheels and I have coarse grass..the Addiction lands better than I thought it would and is the first tail dragger I have flown.
I just keep it straight and level,flare it out at stall and plop it down on all 3 wheels with a very short roll.

Thanks for a great flying plane.

Michael Garvey


My personal choice is the 11 x 4.7. I have tried them all. I think it comes down to personal choice though. 11 x 5.5 was a little to fast flying for what how I like to fly my Addiction. My 3rd one is on it’s way btw. Now, the only color that I haven’t had will be red. I’m in Mad love with this plane.

dprc @ RCG


Just did the maiden flight on my addiction today, and wanted to thank you for such an awesome plane. The electric shock is great, but the addiction is just phenominal. No trims added, recommended CG is spot on for 3D. 1 flight and it is my favorite plane. Please do not ever discontinue this one, I’m sure I’m going to need another, wether its from a crash, or the need for multiple colors!!

Jim Sebald


Ah……… the Addiction, and yes it is.

I have spent the last couple of years going from plane to plane looking for something that did it all, but more to the point did it easily as I am not a rising super star of a pilot.

Well, I bought an Addiction, and yeah, its far from the most attractive plane but despute this, after review after review I decided to give it a try, even though at the last minute I was nearly put off by looks alone.

So the results are in, the PA Addiction is by far, the easiest, most floaty, unstallable, slow flying, prop hanging, harriering, precise, most loopable, stupid, utterly mental plane I have ever tried to fly. It was that good I bought one within 2 weeks just as a spare as I would not like to be without it now. It inspired me to try the rest of the PA range, and now I have 2 Addictions, the MD Katana, the Electric Shock and last but by no means least the Extra 260, what a fantasic range of planes! I even kinda have gorwn to like the look of the Addcition, or maybe I am just so biased now because of its flying capabilites?!

i had never done a harrier before this plane despite a few attempts at trying, and within 20 flights I now have this thing slowly creeping across the patch, tail dragging the floor and pointing up at a nice 45 ish degree angle at a walking pace.

My hats off to PA and Als hobbies for supplying what is in my opinion the best range of planes I have flown to date.

Is it robust, can you imagine how many times its come down on its wing, back and wheels while trying to do that for the first time!?!?!?! So far I have a slightly more flexible wing tip but no repairs what so ever, lol



Ffter monthss of training out in the field (I can’t fly that often due to my job) now I felt secure enough with my little Addiction to handle also the aggressive attacks from these killer trees (yes, also we have it here in Switzerland… horrible).

So yesterday I flew in my garden for the first time: the plane (and me, of course *g*) did a great job, it was fun, fun, fun!!!

So I’m still so in love with my red Addiction (now I can 3D pretty much better than I was able to do with my former 3D EPP plane), but if I imagine a blue one with chrome flames, also I would buy it immediately!

Just in case there’s next to the biplane project some capacity left….



Just a quick update on what an amazing package this plane and ipas package(the PA reccomended parts) are

Been flying my add for over 6 months now and it just seems to get more fun each time i fly it – with the supplied PA 1800 mounted so that the back of the battery is around 5cm BEHIND the carbon tray this COG just makes the airframe come alive. It just seems to “sit” into its balance in the air- becoming ridiculously efficient (i fly 14 mins on an 1800 pack ) with a mix of hovering, Learning to rolling harrier, KE passes alternating 1 side to the other and then onto low rates for directional projecting pattern work – after 14 mins she’s only used around 1200 – 1300 mah – UNBELIEVABLE efficiency from the synergy of Airframe, Thrust motor, pa batt and esc.

It simply blows me away how much guess work (read time wasting) i used to go through on other planes that would run hot or be under or overpowered (and heavy) and only run 10 minutes. PA have nailed the 3 dimensional analysis of time, energy and efificency on this pack.

I have tried different props too – only to find that PA nailed it with the reccomended prop – the 1 x 5.5 – the slow flyer propd are ok but chew more energy and definitely only really allow slow hovering type moves – the 11x 5.5 just needs a little more throttle to hover – but pulls out with more acceleration and has alot more feel (the slow flyer props are a little sloppy)- the 11 x 5.5 just a crisper prop for all the components behind it.

I fly around 10 packs a week through this plane – each one brings a smile to my face!
And at my local park – the audience loves this plane!

PA are so far ahead of the game that Unfortunately now i look at alot of models on hobby shop shelves or online – and most of them just look like junk now.



I know its been reported before so it came as less of a surprise that no trimming whatsoeva was needed as it flew easily away from ROG.

Thanks to PA who helped provide support when a few minor hitches were encounted with the build.

With a bit more confidence I flew again this afternoon and started to put the simulator moves into practice. I was nervous as heck but this little plane handles as good as anything on my Sim (AFD).

I was hovering, albiet well up high, in short time and was amazed at how gently it fell out when I wasn’t keeping up. At no time it fell below my imaginary ground line I was aiming to keep above, it was easy to catch from any downward tendancies.

Of course this will not come as news to most of you, but I am sure there will be a few beginners to 3D, like me, wondering if the hype is true. It is!




What a hoot. Can’t believe I’ve sat on this one for so long, but I’m glad I finally put it together.

Started with the CG @ 100mm, 11×4.7 prop and launched on “low” rates – wasn’t till I landed to switch props, move the battery back, and check the throws that I found I had no expo on elevator (& rudder!) The 11×7 was better for these initial flights, as I like to keep the speed up a bit.

Anyway, with the right expo settings and the CG back closer to the rear limit (guess about 103-104), it was a blast. I can see what all the excitement is about..

Although the 11×4.7 didn’t move enough air over the surfaces for my liking, although I may try it again now I’m more comfortable flying it slower than I’m used to for a built-up model – or pick up the suggested 11×5.5. I have to say, though, with either prop, I didn’t feel it had the immediate punch I’d like to have for those low recoveries – I’ll play with different props and see what works best for me.

Great model. Lovin’ it!

Andy W


It is my opinion that for someone wanting to learn 3D flying that this model may well be the best one of all to learn on for the reasons I list in the flying section of my review. It’s hard to imagine anyone not enjoying this plane!

Click here to see the full review at RCU

James Alton @ RCU Review



I LOVE MY ADDY!!! Love it…. love it…. love it!!!!

In the words of Monty Python…. I love it carnally!

I expected great things from this plane. Coming off a Katana MD (a plane I’ve been raving about, calling it things like “perfect” and “all the plane I’ll ever need) I really couldn’t see what the Addy could have offered me over the Kat but I took ole RR’s word for it and hoboy….. did she ever prove me wrong.

Just as the Kat gave me inverted flight, knife edge flight and harriers I can see now that the Addy is going to give me prop hang (something I’ve never managed to do on the Kat) and a whole bunch of stuff I don’t even know the name of. Pugachev’s cobra and kublit at least…. I’m sure of that. Only a matter of time…. and practise…..

Amazing….. she has TRULY amazing control surface authority (compared to Katana) in the hover and is capable not only of flying REAL slow, she can actually do quite a few things at unbelievably low speeds… once I know what I’m doing with this plane I’m pretty sure I won’t need an awful lot of space to fly her in.

Amazing…. I love it!

WHAT a plane!

Have I told you I TOTALLY love it?



This summer I bought 2 Addictions 1 to fly and 1 as a spare. I have over 35 hours flight time on the first one with the only thing breaking was the landing gear. I replaced it with a home made aluminum set which bends and absorbs shock for more durability.

The Addiction is the best flying model plane that I have ever flown and have flown model planes since 1982.
It almost makes me want to get rid of my other planes as they do not handle any where as well and feel so sluggish. This model has allowed me to improve my skills dramatically.
I look forward to receiving and flying the AMR that I just ordered.

Michael Garvey


My first plane was an Addiction. I did loads of research but basically did not want to buy a trainer and then another plane. I wanted something that was going to be fun to fly, able to fly slow and at the same time be stable so I could build up my confidence but I also wanted to be able to do crazy things when I was ready for it. Did this plane really exist
I did loads of hours on a simulator and got used to lots of different planes and then ordered an Addiction, based on lots of peoples flying experiences.
I would definitely advise you to program your Tx on low rates. With such large control surfaces, you only need a little movement to do a lot. I also programmed the exponential rates of the Tx, so the centre was desensitised. Replicate this as well on the sim. After three flights, I was hand launching the plane I found about 3/4 power was just right to do this.
If you have put the plane together as per the instructions, very little trim is needed. This was my main concern as I thought that my first flight was going to be a disaster, with the plane going quickly off in a direction other than the one intended, but no such bad luck. The plane for the best part of 100 yards flew straight and true.
The Addiction is just so addictive because it is so much fun, so quickly. I was doing allsorts within a week of getting the plane and have not looked back.
With enough sim stick time, this can be flown by a novice, but I would add that you have got experience and so I would whole heartedly say ‘enjoy an Addiction’



Dear Precision Aerobatics Team.

A few days ago I took my new Addiction into the air for the first time.

It has excellently balanced flight characteristics. I have been flying radio controlled airplanes for the last 10 years. An ExtremeFlight Extra 300 and a Sebart Katana were part of my inventory. In fact, the 125cm-wingspan Katana still is.
I also have extensive experience with numerous 3D-Foamies.

To make a long story short: Your Kit combines the best characteristics of 3D-foamies( excellent low speed and stall behavior, excellent thrust/ weight ratio) with the best properties of conventionally built models.(Which are mainly precise handling and good looks)

The landing gear construction is the best I’ve ever seen in this model category. The overall lightweight toughness, rigidity and torsion resistance thanks to Fiber Fusion are likewise among the best the market currently offers.

ARF-Kits don’t come any better than this. I’m no celebrity, but you definitely have one very satisfied customer here. Most certainly, this is not the last PA-product I bought.

Best Regards from Braunschweig, Germany

Lukas Kavan


I finally Maidened my Addiction today. Freggin Wonderfull Bird! Best 3D plane I have flown to date. I honestly think I could land in a flat spin without damage! Well..I am not going there..yet..
Waterfalls almost without loosing altitude! Hovers? ummmm..yeah. It is like this thing has training wheels on it.. It is like..relaxing 3d flying?? dunno if that makes sense but it is fun. I can not wait for another break in the weather so I can hammer on it some more!

Zamfir @ RCGroups


I just got my blue addiction yesterday evening. Building it now. Its insane how high quality PA products are. I would expect this to be like a $500 ARF. I’m in love….

Splix @ RCGroups



The Addiction is one hell of a plane!!! It flies 3D better than anything I owned before.

Keep up the good work


Ken Johansson @ Sweden


I got in about two hours of stick time with the Addiction this weekend. What a ride! Where do I start? Everything about that plane is fantastic. My compliments to the engineers. It’s nimble and stable at the same time. It’s easy to fly – I’m new to aerobatics, but was able to hover on the first try. It’s a bit like eating pistachios – just one more. Just one more flight, in this case. If it wasn’t 101 degrees down at the field, I’d still be out there. And landings, well, just throttle back, and it lands itself. Wow!



we finally had a 0 wind evening in miami and i had a chance to finally enjoy my friends addiction. he’s let me fly it a few times before but the wind is always blowing pretty hard. All my 3d experience is on foamies, particularly the 48″ BAF but i felt right at home with addiction. Upright and inverted harriers at a pretty high AOA and NOOO wing rock at all, beautiful snaps and hovering on the deck 30 seconds into the first flight. this is thing is a balsa foamie, i was VERY impressed.

Yaniel @ RCGroups


Well, I finally got around to building and flying my new Addiction, and all I can say is “WoW!!!” This plane is the “ONE” for what I consider the basic three 3D maneuvers – hover, harrier, and inverted harrier! All I wanted was the “easiest to hover” balsa model out there, and I am convinced the Addiction is the easiest to hover balsa model I have flown to date. I have only recently begun to hover low to the ground, and the Addiction was so pleasant to fly, I didn’t hesitate to bring it in low plus the harrier was incredibly solid with no wing rock at all so I tried that down low as well. Blenders were fun and the parachute wowed the crowd with a pull out only a few feet above terra firma

2Sunny @ RCGroups


I bought a used addiction at the Perry swap meet in Georgia a few months ago but I just got to fly it yesterday. I have gotten many warnings about this plane but I ignored them because I feel that I am a strong person with an ability to fight off addiction. With that in mind, all I can say is this…

mondieu01 @ RCGroups


My name is Brandon…
I am 30 years old….
and I am addicted to my addiction…

I was told that I will find myself flying lower and lower. He was telling the truth. I was told that I would be constantly sliding the battery back. He was telling me the truth. I flew a total of 4 battery packs yesterday and all I can think about is getting home so I can fly more.

I must salute precision aerobatics on such a great airframe. I’m having a blast with it.



A friend of mine bought one at swap meet also and has the same problem. He begged me to fly the plane and I kept putting him off. He said if you fly it you’ll buy one. I told him that was the ugliest plane I ever seen. I finally flew the plane on a Saturday and bought one the following Monday. That was a couple of months ago. I am still addicted.

bigal422 @ RCGroups


I have just returned to RC after a 15 yr no fly and I just got in my first 4 flights with the Addiction. What a sweet flying plane, I have been flying a few planes I have built from kits, plus a Park Zone t28 foamie electric( first electric). It flew well for what it made of, I am impressed with how for the electric technology has come.
Then I saw a video of the Addiction flying and I immediately researched it, I have watched and followed the thread for so long but with being out of work due to disability (back went out) and income cut drastically I could not get my paws on one. Now I have this Sweet Yellow light weight bird that flies as sweet as any plane I have ever flown. I was into pattern planes late 70’s but got out of the hobby.
I installed BB373’s as PA suggested, before they updated their specs, only 4 flights but no slop and no problems.
My first flight was a hoot, I couldn’t wait, should have but you know that feeling, wind sock at airport standing straight out, plane would only taxi one direction, into wind, I slowly gave it throttle and it responded like a pro. slowly lifting into the air like it was ment to, I was amazed.
It flew with just a couple clicks of trim. DX7 gear using PA recomended rates and expo’s.

I think thesse post and hints have helped me, I actually hovered this plane before landing in this 20mph + headwind.

TLArford @ RCGroups


I fly this bad boy every chance I get. I may not be sleeping with it in my bed yet like the sales video, but I do stare at it in my office on rainy days with that intense sense of longing . . .

Seriously though I can’t get over how great this plane flies and how much it is helping to improve my overall 3D performance. Plain and simple I’m not afraid to try ANYTHING since I know I can get myself out of almost anything. Plus the basics are all so EASY with this plane; it’s simply unbelievable!!

2Sunny @ RCGroups


My Son maidened his Addiction yesterday, and while it was fairly calm (gusts to about 8mph) the first flight, the wind came up quite rapidly after that, and my Son put two more flights in after the wind came up. The plane handled the wind with no problems….and….my Son has only been flying RC for about two months!! The first flight was a basic trim flight (some inverted, rolls, loops), and he was still able to land it very slowly (not quite a harrier landing), the second flight was a little more bumpy landing as the wind had come up, but the third flight was rolling circles, hovering, rolling loops, and a harrier landing…..

Draknkep @ RCGroups


I just returned from flying my one year old Red Addiction. I have a green one in a box and I hope it stays right where it is.

What a great flying airplane. It is light, floaty, responsive. A blast to fly. I fly it near my home when I do not want to drive 30 miles to the flying field. The space that I fly in is limited, but the Addiction will fly in a very small space.

Ekir @ RCGroups


I just wanted to say what a great job PA has been doing. I have been in RC since the 70’s and have flown everything from gliders to helicopters and this is the most fun I have had.

I have two Addictions a red and a green, this winter I plan on ordering a blue. I log many hours during the summer season, if there is a crash I order spare parts and piece them back together. I usually fly six battery packs when I go out. I have not seen any electrics at the flying field that can beat the Addiction design with its super light wing loading and yet it is still big enough that I can fly it in the wind. It makes me look better than I am, rolling circles are not a problem. The model hovers very easy and all you have to do is give it a little power and it starts flying again.

I read your prop research and the 11 x 3.8 slow fly is my favorite all around, it seems to work best for hovering and still not overheat the power system.

John K.D. – Battle Ground, WA


I have an Addiction and after my eyes deceiving me on how far it was, away from me, I smacked it 60 ft up, into a Weeping Willow tree at full throttle using a, 11.5 Xoar.

Imagining the worst, I recovered the plane only to find that it was in perfect order, with just a slight crack to a balsa spar to the rear of the main fuse. The carbon rod running along the fuse kept it from snapping. Not even a scratch on the covering or a nick in the prop.

What other aircraft could have escaped unscathed!

The Addiction was my first RC aircraft and with the help of a sim, I am now reasonably confident in doing all sorts. I have a lot to learn but would recommend it for anyone like me who did not want to go and buy a trainer and do circuits all day, but was prepared to spend a bit of sim time first!

I am now looking forward to getting the AMR and eventually an MX.

I toyed with the idea of getting a 3DHS plane, after seeing so many good reports, but after many of their fliers trying PA planes, it is obvious that PA are the better make.

Carry on the good work PA!

flying_dog @ RCGroups


I have a red Addiction that is teaching me the ropes of this 3D stuff. Holds up great to my not so gentle thumbs. It is truly a confidence inspiring airplane. I find myself reaching for my Addiction over any other plane in my fleet. I have my sites set on getting an extra 260 in the not so distant future. Keep up all the great work guys!



My Addiction is awesome. I bought it because I wanted something fun to fly here at college in tight spaces, not, like most people, because I wanted to learn 3D. I already considered myself an accomplished 3D pilot.

But I still learned a lot with the Addiction. The incredibly low cubic loading and large amount of power let me improve my 3D skills tremedously. On top of that, it’s pretty tough, so flopping it down from a low rolling harrier is no biggie. My rolling harriers, inverted harriers, torque rolls, KE harriers, and confidence received a huge boost from flying the Addiction so much. The Thrust power system is a perfect match, and the metal geared servos have been so far unbreakable.

cwojcik @ RCGroups


I have an Addiction and a Katana MD and I love:
The way they look(beautiful)
The way they fly(practically themselves)
The way they are so light(helium in the wings)
The way they are so strong(crash after crash, seriously, I’m terrible!)

forshagesan @ RCGroups


Just finished it and haven’t flown it yet, super easy assembly, great hardware.

lvs13 @ RCGroups


UPS delivered my Blue Addiction Tuesday and I finished the build at 10:00 PM last night. Took her out for a maiden today and the setup was almost perfect (only needed 2 clicks of left rudder).

This is my first 3D, high performance plane so I’m still adjusting to flying her. She’ll definitely get your heart pounding and the adrenaline rush is what it is all about.

The IPA package is awesome and I really like the punch out power when needed.

I’m sure she’ll become my favourite plane as I get to know her better. Keep up the good work. You make a great product!

triplesticks @ RCGroups


I saw the video for the Addiction and knew I had to have one. I’m on my second one now (a friend helped me finish off the first 1) and this has been one of the most enjoyable planes I can remember owning. I started flying in 1993, or so.

This is such an easy to fly plane but with the huge control surfaces, when I tell it to it goes nuts. I’m not a great 3d pilot but this plane had me doing inverted harrier tail touches with ease.

This plane is awesome. It definately makes you look like a better pilot than you actually are.

Fly an Addiction, impress your friends.



I’ve owned 2 Addiction and a AMR since Dec 08 last year and i would like to say i can’t really enjoy my flying weekends without any of these 2 buggers especially not with the Addiction.
Building from the box is pretty simple and most of the complicated and tedious jobs has been done in the factory, and these planes are just simply stronger than they look.

Electronics setup is pretty much right on the spot and i don’t have worry about not enough power or mods i needed to do to make them fly better.

Most important thing is spare parts !!! ….. i can replace them from wings to servo horns or even motor bearings

lamafever @ RCGroups


I love my Addiction. I have the green one with the Thrust motor and Quantum ESC. It is a great plane, it has more WOW factor than any plane I have seen. It is truly a work of art!

anyairrc @ RCGroups


I normally fly Heli’s, but the Addiction is the first plane that is even close to as fun as a heli. The Addiction is very confidence inspiring and it is a whole lot more relaxing than a Heli. You can have a flip flop fest just like a heli, but there are alot less $$$$ on the line. Also glue is your friend, that don’t work with the heli’s! As of late I have been flying my Addiction more than my heli’s.
SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH……don’t tell anybody!

nodnarb @ RCGroups


I got an Addiction when i was switching over from nitro models. I wanted to learn 3D, but couldn’t trust the ability of even the top branded nitro motors to provide the instant power required when executing a low and slow recovery.

The Addiction and it’s IPAs setup has worked flawlessly for the 2 years I’ve had it. Flying is now simply a matter of getting in the car and launching, rather than the mucking around associated with getting to a field for nitro models, tuning them, cleaning them…etc.

Additionally, I appreciate the effort that PA puts into their designs. In a hobby where both online or at the LHS it can be hard to tell if you get what you pay for, PA kits stand out to me for being an excellent value package–you can trust that they’ve made a significant effort with R & D.

Naboo @ RCGroups


I like how Awesome the Adiction is and how fast and light it is.

Yablonsky @ RCGroups


I have been flying the same Red Addiction for over a year. What a great model!

The thing that I like about the Addiction is the quality and realibility. I purchased the ESC and Motor from PA and it worked as designed. This lets me put 100% concentration on flying the Addiction.

Ekir @ RCGroups


Nothing like flying my Addiction!!!… addicted to it, planes go and crash, but the addiction is always to satisfy my flying…. another chance to say Thanks for such good engineering and products!!!

iceman77 @ RCGroups


The Addiction was the best flying 3D plane I ever flew. Now need to decide on color for my next one. Think I’ll get the green, and white one.

Roto Rob @ RCGroups


I’ve only got one thing to say …. after my first flight on the Addiction last year the feeling is priceless and somebody just happen to snap my expression with my Addiction

lamafever @ RCGroups


my addiction is BEASTIN!!!!!!!!!! locks into torque rolls easier than any other plane ive flown!!! awesome job guys!!

my c210 @ RCGroups


Been enjoying the addiction, even able to fly her in the golf dome during the long winter months. love that it can be flown in a tight space. will be getting the mx soon

tubamike78 @ RCGroups


Among my 20+ RC airplanes is an Ultimate AMR, and an Addiction. They are, without reservation, the finest quality model aircraft airframes I have ever seen from a standpoint of design, the combination of materials and fabrication.

The blending of these factors has created RC models that are not only beautiful, but literally seem magical in performance. My AMR biplane is a graceful bird capable of the most aggressive aerobatics, yet lands as softly as a feather. The Addiction quite simply is more fun to fly than anything else I’ve ever flown, seen at airshows, watched on video, or even dreamed about.

If I could keep only two of all my score of treasured RC birds, they would both have been made by Precision Aerobatics.

Waterbird @ RCGroups


I really like the operational efficiency of the ipa packages.

Also, I like how photogenic the planes are

Low_N_Slow @ RCGroups


Ive read many threads and reviews for the PA Addiction. Im new to 3D and wanted a good plane to learn. After Getting my Purple Addiction, then waiting weeks to save up for servos, its done. All the old farts in my club said it would be way to much plane for me to handle. I maidened in strong winds. 1 foot takeoffs. I began to feel out this powerhouse. No triming was required. Then my first snap roll. Then my first hover, kinda! Then my easiest knife edge. This plane makes me look good! After a soft landing and a little dance I found this plane only needs 1 thing….extra batterys! 5 or 10 packs should do it! Great Job PA

bicwin1 @ RCGroups


Both planes (Addiction and Extra 260) are well engineered and have good flight characteristics thorughout the range of sport to 3D. The Addiction, in particular, is easy to fly but extremely manuverable.

A the end of the day it’s about value for me. Value is where price and performance meet.

Good job!



I have a blue Addiction. This plane has the lightest wingloading for its size I have seen out there. It is light but strong where it needs to be. It floats like a baloon with a 1350 pack and with a 2200 it still flys lighter on the wings than any other plane I have flown. I normally fly only profile planes because I do not care what they look like only how my birds fly. Most non-hobby store profiles will outfly a fattie anyday except for the Addiction. I have never seen anyone able to fly high alpha as slow as the Addiction with any other fattie. You guys nailed it with this design! I want a 60″ version!!!

Zamfir @ RCGroups


I waited a long time before finally buying my Addiction. It was then love at first flight!

In quick succession, I then got myself an Extra 260 and a KMD. They’re all awesome planes.

I love PA because the quality of their planes and IPAs setup gives me full confidence in my equipment. This lets a newbie like me concentrate fully on learning new maneuvers, and to try stuff I’d never dare try on a lesser plane.

cricha @ RCGroups


I listened to your interview on the “Right Stick” and I just wanted to say what a great job PA has been doing.
I have been in RC since the 70’s and have flown everything from gliders to helicopters and this is the most fun I have had.

I have two Addictions a red and a green, this winter I plan on ordering an Extra 260. I log many hours during the summer season, if there is a crash I order spare parts and piece them back together. I usually fly six battery packs when I go out. I have not seen any electrics at the flying field that can beat the Addiction design with its super light wing loading and yet it is still big enough that I can fly it in the wind. It makes me look better than I am, rolling circles are not a problem. The model hovers very easy and all you have to do is give it a little power and it starts flying again.

I read your prop research and the 11 x 3.8 slow fly is my favorite all around, it seems to work best for hovering and still not overheat the power system.

I do not miss the grease, noise complaints, crankers cramp, rubber bands, engine adjustments, fuel on my fingers, of the good old days. I fly at a vacant field close to my house and at the club field 10 miles away and it makes my very happy.

The extra effort in your products has paid off.

Keep up the good work and I wish you very much success,

John K Dow


The PA Addiction is one sweet flying plane, the motor is the best.



My name is Chuck and I have an ADDICTION. It is red and I love the way it flies. You can slow it down to a crawl, or you can blast around the field. If makes me look good doing 3D stunts when I am not really that experienced. It must be the plane.

ChuckAdams @ RCGroups


PA Addiction just plain ROCKS . Need I say more ?

MikeMcChiken @ RCGroups


I have a green Addiction that I have totally beaten. its been stepped on, no canopy anymore, flew off, dog chewed it while flying rest of battery out. Nice Doggy! battery came unplugged in hard snap roll, plane went down. fixed motor mount, still flying with broken elevator, missing canopy, turtle deck smashed. Elevator servo came out of fuse side Saturday on hard negative pull. plane went in field. broke prop, will fly again. its ugly, real ugly. but I love it. flies fantastic still and have more fun with it, than most anyother plane at the moment.

fastlif @ RCGroups


I own only one PA plane
The Addiction in purple colour.
The quality of this plane is awsome and it is extremely light for its size!
With the suggested setup (thrust 20 motor + quantum 30A esc) the plane has unbelievable flying characteristics!

Thank you Adad for these wonderful flying models!

kakofonixx @ RCGroups


Hi guys,
I fly an Addiction, and the thing that I like most, is how slow you can roll and roll and keep rolling 😉

marcopat @ RCGroups


I purchased the purple addiction with the thust motor and quantum speed control. What a great plane. I was the first person at our flying field to purchase one of these planes. Since then 15 different people have purchased them.

Frank 42 @ RCGroups


I just built an Addiction for a club member and I really enjoyed how this plane went together. I like the carbon sandwhich, it keeps the balsa from warping!

I used a laser to build and set up the control surfaces and everything lined up perfect. The plane, first flight, flew with very little trim …only a click or two.

Loved it…

PropKnut @ RCGroups


I love the way my Addiction flies. It’s the best aerobatic airplane that I’ve flown. It flies very slow and true. The large control surfaces and deflections give me the ability to pull out of precarious low altitude orientations and perform radical maneuvers. Since it’s so light, it can turn on a dime. Its stiffness pushes the air around. I learned to hover with this plane.
It’s great at: hovers, waterfalls, flat spins, knife edges, harriers, walls, and probably other stuff that I don’t know about.

cschwie @ RCGroups


I have an addiction, and that’s flying the aptly named PA “Addiction”. 3D for begginers, you bet!

It makes me look way better than I am, bringing her in on a Harrier and landing gently tail wheel first. I’ve tried other ARFs and there is nothing like the PA models.

The build quality was stunning and the attention to detail was high. How they manage to trim down the weight and keep it so strong is amazing. Its been said but let me confirm, these are a work of art.

thanks PA for making RC Flying brilliant!


Trev63 @ RCGroups


The finest build quality backed up by extraordinary customer service. I’ve got one of the lime green Addictions and it never fails to awe me.

wonkavetor @ RCGroups


My first PA plane was the green Addiction. I was immediatly impressed with the complete-ness of the Addiction. It went together without any problems. It has been a “rock solid” flyer from the very first flight. I hope to put another PA plane in my hanger very soon. Oh and the “reps” for PA here in the USA are a bunch of great “Ambassadors” for the company. I grilled them pretty good, this year at SEFF. Super nice bunch of people. Hercdriver, you’re my hero!

intorc @ RCGroups


I have a Addiction. I have really abused this one and it is still the original one. I haven’t had to replace it. I had to fix both wing tips from knife edge strikes. I had an impromptu inverted landing. I have hit the ground hard enough to throw off the canopy hatch and keep flying. All with easy and MINOR repairs. I should really be on my third replacement probably and it is still the first.
My next model will the AMR or MX for sure.
Also thanks for being realistic with the prices of your replacement parts. Your airplanes rock.

enephel @ RCGroups


I have a red Addiction that is one of my favorite planes in my hanger. PA makes a superb product, looking forward to trying some of they’re other products…

nelsoda2 @ RCGroups


Why do i love my addiction so much?

light weight frames that are built to fly and float, stupidly good flight times as a result, the best graphics in the business. A complete package with the “no brainer” factor on motor combos. love it.

trend flyer @ RCGroups


Of course I agree with all that’s been said about PA’s excellent Quality, performance, ease of build, beautiful schemes with personality, straight forward power system, the beautiful stylish carbon, Durability against crashes, build mistakes, redo’s, and especially their so friendly customer support that is indeed second to none.

I have a long story with my lovely red Addiction … but to make it short. it was my 1st ever trainer fixed wing after few hours on the sim ,….yes you heard me a trainer that is so forgiving in the air and give you all the time you need to think and correct your stick inputs …maybe manufacturers should reconsider the design of their trainers to make it much more like the addiction…. Have you ever asked yourself why PA doesn’t have that high wing , long span traditional plane with a trainer as its name….. ….then after a few packs it became my 1st ever 3D trainer, and from that moment it became my eyes in the sky flying side by side with the big birds and crows .. I just can’t forget how much joy I’ve felt when I fly in circles with some big crows that were so curious about that big red beautiful bird in the sky .. just as the people on the ground staring and gazing at that red beauty slowing to a crawl flying high Alpha inches from the ground ….Wow I just love PA … love my Red Addiction .. it was worth all the efforts I’ve exerted to release it from the customs .. yes I’ve spent the night in Cairo and finally got it released … I suppose they were so envious at the customs and required an official approval from the ministry of aviation to release it and I’ve done it ……

Gentlemen I’m happy to report that PA Addiction was treated as a full size plane by high ranking officers “Generals” at the ministry if aviation ….and it surely deserves it

Sorry the story got too long but, one last thing … I really wish that my X-BL Quadrocopter, my T-REX 450, and all of my Ornithopters were made and supported by PA… it would really have been much much more fun

Thank you Adad , Thank you Shaun, Thank you PA. Please do consider adding helicopters and Quadrocopters to your expanding future plans ….You will save millions …I assure you


khaled_abobakr @ RCGroups


I heard her voice over the PA.

It was a soft, humming tone that seemed to draw me in. A whisper of sorts, not like the loud whining that I’ve heard so often before.

It was beyond the normal chemical attraction… Almost to the point of electric. Our polarities seemed to be a perfect match.

I searched and searched to find out more about this mysterious woman who’s voice was haunting me. I couldn’t find her. Who could I ask?

There was only one place left to go: The Oracle.

I looked into the window of the oracle and entered upon the interface the words of my mysterious Addiction. Upon submission of my inquiry, the windows of cyberspace were opened.

She appeared upon these reflections in her many different colors. What was I to choose as they were all so beautiful? What was the color of my desire?

She laid silent in her pure form with lines and contours that dressed her tightly. Her inner beauty was immediately appealing as they laid transparent to the world. She called to me. Wanting and Addicting. What was this attraction? Was it a positive one? Negative? Maybe both? It was electric!

From her still and silent beauty she gave motion. Her beautiful lines gave way to elegant movements. It was a dance. If only I could have a partner so willing, so precise, so beautiful. With her anything was possible.

I must bring her to me.

I called to her through the same PA where this story began.

She was there. Would she come to me?

I waited.

Upon my doorstep she appeared.

We spoke.

We danced.

She was everything I thought she’d be… Even more. I felt like I was cheating, but was I? Shouldn’t I be able to partake of these feelings and give-in to these desires?

It’s an Addiction that I can never let go.

flyingj @ RCGroups


I have a Red Addiction, It was my first 3d plane, of course I am not as good with it as I would like, but I am learning and it is a superb design/build with super quality and workmanship. My next purchase is a PA Bipe… I love the fiber-fusion building for strength and also appearance..Kepp up the great work.

hhoglejr @ RCGroups


I was primarily a heli flyer till I bought my first PA plane which was the Addiction. I’ve never had so much fun with a plane before and this was that led to to buy the Extra MX. What an awesome plane. I’m having a blast. Just want to thank PA, Herc and Aero and of course the RC Mafia in Malaysia for the planes, videos and inspirations.

awry @ RCGroups


Thanks for sending the purple kit

Test flew today and I am wrapt, what a little hunny

Some pics you may want to use on your site

John Rodgers


I got this plane in may 2009, a local hobbist reconmended this plane as my first 3D plane. I really like it and it has great proformances, it’s a blast to fly. Every flight always has something new to it, it would do a cool trick and i would go back and try to figure out how i did it on the transmitter.
I give this plane a 5 star!!!

Airplanekid333 @ RCGroups


I just flew mine a couple of days ago and I was impressed!!!!!! I was wondering what all of the hype was about as I fly a few 3D planes like the extra 330s,edge 540t, and the eflite cap 232 + a full list of the foamies. Now I know!!!!!!!! I think I just found a new best freind w/ PA’s products.


eschult @ RCGroups


my wife bought me one of your addiction 3d arf kits for my b-day and i just wanted to say that is one bada!! little airplane it does everything you can think of and more.

Ramsey Drummond


I have never seen or flown, anything quite like the addiction. The quality of construction is second to none. When I first opened the box I found myself just gazing at it for ages. I remember thinking, ‘it doesn’t get any better than this’. And then I flew it. Feels almost like an extension of thought, I think it, Addy does it! Absolutely marvellous. I am a PA convert. Congratulations to the team for producing such superb models. Look out Ultimate AMR, you’re next!


Paul Goodwin


Addy came today and I opened it and pulled out some of the parts to have a gander. I know most of you already know this, but I just couldn’t believe how well packed this thing was. every thing was taped to the sides and bottom of the boxes and all the other parts. This thing could survive a nasty fall. Awesome packing job PA. Covering job was nothing short of spectacular. I guess I didn’t quite understand what fiberfusion was because I was blown away when I saw CF rods every where in this plane. Mega Sweet. I cracked the motor box on my 3DHS plane in a hard landing, but I dont see that happening with this one. This thing is built to last for sure. Hell, I havent even opened the CA bottle and I am already 100% satisfied. 

murphy_30547 @ RCGroups


I purchased the Addiction from you and it ism a very fun airplane to fly. It is very stable and has no hidden faults. Its design would allow a intermediate skilled pilot to have hours of fun. I am now trying to convince myself to purchase the bi-plane

Mike Krapf


I have recently purchase your Addiction & was very impressed with the kit & your power system runs very cool & quiet looking forward to my next plane thanks PA.

Don LeFever


Took the addiction out for the first time after about 4 hours bench time. Pulled up into a hover 10 feet off the ground…ROCK SOLID! Loops are as tight as you want them to be, I sware one time the tail hit the nose in a tight loop! Hover landed this beast the first flight, have only made 2 landings of this type before. AWESOME, ROCK SOLID, aerobatic machine! This plane is teaching me alot about 3D. 

Jeff Atkins


I just come back from having the first flight was out at 6.30am the model is just
unreal very well designed bit nose heavy on the rear cg setting but flew
great. Looking forward to taking it out later to day, great model. Then i
will alter the cg and crank it up FUN TIME.

Dave Hobbs


its almost one year ago i orderd the the addiction…
maybe you can remember, you gave me a green one, but at the end u arranged that i could pickup a red one by a local
dealer in the netherlands! wich was great!

the website and the plane was right, i learned to hover in no time! i was not a very exprienced flyer.
but with the addiction it was very easy, i made all the guys suprised at the club! a hover 10 inches away from me!
everbody was sceptic about the plane, they still do, but the carbon frame and the setup makes me laugh.
cus they are strugling with there own made setup’s and me i dont think about anything i just fly.

unfornantly… the addiction was a goal for me to pratcise 3D when i reached my goal wich was fast.
(of course i broke it sometimes but was easy to fix still looks brandnew!)
i put him in the corner and stopped but i had a great time! maybe in the future i will pick it up again who knows!

i want to share this story with you! thx for building this great plane!

regards werner from the Netherlands



I receive my addiction 3 days ago and it realy flight lyke a dream Thank you

Paul from Quebec


Been flying forever. just put together an addiction. flew six batteries so far. gotta tell you, you couldnt have come up with a better name for it!having trouble concentrating on work. just looking forward to next flying session(hopefully tonight). Truly Addicting. I guess the Addiction X will be next.



Flew as advertised only needed a little elevator trim. Flew it very carefully and tried out low rates and high rates. Very responsive and crisp handling. Went to work after 3 packs. Very nice way to start the day.

rontro @ RCGroups


Hi …

The Addiction was my trainer ..the 1st fixed wing I’ve ever flown..I consider it a marvel to fly .. it suits the beginner and the hardcore 3D pilot

I just had a blast flying my old red addiction, I thought it would be so ungrateful of me not to say thank you for everyone in here who had helped me have so much fun …

I don’t know what my flying style is .. but I can call it Free Bird Style , I flew side by side with some big crows..even chasing them … making so tight turns , ultra tight figure 8’s , looping, rolling…..even hovering, this Addiction is so agile .. to a degree that I actually felt I’m up there among those crows .. having as much fun as they have

Also for any new comers. I’d like to say that the addiction was my 1st ever fixed wing… actually it was my 1st basic trainer. so if you have ever felt that you really like what you see in those videos but afraid of not being able to do the same… or you think that you will take so too much time … you are completely wrong , get yours … and have some sim practice and you are ready to go .. so simple …

Thank you PA …..many thanks to all of you


khaled_abobakr @ RCGroups


I have been flying the Addiction as my go to plane for the last month or so (my main flyer used used to be my Ulti) – and it has been an awesome experience to rediscover this plane – i just absolutely love the way this frame fly s – and it has taken my flying skills up to a new level.

And 3 battery packs – thanks to the awesome matched power system = a flight time at the park.

Reflex Films @ RCGroups


Hi friends, just to share. My Addi is more than three years old and hundres of flights, some of then are soo soo and landings on the rough side, even water landings incluided…..
Last crash was in a pond, and got some breaks in a wing, next to the center sheeting and the servo mount. Nothing that couldn’t be repaired with some fine CA, hobby filler and patches of film. I used violet transparent original oracover to do the patches and cover the repaired area. It is a little darker than the original, but stronger and also does a very good bond.
Also, with time, the hinges of the ailerons, elevators and rudder, begin to peel of, so now it is a good time to do a new ones from the same oracover, just use de originals as patterns, cut and iron the new ones and presto. your Addy are ready to rock and roll again, a new P.A. carbon spinner instead of the plastic one and a 12 x 4 Vox prop is the way to go.

ultimatetwo @ RCGroups


I do know this thing kicks some serious BUTT . I love it . I wouldn’t doubt that I end up with an ADDY X sometime in the future

MikeMcChiken @ RCGroups


Just finished my first Addiction and maidened this morning.
I think this has potential to be my new fav.

Kentucky @ RCGroups


My maiden flight was awesome. I’d never flown 3D plane before and all I can say is WOW! this thing is awesome. In my first 3 minutes of flying it I was already comfortable enough to stay below about 40 ft. I was extremely impressed by the plane.

I really didn’t believe it until I flew it, but this plane is AMAZING! Now my problem is that I’m going to do all sorts of things that I need to practice on the sim way more before I try them for real

Sea Monkey @ RCGroups


I flew my Addiction for the first time yesterday. It flew great, absolutely no trim changes required. I’m using the recommended setup with the IPA package and 1800 and 2200 battery packs.

malcolmm @ RCGroups


Got a couple flights in today before the wind picked up. Everytime i fly this plane i think that i find out something new.

the beave @ RCGroups


This plane makes me look like a better pilot and compared to flying the same stunts on the sim, this is easy. It usually takes me about 4-5 flights to get used to the responsiveness of an airframe and the power system. I started with first flight with the recommended low rates & expo, flew the circuit for a couple of laps to trim. She needed only 1-2 clicks of aileron on 1 click of down elevator and that set her straight and level. The CG was set to the recommended 103.5mm and was perfect for my tastes. I did a landing, took off again and flipped to the recommended high rates and expo. All with little notice of the breeze. WOW! No worries, she was still soft or a 3D monster depending upon the pressure that was applied to the sticks. Hovers, harriers, inverted harriers, rolling harriers, elevators, water falls, blenders, you name it. The wildest thing to me was the upright flat spin in a static, vertical holding pattern…spinning on the wing tip and maintaining the same altitude. The only limitations to this plane appear to be imagination and courage. This plane seems capable of whatever you’re willing to throw at her. I understand now why so many other people have raved about this plane. It is pure fun.

Everyone was asking which airframe it was and how long did I have it. I was proud to tell them it was an Addiction and probably more to tell them that today was its first flights.

MikeMcChiken @ RCGroups


Its so easy to fly I surprised myself..It can make you look better than you are. Jason

mazjag @ RCGroups


I just bought my 5th Addiction and have logged hundreds of hours on them. I first want to say that it is a great airplane, one of the best electrics you will ever find. Their pilot Dan is the best I have seen flying one and originally sold me on my first purchase. I am a good pilot and can do all the stuff, hovering low, rolling harriers etc. When the weather gets better I will send in a video.
I have been flying for many years. I am just a working stiff who truly enjoys flying for the fun, challenge and social interaction. Here is some of my advice:

The best propeller for this airplane is the APC 11 x 3.8SF and the Vox 12 x 4. They will make this airplane hover like it is on rails. Quick recovery and gyroscopic action for stability. Read the PA Thrust PDF tests, that tells it all.

p91304 @ RCGroups


Had a crash with my 3 week old Addy earlier in the week – was doing low knife edge pass and fell out of the move inverted, coming towards me and just off the ground. Landed hard on the r) wing. The wing was almost unscratched, but the forces and inertia involved in the crash almost ripped the tail off the plane!

I took some covering off and repaired 26 breaks in the aft fuse between the rear cockpit and tail!

Same covering went back on with iron and a few little bits of tape and out for a fly yesterday… I was amazed to see that it still flys like a brand new plane! Not even one click of trim needed from before crash to after crash set-up!

Just another testament to a great plane!

blxpy @ RCGroups


my addiction survived 80+ crashes before I decided enough was enough; she even broke into 2 pieces at the fuse twice

The Hitman @ RCGroups


Maidened mine this weekend. She flies soooo sweet and looks mighty fine in the air. I’m thinking about calling it “The Purple Nurple”

HeeBeeGeeBee @ RCGroups


I have almost 20 flights on mine now, also purple. I stopped obsessing over the CG and just fly it where it feels good in flight. Hovers very nice and I get compliments on my 3D abilities at the field now

silent_guru @ RCGroups


Maidened my Addiction yesterday, and it is a winner.. Many of the same characteristics as my Electric Shock, only more precision, and is REALLY floaty (hands off crawl into zero wind).

four stroke pwr @ RCGroups


Love my addiction!

Airplanekid333 @ RCGroups


the little Addy did surprise me, in a good way… I like to fly slow and low, it does that very nicely.

cdee @ RCGroups


Got my Addiction about one week ago, set it up in one afternoon, last weekend flying as crazy, superb 3d plane, and let me say sth, I live in a very hot and humid place in Mexico and my addiction arrived with no warps or even wrinkles all over the covering, but I’m still amazed about its flying characteristics, and I think I’ll remain like this for a long time. (Setup: Thrust 20, Quantum 30, Fut 3156 servos, and 2200mah V2 packs, APC 11×3.8SF, but on my way to acquire a vox 12×4)

aguilasTB @ RCGroups


when i first saw this plane i thought some one had beaten it with an ugly stick but after watching the videos i bought one – absolutley loved it . it improved my flying heaps . after i killed it i bought another. flew that one till i killed it – would have bought another one but PA released the addy X

Steve Shaw from Australia


Dear Precision Aerobatics,

I normally don’t do this but I had to take the time to really thank you guys for creating such amazing products, particularly, the Addiction. This plane exceeds my expectations and really is a true pleasure to fly everyday. Thank you for making such a superb product I can’t say enough good things about the company and the products you produce. I tell all my buddies about your company every chance I get. I enjoy bragging about the fantastic flight characteristics of all the planes I have from you guys. I look forward to buying the Addiction X soon, hopefully sooner than later 🙂

Love you guys!!!

Very sincerely,
Brian Hanlon
Manahawkin, New Jersey

Brian Hanlon


Took the addiction out for the first time after about 4 hours bench time. Pulled up into a hover 10 feet off the ground…ROCK SOLID! Loops are as tight as you want them to be, I sware one time the tail hit the nose in a tight loop! Hover landed this beast the first flight, have only made 2 landings of this type before. AWESOME, ROCK SOLID, aerobatic machine! This plane is teaching me alot about 3D. Thanks, Jeff Atkins

Jeff Atkins


I just finished putting together the Addiction. Two short evenings and I was flying by far the best plane I’ve ever flown. What a great plane!!! And as for the shipping….You guys rock!! 2 days!! Can’t wait to buy my next PA plane!!

Chris Brubaker


Got an addiction for xmas, with thrust 20..excellent quality kit..great instructions..very nice package.
Well done.



It has been one of the most enjoyable planes I have ever flown!



The addiction is the best 3D plane i’ve ever flown!.



Thank you sooooo much! I fly the Bandit and the Addiction 3-5 flights every day 🙂 Can’t have the Addiction out of service. It’s every one’s favorite. I love the precision and speed of the Bandit, but the Addiction is so floaty!!! Love it. I think I need an AMR and a 260 :)))))))))

Best wishes,



You guys are the best. Thank you!!

Here is a pic of me working on my addiction. This is a testament o how strong your planes are built. This plane hit a light post in a field at about 25mph and the only thing that needed replacement was the motor box(I could have fixed it) and the cowel. Thanks for that.

Jon T.


I’m not new to 3d but am a new Addiction owner. Somehow I’ve been flying PA planes for about 6 years but never owned an Addiction. Well I picked one up a few weeks back from a friend who no longer flys it and I have to say what an awesome little 3d machine. I’ve flown lots of 3d’ers over the years but very very few are as stable, light, and confidence inspiring as the Addiction. Loving it!

Mr Kamikaze @ RCGroups


Go with the PA Addiction you can’t beat it lots of wing area and light it will do everything well.
The small one is very good and the X is excellent. I haven’t been able to find a better 3d electric.
You can fly the regular Addiction in a gym it is so light and fluffy.

p91304 @ RCGroups


Thanks guys!! The planes are doing AMAZING!!! Absolutely not one issue. Hard to believe really. The PA batteries are amazing too. They have countless cycles on them with out any distortion whatsoever. I have the Bandit and an addiction. They both run exactly 8 min on the battery and land every time at 3.8 volts. AMAZING!!

Warmest regards,



the addiction is one of my most favourite planes of all time (and I have a few – as we all do!!)

Ahmed @ RCGroups


Shipping was timely and customer service was very good with my recent purchases with PA.

jevery @ RCGroups


Received my Addiction I ordered on Black Friday the following Wednesday in perfect condition. Very Pleased

Ronald Boorman


Wanted to thank everybody at Precision Aerobatics for getting my order out so fast and for the customer service that is great. I added to my order twice and the good people at PA dealt with me with in a patient and pleasant manner. The packing is top notch one of the best in the industry. Thanks again for the great experience.

Richard Roberts


Dear Lady: this is just a simple letter of praise for Cheryl Widner at P.A. U.S.A. – I recently made an order of two electric RC planes and made a mistake in doing so!
Cheryl called me to verify this is what I wanted (it was not) she helped me get this order right and answered all of my questions and needs in such a courteous and professional manner, I felt this letter was in order! Not only do you sell the best model aircraft on the planet, you also have top notch employees and support crew like Cheryl !

Keep up the Good work,

Dennis A. Hobson


Many companies have support for e-mail questions. However, very few answer
in a timely, accurate fashion as you did.

This tells me that PA understands the value of good customer service. I will
definitely purchase my next aerobatics aircraft from PA.


Paul Herman


Thank you for your call back, and the time you spent with me today. If this plane fly as well as your customer service this will be my favorite plane. Customer service any more seems to lack politeness, concern and urgency. This is not the case with you are your company. This Hobby is my fun and release I appreciate your friendliness politeness concern and urgency. Thanks again and look forward to meeting you some day.

Tim Parrish


Thanks so much! The service is just as brilliant as the plane it self!

Bjorn Erik


Hello P.A. I would like to thank all of you Cheryl, Jim and Jerry and anyone else who works at P.A. For the customer service, you are so nice and accommodating. Very professional but like talking to a friend. Wanted to thank the guys for there shipping and packing well the packing is the best I have dealt with on-line, they do the little thing to keep your products safe like taping props to a piece of cardboard. Owe yeah they make Great planes to. Thanks again P.A. Richard R.

Richard Roberts


PA product is outstanding good and solid planes! (I have 4 Pa planes in my collection, and i’m very satisfied with their performance!)

Paul Gunnar Strand, Norway


Thank you for providing these great Precision Aerobatics airplanes to the world! Extremeflight, Pilot-Rc, Eflite, Aeroworks, Great Planes, Hangar 9 could go to bed and sleep, compared with the PA machines! I have never seen or flown a electric balsa/carbon plane with this kind of light weight and extreme durability as the PA planes! I’m on my third PA bird now (there will be a fourth), and the best so far. The Extra MX is amazing! It looks great and the performance is fantastic! The only thing I wish you could do to the Extra mx is to add carbonfiber in the front of the glasfiber cowling as you already have in the back, it cracks up really easily.
Again! The best electric flyng machine I’ve ever had.

To everyone PA team – Thanks!

Robin W. Karlsen


I learned how to fly 3D with my addictions. Darrin said it right Low and Slow. If its not not on the deck it’s not P.A.

Dave Sprack


I love my PA planes, All the carbon makes them incredibly rigid, the addiction is an amazing learning tool for 3D, makes you better at hovering almost immediately, i just got the XR-52 for Christmas and i am having a great time with it, it is super light and floats like no other plane this size, A+++, keep it up PA

Steve Dobozy


Absolutely without a doubt is the design of the PA airplanes. I have a Addiction and Addiction XL on the bench now being built, they are a joy to build

Lee Underwood


After listening to everyone else rave about theirs, I broke down and bought an Addiction. Guess what, I’m addicted

Waten Knoke


I had flown a friend’s Addiction and I was so impressed that I had to have one of my own. Since the holidays were approaching, I bought myself an early present, and I’ve been having a great time since.

Aric Wilmunder


i probably have the only PA addiction and PA extra 260 here in the philippines.
A scratch builder myself, i am very much impressed with the quality of the carbon/wood laminated airframe.
Both planes fly 3D very well right out of the box with very slight trim and mixing. In fact,
I recently won overall funfly champion during the 2014 Phil Nationals flying an addiction with a thrust 30

Poy Ilano


I love my PA Addiction – flies like a responsively controlled feather. And the XR-52 is like an addiction on adrenaline…and better looking to boot!

Joel Andrew Dopson


I love my addition I will soon own all three addition, X & XL…. GREAT PLANES

BillyDon Dempsey


Love flying my Extra 260 so much I gave a friend who moved to Florida my Addiction so he can enjoy a great flying PA plane..

Chris Nichols


The addiction is the best 3d plane hands down. Keep doing what youre doing.

Cory Newell


I love my addiction, who wouldn’t want another?

Brad Nichols


Precision Aerobatic Airplanes have become the performance standard in 3-D model aviation. This is particularly true of the “Addiction” model.

Larry Field


The Addiction was my first wooden RC Airplane. The Addiction is really School Desk for young 3D Pilots. Enjoy the Addiction.

James Smith


I have had 4 addictions of every colour and loved them all. It is the one plane that enabled me to 3D and enabled me to fly all the other Precision Aerobatic planes. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT…still trying to do some of the manuvers found on the site…Service is EXCELLENT and in fact for a small company in Austrlia they know my name when I call. Thanks ADAD for all the advise and now 60% of the people in the club I started are now flying Precision Aerobatic planes….THERE IS NONE BETTER… Cheers

Kirk Louis Lang


Love my Addiction. Flies incredibly good for such a small plane.

Scott Holsopple


I love my PA Addiction- it makes me look like a pro! It has raised the level of my flying exponentially. There is nothing this aircraft can’t do! Light yet durable thanks to the Fiberfusion construction. My Addiction is on its sixth season! The IPAS system is the perfect match to a perfect aircraft. Thanks PA for the best airplane ever!

Matt Kelly


The Addiction is by far my favorite plane (and I have 20). It’s light, stable and great looking. Every time I set it down people come by to look at it. It’s laser cut framework looks nice too. When I’m not in my comfort zone I grab it first. It’s easy to fly and no more landing gear repairs, it touches down like a butterfly. I’d like one of every size and color please.

John Oliveira


I’ve been flying my Addiction now for some 3 or 4 years. She is the best flying bird in my fleet. When I fly her, she makes me look better than I think I am!

Luis Munoz


I love my Addiction! I been flying the same airframe for almost 5 years! Only a little tape on one wingtip. The ship is SO stable at slow speeds. Easy to pretend I know how to fly 3D, land on short runways, play in my front yard, etc. can’t say enought good about this plane!

Brett Hinker


I have the regular and XL addictions and I love them both. Crisp handling, light wingloading, sturdy construction. Thanks PA, the addictions ROCK!

Sean Butler


I have an addiction for four years. It is a remarkable flying machine. It is getting long in the tooth, it has taken a lick and keeps on ticking. I love this airplane, I wish I could fly as well as it can.

Wayne Greisen


I’ve an addiction and a bandit, that needs to be built, I’ve had the addiction just over 3 years, and have flown the heck outta it! As u can she’s been patched up a couple times, cos “the ground is the limit” lol
A sweet new (un-crashed) addiction would be killa!

Pete Hayden


I’ve had several addictions in my life….. mainly because I’m not a very good pilot. I must have the forgiveness and control that PA offers because I fly like a bandit most of the time and when I crash I just want to fall on my katana.

Chris Parrish


Building a Addiction and Addiction XL at the same time, what crazy beautiful airplanes, thanks PA

Lee Underwood


I have an addiction and an addiction x. Best planes I have owned. Very durable, very lite, very best!

Joe Bauman


Never owned one, but have flow more than a couple. Addiction always amazingly stable for 3D!

Ben Tsai‎


I have an Addition PA for more than 2 years and it’s been my favorite RC plane so far. It is capable of all 3D maneuvers and at the same time it is very forgiving which makes it a perfect choice for beginners. The airframe is very durable and well made. Besides, covered with a transparent blue film it is a best looking plane ever. If I would be asked to have only one plane Addiction would be my choice. Thanks PA!

Alexey Pismenskiy‎


I have had my Addiction for 8 yrs. now. She has lasted 6 times longer than any of my other planes. Although dinged a few times, she was very quick and easy to fix with your very efficient parts service. I named her Addy thinking I had an original name but see others have named theirs the same. I fly every chance I get which is often because I just walk out my back door. I have a new stunt I call “Top Spin”. From a low hover, add a little power and give full left aileron. If you are perfectly vertical the resulting roll rate will create a gyroscopic effect that will keep her stable. Keep her low and it looks like a toy top spinning. It always recovers downwind but in a no wind condition, she will precess just like the toy. I LOVE ADDY!!! Thank you for creating her.

Randy Taylor‎


I love my PA Addiction- it makes me look like a pro! It has raised the level of my flying exponentially. There is nothing this aircraft can’t do! Light yet durable thanks to the Fiberfusion construction. My Addiction is on its sixth season! The IPAS system is the perfect match to a perfect aircraft. Thanks PA for the best airplane ever!

Matt Kelly‎


The PA Addiction is a great flying plane. Very agile post stall aerobat. Excellent build quality right from the box. The only modification I made was to cover the mouth that looked like an O to give it a little “addy”tude.

Darrin Pennington‎


For years the PA Addition has been my plane of choice. It delivers where other planes can’t. It allows the average pilot, (me) look good. What more can I ask for.

Charles Nolan‎


Best freakin’ plane I own! I have the small red addiction. It’s amazingly stable (had a 3-axis stabilizer, and took it out because it flies better without it!). Whenever it’s in the air… everyone at the field stops, lands, and watches. It’s not just an airplane… it’s an aerial ballerina!

Tyris Audronis‎


I love my PA planes, All the carbon makes them incredibly rigid, the addiction is an amazing learning tool for 3D, make you better at hovering almost immediately, i just got the XR-52 for Christmas and i am having a great time with it, it is super light and floats like no other plane this size, A+++, keep it up PA

Steve Dobozy‎


The Addiction is the most accurate for acrobatic maneuvers. This plane can be use from beginners to experts. It has the most original and colorful designs.

Luis Petz


I will say the addiction was my very first balsa and pretty much my first plane. The stability of PA planes are amazing it has taught me how to fly 3d the guys at the field do not believe me when I tell them how long I have flown. I really didn’t want to come out and tell no one but the truth be known it is because of the planes I flew. Addiction, 2x X’s and then on to the XL and now the XR is ready to maiden. One of my daughter’s now is flying my first addiction I purchased. So with that said I’m very thankful for the planes that I have from PA not only bringing my daughter’s and I closer together but involving them in a lifelong skill and not on the street looking for trouble like I see with many kids today. So with a new addiction my youngest daughter would be thankful but even without I may just have to cut one of my X

Jason Ille


Yesterday I just purchased my very first RC plane from Precision Aerobatics, an Addiction. I’ve been practicing for months on the Phoenix simulator and am really looking forward to flying the real deal. When I placed my order with Precision Aerobatics I made an ordering mistake, a typo on my address. My email for help in correcting this was attended to within the same day, so right off I’m very impressed with the PA service. My Addiction is on its way, already in the air so to speak. I certainly wouldn’t mind having a second Addiction on hand just in case my first plane suffers a mishap early-days

Stanley Watt


I have an Addiction and love it. I had not flown for over 10 years but jumped back into it with no problem. The Addiction is very forgiving and fun to fly!

Robert Klein


I had a bunch of foamies, and then got an Addiction. I was so paranoid about the maiden that it took me weeks to build up the courage to ‘destroy’ the beautiful airframe….

Turns out, it was the easiest plane I have ever flown or landed, so much better than any of the foamies in every single way… I genuinely wish I’d got a PA plane as my second plane, would have saved me loads of time and money, and would have made my flying much much better much much sooner.

Ah well, lesson learned!

Blackout19 @ RCGroups


I am just emailing to let you know that I have never bought a plane off you guys before and i just pruchased the addiction but I can honestly say that i have never seen quality like this before, it is absolutely fantastic. So strong and yet so light, I definately think you should be making large scale 3D planes as well.
I also fly larger scale 3D and jets and i recently bought an F18 which cost me $18,000 Aus. Even though it is composite, the build quiality was friggen discusting and i have spend weeks making it airworthy and for that money you would expect perfection but for such a small plane that the addiction is, i think it shits over the F18 with the internal construction.

Keep up the great quality and i hope I see large scale planes from you guys soon

Corey Gregson


A year ago I started flying foamies just to get into the hobby, after watching many videos I wanted to get into 3D flying so I bought the Ultimate 2 from Eflite, looked easy enough, right? Well, I found out 3D flying was a different animal so I started reviewing more 3D airplanes on line and came across the PA website, after reviewing the many planes I chose the Addiction, WOW what a game changer for the beginner, this plane is totally awesome!, I had only 6 flights on this and had to ordered a back up .
I just recently had a problem with my plane , E-mailed PA and got very prompt assistance with Shaun, had the problem resolved with a few E-mails, the support was awesome.

Steve Petty


PA is the best, you have given me more and better support than any other dealer ever has in the 10+ years I have been buying and flying RC Airplanes.
I am very happy with my new Addiction airplane and hope to get an Ultimate AMR very soon. I wish you the best in everything you do and I really appreciate you, your time, and the great products and service, it is incomparable, second to none!

Tim Barnett


Thank you for your support…just AWESOME!

Can’t wait to fly her.

Doug Cepuran


I’m really looking forward to flying this one (Extra Mx). my Bandit is three years old and going strong. Katana MX two years old and perfect, Addiction X flawless, AMR two years old and stunning, Addiction 3D beautiful. They all run as good as they did the day I got them, all get polished weekly and look brand new after hundreds of flights. I can’t say enough about these planes and your design. At this point I have six of your planes. I don’t have another manufacture’s plane. I just love the effortless reliability of your airplanes.

Warmest regards



I am very interested in buying the addiction arf. A member at my local hobby club has one and i am in love with it. The quality is outstanding. Im giving percision aerobatics 4 thumbs up on such an awesome plane. Keep up the good work.



I had a bunch of foamies, and then got an Addiction. I was so paranoid about the maiden that it took me weeks to build up the courage to ‘destroy’ the beautiful airframe….

Turns out, it was the easiest plane I have ever flown or landed, so much better than any of the foamies in every single way… I genuinely wish I’d got a PA plane as my second plane, would have saved me loads of time and money, and would have made my flying much much better much much sooner.

Ah well, lesson learned!




Note videos below are of the Addiction V1, more video of the V2 coming soon.

Build videos

Episode 1:  


Episode 2:  

In this Episode of PA Builds Hans’ covers servo installation and the building of both types of linkages found on PA planes.

Episode 3: 

In Episode 3 of PA Builds Hans Kahlert continues explaining the propert techniques and methods of construction your PA ARF. Topics cover include: Installation of the tail, motorbox, and the pull-pull system

Episode 4: 

Hans Kahlert continues the build video series with Episode 4.
Topics covered include:
Landing gear assembly
Installation of the Motor, ESC, and air scoops
Cowling alignment and mounting
Installation of the Optional CF Vortex Generators

Episode 5: 

Hans Kahlert demonstrates the basics for a good radio setup as well as the methods to properly balance your model and its prop

Soldering Guide:  

PA Team Pilot Hans Kahlert continues along the “Builds” series with a special episode covering the proper techniques for soldering electrical components of your model. These methods are applicable for all soldering procedures including servo extensions and battery connectors.

Spare Parts

Addiction Fiberglass cowl

Addiction Carbon fiber main landing gear (2pc)

PA Lightweight Main Wheels

PA Light weight tail wheel assembly

Mini size Carbon Fiber wheel pants set (Katana mini – Addiction)

Addiction / Katana Mini Fiberglass wheel pants set

Addiction Motor cage complete glued

MD size air scoops set

Addiction Carbon fiber wing tube

Addiction Tinted canopy and hatch

Addiction Carbon fiber control horns – set of 4pc

Addiction Tail Set Rudder Elevator

Addiction Fuselage

Addiction wing Set

Addiction right wing (Pilots Right)

Addiction left wing (Pilots Left)