Design and Production of High Quality R/C planes, since 2004

PA Factory Tour

Shaun’s message to our customers:

Some of you may not know how deeply I am involved in the production steps, jig designs and other production processes.

I’m quite excited to share these photos with you as I hope they’ll help you understand the amount of work and effort we put into each and every model we make. The photos were not taken in any specific order and most of the planes shown here already left the factory and are on the water, as I returned to the US about a month ago. I have more than 200 images so I’ll post them over the next few days.

PA are doing well and working super hard on new designs, especially, where many copy us and our construction, we even push the boundary further. We do not spare money on the development nor the materials we use. All top-quality competition grade balsa, high end carbon fiber we make IN HOUSE and cut on our own CNC machines. We are one of the only RC factories who actually makes carbon plates and cut them on our CNC machines (since 2004). Doing so gives us great control on tolerances and quality of raw material. Not every carbon is the same, let alone there are lots of fake carbon or quality stickers that really looks genuine. We are also the only RC factory who makes carbon fiber landing gears IN HOUSE since 2004.

Nowadays, with the PNP industry, some flyers have no understanding of the amount of work involved in truly design (NOT copy) and produce a PA plane. Our planes combine more than 200 steps in the production.

We design and produce every single component in our products, from airframe to motors, ESCs, batteries, wood propellers, servos, extension leads, ALL of our carbon fiber components, carbon spinners, CNC machined backplates, German made prop adaptors and ball links. We even make our own wheels, covering and hardware.

We hope you, our customers, can appreciate what it takes to design, produce and maintain quality and to bring these products to you.

Again, thank you for your support! 

Shaun Vanunu
Precision Aerobatics owner, designer and chief engineer