Design and Production of High Quality R/C planes, since 2004

Quality Control Inspection

Thank you for shopping your next R/C plane with us.

The next step before your model leaves our warehouse is a meticulous inspection to guarantee top-notch quality for your new airplane.

Our process might be a bit slow, but it’s all in the name of perfection. We conduct a super-detailed quality control check for each kit before it leaves our hangar. Every part is delicately freed from its plastic package, examined with hawk-like precision. We also check the parts fitting. Even the wings on some kits are fully assembled. We leave no screw, nut, or bolt untouched, to ensure nothing is missing or defective.

While our planes undergo numerous quality checks during production and after the covering process, the most important check is done by Shaun Vanunu – PA’s chief engineer and co-owner. Shaun performs the ultimate check, ensuring that our promise of quality is met. He’s on a mission to maintain our high standards and constantly fine-tunes our production remotely through late-night video calls (during China’s daytime).
Every tiny detail Shaun discovers in this final inspection is ironed out before your kit is sent your way. It’s all part of our dedication to delivering not just a product but a stellar PA experience.

Your patience means the world to us, as we’re unwilling to cut corners when it comes to quality. We sincerely appreciate your understanding. Once your order is ready to ship we’ll be sure to hit you up with FedEx tracking details. Sometimes, you may get two tracking numbers if the accessories package is shipped separately. Thanks for being supportive on this journey with us!