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Addiction V2 Pro package without airframe

Addiction V2 Pro package without airframe


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Note: that this package DOES NOT include airframe.

Through hundreds of hours of flight testing our airframe designs, we have established that there is a direct correlation between the airframe and drive system and one affects the other with consequences to the desired aerodynamic performance.

That meant airframes and drives should not be treated as individual items isolation but as one system. As a result we have developed our iPAs, PA Integrated Performance Airframe-Drive System allowing you to experience the exact aerodynamic performance as envisaged by our chief designer and team of test pilots minus all the guess work and unnecessary expenses.


Here is what this package includes: 

  • PA Thrust 25 outrunner motor with RotorKool Technology
  • PA Quantum 35A Evo High performance Programmable ESC with High Voltage capable BEC (6.0v / 7.4v / 8.0v)
  • 5mm German made CNC machined precision prop adapter (We decided to include this adapter instead of common prop adapters usually bundled with motor accessories to avoid performance robbing, vibrations and motor mount structural damage).
  • PA Gen2 LiPo 2200mAh 11.1V 30-60C
  • 4 NXT 70-HV Digital High Voltage Metal Gear servos (7.4v capable)
  • Set of 4 Carbon Fiber extended servo arms specifically designed to achieve the desired linkage geometry for full control surface movement.
  • Thin gauge twisted light extension lead (made in the same German factory as our giant scale airplanes HD leads). Due to its fine high quality strings it is extremely flexible preventing RF noises and features low internal resistance.
  • Vox 12×5 Wood Propeller

NOTE: Spinner and Vortex generators are not included in this package.


The development of our PA Thrust® motors has followed our traditional design philosophy employed in our aircraft; which is doing things better. Thrust® motors are one of the coolest running high performance, high-torque and high efficiency brushless motors ever produced to date. The design incorporates our RotorKool® technology which keeps the stator core material, the low resistance windings, highly permeable stator plates, high quality NMB Japanese triple bearings and powerful neodymium magnets at optimum operating temperatures.



* Incorporates our RotorKool® technology

* Aluminum precision CNC machined state of the art integrated rotor fan and rear end bell

* High Velocity Force Cool Ventilation (HVFCV)

* Triple oversize, high quality NMB Japanese bearings

* High temperature and powerful neodymium magnets

* Computer balanced rotor to eliminate vibrations

* Extreme thrust with high efficiency

* Hardened stainless steel motor shaft

* Smallest air gap between the stator and curved neodymium magnets – significantly boosting torque and thrust

* CNC machined anodized motor can with Micro ridges – increases surface area and serve as radiators
   to further boost thermal dissipation

* Highest quality materials and components used in the manufacture

* PA lightweight aluminum CNC machined propeller adaptor (made in Germany)

* HD insulated copper cables with pre-soldered gold bullet connectors

* Exceptionally low resistance windings for efficient cool operation



 Outside Diameter  37.2mm/1.46” 
 Length  34mm/1.34”
 Weight (gr/oz)  95gr/3.35oz 
 Mounting Bolts Dia.  M3
 Battery  2-3s LiPo
 Poles  14
 KV (rpm/V)  970kv
 Recommended ESC  Quantum 35A Evo


iPAs Static Bench Test

iPAs Gear: Thrust 25, Quantum 30 Pro (HV), PA V4 2200mAh 11.1V 25-50C (3 cells)

Prop Type

Battery Voltage (V) Current  (A) Watts  (W) RPM Static Thrust (oz) Static Thrust (gr) Static Thrust (lb)

VOX 11×5

11.86 27.2 323 9870 64.48 1,828


VOX 12×4

11.72 29.8 350 9540 85.28 2,417


VOX 12×5

11.70 33.8 395 9150 78.56 2,227


VOX 13×4 11.56 34.4 398 8880 101.92 2,889


During 3D flights, instant thrust at full power for a few seconds is required to get out of a maneuver. We based our static bench tests on this fact and took each reading after a few seconds at full power. We made multiple runs with each propeller to establish our final readings. Please note that every bench test reading will vary depending on your testing equipment, ESC set up, ambient temperature, altitude, duration of run, batteries condition and more.