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How to Fix Landing Gear Mount after a Hard Landing

You will need the following:

30 minute epoxy
Fiberglass cloth
Denatured alcohol
Clear polythene bag (plastic bag)
Masking tape
X-acto blade

1. Iron down the covering at one bay behind the landing gear base. Then cut the covering behind to the landing gear base to expose the wooden part of the landing gear base. This makes it easier to work.

2. Reinstalll all the broken pieces into the fuelage with 30 minute epoxy.

3. Now brush on 30 minute expoy (thinned with denatured alcohol) over the CF landing gear base and lower part of the firewall and the wood behind the landing gear base.

4. Cut a strip of fiberglass cloth and place it over the landing gear base and lap it back over the firewall and the rear of the landing gear base. You need about 10mm of overlap for good strength.

5. Brush on thinned 30 minute epoxy to wet the fiberglass cloth.

6. Cut a strip of clear polythyene (plastic bag) slightly wider than the landing gear base and place it over the landing gear. This allows a way to hold the fiberglass cloth down to bond with the CF without having the masking tape sticking to it and making a mess.

7. Apply strips of masking tape over the plastic bag to hold the fiberglass down flush on the CF landing gear base and allow to cure overnight. (You can also use the top (non-sticky) side of the masking tape to do the job).

8. Once the epoxy cures overnight, remove the masking tape and peel the plastic strip out and trim away any excess fiberglass cloth.

9. Place the CF landing gear over the repaired base and mark the bolt / screw openings and use an X-acto blade to re-open the bolt holes.

10. Re-apply the covering that was peeled back and you have completed the repairs.