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How To Reinforce FiberFusion Motor Mount (older planes)


The stock motor mount is plenty strong. However, in instances where prop strikes are becoming frequent or when flying on an over powered setup, a little reinforcement to the motor mount is an advantage.


Items Needed

Woven Fiberglass cloth

30 minute Epoxy

Denatured Alcohol

Small Paint Brush


Paper Napkin

X-acto Blade

Rubber gloves

A good excuse to the wife for messing up the floor…..again!


Step 1

Cut the fiberglass cloth to allow at least 20-30mm excess pass the front mount plate.


Step 2

Mix 30 Minute Epoxy and then dilute / thin slightly with denatured alcohol to have a consistency of paint.


Step 3

With a paint brush, paint the entire back section of the motor mount plate (The plywood side) and 20-30mm the inner side of the side frame.


Step 4

Lay the fiberglass cloth on motor mount plate and proceed to wet the cloth by brushing epoxy on. The cloth should be wet enough (till it appears almost translucent). Lap the excess cloth around the forward section of the side frames. Work the brush to ensure the cloth sits flat and free from bubbles. Don’t worry about the cloth covering the cooling holes. This will be cut out after the epoxy cures.



Step 5.

Allow 24 hours for the epoxy to cure.

Use a sharp X-axto blade to cut the excess fiberglass out of the cooling and motor shaft holes and over hang. The small bolt holes can be reopened using a drill.

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