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2.17″ Carbon Fiber spinner V2

2.17″ Carbon Fiber spinner V2


This 2.17” Carbon Fiber spinner is a perfect match to your Katana 52, XR-52 / 61, Ultimate AMR60,  Addiction XL – Katana MX – Extra MX.

  • 100% genuine high quality 3k carbon fiber
  • Re-designed for higher torque of new motors
  • High temperature mold super light weight extremely stiff
  • New design CNC machined quality aluminum backplate with 4 mounting bolts
  • New CNC machined cut outs for propeller

The combination of precision CNC machined Aluminum back plate and our German made precision prop adapter allows true spinning without motor’s performance deterioration.

The new CF spinner is incredibly lightweight and has a beautiful shiny finish.

Note that the prop adapter is not included with the spinner. We DO NOT recommend using a poor quality prop adapter, such as those supplied with most motors available on the market. Poor machining results in un-centered spinning and excessive vibrations which will affect the motor efficiency and performance, and may in the long run cause damage to the spinner cone and wear out your motor’s ball bearings.

All spinners are tested in our facility (using our German made prop adaptor) to verify they spin centered and true before shipped.