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Ultimate AMR 60

Ultimate AMR 60


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Designed by our Chief engineer Shaun Vanunu, this plane is all you were expecting – The Best Bipe just got bigger and even more awesome!

Featuring IWRS – Innovative Wing Removal System this plane is very easy to transport, as the wings come off very similarly to a monoplane.

Economic set up requires only 2 servos on all the wings, instead of 4 servos.

This 60 size biplane is by far the lightest biplane in its class.

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Wing span – 52″ /1320mm
Length – 56″ /1421mm
Flying weight (AUW including 2600mAh batteries & spinner): approx 2200g /77.6oz /4.85 lbs !!!!
Wing area – 900 sq. in
Wing loading: 12.4oz/sq.ft!!

Drive System
Required to complete:
PA Thrust 60R outrunner motor
PA Quantum 70A Pro ESC with HV SBEC
Two PA V4 LiPo pack 11.1V 2200-2600mAh (or a 6S 2200 – 2,600mAh)
Four NXT-90HV mini digital servos
VOX 16×8 prop wooden propeller
2.17″ Carbon Fiber Spinner

iPAs Combos

Combos include the following:

iPAs Drive:
The drive package includes

  • •    Ultimate AMR 60
  • •    PA Thrust 60R outrunner motor with RotorKool Technology
  • •    PA Quantum 70A High performance Programmable ESC with HV SBEC
  • •    CNC machined precision prop adapter (We decided to include this adapter instead of common prop adapters usually bundled with motor accessories to avoid performance robbing, vibrations and motor mount structural damage).

iPAs Power:
The Power package includes

  • •    Ultimate AMR 60
  • •    PA Thrust 60R outrunner motor with RotorKool Technology
  • •    PA Quantum 70A High performance Programmable ESC with HV SBEC
  • •    CNC machined precision prop adapter (We decided to include this adapter instead of common prop adapters usually bundled with motor accessories to avoid performance robbing, vibrations and motor mount structural damage).
  • •    4 of NXT-90HV Metal gears servos.
  • •    Set of 4 Carbon Fiber extended servo arms specifically designed to achieve the desired linkage geometry for full control surface movement.  Note that the supplied servo arms are designed to match the NXT-90HV. If you already own these servos, please purchase the servo arms separately to ensure the correct linkages geometry is achieved.
  • •    Thin gauge twisted light extension lead (made in the same German factory as our giant scale airplanes HD leads). Due to its fine high quality strings it is extremely flexible preventing RF noises and features low internal resistance.
  • •    16×8 VOX Wooden propeller 

What is iPAs?  – Integrated Performance Airframe-Drive System



Unlike glow aircraft where it is mostly the matter of bolting on a specific size engine, the options for electric flight gear are simply overwhelming and matching electric gear to an airframe is a complex task for the average modeler and quite often can be very confusing.

Most manufacturers direct their customers to acquire a “compatible” motor and ESC or at best offer a “Combo” package that comprises of off-the-shelf motors and ESC that would, in theory “fit” within the model’s power requirements.

Surveys we conducted showed that each and every EP models flyer experienced at least one if not more of the problems below

  • • Unpredictable handling problems caused by reduced wing loading due to over sized motors or battery packs or ancillary gear.
  • • Overheating or unwanted ESC cut outs due to over propping or undersized motors
  • • Handling problems due to drastic shift in CG and overall weight distribution.
  • • Unacceptable flight times due to inefficient “hot” motors or undersized packs
  • • Airframe structural failure due to increased aerodynamic loads caused by over sized drives and packs.
  • • Overheating and swelling of battery packs caused by serious drive mismatched.
  • • Less than optimum motor performance due to incompatibility with the ESC.
  • • Crashes as a result of servo gear failures caused by excessive loads on the control surfaces or exceeding the maximum airspeed limits.
  • • A huge disparity in flight performance observed in the promotional videos against actual aircraft.
  • • Premature Motors, ESC and Battery failures or performance degradation over time due to mismatch setup.
  • • Gear does not properly fit the airframe and requires modifications.

We do not believe modelers should have to live with compromises in flight performances.

Through hundreds of hours of flight testing our airframe designs, we have established that there is a direct correlation between the airframe and drive system and one affects the other with consequences to the desired aerodynamic performance. That meant airframes and drives should not be treated as individual items isolation but as one whole system.

Due to the extreme lengths undertook in the design of the airframe, and the unprecedented flight testing period to finally achieve the aerodynamic characteristics we desired, we felt a complete solution for this airframe was necessary. As a result we have developed our iPAs, PA Integrated Performance Airframe-Drive System.

We embarked on this quest by first carefully selecting each iPAs component, considering each possible aspect. We then started testing each individual component of the iPAs and subsequently on the airframe itself ensuring impacts on the overall flight performance and aerodynamic characteristics caused by each component are identified and addressed and to ensure all iPAs components interact in full synergy as an integrated flight system within the constraints of the design specifications. Each component was then further refined until a perfect match meeting the performance criteria set are successfully achieved.

So, for the first time flyers has the unique opportunity to experience the exact aerodynamic performance as envisaged by our chief designer and team of test pilots minus all the guess work and unnecessary expenses.


Thrust 60R Motor with RotorKool technology

PA Quantum 70A Pro ESC

VOX 16×8 Electric wooden propeller

PA V4 Lipo 2600mAh 3S 11.1V 25-50c

Ultimate AMR 60 Bling Package

Ultimate AMR 60 Carbon Fiber Vortex Generators

Ultimate AMR 60 wing bags

2.17″ Carbon Fiber spinner

Nexatec NXT 90HV servo

Ultimate AMR 60 Carbon Fiber servo arms – 4pc

MX lightweight Pilot figure

Original Deans Ultra Plugs

Ultra Deans connectors – female only pack of 4pc

Thin gauge electric extension lead – 2 meter / 78″

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Hans Kahlert continues the build video series with Episode 4.
Topics covered include:
Landing gear assembly
Installation of the Motor, ESC, and air scoops
Cowling alignment and mounting
Installation of the Optional CF Vortex Generators

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