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Katana Mini Testimonials

Fred Midgett [RC Groups]
I flew my Funtana yesterday and it snaps SO bad compared to the KM, I almost don’t want to fly it. It feels so sluggish now compared to the KM. 6.5 pounds with that hacker C50 and 6000mAh pack. Maybe I’ve just gotten used to it, but I’d say the KM is the best 3D plane I’ve ever flown now. I have just a few degrees of up in the alirons all the time (Spoileron?) and I have 25% flaperons on all the time. 100% exponential. Flaperons really helps it pull up fast without snapping as bad. If you find the right speed and angle of attack it will do a flawless wall and a pretty good harrier at about 75-80 degrees…sort of a forward moving hover more than a harrier I guess. Knife edge is so straight; I could never really do KE until this plane. Now it’s easy. Fun! –Fred
Jim [Fishdeth] RC Groups
Really got to feel the KM out good today.

Before my first flight I moved the battery pack BACK about another 1/4″ and gave that a try. BINGO !!!  I immediately had to put in 2 clicks of down… then another 2 clicks and she was trimmed out for level flight. 

Took her up just a little and rolled inverted and she flew the entire length of the field… HANDS OFF the Tx.  Nailed the CG spot on !!

I’ll check the distance from the LE for balance later and report.

I initially started out at 84 mm and I would guess that I am at about 87 – 88 mm right now. She performed MAGNIFICENTLY !

Tight loops were flawless, knife edge was MUCH easier to sustain for the length of the field, does the prettiest large square loops, tumbles were fun, and the guys at the field were amazed how slow and steady I could fly past them (not harrier either).

I made my landing approaches over the field from left to right, 3 ft off the deck, banked right and descended gradually till I was over the pavement, just clearing the curb and landing right to left. Landing after landing was slow, sweet and GREASED some perfect 3 point touchdowns !!!

Really startin to “feel” her.

Ted (RC Groups)
Finally maidened mine today and two thumbs up! I was perfectly trimmed after 1 click of down, then immediately felt comfortable with her….even inverted harriers and tail touches after two packs. Really a precise flying plane. And she looks absolutely gorgeous in the air! 

I am very pleased with the KM and my setup. I tweaked the CG a bit aft, and really like it at about 90 mm from the LE. 

The stock landing gear and wheel pants held up fine, even in the grass… 

I just have to mod the “screw on” canopy hold down. I don’t like that two screws are removed to get to the pack. Quite a hastle…But that’s really my only negative! Really! 

Thanks to all and PA for a great plane!

RC Groups
The KM is about the best mix of form and function coupled with price I’ve ever encountered. As a jocular aside, just go back to the Americas Cup of 1983 – Aussie design won through after 132 years and the KM is in a similar vein. Cheers from Oz.l

I got mine today…it’s wonderful. The craftsmanship of build is superb, the build instructions are better than most and the laser cut parts are a delight.

Mike Hale 06/2005
I never thought a plane would be as much fun as a heli, but you guys proved me wrong…

I know you designed the plane, so you obviously know how good it flys, but seriously YOU DID A GOOD JOB MAN THIS THING RULES!!!!!!!

Buzz_ [RC Groups]
I got mine today…. it’s wonderful. The craftsmanship of build is superb, the build instructions are better than most and the laser cut parts are a delight.
Ben [3D Hobbyshop]
I’m really enjoying mine (my second one)… It’s one of my standards “So do you want to see one fly?” planes I keep charged up to show customers at the hobby shop. That means it’s really impressive and powerful, will do all the aerobatics I’m capable of, and I can take it off and land it in the impossibly small and rough field in front of the store. It’ll do all this in a 15-20 mph wind, too. Sweet plane.
rpstar @ RCGroups
I have a Katana Mini I picked up from Diggs at SEFF. Man what a beautiful plane it is. I matched it to the recommened thrust power system from PA also bought while at SEFF.
Mr.frankenjet @ RCGroups
I have a Katana mini, been flying it for years and it is the best designed plane I have out of 12. Light and so accurate, this thing is a joy to fly. I go out a few times a week and the Katana always comes along and always flies first, I’m grinning ear to ear after each flight. My skills continue to get better all the time and I credit the Katana allot in this respect as you build confidence when a plane just flies right. I could not imagine doing the tricks I can now just few years back, it’s just too Cool. These are their 1 products and I have seen none that compare. Keep up the good work PA 
Mr.Streets09 @ RCGroups
I love this Aircraft its a great flyer and I love the covering job.
A few guys in my club have your aircraft too and I cant say anything bad about your graphics and covering also had to make a repair on my katana and I have to say that your wood working construction is flawless. You have an outstanding product and I will continue to purchase your aircraft.
docdiago @ RCGroups
Love the Precision Aerobatics Katana mini great looks ->
Ron.S @ RCGroups
I have my PA Katana Mini for a little longer than 1,5 years now, and after a couple scars and bruses, and with 200+ takeoffs and (almoast) as much safe landings it still fly’s like no other! 
It realy learnt me to fly like i do now. I like the way it makes inverted loops very short. Full throttle snap-rolls and ke-spins, no problem!
It’s my favorite plane to take a spin after school, no worries for the next 12 minutes!
I’ll buy a new one in the future for sure!


stiltman @ RCGroups
Here some photos of some of my Katanas. I have bought 7 and built and flown all but one of them. The night flyer is was super cool to look at in the air. Yes I’m a PA addict. eventually I’ll own an Ultimate AMR, the Extra MX and the extra 260. I’m saving my pennies.
DJMixtrix @ RCGroups
I had one of the very first retail Katana Mini’s in the country with the superfast Purple covering. I loved the scheme and how the plane flew so well that I recovered my Funtana S to match the Katana, it made the Funtana fly better, I swear! That was the first of several I have owned, I think I bought 3 more and still have one that flies well.
akeyzoo @ RCGroups
Maiden was awesome! What a great plane. Was very impressed how slowly this puppy will land with some flaperons dialed in. Perhaps a little too slow, my first attempt was throttle off and with a little wind it just hung in the air, needed a little power to land safely. Plane is very precise and a dream to fly. Even on low rates she is very capable….on high rates…WOW!!!
Ted_U @ RCGroups
I have been flying the heck out of my KM recently, and have really fallen in love with it.  I have the throws maxed out, and have added some flaperon mixing. It can now tumble, waterfall, etc with great ease. I think it is a fantastic plane, and well built. I have been flying off of low grass with the stock gear, and carbon pants without a problem thus far. It always draws attention at my field! Very sexy plane!  

Thumbs up , PA! Will definitely keep one (hopefully this one) in my hangar for a long time!


insalacosm @ RCGroups
The KM is a great plane and a blast to fly.
bluecor basher @ RCGroups
The KM is one of very few planes I hope to never be without.
Fred Midgett @ RCGroups
I built mine when I was on vacation at the beach and I remember looking forward to getting up each day and going in the living room so I could just LOOK at my new beautiful KM. Something about the shape and color scheme that is just exactly what my eye wants to see. Kinda of like…there are attractive women and then there are super models. This plane is a super model of planes!
thomer @ RCGroups
Just got back from a very successful maiden with my KM. Wow, what a nice flying airplane! I made sure I had very low throws all around just so there wouldn’t be any surprises. She took right off in about 30 feet and just needed a few clicks of up elevator and right aileron. Perfect. Flew very stable and solid. Plane was very responsive but not overly sensitive.

I was surprised that it can be flown fairly slow without stalling. I was expecting I would have to keep up the airspeed because just looking at a plane like this and you think “high wing loading,” but it wasn’t at all. Even at 27 1/2 ounces. I was able to fly it at about 1/3 throttle no problem. I didn’t try and stall it on purpose since I was just getting used to the controls. My nerves started to calm after about 2 to 3 minutes of flying, and I started to relax and enjoying the plane even more.

She is a real pussycat to land. I just circled the field once, and just glided her in with the power off for a nice, smooth and gentle landing. (wish I could do that all the time!) Next flight I’ll have to wring her out and try some 3D action! Now I just have to figure out what the color of my next KM will be.

LilSki @ RCGroups
Just wanted to chime in and say my Katana is still going strong! It is by far the best plane I have ever owned and is the perfect anyday flyer. So graceful on a calm day but able to handle the strongest winds. Heck I got blown off my feet from a gust and the katana was hanging strong and steady! It flies so light and agile. I cannot praise this aircraft enough! If I had the room i’d buy another one! And if anything happens to this one I won’t waiste a single second to order another!
tronyony @ RCGroups
I just put the 3rd flight on my KM and all I have to say is man I love this plane.
flyingz @ RCGroups
Well I just finished my fourth flight and all I can say is it is everything I was looking for. Excellent quality throughout the build. Flights have been in some gusty winds but today I got a good calm day and boy what a difference.
av8r @ RCGroups
Well, it flys and seems to fly very well.  I found myself getting comfortable with it very quickly.
tronyony @ RCGroups
I think this plane flys awesome!!
Ryguy @ RCGroups
this thing flies B-E-A-Uuutifuly (in the words of Bruce almighty). Took off, needed two clicks of left aileron trim (I noticed when I landed that the ailerons were now level with the wings, so I must have had them a little off). Did several rolls and loops, and all were perfect. This thing flies like a mix between my foamy and my Stryker. It has the speed of the Stryker, but the aerobatic capability of my foamy. Stalled it a couple times, and it dropped the nose maybe 10-15*, but kept tracking straight ahead.  The Katana is the smoothest flying plane I have ever flown. Granted, it is my only balsa, but compared to what I’ve seen others do at the field the Katana blows them away. Absolutely the smoothest flyer you will ever set your hands on. It can do pattern very well.
rjarois @ RCGroups
flew my kantana for the first time today…..all i can say is WOW!!! man what a keeper, it is so groovy, im thinkin about flying it in the novice sportman class in my clubs pattern contest this weekend.
Radio Rookie @ RCGroups
After reading the threads and viewing the demo videos, I just got myself a KM. Wow it performs as advertised. What a joy to fly. A very lively aircraft that can take whatever you throw at it. This is one plane that is only limited by the pilot’s skills.

The inverted harriers are rock solid and the snaps are simply wild. This is by far the best balsa ARF (electirc or glow) that I have ever owned. Prop hangs are a tad easier than the Mini Funtana. Knife edge is simply effortless. Absolutely no coupling at all. I cant believe this, no mixing at all required.

The KM is certainly a winner and is an excellent step up from the Mini Funtana.

Cosmo21 @ RCGroups
Really happy, this plane is gonna be a keeper. All in all a lovely plane, and I reckon on looks alone pa will sell a few to blokes at my club.
Pysok-lefse @ RCGroups
I maiden my Katana today If flew great right from the start, just a little click on elevator-trim and it tracked straight as an arrow. Have to say that this is a great plane, I was extremely impressed with how it flew. And the quality of the kit is superb.
super_twinjet @ RCGroups
I love my KM   it is my favourite plane to fly along with my shocky as it is so well mannered and the controls are so well ballanced.
fusal_large @ RCGroups
Gday all, have pretty much read this thread from the start and have found eveyones comments a perfect guide to setting up my KM. Just got back from maiden flight, almost no trim needed, best flight i have ever had. Thanks PA for your prompt service and advice. I set the plane up with 4200kv blue shark motor, 25 amp speedy, 6:1 cf gearbox ( which has the coolest sound giving a constant reminder of the beauty of carbon fibre ) and a 1700mAh PA li-po.  Foamie days are over  🙂
G’Day All,

Just had 2 days of solid flying with the KM, 22 sucessful flights (brings my planes total to close to 100). I enjoyed myself so much I just had to let everyone know! hehe. I fly at a mainly gas club, and as always there was a crowd of people interested in the ‘little electric’.

I’m gradually getting more confident with the plane, and my KE passes are down to maybe 6 feet off the ground. The biggest crowd pleaser with the KM I have found are the snaps and spins, it does them so much faster than anything out there. Nothing like a full throttle pass at about 10 feet with a 2 turn snap roll right infront of the pits.

Visc @ RCGroups
Just got a Katana Mini and man is it one nice bird.
Boss248 @ RCGroups
The KM looks great..I have always liked the red covering most overall..the red spinner really looks good…makes the plane look complete and RTF..
Visc @ RCGroups
I have to give full props to the guys at Precision Aerobatics. Not only do they build a brilliant plane they’re service off there website is brilliant. I ordered a replacement cowl and bits and pieces yesterday afternoon and it was here in Queensland Australia this morning. The cowl was packed with a brace on the inside to avoid cracking from a squeeze. Well done guys keep up the good work as I’m sure you guys will no doubt eat the fruit of your labour.
mathinstrument @ RCGroups
Excellent flight and super knife edge!
darb21 @ RCGroups
It was a total success! Very happy with performance on the plane. It flew inverted with zero elevator input. Very smooth flying plane.
tailspin2 @ RCGroups
I come from 50 years of nitro and gas aircraft and this is my first electric and I am very happy with this aircraft after 11 flights. It’s still hard to get used to the noise factor….or should I say hardly any noise factor!
Driver330 @ RCGroups
I am flying the MK (purple as well) for about two weeks now and I like the plane a lot.
Av8r @ RCgroups
This plane may have broken me from ever flying glow again.  I was flying both when I got this plane and thought I would continue to enjoy both for a long time, but I have been flying nothing but electric most of this year, except for other people’s planes. I got my favorite glow plane out one time this summer and it just wasn’t very much fun. I have over 300 flights on that plane and thought I’d never find anything better. It was a real easy lander and made it that much harder to transition to the KM.
flyinghigh @ RCGroups
Mine flies great! Its one of the few planes I have that kicks the winds butt.
terryj @ RCGroups
The Katana is a great flying plane.
bildo baggins @ RCGroups
Saturday was the first day I really got to wring out the KM and it is a knife edge machine for sure and will do some super violent snaps etc.
Mr. frankenjet @ RCGroups
Well I finally got a good day to fly, took her up on the maiden this am. All went well, took off from the grass and only needed 2 clicks of ale trim. She flies great, verry ez to handle and I was fairly confident in a short pierod of time. Did some rolls and loops, she is responsive even with modest throws. Very well behaved even at slow speeds. I think this is really going to be a fun plane.
jarvis2542 @ RCgroups
just got back from my maiden with the mini i bought. this plane rocks…all i can say is i was flying in 12mph winds and was doing everything except hovering. tried it a few times, but the wind was to much. this might be my new favorite plane. flew 2 packs and was amazed at everything. when i flew upsdie down there was no need for elevator corrections. flew just as well upside down as it did right side up.
av8r @ RCGroups
the KM is my “Old Faithful”. It’s my number one choice in any uncertain conditions like weather, new flying location, etc. I know the KM will fly well almost anywhere, anytime. And if I should happen to wreck it, I have another one just like it still in the box.
Gregg28 @ RCGroups
I flew my Katana Mini again this morning after it had been idol for some time. It is always a blast to fly. It definitely flies different than the EF Extra and 3D Extra. It likes to go a little faster, snap roll and tumble. Blenders are spectacular. There is always room for the Katana Mini in my fleet.
Drachenstein @ RCgroups
The Mini Katana is still the most beautiful plane in my little fleet…Don’t know, there’s something very special about this plane…
av8r @ RCGroups
the KM is my “Old Faithful”. It’s my number one choice in any uncertain conditions like weather, new flying location, etc. I know the KM will fly well almost anywhere, anytime. And if I should happen to wreck it, I have another one just like it still in the box.
Gregg28 @ RCGroups
I flew my Katana Mini again this morning after it had been idol for some time. It is always a blast to fly. It definitely flies different than the EF Extra and 3D Extra. It likes to go a little faster, snap roll and tumble. Blenders are spectacular. There is always room for the Katana Mini in my fleet.
Drachenstein @ RCgroups
The Mini Katana is still the most beautiful plane in my little fleet…Don’t know, there’s something very special about this plane…
Ed & Elaine Noulin
We received the August 2013 Newsletter and although my spouse and I aren’t up for joining the upcoming contest; we did want to pass along our thanks for the many seasons of enjoyment we’ve already experienced from flying our three PA Mini-Katanas.
During the past 5 years, we’ve accumulated hundreds flights on each of the nearly identically-equipped Mini’s with only having to repair one following my attempt to fly through a fence!  We generally take six 2200mAh packs to the flying field and fly each pack for anywhere between 8 – 15 minutes, depending on how “vigorous” we decide to exercise the fingers.  These little airplanes don’t have a bad bone in their light-weight, sturdy, little bodies!
Thanks again for all the “fun” you folks have put into the hobby.
Richard Roberts
Hello P.A. I would like to thank all of you Cheryl, Jim and Jerry and anyone else who works at P.A. For the customer service, you are so nice and accommodating. Very professional but like talking to a friend. Wanted to thank the guys for there shipping and packing well the packing is the best I have dealt with on-line, they do the little thing to keep your products safe like taping props to a piece of cardboard. Owe yeah they make Great planes to. Thanks again P.A. Richard R.
Paul Gunnar Strand, Norway
PA product is outstanding good and solid planes! (I have 4 Pa planes in my collection, and i’m very satisfied with their performance!)


Robin W. Karlsen
Thank you for providing these great Precision Aerobatics airplanes to the world! Extremeflight, Pilot-Rc, Eflite, Aeroworks, Great Planes, Hangar 9 could go to bed and sleep, compared with the PA machines! I have never seen or flown a electric balsa/carbon plane with this kind of light weight and extreme durability as the PA planes! I’m on my third PA bird now (there will be a fourth), and the best so far. The Extra MX is amazing! It looks great and the performance is fantastic! The only thing I wish you could do to the Extra mx is to add carbonfiber in the front of the glasfiber cowling as you already have in the back, it cracks up really easily.
Again! The best electric flyng machine I’ve ever had.

To everyone PA team – Thanks!

Best regards,
Robin W. Karlsen

Chris McKillip
 What PA means to me is a quality product that I can count on time after time. I spent a month doing research on what ARF kit to purchase and who to give my money to. Reading multiple threads and forums I came upon the Mini Katana thread on RCG. I spent a good week reading that post and came to the conclusion that I was going to buy the MK and start a relationship with PA.

My son (11) and myself (43) are now into the hobby about one year. We have purchase several planes from different suppliers and all I can say is that PA uses a ton of clear tape to make sure nothing moves in their shipping.

It’s just about simple build quality every time.

I love my MK and for my first real 3d plane I think I have a true winner and couldn’t have picked a better group to do business with.

Thanks PA

Chris Cooling
 I have a Katana Mini, currently my favourite plane and have convinced a friend to buy one. Would love to have an Addiction!
Carl Ravey
bought a purple Mini Katana around 2005 (I think) and it flies like it is lighter than air. I have had 2 incidences in my years of flying it that brought me down to earth and I now realize that Precisions Areobatics planes are infact not lighter than air but they do indeed fly better than any other plane on the market. After years of enjoying my Mini Katana I finally broke down and bought a big brother for my mini in the Katana MX. I really do not know why I waited so long because my new KMX flies even better than I ever would have imagined. It is so precise and does exactly what your fingers direct. Not only are the planes well designed and fly great butn the customer service is wonderful. Thanks Precision Aerobatics for a great experience.
Moriah Wamsley
 First off the service is hands down the best. After you make a purchase online shipping is prompt. If by chance you forget to order something just give them a call, they will add it to your order before shipping. The woman on the phone is always happy to answer all your annoying questions about tracking numbers or bundling things in one box to save on shipping! next i have to say quality of the airframe is awesome light but yet strong. if you happen to bash a wingtip on the ground or come in a bit hot youll be flying again in no time. i myself have the AMR and the Katana mini. on maiden flights didnt even need one click of trim straight as an arrow. even having these two totally capable planes when my uncle flys his addy i always find myself watching and wishing i had gotten one. its just insane the things he does with it and makes it look easy. im currently saving up for an addy X but probly not this year. safe to say im going to fly nothing but PA planes. anything else just seems like im cheating myself.