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Ultimate AMR Testimonials

Tom Reet
This Ultimate looks better than anything I have ever seen.
I suppose that may be because it is my first PA product.
It sure won’t be the last!

The engineering and workmanship are incredible.
Thanks to you and the PA team for a great product.

Tom Reet

Michael Evangelista
I have been having an absolute BLAST with my latest P/A addition!
You guys nailed it good on this one! 
After 5 or 6 flights I started to lose my ‘New plane nerves’ and began bushing the AMR lower and harder. 
I am amazed by it’s 3D capabilities, and was equally impressed when I tried Low Rates for the first time today and found it to track as good as any pattern ship I have ever flown! Simply amazing!
Naoto Sakaue
My AMR dived vertically into hard frozen ground from about 2m hight but got only small damage to spinner and cowl.  And it seems the prop adapter bent a bit.  It is unbelievable.   Other planes surely become pieces if clash like that!!
CFisher1421 @ RCGroups
I made it through my maiden! Put simply – it could not have gone better. Wonderful flying machine! I am on the “beginner” side of intermediate when it comes to piloting skills – and was definitely skeptical of many of the ‘claims of granduer’ with this plane but my skepticism proved unwarranted. I didn’t miss 4S – even on my pretty well used 3S 2200 Xcites.

It was a little windy-er at our mud bog, er, flight site than I wanted but I can’t say it affected anything too much. I’ll need a few more flights to dial the mixes for KE and she wanted to climb inverted but nothing that affected my fun for the day.  I certainly didn’t ‘wring’ anything out the way a pro might…but the tumbles, harriers and the semi-intentional hovers were fun to me.

I have 1 other bipe so didn’t know what to expect from the AMR when things got slow – no snapping and definitely easier to land by a large margin.  Have I forgotten anything? 

I love when maidens go like this – clearly the Green version is the best one, so apologies to those that went slightly astray on the color choice.

Hazzer @ RCGroups
Hi to all

I’m just an intermediate beginner but need to say this. Just maiden my PA Ultimate AMR this morning and it’s great. Use iPAs setup mostly as recommended by PA, and Flightpower Evo 25 2170 battery and Hitec 65hb servos. Amazing, no CG adjustment needed to fly well for my ability. PA recommended putting ESC and elevator/rudder servos on left side so I thought in maiden flight I may need to trim aileron more to right. But no, it tends to bank right in its maiden flight, so have to trim left. Better follow PA recommendation for no guess work! 

Overall this bipe is a must-have! But then again this is my first PA and first bipe.

Regards, Hazzer.

jackosmeister @ RCGroups
My Ultimate just turned up… One thing to say… PA know how to build toy planes!! Awesome stuff. I have an addiction and now the ultimate, and have had many..many.. others and PA are the only ARF that makes me go “WOW” when I open the box
Tchrstm @ RCGroups
Finally was able to maiden mine yesterday, #934, and man was I impressed! I set up the throws, CG, etc. per the manual (except for mixing) and only a couple clicks of downtrim was needed. My 3D skills are sub par and this thing made me look like I knew what I was doing! You can really toss this thing around. Had so much fun and forgot to start the timer that I hit LVC.

This is my first PA plane, definitely not the last.

Chris Jewett
I think the new Precision Aerobatics Ultimate AMR is the “ultimate” aerobatic airplane.  It is the best no holds barred, go crazy and be extreme flying thing out there!  It really excels at the edges of the 3D and precision envelopes and combines those two flight regimes in such a way that it is unbelievably seamless.  I have never found a plane that fits my flying style so well and that translates my aerobatic thoughts into real time maneuvers so easily!  I highly recommend it!!!”  – Chris
Oliver Decker
The Ultimate is setting a new standard in smart RC 3D Plane design. Low weight and wing loading will result in unparalleled flight characteristics. You will find that his Biplane will excel in slow High Alpha maneuvers like Harriers with little to none wing rock; Harrier Rolls are flown extremely axial and graceful – it will give you confidence to try low Hovers and Torque Rolls with great stability and control authority –  and if you can take the heat: it will blow your pants off in a full throttle Tumble or wild Blender. This plane will adapt to your style and mood – and not vice versa!

If you like me enjoyed planes like the Extra 260 or the Katana MD, then you will absolutely love the Ultimate – an even wider range of flight performance  with no extra cost for batteries. You can plug in your existing 3S LiPo packs and get maximum fun. No hassle of charging different type of batteries which require a specific charger set up, etc. Personally I use my PA 3S 2200 mAH 3S packs for hardcore 3D fun with the Addiction, the Extra 260, the Katana MD and now the Ultimate AMR. One type of battery does it all. It is not only extremely convenient but will safe your money, too.

And like with all PA designs, if you follow the recommended set up, you can concentrate on the one thing which matters most: Having fun! No need for endless flights to find the right combination of thrust angles, CGs, control throws, etc. Maximum Performance and maximum fun straight out of the box!

Radio Rookie
The iPAs setup for the Ultimate AMR is perfect and really the greatest option to consider in getting the best performance out of the box. I am still flying on stock setup, i.e. CG, throws and mixes and I did not feel the need to change anything yet. On high rates, the AMR feels exceptionally agile, lively and controllable. This translates to one of the most exciting and addictive experience I have ever had up to this point considering the unparallel aerobatic flexibility it has and the fluid transitions it offers that opens up infinite possibilities of what could be performed in the air. This gives the AMR a fresh new feel about it.
PA has really upped the ante with the design of AMR this time and the more I fly the AMR the more I am falling in love with so much so that I am immediately putting an order for a second one. This is certainly a long-term keeper for me for sure and I can already see that this will be my new hot favorite for quite a while.

To some the AMR may appears superficially pint size but as the saying goes “It isn’t the size of the dog in the fight that matters but what really counts is the size of the fight in the dog!” I certainly have no doubts that the AMR with it superior performance has all the potential to challenge and beat many of the good 3D/freestyle giantscales out there. Pint size it may be but this midsized Tabasco is huge in aerobatics performance.
I now understand why PA chose “Bipe With The Bite” as the AMR’s slogan and from its capabilities I have seen so far, the AMR certainly has THE bite and right now, this pintsized bottle of Hot Tabasco has not only bitten the tail off the competition but has in fact, already torn them to shreds.  

I will give a standing ovation to PA for, in my humble opinion, producing one of the best designs I have ever come across to date; a total synergy of form and function transformed into a beautiful engineering art piece that provides unlimited aerobatic flexibility for anyone behind the sticks. It certainly lives up to its name because like its fullscale counterpart, the AMR has in fact done considerably more than just delivering. Scale looks, superb finishing, unlimited performance, simple setup, easy handling, robust and all that at reasonable price. What more could anyone ask for? Probably a second one I suppose! 
If I am ever asked to write a slogan for the Ultimate AMR, I will have to say, hands down it has only to be PA Ultimate AMR: The ULTIMATE Ultimate!

Michael Wargo
This was definitely love at first flight.  20 seconds into it and I knew this plane was taking the biplane to a whole new level of performance.   I never really liked biplanes as much.   They are too quirky.  The PA Ultimate flies low and slow like an extra.    It is as precise and aerobatic as anything I’ve ever flown, and flies as light and graceful as any of my PA planes in the low and slow stuff.  Once again, PA pulls off something truly innovative and raises the bar yet again.   I love this plane and love flying it
Coonak @ RCGroups
I personally have never owned a plane as versatile as the AMR.
On low rates it cruises the sky like it is on rails, and yet when the rates are ‘turned up to eleven‘ it is the wildest 3D machine money can buy and is an absolute cinch to land.
Eiretime @ RCGroups
Someone awhile ago said that the AMR made there 3D skills look much better than they really are, well im sure they were just been modest but it really does!. When the AMR showed up on the door step i decided that the time had come to learn how to prop hang. Today i shifted the cg back a little and Wow is it easy to hang! I am so impressed with this little plane, it really is precision. It will take me to a new level of 3D which i thought was years down the road.
Jorge Fierro G @ Mexico
“even a newbie can fly aerobatics” by Jorge Fierro G.
Can you believe it! The Ultimate AMR was the first plane I flown, I have been flying Rc helicopters for 3 months when I started to develop a taste for RC planes. So I got my self a beautiful red Ultimate AMR, It’s hard for me to follow the rules, as you can notice, but tried to stick to the manual when building it, I got the iPAs package, I didn’t need more problems..

“You were more stressed the first time you flown that helicopter than when your son was born”, my wife once told me and yeap, I confess, it was true, only difference my child was handled by professionals. So I have to say that this morning was the second time that had happed. The plane was not trimmed, as far as I know it could have out of alignment ailerons, reverse channels, had up for down, gremlins, for all I know the thing just could ignite on power on. All this was checked the night before, but it’s called first time phobia. As somebody said to me once, fly it as if you stole it. 
It was a cloudy morning 3 to 7mph wind, pushed the throttle pull the elevator and off it goes, tumbling up, but never the less up…

Oh boy!, Oh boy!, you can imagine the feeling, most of you have done this, I put it straight an level and started to trim one click in ailerons two or three for elevator and another for rudder, but that last one was hard to get right as I did had cross wind, switched low rates and … OH MY GOD this is so much fun, I finally know what you all have been talking about, it handles different in real life than in the simulator hard to explain but all together wonderful. I flown it for 2-3 minutes simple circuits and then started to practice landing approaches, calculate the landing speed, and what not, then it finally happen, the timer reached the end of the first 6 min and it was time to land, dark thoughts where crossing my mind at the time. I had setup flapaileron just in case, and started to make final approach, it was starting to get windy and the plane started to show it, then after 4 months in the simulator practicing landings, definitely this is not the same, it’s has a wind thing to it, I finally now know what it is, I landed safely, and then it hit me, the rush, the joy and a relief, the unmistakable “Let´s do that again” feeling.

And so I did 3 more times in fact, I was doing loops, rolls, claiming way up, drop throttle and let the plane fall, then recover, if somebody would had told me a newbie could do that on it’s maiden, yeah right!, but then all was nice until the last bit of flight all of a sudden I lost power, 8 min later in the flight that is, I forgot to restart the timer on the transmitter, I was coming down, had downwind and a drained battery so I resign and started to pray, I knew I couldn’t fly around and do a proper approach I was too low so I had to land in that situation, started the descend hit the flapailerons and down she went, I have to say it was the nicest landing I have ever done.

Is the Ultimate AMR an nice plane?, heck yeah!, it’s so well build and haves all worked up for you, even a newbie can fly aerobatics.

bighead93 @ RCGroups
You guys were so right on the AMR! Got the nerve up to fly her in front of the house…nothing real fancy and she does great out there! Tight area…no problem! I still can’t get over how smooth she tracks…and hovering is as easy as the addiction….and did I tell you how easy this plane is to land? Tomorrow if the wind stays under 20mph I will take her up and see how she handles some tumbling! Thanks for all the advice…and yes…the AMR is WORTH IT
bighead93 @ RCGroups
Got a bunch of flights on my AMR today…got the lipos locked in and now I had the time to really get crazy with her! WOW…I almost need to turn the throws down…flat spins are CRAZY!! Tumbles are wild…knife edge loops are easy! This thing just ROCKS! The power seems pretty close to a 4S set-up…I am a happy flyer!
Peter Boynton
The Ultimate Bipe is awesome! Thanks for the best RC plane I’ve ever flown! I can hardly scratch the surface of what this beauty is capable of. I love this plane.
Jonty Walkeden
Hi Shaun and Team
I hope all is well down under – I had to tell you I flew my new Ultimate for the first time today. What a blast! I thought my 18 month old  Katana MD was (is) great, but the Ultimate is simply awesome! It’s so pretty on a low flyby, but it’s just so capable – smooth with perfect tracking on low rates yet manic on high – bloody fantastic. It’s also really the easiest mid size plane to hover and torque roll, much easier than the Kat MD..
The assembly went without a hitch, just a little iron work was needed, and no trim was required other than the few clicks of down mentioned in the manual. I did find your ‘sweet-spot’ CG a bit nose heavy and 62mm seemed OK for both smooth stuff as well as 3D/prop hanging etc, but it was almost flat calm. I like the way it retains energy, as the Kat does stop dead quite easily, and it really does feel like a much larger plane.
Congratulations on producing a really stonking little bipe. 
Well done, I’ve got a new favourite
Jonty Walkeden
Bromyard Model Flyers GB
bigal422 @ RCGroups
Finally got to maiden the AMR today. Rained about all day yesterday and the wind has blown all day today. I said enough is enough. I have had this thing for three weeks now and it’s time to put it in the air. Ran 3 packs through it and I could not believe how well it handled the wind. It flies like a lot bigger plane. I didn’t do a lot but what I did was great. Harriers, flat spins, and hovering. My buddy said easy now that’s not the Addiction. Then I let him have the sticks. He was doing the same thing.
Alcuy @ RCGroups
I purchased a Red Ultimate and completed the build last week. I maidened it last Thursday and what a hoot! It floats like a feather and speeds like a rocket. This is definitely a winner!
bigal422 @ RCGroups
I have owned and flown many bipes. Most where glow or gas, but the AMR is by for the smoothest flying bipe I have owned. My first flight on the AMR, I kept waiting for it to do the normal bipe things, but it never did. It flies more like a monoplane than a bipe.
Allbread @ RCGroups
Now that was a good maiden day.

The gods smiled in Colorado and there was zero wind at the field – an extremely rare thing.

I warmed up a little with the foamie and then it was Ultimate time – this thing really flies great. It didn’t feel like a maiden at all – a couple of laps and then I had the thing down on the deck in harrier and pretty low in hover. Slow speed flight characteristics are fantastic with this thing! I let some people at the field egg me on and gave them a nice blender into an inverted flat spin. No problems there, so I put it into an extremely violent knife-edge spin. Man, you just jam both stick forward and it does the rest! Even got the thing to torque roll a time or two in it’s maiden flight.

long leg @ RCGroups
its the best flying plane on the market.


brad65ford @ RCGroups
This plane flys almost like a foamie. Hands down amazing plane. Thank you to everyone that help me deside to purchase this plane. Wow, I’m beside myself how well this flys compaired to my other bipes. I harrier landed twice today with e’s, last one was hard on the landing gear but nothing broke. I love the cf landing gear way stronger than my 3dhs SR which I’ve removed and upgraded. The build took longer than I’d like and expected but its worth it IMO. A couple of things I’d change on the plane but that aint gonna happen. All and all love it!
FlyingAg @ RCGroups
Well I just got back from maidening my my AMR and I cannot believe how awesome it flies! It is my first 3d/sport plane and even though I have no idea how to 3d, it is a blast just going out there and messing around. I let another more experienced pilot fly it and he could not beleive how well it tracked, expecially how well it held a heading. It also slows down to a crawl which surprised everyone. THe other cool thing is that it looks as good as it flies! I think we will have some more AMR owners at my field soon.
long leg @ RCGroups
This is the easiest plane on the market to fly 3d
maiden-crash @ RCGroups
Hi guys, maidened her. There was no wind so I pointed it laterally with the soccer field. Gave it some throttle (about half), and it took off beautifully, a couple clicks of down trim and some right aileron was all it took to have it tracking straight. Going through turns I definately noticed it doesn’t feel like any plane Ive owned before, it tracks so nicely. About a minute and a half in I eased in full throttle and pointed it up. Heaven’s it has power… Amazing sight, its the most powerful setup Ive ever run through a plane. Pointed it down, full throttle (from very high up) into an extremely violent blender. Brought it down from parachute(100% stable and upright) into an upright harrier and then into a hover. Had it torque rolling and then flew it into an inverted harrier circuit. Rock stable inverted harrier, and rock stable upright. Did some rolling harriers and flew it out into a knife edge circuit followed by a big KE loop. This plane has serious rudder authority. I tried some KE spins (awesome) and flatspins. I then punched throttle and did some inspiring fast paced circuits. The bipe feels better than anything Ive ever flown, and I flew it extremely aggressively. After about 5 minutes I set it down on one of the best 3 point landings Ive ever done. My dad loved it, he kept commenting on how amazing it looks in the air (but secretly I reckon he loved the vertical power the most.) Pull outs from hovers are just plain fun, watching it accelerate upwards is awesome and a great show for the spectators. I cant believe it stood up to some of the stuff I threw at it, I was very nervous with it at first but second pack was flying it like I had it for months. It was also apparent that it doesn’t stall, it simply hits 0 KM/H and stops flying. Awesome maiden, awesome plane, well worth the money…

Great job PA, awwesome plane

bighead93 @ RCGroups
I will chime in…I have had and flown just about everything from PA…hands down my favorite is the AMR. Very smooth and fun to fly. Saving my $ for the new MX!
weaser42 @ RCGroups
The bipe got me! 

I’d been thinking about a PA for quite a while, almost picked up the Katana MD. When the AMR came out I was in love with its looks. After holding back a while till I saw the user feedback I finally picked up a Red AMR. I love the pitch authority, just insane KE spins. AMR is also very well behaved in slow flight. You really have to work or do something stupid to crash this plane, which I managed last weekend 

I put a good dent in the lower wing and broke its back just behind the lower wing. I thought it was done for sure but taking a look I was not as bad to repair as I would have thought. I’ve just about got her back together and we’ll see if she still flys this weekend. If not a Blue AMR may be my next RC purchase

Tim Semeraro @ RCGroups
From the beginning I have been impressed with the use of carbon fiber, and How light the Airframe is.
I also Like the cooling system, for the motor. Not only is The thrust 40 with its built in cooling fan a great motor , but the working Air ducts are very well thought out. 
There not joking when they say, “4cell power, on 3cells!”
jefierro @ RCGroups
I own an ultimate AMR.what’s not to like about this plane, it looks good on the ground, it looks grate in the air and it flyies awsome. How much you would ask, well it’s good enough to buy for a second time after you totaled the first one.
long leg @ RCGroups
PA = Sexappeal

only space left to be even cooler is a big ultimate.
cant express how much i love the small one.

nac @ RCGroups
Well after flying only Depron jets and planes my first Balsa model with a Red AMR. It looks fantastic both on the ground and in the air.
I was so impressed that I purchased a Red Addiction which I am also very happy with.
Tim Semeraro @ RCGroups
I love the AMR, great build quality, super light!
DFloth @ RCGroups
Yes I am an accidental Ultimate AMR pilot…. 

As it happens I picked up an Ultimate AMR second hand from a local flyer. Probably wouldn’t have spent the retail money to try it out but luck was on my side. And wow, am I a PA lover now! 

She’s great at subtle scale loop & roll maneuvers as well as pushed hard into wild knife edge spins, blenders, hovers and the ever impresive waterfall spins. Every time I put her up at the field I get complements on my flying and how she looks in the air. 

But the real plus is the way she’s put together. I’ve had to replace the motor box twice (due to my errors) and I really appreciate the ease and relative low cost it took to do so. 

Over all she makes me glad to own her, makes me look better than I am then urges me to try new and harder maneuvers each flight. 

So I’m excited & glad to be an accidental Ultimate AMR pilot!!! 


Hal_The_Hacker @ RCGroups
it took me about three months to save every penny I had to get my PA Ultimate, and you know what…. It was worth it, and a hell of a lot more.

A lot of people think that PA planes are overpriced, but If anything, they are UNDERpriced, you get such a great design with all that lovely CF and high quality parts, its a bargain!!!

I have had a few other balsas in my time, and while their appearances may be somewhat similar, that certainly has no impact on the flight characteristics. My ultimate is SO axial in every manouver, and SO locked in, so much so that trying to fly any other similar class aircraft is a kind of torture.

I look forward to flying my ultimate every week, and it is a great way to unwind after a stressful few days

so far: ~230 flights, 26 hours on the airframe, zero crashes, zero repairs, and one HAPPY owner.

Nuff said, I am a PA man now, its hard to believe the hype untill you actually get your hands on one, but my word they are great!

Waterbird @ RCGroups
Among my 20+ RC airplanes is an Ultimate AMR, and an Addiction. They are, without reservation, the finest quality model aircraft airframes I have ever seen from a standpoint of design, the combination of materials and fabrication.

The blending of these factors has created RC models that are not only beautiful, but literally seem magical in performance. My AMR biplane is a graceful bird capable of the most aggressive aerobatics, yet lands as softly as a feather. The Addiction quite simply is more fun to fly than anything else I’ve ever flown, seen at airshows, watched on video, or even dreamed about.

If I could keep only two of all my score of treasured RC birds, they would both have been made by Precision Aerobatics.

Nick Milligan @ RCGroups
About a month ago I received my shiny new AMR iPA Pro in the mail. All of the parts were secured in the boxes and there was not a single dent. All of the covering was tight and wrinkle free. Not a single thing was missing. and the boxes and all the major parts even have a serial number, how cool is that?
Balance came out perfect both ways with the battery(1500-2600mAh) right at the back of the tray.
When it came time for the fliing I waited for the windyest day I could and took it up to a local cow field. 4 clicks of down elevator just like the manual states, nothing else. flew around like a newbe in a windstorm for about 10 minutes on 2600mAh and executed the best laning of my life, Smooth! Followed up by another flight with a fresh battery and the worst couple landings ever. Not a single hint of damage from either pancake or the endo. 
I am looking right now for another PA for my hanger
pvogel @ RCGroups
I have an Ultimate AMR, hard to say what I like BEST about it:

It’s a simply gorgeous airframe
The instructions are near perfect
It goes together *perfectly* no gapping, forcing, etc. needed
RAW, FREAKIN’ (literally, I was Freakin’ it was SO fast) POWER with the IPAs setup.

I’m saving my pennies for an Extra MX now! 


Repko12 @ RCGroups
PA, Precision Aerobatics, should stand for perfect aircraft! After flying smaller EP planes, Lancair, Cap 232, Extra 550(foam) and Ultimate Bi-Plane I was absolutely blown away with the performance of my AMR, for the price too! I can do tricks with confidence that I thought would take years for me to attempt let alone get good at! The AMR has accelerated my piloting skill above all expectations. And she is so beautiful in the air, I would cry if I crashed her but I have no fear of that after reading from other pilots that apparantly you can’t break these PA products.
Muckyd @ RCGroups
I have been flying radio controlled airplanes since 1972. The ultimate was my first electric airplane I purchased the total package. I could not have made a better selection what a airplane I give it two thumbs up.

Thomas Wilson

watchmaster @ RCGroups
Got the AMR before it even came here to switzerland, and fell in love… this plane is my favorite, and I have a lot of planes… (only fly the PA ones though… the foamies are to teach my kids someday!  ) the AMR shows the love of detail which PA puts into their models without pounding on any weight… yet even in high winds, this plane flies awesome for its size… and the power? The other pilots ask if I’m on 4 or 5S packs… I just grin and give them the PA website address. Now I am waiting for my MX to arrive along with my replacement Addiction. (I miss that plane!) 
Can’t wait to get them flying. 
Thanks PA!
bonner @ RCGroups
The ultimate AMR is my first PA Product.I have only been flying R/C for one year. WOW! This plane is unbelievable!The thrust 40 motor is smooth ,quiet
and powerful.This plane makes me look good.It lands like a charm!Everyone at the field said this is the best looking, best flying plane there.My plane is equipped with the IPAs PRO package.
Thanks’ for all the fun.
signguy71 @ RCGroups
I just would like to say that i am a very new pilot and the AMR was my second plane and it made me look very good. So, i just pick up the mx and can’t wait to get it in the air. Pa you have a customer for life…
Mr Kamikaze @ RCGroups
Ok I maidened my AMR this morning and I’m still smiling 

My first flight was with my Electric Shock to warm up on, if you aren’t warm after flying the Eshock you aren’t breathing! Anyway I wanted to move onto my Extra 260 next, building to the AMR, but one of the guys at the field had to go and wanted to see it before he left. So AMR it was.

Flight 1: It’s all good I don’t really get nervous on maidens anymore so I relaxed, did my pre-flight checks, range checked and was ready. Throttled up she rolled for about 5 meters and was up. The manual says she will need a bit of downtrim, due to aerodynamic drag of the top wing, well it was right, and a few clicks of downtrim had her flying well, except for a couple of aileron clicks as well. Then it was straight and accurate. I did a couple of snaps upright and inverted, some rolls and all was very good. Then I went for a hover (up high eh it’s a maiden) and it was sooo easy. Some Rolling harriers and finally an airframe integrity test, otherwise known as a full throttle blender! WOW!!! CRAZY! Oh yeah did I mention the unlimited fasssst vertical climb outs. Phew what a maiden, then, low rates and lined up for a greaser landing.

Then I had a quick streamer combat flight and a rockin flight with my Extra 260 before back to the AMR.

Flight 2: Thoroughly warmed up now and ready to rock. The AMR is by far the best plane I have had!!! And I can say this after only two flights. It is so accurate and rock solid in the air it’s ridiculous. It is the easiest plane to hover it just locks straight in and on this second flight I had it hovering 10 feet off the deck. Rolling harriers had a huge angle on them and I was able to slow them right down. Knife edge is eeeasy (I had programmed in the recommended mixes in the manual and they were spot on) so it was high alpha knife edge and knife edge half loops. By this time I was laughing my head off as I was flying it was that much fun. The knife edge spins are ridiculous tighter than tight over and over and over. It was just awesome.

This is a DEMON plane!!!

clintski @ RCGroups
Maiden done and dusted in good conditions this morning.
Typical PA floatiness – almost too easy to Hover and Harrier around.
I was real nervous, but after only 2 minutes I was cranking out rolling Harriers with ease
Guys at the field said “I thought you were nervous????”
tillthefourth @ RCGroups
Fist flights this morning UNREAL how this bipe flys, put eight flights on it and love it. Danny  The plane fly’s like it in on rails!!! I have two other ultimates, a waco, and a lanier fokker d7 they will be for sale shortly as this is the only bipe I will have from now on!!!!!! Danny
menksters @ RCGroups
Well I have had this model some time now and finally assembled it. All has been said about the great flight characteristics and mine performed just as described in the PA assembly manual using their recommended mix’s. Impressive and great fun.. donnie
trobinson3003 @ RCGroups
This plane is simply gorgeous.
bsbauman @ RCGroups
This beauty can fly! I really had fun with its wild side and easy landing characteristics and it will be in the hangar for a long time to come. 

Most impressive is how easy it is to control this plane in a physically small flying environment, it slows down so well and I am sure this is going to help take me to my next step as an rc pilot. 

Many thanks to the guys at PA, great job.

MikeSteel @ RCGroups
It’s by far the best plane I’ve ever flown and I treat it with about the same care I would give my wife and children.
Gadget01 @ RCGroups
I finally managed to maiden this bird today and after 2 clicks of down trim on the elevator it flew nice and steady nearly hands off. Buttery smooth at low-rates, which is all I did today with 3 packs.

Power delivery is nice and smooth and it’s quite easy to fly. It looks absolutely stunning in the air. Great fun and I’m sure once I put a few more packs through and get used to the handling I’ll start throwing it around.

clintski @ RCGroups
AMR is the Bee’s Knee’s! Now I really know why people love this plane.
To be honest, it has exceeded all my expectations, and yet there’s still a whole lot more for me to discover That’s exciting!
J Charles @ RCGroups
Everyone should have an AMR in their hanger!
jefierro @ RCGroups
You all know by now how this plane flays so I won’t bore you with marvelous and heart filling adjectives, but I have to say, that bipe is a crowd gatherer. I fly 2 planes the AMR and a profile balsa that I use to warm up, when I change to the AMR is evident, the people start to gather around, the AMR has a large presence, to the point that one time after a beautiful landing one kid cheered my performance, I have to remind you, this is my first plane, so my skills are below average, but still I have a standing ovation hehe, there are no sits LOL. I love this plane for the performance I get from it, I don’t have to be a Dominguez to enloy it nor to entertain a passing crowd. I simply love this plane.
awry @ RCGroups
The AMR is so beautiful in the air even just flying straight and while admiring it I forget to control it for a few seconds….hehe. It flies so light and I love that I can go fast or slow on the same setting. I can’t wait to get my setup spot on so I can get a taste of the full potential of this wonderful plane. Thanks PA!
maiden-crash @ RCGroups
The Ultimate is simply one of the most versatile planes Ive ever flown, its flight characteristics range from great precision to all out 3D.
Wango Tango @ FlyingGiants
The build with all the carbon fiber components is amazing. The fuse is not your usual twisty, turney spindley Swiss-cheesed airframe that you have to be careful handling. This thing is RIGID!
Poundy @ FlyingGiants
Have had one of these beauties. truely an awesome peice of engineering. flys with refined accuracy and controll, brutal levels of aggression. a real head tuner down the field. 
Also found the staff at precision aerobatics in sydney to be helpful and really knew their product. especialy their giant scale gear.
WhiteRocket @ FlyingGiants
It’s been a great plane to really take my skills to the next level.
Dave Hobbs from Australia
The AMR bipe is just unreal.  Couldn’t of asked for anything better, thanks to the 
people that worked on it, it is a total credit to you all thanks. Very Happy customer.
Sinisa Petrovic from Canada
Hi Guys,


I just got my red Ultimate AMR.

I am amazed with whole process. I am trilled how perfect everything was:


1.    Perfect delivery (one week from Australia to Canada, BC, Vancouver – after I paid via PayPal)

2.    Perfect Packing

3.    Perfect Kit Design

4.    Perfect kit production

5.    Perfect kit covering

6.    Perfect attention to details – I checked the kit and nothing, absolutely nothing was missing


I will be your frequent customer and I’ll advertise you and your products whenever I go around BC.


Keep Up your excellent work!!!


Best Regards from Vancouver


Sinisa Petrovic

Woody @ RCGroups
PA kits set a standard that I have not seen anyone else come close to!
I Maidened my Ultimate AMR last night…Gawd, what a little 3D monster! The flat spins with power on are just wild, knife-edge loops are easy, hovering is a non-issue with this one. It has the feel of a much bigger airplane.
Kudos to PA for another winner!!
shadow102 @ RCGroups
after all the waiting, bad weather, and bad luck i finally put two full flights on the plane today, just basic sport flying, couple barrel rolls and a few hammer heads. This plane is awesome…granted i dont have much to compare it to but it flies so easy, much much easier than the pz extra 300 i had (i know you guys told me so), i couldnt land that plane right to save my life, with the taller wheels the AMR greased the landing both times even in the tall grass at my field
dead @ RCGroups
Nothing out there is comparable to the AMR. Not in the same size range that is. The AMR is an awesome low and slow harrier and roller ship but then it will go to WILD with its ability to tumble as well. It is really a great plane.
bsbauman @ RCGroups
NOTHING flies like it

It is simply amazing, perfect size for transport without removing wings and jaw-dropping performance.

JetPlaneFlyer @ RCGroups
Even if like me your 3D skills seriously suck, the AMR is still a really good fun plane to fly.
Mr Kamikaze @ RCGroups
The AMR is a great little plane. And pretty exclusive as far as 3D Bipes of that size go. Just about every time I go to the field, especially if I am visiting somewhere new, someone comments on what a great looking model it is.
richh73 @ RCGroups
Flew my AMR at the NEAT Fair quite a bit. I love this plane. Very docile and very aggressive when you want it to me. It damn near lands itself.
C_Watkins @ RCGroups
Got my first flights in today, and I absolutely LOVE this plane!

If I ever do learn any 3D (With a FOAMY first!) I’ll hit high rates and it can do it all, but even as a sport flyer it is phenomenal.
It will obviously do anything I’m capable of, including greasing in those landings.
I only flew it a couple times today, the “maiden,” and one followup, after increasing recommended low rates by 15%.
Both times I was able to make a nice slick landing. Paved runway for the first one, and a high alpha onto the grass for the second.
This thing will land unbelievably slow, with zero bad tendencies. I had a feather light touchdown into about a 1 foot roll.
Made me feel pro
(I’m assuming nobody noticed my knees knocking. First time I’ve flown a $nice$ plane in about 6 yrs.)

Anyhow… yeah, I’m glad I was swayed into a bipe. I had always avoided them like the plague.
This thing rocks.

John Shaw
Just want to let you know what a great aircraft the AMR is. Each time I fly it it brings a smile to my face. Putting a 4 cell in it has tested the airframe to the extreme. I’m having a lots of fun putting it through its paces. A couple of times I thought it might be cracked somewhere so I landed and checked things out but it turned out to be fine. Guess the fibre-fusion system must work. Love this plane…… best I’ve ever had. Been flying R/C since 1971.       regards John Shaw
Dave Hobbs
Just to let you know the servos are working great and the AMR bipe is just unreal. Couldn’t of asked for anything better, thanks to the 
people that worked on it, it is a total credit to you all thanks Dave. Very Happy customer.
Clarence Boudville
Exceptionally agile, lively and controllable. The most exciting and addictive experience i have ever had. This is the ultimate Ultimate!
kuczy @ RCGroups
On a calm day to maybe less that 7mph winds the AMR is the easiest plane I’ve EVER landed since I started flying about 7 or 8 years ago.
raider49 @ RCGroups
all I can say is AMAZING !! ive flown a lot of planes in my 20+ yrs, ive had several carl goldberg ultimates with ys-120’s and NONE of them ever performed like this one..this thing is on rails !! with no wiggles or wobbles with rudder,flat turns are great !! hands off inverted with the balance point at 48-mm,and KE is all day long with NO tuck in or out !! trimmed as called for– 2+ clicks of down with no other trim needed..BUT dont get off the throttle too soon on landing it has tremendous air brake built in new at this electric stuff ive always been a nitro junky but ive been converted !!!
cepheus @ RCGroups
Best plane I’ve ever had, PA AMR
kuczy @ RCGroups
The AMR does the most violent KE spin at our field hands down. The AMR tumbles like mad. It’s insane really. You can just be flying nice and calm and then go into some crazy tumbles where you can barely tell how many or which way its spinning.
bsbauman @ RCGroups
If you want a high energy plane, dont hesitate on the AMR; this thing winds up like a top during spins and carries its energy so well. For years, it has been my favorite to KE spin.
demonGti @ RCGroups
nothing comes close to AMR in KE spins. It’s almost unbelievable the first time you see one virtually catching its own tail in a frenzy.
chop stiX @ RCGroups
believe me and probably everyone on this thread has an AMR and it will be some of the best invested money you wll ever spend The AMR is sick to say the least!The craziest KE spins you will find on any plane,hands down “the best bipe by far”
teshiecat @ RCGroups
awesome! I have seen one fly up close by a freaky-good pilot once, and it was pretty cool!! it seemed to do it all well, and yes it tumbled heaps tight. there’s just something fascinating watching a bipe fly
rayonnair @ RCGroups
I’ve hit 20h of tx time on my AMR. Including downtime and such that’s probably about 100 flights. It’s now far and away the most flown plane in my fleet and the most flown plane I’ve ever owned (I haven’t been flying very long LOL). It goes out every weekend and gets 16-20 exciting packs put through it.
Inverted-I-Fly @ RCGroups
4 fantastic flights today, really love how comfortable I was with this one today, light and floaty, low rollers on the second battery, very predicable, beautiful slow flat spins, great KE spins, fits my style just perfect, really happy with my buy. I flew all with the 13×6.5, I thought I had a 14×7 in my field box, but didin’t. power was good, but I can’t wait to try the 14×7
The Precision Aerobatics AMR Ultimate is a high class aerobatic biplane and an absolute fun to fly. For us it seemed that this plane really made the pilot look good in all the performed maneuvers. The plane weights out of the box approximately 1.1kg which is an extreme low number provided due to its fiber fusion technology. 
BearBow @ RCGroups
Well, two things….I finally maidened my AMR. That is the craziest and most fun plane in a 40″-50″ category I’ve ever flown. Two clicks of down and that was it. My maiden looked like I’d been flying it for years. Great job PA!!!
jevery @ RCGroups
Shipping was timely and customer service was very good with my recent purchases with PA.
Richard Roberts
Wanted to thank everybody at Precision Aerobatics for getting my order out so fast and for the customer service that is great. I added to my order twice and the good people at PA dealt with me with in a patient and pleasant manner. The packing is top notch one of the best in the industry.  Thanks again for the great experience.
Dennis A. Hobson
Dear Lady: this is just a simple letter of praise for Cheryl Widner at P.A.  U.S.A.  –  I recently made an order of two electric RC planes and made a mistake in doing so! 

Cheryl called me to verify this is what I wanted (it was not) she helped me get this order right and answered all of my questions and needs in such a courteous and professional manner, I felt this letter was in order!   Not only do you sell the best model aircraft on the planet, you also have top notch employees and support crew like Cheryl !


Keep up the Good work,

Paul Herman
Many companies have support for e-mail questions. However, very few answer

in a timely, accurate fashion as you did.


This tells me that PA understands the value of good customer service. I will

definitely purchase my next aerobatics aircraft from PA.



Tim Parrish
Thank you for your call back, and the time you spent with me today. If this plane fly as well as your customer service this will be my favorite  plane. Customer service any more seems to lack politeness, concern and  urgency. This is not the case with you are your company. This Hobby is my fun and release I appreciate your friendliness politeness concern and urgency. Thanks again and look forward to meeting you some day.



Tim Parrish

Bjorn Erik
Thanks so much! The service is just as brilliant as the plane it self!
strat10 @ RCGroups
Put about 30 batteries through the Ultimate this week. Just started to spend some quality time with her and I am really getting to like this thing. You can really get this thing to do some crazy tumbling!
chop stiX @ RCGroups
WOW I’m inlove all over again after not having flown my AMR for quite few months I had a blast yesterday. Can’t wait to fly her again this weekend. ahhhhh and those KEspins nothing too fancy as I just wanted to get the feel again,but she’s just such a stable and amazing plane.
The AMR flew this morning without needing any trim. The KE programming works nice :). Very impressive!
Richard Roberts
Hello P.A. I would like to thank all of you Cheryl, Jim and Jerry and anyone else who works at P.A. For the customer service, you are so nice and accommodating. Very professional but like talking to a friend. Wanted to thank the guys for there shipping and packing well the packing is the best I have dealt with on-line, they do the little thing to keep your products safe like taping props to a piece of cardboard. Owe yeah they make Great planes to. Thanks again P.A. Richard R.
Paul Gunnar Strand, Norway
PA product is outstanding good and solid planes! (I have 4 Pa planes in my collection, and i’m very satisfied with their performance!)


Robin W. Karlsen
Thank you for providing these great Precision Aerobatics airplanes to the world! Extremeflight, Pilot-Rc, Eflite, Aeroworks, Great Planes, Hangar 9 could go to bed and sleep, compared with the PA machines! I have never seen or flown a electric balsa/carbon plane with this kind of light weight and extreme durability as the PA planes! I’m on my third PA bird now (there will be a fourth), and the best so far. The Extra MX is amazing! It looks great and the performance is fantastic! The only thing I wish you could do to the Extra mx is to add carbonfiber in the front of the glasfiber cowling as you already have in the back, it cracks up really easily.
Again! The best electric flyng machine I’ve ever had.

To everyone PA team – Thanks!

Best regards,
Robin W. Karlsen

Scott Waite
Team Precision Aerobatics,


Today I had another “Precision Day”.  Another amazing maiden and what I can tell is going to be a love affair with my new plane.  After 25 years of building and flying about every kind of plane, I have now again topped them all.  Two weeks ago, My new Ultimate AMR (my son and I both have one)  surpassed my wildest expectations and I though it would be tough to beat.  The Ultimate now has over 50 flights and the Katana has two.  What strikes me the most is that in all of the materials you hand out, your sales process at the Toledo Weak Signal Show, and your manuals tell a story of “precision” that almost seems to good to be true.  Well….you have another believer and promoter.  I would love to help you in any way I can to promote the planes in my area.  A few of our local hobby stores have yet to discover what the true value in your planes really is.   Nothing I have ever flown compares in any way to these two great machines.  I am going to stop with the praise right now because I will start to sound like a paid spokes person(Just a RC Pilot from Canton, Ohio)……..please feel free to add my comments to any materials or your website.  You simply deserve this praise.  My new Katana took off and needed one click of elevator trim and flew absolutely perfect…..I see why it was named Aerobat of The Year by Model Airplane News.


A special thanks to Cheryl Widner…she has been amazing to deal with and has taken great care of me…….


A special thanks to Shaun for working with your team to demand that these planes surpass anything I have ever flown… must take enormous amounts of research and work to create such wonderful machines….. that my planes are “proven precision” I do have a few helpful suggestions if you would like to call me and discuss.


My hats off to all of you…….



Scott Waite

Ryan Plummer
 Love my addiction x and ultimate. So much stronger than my other planes and they fly great. The customer service is awesome. Managed to get the wrong cowl. Let them know and had a new cowl the next day 
Glory Lory
Can’t find a better 3d biplane as my ultimate
Jeffrey McCartney
 I love my pa ultimate amr pro package. The service I got from Cheryl at USA warehouse was outstanding. I learned a lot with this plane and with some abuse has only needed a few repairs. Flys like day one and even though I wasn’t as capable as the airframe I am still enjoying it. This is by far the only bipe that can slow down and land. It’s post stall is predictable and can wall like no other. I would not be happy unless I had at least one more pa plane to add to my hanger!! Keep up the great designs and ultralight frames coming. One thing I love about pa is the stock is very good! Great job and thank you for an experience I won’t soon forget!
Terry Rikard
 I love the way the PA planes fly! I have the Ultimate, the Addiction X and was excited to finally get the MX Extra. I fly with a lot of guys who love very precise flying; one of them is David Guerin. (F3A competitor, was a builder for Quique Somenzini, and Nats manager up to 2013) I wanted a great 3D plane but also a very precise flying plane. I had Dave help me with the final GC and setting the low rates for precise flying. He said: “I had a really nice plane with no bad characteristic” and I should “continue adjusting the low rates till it flew like an extension of me.” I love the slow axial roles with no wallowing. (Dave’s were slow and beautiful!!!) Yet when I throw it to mid rates it does beautiful 3D maneuvers and high rates for walls, elevators, slides and more dynamic maneuvers. Anyone who says this plane is not a precise plane either does not have it set up right on CG, throws or both. As I have seen the right pilot make this live up to it name Precision Acrobatics!
Anny Lussier
 Love my Ultimate and Katana MX. Both flies very light,slower and realy aerobatic.The fusion of carbon balsa is strong and light weight.Both flies really diffrent but really great !!! I’m really excited cause i’m in the assembly of XR52 and will fly it in about 1 week !! I have 20 years of experience in rc plane and never seen excellent planes like precision aerobatics…Look is very nice of all there planes.And i dont wan’t to buy other plane than precision aerobatics !! It’s comes a little bit expansive cause I’M from quebec but I Personaly think it’s worth the cost !! 
John Wright
 Love my Ultimate, bought it from you folks at the Toledo show last year. Hope to pick up a xr52 this year.
Darryl Theisen‎
I got a Katana Mini when they first came out but didnt fly it for about 12 years. Now I have a Bandit and an AMR. These planes are straight, stiff and light and you cant beat the quality with a stick. Light planes fly slower and hit the ground softer. With a little simulator time you can slow these planes down, lower the rates and use them as a 2nd trainer. The iPAs systems work great and everything fits like it should. When your trying to learn precision aerobatics quality really does count and with PA you get what you pay for.
Scott Waite
I have been flying and teaching RC Flying now for over 22 years. I have built and everything from basic trainers to 100 plus mph pattern planes. My favorite planes are aerobats. Last year changed everything for me now that I have found my new friends at Precision Aerobatics. I have a Katana MX and two Ultimate AMRs. It is sad to say but the rest of my fleet of over 20 planes are now collectors items sitting and collecting dust. Both my son Scott and I met the wonderful Precision Aerobatics Team in Toledo at the Weak Signal Show…and at first the claims seemed too good to be true. To my surprise, the claims of these airplanes being far superior are absolutely true. I have over 100 flying hours on my PA planes and I cannot get enough of them and they have taken my flying to an entirely new level. Everyone who has watched me fly them have been blown away by their beauty and PRECISION Flying. They make flying far more enjoyable with their predictable behavior. Also, when I have had any questions, observations, or customer needs they have been met with superior customer service. Cheryl and Jim have become RC friends….Thank you to both of you. The Katana MX was named Aerobat of the Year because it simply is………
Moriah Wamsley
 First off the service is hands down the best. After you make a purchase online shipping is prompt. If by chance you forget to order something just give them a call, they will add it to your order before shipping. The woman on the phone is always happy to answer all your annoying questions about tracking numbers or bundling things in one box to save on shipping! next i have to say quality of the airframe is awesome light but yet strong. if you happen to bash a wingtip on the ground or come in a bit hot youll be flying again in no time. i myself have the AMR and the Katana mini. on maiden flights didnt even need one click of trim straight as an arrow. even having these two totally capable planes when my uncle flys his addy i always find myself watching and wishing i had gotten one. its just insane the things he does with it and makes it look easy. im currently saving up for an addy X but probly not this year. safe to say im going to fly nothing but PA planes. anything else just seems like im cheating myself.
Elmo Cooper
I own an Addiction XL and an Ultimate AMR. Both planes satysfied me from the start. The pre-assembled parts are perfectly manufactured and the final built up you have to do at home is arranged logical and using the manual very easy practicable. I never got in trouble getting any spare parts (thanks to my local PA provider whereupon it instead of the detailed construktion of PA planes often was no problem to fix minor injury even with my low skills in building. First it was a hobby, with PA it became passion, that means this brand made me become a fan in a way I actually only knew from rock stars!
Hi Shaun. 

I’m really looking forward to flying this one (Extra Mx). my Bandit is three years old and going strong. Katana MX two years old and perfect, Addiction X flawless, AMR two years old and stunning, Addiction 3D beautiful. They all run as good as they did the day I got them, all get polished weekly and look brand new after hundreds of flights. I can’t say enough about these planes and your design. At this point I have six of your planes. I don’t have another manufacture’s plane. I just love the effortless reliability of your airplanes. 

Warmest regards


Hal Andrews
I recently became aware of Precision Aerobatics when my wife bought me a Ultimate for my birthday. I have to say that your product is incredible. I recently got back into rc flying after many years and started back into electrics and of course buying cheap foreign foamies that where poorly designed and well you know the rest. What a surprise when I opened up the Ultimate box and peered into a product which was truly conceived of by people who imbibe quality throughout the whole process. I am a craftsman and share the similar attention to detail and striving for excellence with our firm as you surely do with yours. Thanks again for such a wonderful aircraft and I am sure I will be getting more PA aircraft in my hanger going forward.
Darrell MacIntyre
Have flown the Katana and she flies like on rails and very impressed with her. I got a little wild with the AMR V-2 did a loop about 10 feet of the ground and almost made it broke the battery tray and landing gear and cracked motor box. very impressive plane. I fly close to the ground as I explained I push it to the limit. fixed battery tray and after getting new parts she will fly again. I fly your planes with the faith they will do every maneuver that I put them thru. Looking forward to the bigger AMR-V2 Giant size you can definitely put me on the list for one!!! I am already getting rid of my Hyperion and other BI-planes to make room for it.
Scott Waite
Precision Team, I know that I expressed some concerns previously about our two Ultimate AMRs kits we purchased last Christmas, but I now have the pleasure of telling you how amazing they really are. Also thanks for taking care of every concern we had with the kits promptly and professionally. These planes fly absolutely better than any plane we have owned in the past 23 years. We have now had them in the air for many flights in the past week and are completely delighted with them. We cannot begin to imagine how truly wonderful they will be as we hone our skills to suit them. We have never experienced such truly outstanding performance in every aspect of their capabilities. All of the rave reviews and boasting that has done about them is truly deserved. My son Scoot and I are very happy customers and will promote these planes to everyone we come in contact with.