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Katana 52 Testimonials

William Rehm
Thanks! I finally got out to maiden the 52 today. Michael, Daniel and all of PA, you guys are right on! PA you hit it out of the park with this airplane. All I needed was a couple clicks of down elevator and it really did fly like it was on rails. The guy standing next to me could not believe this was a first flight. Plenty of power and very stable. The first time I turned it into knife edge it just stayed locked in. Absolutely ZERO coupling. I did do a couple of snap rolls and they too were awesome. I did not attempt any low and slow 3D maneuvers but maybe further down the road as my skills improve. Landing was a non-event. Like most PA planes, kill the power and it just floated down. Just control your decent with the throttle. Although it is very early on with this plane, I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone that has moved beyond basic skills. GET IT, you will not be disappointed. I hope this helps as I could not be more impressed as with the K-52.
“what shall I say? Iam totally thrilled!!! the Katana is by far the best plane I ever had (just to let you know this must be at least be his kit number 100 including MXS EF) only one click to have her flying straight. Simply super super good. She can quick, she can slowly..flies fully neutral and does what she needs to do. Rolls quicker than a lightning if you what and this totally straight. Climbs neutral up and down. I already did make 6 flights and cannot get enough of it… Landings are extremely easy..only 2 click of power and super soft landing. It is not that the other PA planes fly badly..but the Katana 52 is simply the BEST
The Katana is a joy to fly! Stable, crisp, & clean flight characteristics. A blast on 4s!!!
Willie T
Just got back from the field. It is the first time I flew in rather gusty conditions. The K-52 handled everything perfectly! I have never been a real windy day flier but this airplane is already stretching my barriers……
Alex Dijoseph
This thing does AMAZING crankshafts. Carrys so much energy for such a light flying plane. Changes the way you think about light planes thats for sure. Loving my new K52. The roll rate on this thing is perfect! Fast enough for sharp rolls to opposite knife edge and quicker rolling harriers but not so fast as to make it twitchy. The spins are Insane! Pop tops, flat spins, crankshafts, just so perfect. Not so floaty that it’s hard to lose altitude yet still rock solid in a harrier. This plane struck the balance of everything so perfect.
I now have about 40 flight on the Katana 52″ . I truly love it! What a great set up too . The 45R motor is the coolest running motor I have ever used . And the nxt 80 servos are exceptional servos. Altogether a 10.5 out of 10. This airplane can do it all. No bad habits at all . From blenders to knife edge rolls, super slow high alpha to fast and precise point rolls I love it. I hope you develop more R series motors for my larger airplanes as a replacement motor these rock too.
Daniel Dominguez
Its the best electric plane i have flown! capable of everything from slow 3d to high energy tumbles and precision aerobatics, its my favorite plane that always goes with me to the field! Many non PA customers tried it at Joe Nall for the first time and LOVED it, all of them ended up buying one, it is that good! 
This thing is crazy agressive, yet super precise, and capable of also slow 3D, and beautiful fast rolls. there isn’t any maneuver that it won’t do perfect and beautiful! I can bet it outflies any other plane in the 48-52″ plane. Anyone thinking about getting one, please dont hesitate, you won’t regret it!
Alex Fredrickson
This plane is the best PA plane on the market so far, I actually use it to practice my IMAC routine and does the sequence better than the old plane I used last season. This plane has out flown any of the competitions planes that I have flown, I always recommend this aircraft to people who are looking for a plane in the 48-52″ range
Michael Wargo
I finally maddened mine!!!!!!! Unbelievable plane. Just perfect. I only got a couple flights in higher wind middle of the afternoon, but I absolutely love this plane! Seriously. It was just awesome.
What did impress me most…is the cleanness of the flying…she is quick, but also very stable during landings at slow speed…and very responsive…but it is very different from the other PA planes (as for example the XR52…)