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ADXL / XR-61 / Ultimate AMR 60 / Katana 60 power package without airframe

ADXL / XR-61 / Ultimate AMR 60 / Katana 60 power package without airframe


Curently on backorder, Arriving in June!

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This is the package for the new Katana 60, ADXL, XR61 and AMR 60 that use the Thrust 60 Revo rear mounted motor.

Note: that this package DOES NOT include airframe.

Spinner and Vortex generators are not included in this package.

Through hundreds of hours of flight testing our airframe designs, we have established that there is a direct correlation between the airframe and drive system and one affects the other with consequences to the desired aerodynamic performance.

That meant airframes and drives should not be treated as individual items isolation but as one system. As a result we have developed our iPAs, PA Integrated Performance Airframe-Drive System allowing you to experience the exact aerodynamic performance as envisaged by our chief designer and team of test pilots minus all the guess work and unnecessary expenses.


Here is what this package includes: 

  • PA Thrust 60 Revo 24 poles outrunner motor with RotorKool Technology with Carbon Fiber X Mount
  • PA Quantum EVO 80A High performance Programmable ESC with HV selectable bec (6v – 7.4v – 8.0v)
  • CNC machined precision prop adapter
  • CNC machined Carbon Fiber X mount
  • 4 of NXT-200HV digital super-torque metal case and gears servo
  • Set of 4 Carbon Fiber extended servo arms specifically designed to achieve the desired linkage geometry for full control surface movement. 
  • Thin gauge twisted light extension lead (made in the same German factory as our giant scale airplanes HD leads). Due to its fine high quality strings it is extremely flexible preventing RF noises and features low internal resistance.
  • 16×7 VOX Wooden propeller


Ultimate AMR 60

Thrust 60 Revo 24 Poles Motor with RotorKool technology

PA Quantum 70A Pro ESC New version user-selectable HV SBEC (6.0 / 7.4 / 8.0v)

VOX 15×10 Electric wooden propeller

VOX 15×8 Electric wooden propeller

VOX 16×7 Electric wooden propeller

PA V4 Lipo 2600mAh 3S 11.1V 25-50c

Ultimate AMR 60 Bling Package

Ultimate AMR 60 Carbon Fiber Vortex Generators

Ultimate AMR 60 wing bags

2.17″ Carbon Fiber spinner

Nexatec NXT 100HV servo – Pack of 4 servos

Ultimate AMR 60 Carbon Fiber servo arms – 4pc

MX lightweight Pilot figure

Original Deans Ultra Plugs

Ultra Deans connectors – female only pack of 4pc

Thin gauge electric extension lead – 2 meter / 78″


Jan Hyde
I’ve been in the hobby for 55 years. I very rarely fall in
love with my aircraft. The AMR 60 is testing my  feelings. It is everything it is said to be and likely much more. You did a hell-of-a job with this fine aircraft! I was compelled to purchase a second…besides I’ll now have the two colors.


Tyler McCormack (Clover Creek invitational competitor)
Click here to view the video of him flying it
felt good,flew more like a foamy than I kind of thought
It has a lot of pitch authority which is also nice, I could do a lot of my tumbles which i really like doing. Roll rate is pretty consistent it does good snap rolls, and flew precision pretty well for the little fun plane it is. I was pretty impressed, like i said very easy to fly down low,very stable in harriers and stuff, fun airplane, very fun airplane.


Chris Hass (XFC Competitor)
Click here to see the video of him flying it
I got to fly it today and yesterday
Yesterday i flew it with a lot less wind than there was today
But yesterday when i flew it with very little wind, I was super impressed with how well that airplane tracked, how well it did precision, and then of course it went right into beautiful slow 3d, because you know its a nice biplane, it does nice rolling harriers, plenty of rudder and pitch authority, but it doesn’t have too much authority to where it can’t lock back in and fly and track nice lines.


Bill Hodges
I flew the Ultimate this morning. I absolutely love that plane. We now have three of them in our little group.


James MacDonald
Flew 4 packs on it this AM. This plane is absolutely awesome- high alpha and slow flight are a slow walking pace.
I placed the battery a few mm fwd after flying the recommended cg and it’s just perfect.
TP 27006S gave me 4:30- this is throttle timer, so as I fly lots of 3D with power off and the flight lasted me closer to 7 minutes. Packs landed with little over 30%
I don’t see a need to go bigger. I have a 3000 pack I’ll try during the week, just to see….


Martin Sputz, Germany
Today I maidened the Ultimate AMR 60. Now, thats a whole new ballgame! Wow, what an amazing airplane! The best yet! And the mounting tech of the wings is just amazing. Goes real quick!


Ben Rufli
I have been building flying models since 1956. I have built over 15 of your ARF’s some of them several times. Just wanted to say to Shawn that the AMR 60 is one of the best planes you have put out as far as quality control. Not that there was anything wrong with the other ones but this is definitely a step up. I can’t wait to get the finishing instructions on this model. The quality control is unbelievable on the covering and the fit of everything. The only thing I’ve had to do is a sanding stick very lightly on the elevator to fit into the fuselage. Alignment was perfect.
Thanks again and I hope you are able to enjoy some of the holiday.


John Jack, MONROE UT
Excellent quality as what I’ve come to expect from PA. Assembly was straight forward using their detailed instructions. Love how it handles in the air. Precise and goes/stays where you point it even with turbulence that would knock around other planes of similar weight/size (no stabilization). I normally don’t disassemble planes of this size for transport but their wing removal system is so easy I do it to partly just help keep this beauty looking good.

My new favorite bipe!