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Learn how to 3D! Beginner to Pro video series by Daniel Dominguez

Stuck at home? There is no better time to hone your flying skills and get back to the field with a new set of maneuvers already mastered on your sim: ready for real life practice.Below you’ll find huge collection of videos created by our talented team pilot Daniel Dominguez, showing you how to perform nearly every 3d maneuver in the book and more.
This is real life videos – no simulator but you get to see his thumbs and follow.
Keep this page as your reference-guide and work your way to be the pilot you want to be! or click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel were we will keep adding more How to videos. 

Torque Roll


Knife Edge Spin

Knife Edge Loop

Harrier Landing

Pop Top

Knife Edge

Falling Leaf

Inside Tumble

Rolling Loop

Snap to Hover

Rolling Elevator

Rolling Spin


Inverted Harrier

Square Loop

Blender Variation

Misc Rolling

Wall to Waterfall



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