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XR-52 testimonials

Date: 08/11/2016 Category:
Rich Grow @ RCGroups
WOW What a Super Airplane !!!

We had Record High Temps here Sunday 25th January 2015 for Washington State here in the USA.   Super Calm Day and got up to 61 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Flew MY Red and Blue XR52’s over and over again and what a Blast to Fly!!!  I Let My Longtime Flying Buddy Don Fly My Blue Version and He couldn’t Believe How intuitive and connected He Felt to this Plane.

We’ve Built Well Over 100 ARF’s Between Us and This Plane Responds Perfectly to His Every Input.

I also Had My Bandit with Me to see Difference.   The XR52 is The Best Feeling 3D Plane that Precision Aerobatics has !!!  The More I Fly It The More I Love It !!!

The More Flights I Get on Them and with few Minor Tweaks to My Radio The Happier I Am !!! Glad I Bought 2 and May Even Later Buy 3rd Green Version !!!  Everyone was Checking Them Out Up Close at Our Flying Club Field.

All Love The Gorgeous Color Schemes That Really Look Fabulous Up in the Air.  Can’t Ask or Expect anything more than this from New Airplane !!!

swisso @ RCGroups
Just did a close inspection of my Christmas present.
Absolutely perfect! Oh, I’m so good to me!
Very, very nice construction; the weight of the fuselage,
out of the box, feels virtually negligible and feels very strong.
Building starts next week, with the maiden most likely in the new Year.
I have to try to match my part of the build to the quality of the PA build.
ipscwolle @ RCGroups
What a beautiful Christmas gift
Got my blue XR52 yesterday the 24th just some hours before our Christmas party
I am so happy, I can’t tell you
aftica @ RCgroups
Hey guys, I started my assembly.
Happy to report that everything is straight as an arrow and covering is flawless. ho hum, yawn… typical PA quality!
ipscwolle @ RCgroups
Hi, I am back with a big grin  2 days ago we had the first sunny day after weeks. All snow melted away. And just the night before my XR-52 was completed and adjusted.

A bit high-strung I got it in the air, take off after 1 m only. And it was amazing, absolutely no trim clicks necessary. Top Speed is fantastic, on 3D flight unbelievebal what is possible. I also own 2 Addiction X, but you can’t compare anything.

Have flown 6 packs 4S 3000 mAh with the 13×5 the first day, and yesterday it was sunny again
So another 6 packs but with the 13×6,5. This is now my favourite one.

Today it’s raining, weather forecast very bad for the next 5 days.

But I can dream

Yazz @ RCGroups
Thanks everyone at the PA team! I have nothing but great things to say. Designing, manufacturing, distribution and support are all fantastic. I love my PA planes!
jasonille @ RCGroups
All I need to do is put the servo’s in and she is ready and as you said earlier ultimate I could not beleive how well everything fit absolutley no sanding and perfectly straight. Thanks PA for the awesome plane and support!!!  All I can say is OMG this is a animal!!! For all of you still building you are going to be extremely impressed on how she fly’s. UNBELIEVABLE!!! I really can’t believe how fast it flies and then turn around and fly it so it is just barely moving. This will be my backseat baby sorry ADX but just amazing!!!
Lusby @ RCGroups
On monday (Australia Day Holiday!) I did the maiden and another 20 or so flights. Have to say I am really happy with how this plane performs. Very good at at high energy moves ….. loving the KE spins that are so quick the plane spins off like a frisbee from the centrifugal force when you let the rudder go…. and the noise!!!!

Fantastic rolling circles and rolling harriers too, rolling aroung in high alpha doing tight circles is a breeze. Better than any other plane of this size / weight that I own that’s for sure. AND it pretty mutch lands itself!…. how is this possible with a plane that can pull off such wild moves

I threw my entire book of tricks at the XR52 and it took it all and wanted more. Not saying it’s a big book, but enough to test a plane.

Rich Grow
I’ve Owned Most PA Planes and All EXTREME FLIGHT EXP Series Planes.  This New XR52 Just Feel Intuitive and More Connected than All over 100 ARF’s My Flying Buddy Don and I Have Built and Flown.   Over 1/2 ARF’s We Built are Giant Scale 3D Gassers NOT ELECTRICS!!!

I Asked Don Fly My XR52 see What He Thought ???  He’s Flown My Bandit too !!! The Bandit’s More Skitterish and Squirrely Than The XR52 is to Fly !!! Don’s Quote After Flying XR52″Wow Rich I’ve Never Felt Any Plane So Intutive and Connected to My Every Input and a Feeling Of Being Totally in Precise Control Of Aircraft. It’s Like XR52 Reads Your Mind and Does It !!!

The More Flights I Get On My 2 XR52’s The More I Love Them !!!  Best of All I Can Carry up too 4 Fully Assembled Ready Fly Planes This Size Inside My 4 X 4 !!!  Also the XR52 has Bigger Fuselage That Makes It Way Easier By Far To Change Your Batteries and Keep Flying !!! A MAJOR PLUS +++

demonGti @ RCGroups
My green XR-52 has arrived from Aus. It looks better in the flesh than on screen

I’m really excited to get her assembled and in the air.

Maiden flight this morning, very impressed with it. Can be completely insane or just float around the sky, glad I took 7 batteries  Landing is very easy as I could power off and float it in.

You will not be disappointed with it. had another 7 flights today, if your on the fence about getting this plane….do it. It is so nice to fly, lands easily and even on windy days its nice.

Maiden today! Quite windy but, OMG  what a machine!
Love it. And so far only with the 13×5 prop; full iPAs.
Just got back from flying it again it is really unbelievable it is so fast on a upward line it is whistling and then the pop top is insane right into a downward line screaming and then just kill the power and it floats like a butterfly. This plane is truly amazing I just hope my X and XL don’t get to jealous because I haven’t had them out since flying the XR!!!
ultimatetwo @ RCGroups
I went also to do the maiden of the XR-52…., After the first flight all can I say is ” Wow”….. looks like the old Bandit, but more stable on all maneuvers, and rocks solid…. awesome ship…¡¡¡¡  Till now my experience about the XR52 is quite good. Is a stable, honest, 3D and Aresti platform, not many airplanes on its size performs so good. Compared with the Bandit is another step to perfection… it gives a feeling of lightness and crisp control even in not so good meteo. just push the battery a little forward and it goes straigh…
Even with my Axi motor that is not so powerfull as the T45 , ship performs extremely well and for the quality of the kit, materials, design and…. performance… you receive the reward of every buck invested…kudos again for P.A. ….
With my best regards…
ipscwolle @ RCGroups
Today, after 10 weeks of rain, snow and gusty / heavy wind we had a first visit of the spring time here in SW Germany. Sun and 18 degrees centigrade.
And, I had 12 pcs. 4S 3000 mAh, which are empty now
This plain with the too technical name XR-52 is soooooo great to fly, awsome  And the landings are a dream, just float in. About a start we don’t have to talk, either from the ground, after some 80-100 cm she is airborne, nor from the Hand. Handstart is funny, just let her loose in an angel of 30 degree and 3/4 throttle
redbaron1 @ RCGroups
Maiden the XR 52 yesterday and must say she is a dream to fly. Uncoupled knife edge was a pleasent surprise. Take offs and landings are a breeze even on tall grass.
Thomas B.
I am getting used to my XR 52, this is the 7th flight. It is an excellent plane. Very predictable, no coupling.
The XR-52 has arrived!! Looks AWESOME.  Finally got the time to maiden the XR52. What a sweet plane.
José Carlos Zablah Larin
By the way I really like the XR 52 what a great plane! Rolling circles rolling loops and waterfalls are easy. Inverted harriers no problem. I haven’t had a single issue with the new xr52 its a great product! This one came, was built no electrical no anything problems have it for only a couple of weeks and I already have more than 40 flights on it!

I’m looking forward to receiving my addiction on sat. Its in Guatemala. I bought a brand new one. From RC Americas.

José Carlos Zablah Larin