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Addiction V2 series – the best just got MUCH better!

 With a complete overall upgrade to the airframes, the airfoils, the set-up, the color scheme and with LEDs pre-installed!
 We are excited to share with you the Addiction V2 series!

After years of glory and over a decade in high-demand, the Addiction series has been updated and its Version 2 is being released. (40″ 50″ and 59″ sizes)

With more than 15,000 sold, the Addiction series proved that 3D flying is challenging and fun, and with the right aircraft it is within the grasp of anyone regardless of experience or skill level!

Making an already awesome airplane even better is not an easy task, but Shaun Vanunu, our chief engineer, attacked it from many angles:

• New aerodynamic design allows much higher flying-speed for precision flying and higher energy maneuvers, while keeping the ability to fly at crawl-speed for the Addiction’s famous slow-3D.
• New construction using PA’s most up-to-date innovative FiberFusion techniques – more solid than ever!
• Custom-made new airfoils further expand its flight envelope
• Even more powerful iPAs set up – the all new Thrust 25 motor combined with NXT70-HV digital servos (for the Addiction), Thrust 45 Revo with NXT 80HV (ADX) and lastly Thrust 60 Revo with NXT 100HV on the ADXL –  for a completely new level of performance, never seen in the Addiction before.
• Factory-ready for night flying – extending your flying hours into the best time of the day, when temperature and wind drops.

We are proud to say with complete confidence that the Addiction V2 series are simply the best 3d planes in their classes, incomparable to any built-up 3D plane on the market.

ADXL V2 in White – limited quantity now in stock! red and green to arrive in December

Addiction X V2 and Addiction V2 arriving in December


We know you want the full details on what has been updated on each Addiction V2 size!! Click the pictures below to find out!

Addiction V2 40″
Addiction X V2 50″
Addiction XL V2 59″