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Learn how to 3D! Beginner to Pro video series by Daniel Dominguez

My name is Daniel Dominguez, and i have been involved with R/C for over 22 years, my passion has always been 3D aerobatics, and i want to share my knowledge with those who wish to start their journey with learning 3D Aerobatics, i will cover all maneuvers possible, this series will feature both raw and uncut videos, which are flights, no cuts, no editing, no music, just hard 3d flying , and the the beginner to pro series. I will be constantly updating this playlist with new maneuvers, and we also welcome requests. Please note that i’m using only real life footage in this series, as in some maneuvers you can see how the wind affects the plane, the common corrections, etc

Please ask any questions you have about the maneuvers we post, and i’ll try my best to explain. I want also to give a big thanks to Hans Kahlert for helping with the narrations and scripts on the videos, its no easy task to try to teach 3D! but we will try our best to help the 3d community grow bigger by making more people learn 3D! Thanks to everyone for visiting this post, and i hope it is of help in your journey of dominating 3D maneuvers 🙂

To keep easy to track the videos, i will posting them in this page, and subscribe to the youtube channel to get notifications when the new videos are uploaded!