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Extra 260 Testimonials

Patric Eckerle
Today it was my first flight with PA Extra 260. I have never flown a plane like this with such a precision and great fun. Well done, this is really a world class product! 

Best regards from Germany
Patric Eckerle

jrwilliams27 @ RCGroups
After building this piece of art and then maidening it yesterday, I must say I don’t regret jumping on this plane. Several reasons why I chose the 260 is that it is lighter and therefore my 2170mah 3 cell lipos will not be as abused and I get longer flight times.

After flying the 260, I must admit that this plane is incredible. I really like it with a 13×6.5e. Most of the flight was at less than 1/2 throttle and it still was phenonemal vertically. I was doing maneuvers lower and better after just a few flights. I love the KE this plane does. I have always had some trouble keeping a steady KE on my other planes even with mixing, but this plane KE so well. I was doing KE circles and snaps in just the 2nd flight. Hovering this plane is a breeze. I am amazed at how well this plane flies and how stable it is. This is definitely a keeper!

r/cdawg @ RCGroups
The maiden was a non event. The 260 is rock solid and with the cg at the 98mm mark there is no, none, nada, coupling in knife edge. Just roll to the side and it stays. In fact I was doing KE to KE snaps the length of the field and what impressed me was it had no tendency to want to over rotate in the snaps. Release the sticks and it stops. With the cg at 98mm it needs such a light touch inverted that it’s basicly neutral. For guys looking for a precision/IMAC plane this 260 will be great. The PA guys did there home work on this one!

Iinverted harriers locked right in. Hovers are the proverbial “piece of cake”. Upright and inverted flat spins flatten out nicely and it will do sweet blenders.

Ready to fly weight with battery is 32.7 ounces. Koudo’s to the folks at PA.

grali @ RCGroups
Maiden flight today. Mild breeze, this thing flies on rails! One click trim was all she took and inverted was practically hands off. Cruising at 1/4 throttle, will float at hardly any throttle. Cut throttle and ease up to full elevator and she floats down in a gentle harrier. Knife edges are clean and she tracks well and easily does KE patterns. All else I can say is WOW!!! Good Job Precision Aerobatics!!!
MR-STI @ RCGroups
What a plane!! , got mine on the weekend, and had a couple flight early sunday morn. My very first 3D/Aerobatic plane and im loving it already.

I have tried 3D on G3.5 and i cant beleive how close it is to flying the real thing. I could sort of hover it for about 10 seconds on my first flight, at some height i might add. Easiest plane i have ever maidend i reackon, on my second flight it was a bit windy and it almost landed on the spot and was flying backwards at some stages, lol, i have only ever flown Jets and Faster warbirds so was quite amazed at the 260’s slow flight stability.

Great work PA and to all the guys in this thread with little build and flying tips, every bit counts.

I think i have a new favourite plane


Mr Kamikaze @ RCGroups
Hey everyone

I joined the PA Extra 260 club this morning. 4 Batteries through it on it’s maiden day out. What a big light hot doggin’ machine. LOVE IT!!!

PSBeretta @ RCGroups
I just put the maiden flight on my PA 260 this weekend and WOW!!
This is by far the best electric I have flown to date.
turboparker @ RCGroups
First flights…

Took her up for the maiden flight plus one more. All trims were neutral with surfaces centered. CG is @ 98 mm with the front of the battery ~34 mm behind the front edge of the c/f battery tray. I’m using the IPAs system, and the pull/pull rudder setup.

Was flying from a school lot with an asphalt parking area and a football-field-sized grass area adjacent to the parking lot.

70 F
940 ft AMSL

Slowly rolled into the throttle and she was airborne within 10 feet @ ~1/2-throttle. Climbed out @ ~1/2-throttle – seemingly in slow-motion. One click of up-elevator & one click of right aileron and she was lazily flying level – hands-off.

I flew the first pack for 7 minutes – mostly what one would call sport-flying – lazy circuits @ 1/3-throttle, some loops, and a few touch-n-goes. Charger says I only used 714 mA. I flew the second pack for about 5 minutes. I flew more aggressively this time – faster circuits, more aerobatics, and a few hover sessions. Charger says I only used 712 mA that time.


She hovers effortlessly at just under 1/2-throttle. She tracks well through big, slow loops, and looks a lot like a full-scale ship when doing them. I didn’t attempt any major 3D, but did do an elevator just for grins. She was just a bit nose-down, but was floating down quite nicely. She is a serious floater on final. I found myself waiting & waiting for her to quit flying and finally land!

I was not prepared for how slow & graceful, yet authoritative this aircraft is. Very impressive – especially at this scale! Compared to my 40 & 60-size aerobats, this thing feels like it’s flying in oil!

I still can’t get used to the fact that although I know I’m flying a 48″ wingspan park-flier, my eyes & fingers think I’m flying a 40%-scale ship! After ony 10 minutes of flight, I can tell that this is one of the best-handling ships I have ever owned – in any scale! My 40 & 60-size glow-powered aerobats are not even close to this!

To the PA team – thank you for your excellent work. Very well done!!


groovejet @ RCGroups
Well I maidened my PA Extra 260 a few days ago, in moderate wind as it’s been windy every day for about the last 2 weeks .

I maidened in on Friday morning before work. I had just enough time to fly one battery pack and experiment with battery locations. It was immediately apparent that this plane is a floater. Sure, the wind was strong, but this plane just wanted to stay up there! The maiden went well in the sense that I got it up and down a few times without drama, so I packed it into the car and went to work.

I managed to get away from work early but the wind was still blowing; I decided to fly anyway. I flew another 7 packs and I absolutely love the plane! The wind was stronger than I would’ve liked but it handles the wind better than I thought it would. Sure, it was getting blown around a bit, but I was flying it in a 3D funfly way anyway so that was no drama. The wind actually helped as I could basically do slow parachute landing approaches and then give it some throttle to level off and land. I can see why this plane has a reputation for doing really slow and persistent rolling harriers. It’s very floaty and I find it _much_ easier for me to do knife edge and rolling harriers with the Extra 260 than with my 3DHS Velox. I guess the PA plane’s extra floatiness is what’s helping out there. I’m much more confident flying this plane low and doing hovers, high alpha knife edges and rolling harriers. This plane was so floaty in the wind that I could do rolling harriers on the spot without the need to pulse the throttle to prevent it sinking. My balsa rollers are not as smooth as my foamy rollers so I need to work on that. From what I saw on Friday I feel that I’m going to have a lot of fun with this plane (and any replacements if I break it).

Thanks PA for making such a wonderful plane! I’m really looking forward to flying it again tomorrow as the forecast suggests that it’ll be the only low wind day we’ve had in around 2 weeks

SonyVegasUser @ RCGroups
I have had mine in the air for about 6 weeks now. I love it.

I was concerned about wind as well. Today was such a beautiful sunny day that I had to fly. It seemed pretty windy so I went down a block or 2 in my development where I have never flown before because it seemed like a larger area to fly. Plus the wind was coming from the north and the street would give me a north / south “runway” instead of the east /west “runway” that I normally have at the end of my driveway. As soon as I got it air born I wondered if I had made a mistake as the model was getting kicked around quite a bit. 

I jammed on the throttle to climb higher than I normally do. The larger space gave me a much better view over the tops of the trees in my development since they were a bit further away from me. The air was much smoother up there and I was able to fly quite nicely. I didn’t do a whole lot of 3D acrobatics but it was a whole heck of a lot of fun. Hovers moved down the street pretty quickly with the wind :0 but it was still surprising that it could hover. Elevator drops and harriers were a bit of a challenge but non 3D acrobatics were beatiful. The PA 260 cut through the wind like butter. I still had plenty of throttle left and had a heck of a lot of fun. 

I was very worried about landing. So, I did 3 practice passes to test it out (I never flew in this field before). It seemed like it had the potential to be very jumpy coming in. The wind was popping the plane quite a bit. However, for my real attempt at landing I was amazed at how well the 260 handled it. I had to correct several times throttle, rudder, elevator etc. with the wind changes but the final touch down was gentle. Essentially, I harrier landed at the last second but it would not have been possible to land safely if the 260 wasn’t so responsive and adaptable. 

Now I am not as concerned about the wind and think it just gives me another type of fun. I will just adjust by using a little larger field (aka neighborhood) and trust that 260 has the power and control that it needs to adapt.

VERY Impressive PA!


_Oz_ @ RCGroups
I like the way my Extra 260 flys!.
GPT @ RCGroups
My first PA plane was the Katana Mini then the Katana MD.The last 4 PA planes were Extra 260’s ,2 destroyed and one sold off to fund a different brand that I really didn’t bond with.
What do I like ? The feel and comfort that I get from a plane that feels like an extension of your thoughts. Plus the backup from a Company that has stood behind their product if there has been an issue.
Groovejet @ RCGroups
I have a green PA Extra 260 that I’ve been flying for about a week. It’s my second 3D balsa plane. I’ve been flying a 3DHS Velox for about 2 months. It was immediately apparent that the PA Extra 260 is easier than the Velox for me to fly low with confidence. It is much easier for me to do slow rolling harriers and high alpha knife edge with the PA Extra 260. Both planes are great but the PA Extra 260 allows me to relax more when flying low.

I was flying the PA Extra 260 a few nights ago and I had a case of dumb thumbs. I pulled back on the elevator while inverted instead of pushing forward, which lead to the plane going in hard on the nose from about 3m in height. The damage from this hard hit was a cracked but still usable engine cowl and a smashed motor box. I was pleased that the motor box broke without any damage to the rest of the wooden structure. I suspect that the motor box is intentionally made less robust than the bulkhead to limit damage to an easily replaceable motor box. Thanks to (I assume) Radio Rookie’s “How to replace a motor box” guide on the PA website I’ll have this plane airborne again within a few days. Then it’s back to “low and slow” but hopefully my thumbs have learnt from their last mistake

Mr Kamikaze @ RCGroups
I’m flying the Extra 260 and it is quite simply the best! Although a mate just told me not to buy another plane until I have seen his Extra MX fly (I guess he’s pretty happy with it)
1st timer @ RCGroups
I got the Extra 260 for my 1st plane. Wow..what a easy build,easy to read instruction’s,everythink(PA servos and drivetrain) fits with no mod’s at all!Maiden was a breeze,chucked into the air an away she went,So easyto fly,very light. Thanks PA,for the 1st try at flying without disappointment,keep up the good work..cheers 
yurievids @ RCGroups
I have one extra 260 Ipas, its amazing, the power is perfect, unlimited vertical climbs, harriers, hovers, everything os this plane is perfect, i love the way it flies. Thanks PA!


Manta1 @ RCGroups
The Extra 260 flies very light and floaty.
SonyVegasUser @ RCGroups
I am a novice RC pilot. I had a few RC planes before my Precision Aerobatics Extra 260. However, most of those planes lasted exactly one flight. Usually the flight ended with the planes in a million pieces and completely unrepairable. Even the motor shafts were breaking! I was about to give up on the Hobby when I gave it one last chance and bought my Precision Aerobatics Extra 260. 

It was exactly what I needed. 

The plane is easy to fly, highly responsive, agile and most importantly very powerful. I needed those characteristics to help get myself out of trouble. Most trainers and airplanes targeted at novices have a very narrow flight envelope and are very under powered. If you make a mistake, which novices tend to do, there is no margin of error and it will most likely end in a crash. Not with my Extra 260. It has a huge flight envelope and gives me the ability to work through the mistake, learn from it and keep flying. 

If I misjudged the distance to a treeline or other obstacle, I just turn on a dime to fly in the other direction or pull straight up and go vertical to avoid the obstacle.

If I pull up and try a loop from straight and level flight and stall because I didn’t have enough speed or high enough throttle, I just add more throttle. This plane has unlimited vertical performance. 

If I get into an uncontrolled spin while speeding toward the ground, I let the controls go to neutral, the plane recovers instantly and then I can pull up to climb to a safe altitude.

If a gust of wind pushes me off course on my final approach, the control throws are so huge and the plane is so hard to stall that I can quickly adjust and get back on my glide path. 

Bottom line: This plane makes me look good. It gives me control and survivability that allows me to learn quickly, build my confidence and eliminate my fear. 

Now, I can do harriers, hover, walls, elevator drops, flat spins, knife edge slides, and knife edge circles. Many of these maneuvers I can do upright and inverted. Last weekend, I did my first knife edge spin. If it were not for Precision Aerobatics, I would not even be in this hobby and I would not have developed my skills so quickly.

-Mike Dunn

mark_q @ RCGroups
Myself, I have the Extra 260 with the Thrust Motor, Quantum ESC and all the PA Gear and love everything about it. Someday I hope to get my skills within reach of the planes abilities.

Hey, we all have our fantasies!…


XtremeWingRC @ RCGroups
I love my PA Extra 260
Thumbolino @ RCGroups
If for some reason I had to choose only one of my 20+ planes to keep it would be the PA Extra 260.

The best looking plane I have is the mango Katana MD and I’ve got a mango Extra 260 in the box for a spare, but can’t kill the green 260 I’ve been flying for several years.

mr_nd @ RCGroups
Extra 260 iPAs Pro. Simply the best plane I own. Superb quality airframe, many, many, many pieces of carbon and very easy and stable flight. Oh yes, batteries are lightweight but powerful.

From Russia with love to fly 

EugeneBee @ RCGroups
Finally everything is ready, the first flight! Incredible plane! Since the first flight and is still a real delight to fly on it! PA Extra 260 combines the impossible! It is easy and accurate! Hard and weightless! Quick as a hurricane and slow flittering like a butterfly! Each flight on this airplane is an explosion of emotions! People are looking for a flight Extra 260 by opening his mouth and bated breath! Bravo and many thanks to Precision Aerobatics! We have my Extra 260 is and athletic performance: third place in the city competitions. I think that it’s time to try Extra MX 🙂 I have no doubt that a great model.
Eugene. Russia
cpouncey @ RCGroups
Well I got my First PA with the Red Katana Mini, was introduced to it by Hercdriver7777, Loved it till my transmitter battery cover broke and my battery hit my feet while I was inverted about 5 feet from the ground, needless to say there was no fixing the plane afterwords. I now have the Extra 260 with the iPAs and can not find a better plane anywhere. PA has mastered Eletric RCs.
Premium2000 @ RCGroups
Both planes (Addiction and Extra 260) are well engineered and have good flight characteristics thorughout the range of sport to 3D. The Addiction, in particular, is easy to fly but extremely manuverable.

A the end of the day it’s about value for me. Value is where price and performance meet.

Good job!


nagayama13 @ RCGroups
Love my 260! Even as I get rid of all my smaller electric planes, just can’t part with my PA! I highly recommend ur ARF’s to everybody who asks me down at the hobby shop. I’m gonna have to pick up another model this winter!
bajaloya @ RCGroups
I got the Extra 260 with PA30 thrust combo. The plane is just amazing. I always have it ready to fly inside my car. PA sold me a combo with everything I need. This was my first electric plane and all went together very fast. No complaints.
gotswrv @ RCGroups
Weight and color scheme are my favorites for my extra 260
frankeldan @ RCGroups
Love my PA 260. The best small electic I have to date.. Keep up the nice work PA
Helgeo @ RCGroups
Read the review of the Extra 260 in “Quiet & Electric Flight” last December and was sold immediately. Got my red beauty in February and love it’s stunning looks, amazing flight qualities and surprising durability. It’s hard to believe a plane this size can be so light.

Hope to get more PA planes in the future.

Ben-Rod @ RCGroups
Hello there, I don’t actually own any PA planes, but I did maiden the 260 for a buddy at my local club field and thought it flew great. Nice carbon bling too… 

Ben Rodriguez

Dredge001 @ RCGroups
I have the extra 260. My wife bought it for last chrismas (imagine that) and really enjoy flying it. A fun plane to fly.
b_hendrickson @ RCGroups
I like the strength of the carbon fiber fused to wood. I am flying my Extra 260 it ROCKS! Plenty of rediculous vertical power, and no worry of parts falling off. Thanks Precison Aerobatics! 
turboparker @ RCGroups
I wanted a ship that could fly better than I could fly her. A ship that would challenge my abilities. PA’s Extra 260 is that ship – and more!

I have the 48″ Extra 260 + IPAs. This is my first PA product. I have only about 20-25 flights on her so far.

After some issues with the guys in the big brown truck, I finally had a set of undamaged wings. Steve was very helpful, and didn’t hesitate to send me a new pair of wings; however, he didn’t have a set of red wings in stock, so it took a few weeks for them to arrive. Since I bought the plane, I have called Steve for advice on numerous occasions. He has always been willing to help, and always takes the time to answer my questions. Definitely a good experience – all things considered.

When I started the assembly process, the origin of the ‘precision’ part of the name became very evident to me. Everything simply fit! With any ARF, I expect to do a bit of sanding and/or trimming here & there to get everything lined up correctly. Not so with the PA Extra 260! Even the horizontal stab lined up perfectly without any shims or adjustment. Another thing I noticed was the warp-free structures and the wrinkle-free covering. The IPAs package fit without a hitch, and seems to be well-engineered for a good balance between performance and endurance.

My first flight revealed the rest of the reason for the ‘precision’ part of the name. When the wind is down, she flies like a ship of much larger scale. It’s as if she is flying in oil! It is easy to fly her slow, yet with absoluteauthority over the air. She looks nearly full-scale when flown in this manner. Not something I would have expected from such a small-scale ship. She reminds me more of a 40% ship, than a park-scale ship.

Subsequent flights revealed her “dark side” – her multiple personalities. Although she can easily fly slow, lazy circuits like a large-winged trainer, a bit more throttle and more aggressive stick action reveals her spicy, more lively side. Her flight controls and throttle are surgically precise. She will eagerly and happily respond to her pilot’s wishes. She feels light on the sticks, and can gracefully complete most any maneuver her pilot can think of – all without ever exploring the top 50% of her throttle.

If one succumbs to the temptation of her nearly unlimited power – as will eventually be the fate of nearly all who fly her; yet another facet of her personality comes to the surface – her wild & naughty side. At WOT, she laughs in the faces of Sir Isaac Newton and Daniel Bernoulli. She veritably defies gravity, and seemingly – nearly all the laws of flight. She seems to obey only the laws of AndrĂ©-Marie Ampère, Alessandro Volta, Georg Simon Ohm, Nicola Tesla. And the commands of her pilot. Her acceleration @ WOT is nothing short of breathtaking! She responds instantly and with absolute authority to any and all inputs her pilot commands, yet always retains her fluidity of motion. She knows no boundaries except those of earth, space – and those of her pilot.

Her flight envelope is nothing short of outstanding! She can slow to sub-trainer speeds and remain perfectly controllable, yet she is every bit as happy (maybe even happier?) @ WOT – ripping up the sky, seemingly defying physics – while performing wild and violent high-G, full-stick maneuvers. She is just as happy carving up the sky with precision, pattern maneuvers. Or anywhere in between.

Landings are nearly automatic. Most of the time, I can land her so softly, I swear she could land on tissue paper. When set up with a more forward CG, some more expo and/or less throw, she is as docile as a trainer – yet is still precise – very much unlike most trainers!

PA’s Extra 260 is one of those rare planes that can be easily set up to serve as an aileron trainer; aerobatic trainer; pattern ship; and all-out 3D-machine. A rare find, indeed!

I now know the reason for the rest of the name.

If the rest of PA’s line possesses similar qualities – it is no wonder that nearly everyone who flies a PA plane – ends up buying at least one! Yes – the price is a bit higher than some, but the quality & flight characteristics more than make up for that. I will be a return customer! Possibly an AMR or MX?

What do I like about my PA plane?

1) Excellence in engineering. Use of geometry to create strength where needed, in the directions needed, with the minimum amount of mass.

2) Excellent construction. Many experienced modelers would have a difficult time building an airframe as straight as this.

3) Adaptability. Can be configured for anything from aileron training or sport-flying, to pattern aerobatics or all-out 3D wildness.

4) Well-balanced IPAs. I can fly conservatively and get 15 minute flights; or I can spend 6-7 minutes defying gravity with a 2.5:1 thrust-to-weight ratio! Most of the time, I’m using ~1200 mAh or so at the 10-minute mark. After a 10-minute flight, the pack is just barely warm. There is so much available power, it is nearly ridiculous; yet the weight of the power package is so low. Like putting a .91 4-stroke where a .46 two-stroke should be – but without the the excess nose weight and overstress.

5) Surgically-precise controls and throttle. Never before have I owned a ship with precision like this! She responds to the most subtle inputs, yet remains so fluid in motion. Her throttle is like a digital caliper – precise, and perfectly repeatable.

6) She gives her pilot a sense of confidence that is difficult to find elsewhere. Not unlike the feeling of confidence one gets behind the wheel of a well-engineered automobile, such as a BMW or Lotus, for example. 

7) All of the above inspires her pilot to try new things…to push her flight envelope….to push the pilot’senvelope – to become a better pilot.

8) Knowledgeable staff, willing to help. Very good support – both online, and over the phone.

hannibal202us @ RCGroups
I Own the Red Extra 260. I’ve had nothing but compliments with this Airplane. I really enjoy the smooth flying characteristics. Handles real well in the wind and, learning to land was a walk in the Park with this airplane. I intend on upgrading to the Larger Extra once I can come up with the Full price for the Plane. If I had enough money I would own the whole Fleet of Planes from Precision Aerobatics. 

Keep Building PA,

Dan Lowenstein
Hi Folks:
I just wanted to let you know that I have been flying the PA Extra 260 for the past year or so, and it is without any question the most exciting, high-performance and enjoyable plane that I have encountered.  I have bought and flown at least 6 other similarly sized planes made by other manufacturers, and this is hands down the best performer of them all.  Hovering, knife-edge, torque rolls, and all the rest are just out of this world.
Thank you so much for creating such a remarkable aircraft!!!!
Best regards,
Dan Lowenstein
Mr. Fr�chling from Germany
Hallo Herr Braeckmann,

sehr lang nichts mehr voneinander gehört. Das liegt daran, dass meine Extra 260, welche ich vor sehr langer Zeit auf Ratschlag von Gerhard Hannsmann bei Ihnen gekauft habe, einfach nur perfekt fliegt.

Noch nie habe ich solch einen wunderbaren Flieger besessen.


Das Modell hat zwar schon weit über 400 Flüge hinter sich, es fliegt sich jedoch wie am ersten Tag! DAS..nenne ich einmal Qualität.

wa4geg @ RCGroups
The PA Extra 260 is really in a class by itself, in terms of AUW for a balsa / CF performance airframe. With its extra light construction and light wing loading the Extra 260 will fly nicely on less power than the competition’s similar class planes AFAIK. I.e. I typically get 7 to 8 minutes of hardcore aerobatic flight time out of generic 3S 2200mAh 25-35C packs, and still have plenty of reserve charge remaining upon landing.

The Extra 260 makes an excellent sport flier when set up for conservative control surface throws (recommended sport throws are given in the manual). The plane is built very light, has excellent power to weight ratio, and when powered by PA’s Thrust 30 w/ VOX 13×5 prop, it can be sport flown around at 1/2 to 2/3 throttle making for long flight times that will easily meet if not exceed 10 minutes duration.

The optional wing tip CF Vortex Generators are well worth adding to the model, as they increase super slow speed stability — very handy if you’re into harrier flight, and making those slow harrier style spot landings.

PrismE2 @ RCGroups
Six flights, no hiccups. It flies just like every one has said, rite down to hands off landing, inverted with a tiny touch forward on the stick. … super fun, this is my first plane without a flat bottom wing and some dihedral, ‘cept foamies.
Byron @ RCGroups
PA planes are state of the art design, VERY HEAVILY CF REINFORCED for super strong yet light weight airframes that can take a great deal of 3D abuse without falling apart after a while like the competition’s balsa models (in my experience). And because of the high tech. design, PA planes give excellent if not leading edge thrust to weight ratios on less watts (using 3S 2200 mAh packs) with flight times exceeding the competition’s models by several minutes.

Case in point: 48″ 3DHS Edge 540 with a quality 3S 2200 pack gives me 5 minutes of 3D flight time.

48″ PA Extra 260, the same pack gives me 7 minutes 3D flight time.

58″ PA Extra-MX, a pair of 3S 2200 packs (wired for 6S) gives me 7 minutes of white knuckle hardcore 3D flight time.

I prefer my PA planes not only for the extra flight time per given 2200 mAh pack, but PA planes are just tougher, stronger and can hold up to the kind of 3D abuse I put them through.

HTH, Byron

Todd Webber
it’s just another happy customer email.


I recieved a extra260 for xmas, my dream plane. And once again

the build and design quality is beautiful.


I can’t wait to fly it and see what it is made of.


Thank You Precision Aerobatics

German Customer
Hallo Herr Braeckmann,

sehr lang nichts mehr voneinander gehört. Das liegt daran, dass meine Extra 260, welche ich vor sehr langer Zeit auf Ratschlag von Gerhard Hannsmann bei Ihnen gekauft habe, einfach nur perfekt fliegt.

Noch nie habe ich solch einen wunderbaren Flieger besessen.

 Das Modell hat zwar schon weit ĂĽber 400 FlĂĽge hinter sich, es fliegt sich jedoch wie am ersten Tag!DAS..nenne ich einmal Qualität.

Andrzej Duda from Poland
After watching videos and reviews at your website… I knew there is something unique about your products. Today I have built and maidened your plane. After every flight I wanted MORE!!!!!!!
FiberFusion is not a marketing slogan. Extra 260 is so light. Low weight makes this model fly on 3S lipo like it was 4S.
I am very impressed with quality of parts. It is best model plane I own. I am mainly heli guy flying micro, 450 and 600 electrics.
I can not wait to build Ultimate AMR. Extra looks great, handles like a dream.

Thank you.
Greetings from Poland.
Andrzej Duda

3DeltaFly @ RCGroups
The Extra 260 makes an excellent sport flier when set up for conservative control surface throws (recommended sport throws are given in the manual). The plane is built very light, has excellent power to weight ratio, and when powered by PA’s Thrust 30 w/ VOX 13×5 prop, it can be sport flown around at 1/2 to 2/3 throttle making for long flight times that will easily meet if not exceed 10 minutes duration. 

The optional wing tip CF Vortex Generators are well worth adding to the model, as they increase super slow speed stability — very handy if you’re into harrier flight, and making those slow harrier style spot landings.


The Extra 260 is one of my favorites, and is my everyday practice plane. Mine is fitted with PA’s Thrust-30 motor, and I’m very pleased with the excellent power to weight ratio. It’s very economical too. I.e. I’m getting 7 ~ 8 minutes of slow-N-low 3D flight time (3S 2200mAH packs). Typically set my TX’s timer for 7 minutes, and take my time on landing etc. and the LiPo generally comes down measuring just over 3.7 volts per cell. 

HTH, Byron

Mr Kamikaze @ RCGroups
Took my 260 out last Sunday and again today. Flying a Vox 13 x 6.5 it’s great and I get 7 minutes of 3d and big fast moves as well. Love my 260 such a great little plane.  It’s a great flying plane and is the one that took all of the abuse I could throw at it and got me to new levels of 3d flying. 


The 260 was THE plane that took my 3d to the next level. Small enough to take and fly anywhere but still with enough power to not be lame. And I literallly gave each of my first 2,nine lives. Spares are readily available and fixes are pretty easy. This plane just keeps coming back for more. I get a bit crappy when I see posts recommending 3d noobs fly a foamie to get used to it, Well I’ll say I tried that but the 260 got me further quicker than any floppy foamie could ever do, I know because I had a couple!!!

robi1kenobi @ RCGroups
This is my first 3D plane, I’ve been flying planes for about 16 years (had 7-8 years pause), lately I’m into helis, but I gotta admit that this plane is so much fun I can’t express it  
I’m really fascinated, yesterday had a maiden flight, today spent 3 more packs and I am really loving it.
demonGti @ RCGroups
I’ve recently put together my first 260  
The build was very straight forward, the plane went together easy with zero issues… as expected.
My maiden was great, one or two clicks of trim and she felt quite familiar.
I’m really happy with this plane. 
Fish99 @ RCGroups
Just picked up this PA Extra 260 from one of the fellows at the club. He flew it a dozen times or so but was not enjoying it, not his style of plane, so wanted to sell it. I have been drooling over this plane on the net for over a year now so I had to take it off his hands.

Went out today, probably 6 to 10 MPH winds, not all that steady either, so was not a great day to maiden but I had to give it a shot. 

I should state, the only planes LIKE this I have flow are the Parkzone Extra 300 foamie, and my little Ultra Micro Beast.

Bottom line, maiden and second flight (ran out of daylight) went AMAZING! It’s just a fantastic flying plane. Handles the wind very well, contrary to all the stuff I have read, and while I am no 3D flyer (YET!) I was doing some ok Harriers and not bad (but short) hovers. Got a decent flat spin or two going and just over all had a BLAST getting a feel for this planes flight envelope.


For me, I had absolutely NO problem (other than nerves) with this P.A. plane. It was in fact much more crisp and predictable in maneuvers. Not sure what you call it but did the wall into a kinda hover then pulled away on a Vert rolling upline to that thing where, as you decrease throttle at the top to slow down you use full Down elevator to flip the plane over while spinning sideways … makes for a super cool looking maneuver at the top of the upline. On the PZ Extra it’s always kinda hard for me to control and recover gracefully where as on this PA plane it just feels much more like I am in control. If that makes any sense.

Landings were nothing short of pure joy.

WOWOWOW, excellent plane. 


wazzer @ RCGroups
Hi Guys

Just a quick update

I flew the Extra 260 again yesterday morning, it kinda felt like a proper maiden as it was a full flight and there were no issues so it behaved very well.

I must say that i am so impressed with this airframe it just flies like its on rails!

I have found that i like a really neutral CG setting so it needs the smallest push to keep her level when inverted.

She rolls perfectly on axis and the loops are nice and tight even though I am still on low rates!

I dropped the expo a little and she was nice and smooth but not mushy around center.

I finaly know what a “proper” plane is supposed to fly like.

The PZ Extra only got one flight today i think it will become a distant second place to the PA Extra

I just love this hobby!

Now i need to set my self some specific task when i get to the field such as working on specific skills.

I think i will work on inverted flying first. 

Cheers all 


Steve Shaw from Australia
This was my first PA airframe. it is an awesome airframe. within a couple of weeks i was hovering doing high alpha knife edge and knife edge spins.
Robert Gittens Jr
Ive got.the 48″ extra 260 and what a joy to fly makes me.look like an awesome pilot great plane P.A.
it is one of the best electric planes i have ever flown for 3D.
Dean Grieger
Your right I glued in the VG and flies unbelievably! Capable as anything but
still easier to land than the stick. Lost prop on first flight but glided
beautifully and tightened it up good.
Best plane yet. Surpasses all expectations by far.
Casllab @ RCGroups
I eventually maided the 260 yesterday morning. To say it was a non-event would be an understatement. No trim needed, everything was perfect from the first flight. Landings are an absolute pleasure, feather touch-downs every time. Plane got loads of compliments, as expected. This thing tumbles like nothing I’ve ever flown before. Snaps are amazingly fast, as is the roll-rate. Hovers, rolls, harriers, high-alpha knief-edge – all in it’s stride and like the ADX makes me look a better pilot than I am.

I love it already after only 4 flights!!

turboparker @ RCGroups
Welcome to the fray!  I also love my 260. It was my first electric & my first plane smaller than 40-size. It completely changed my views on electric flight & parkflyer-size planes in general. Thrust-to-weight is better than any of my glow or gas planes. It flies much ‘bigger’ than it is, and it’s also very versatile. Not only is it a 3D monster, it’s also great for IMAC-style big-air stuff and precision flying. Mellow out the throws & maybe move the CG slightly forward, and it’s a great sport-flyer. It flies so smoothly & predictably that I think one could set it up to be a good second aileron plane. It’s a real pussycat on approach & lands slower than most trainers. I get a kick out of doing ‘hands-off-except-throttle’ landings with mine on calm days. Plus, it has excellent flight-time for its power-to-weight. With a Vox 13 x 6.5, I get around 12-15 minutes of mixed sport-flying & scale aerobatics or around 8-9 minutes of mostly aggressive flying to the 80% discharge point on my 2250 mAh packs.
jevery @ RCGroups
Shipping was timely and customer service was very good with my recent purchases with PA.
Richard Roberts
Wanted to thank everybody at Precision Aerobatics for getting my order out so fast and for the customer service that is great. I added to my order twice and the good people at PA dealt with me with in a patient and pleasant manner. The packing is top notch one of the best in the industry.  Thanks again for the great experience.
Dennis A. Hobson
Dear Lady: this is just a simple letter of praise for Cheryl Widner at P.A.  U.S.A.  –  I recently made an order of two electric RC planes and made a mistake in doing so! 

Cheryl called me to verify this is what I wanted (it was not) she helped me get this order right and answered all of my questions and needs in such a courteous and professional manner, I felt this letter was in order!   Not only do you sell the best model aircraft on the planet, you also have top notch employees and support crew like Cheryl !


Keep up the Good work,

Paul Herman
Many companies have support for e-mail questions. However, very few answer

in a timely, accurate fashion as you did.


This tells me that PA understands the value of good customer service. I will

definitely purchase my next aerobatics aircraft from PA.



Tim Parrish
Thank you for your call back, and the time you spent with me today. If this plane fly as well as your customer service this will be my favorite  plane. Customer service any more seems to lack politeness, concern and  urgency. This is not the case with you are your company. This Hobby is my fun and release I appreciate your friendliness politeness concern and urgency. Thanks again and look forward to meeting you some day.



Tim Parrish

Bjorn Erik
Thanks so much! The service is just as brilliant as the plane it self!
Richard Roberts
Hello P.A. I would like to thank all of you Cheryl, Jim and Jerry and anyone else who works at P.A. For the customer service, you are so nice and accommodating. Very professional but like talking to a friend. Wanted to thank the guys for there shipping and packing well the packing is the best I have dealt with on-line, they do the little thing to keep your products safe like taping props to a piece of cardboard. Owe yeah they make Great planes to. Thanks again P.A. Richard R.

Just got the overnight bag, it has the parts I need THANK YOU !!

Really appreciate you taking action on this and sorting it out quickly without fuss.
Fantastic customer service and I look forward to doing business with you again.



Paul Gunnar Strand, Norway
PA product is outstanding good and solid planes! (I have 4 Pa planes in my collection, and i’m very satisfied with their performance!)


Robin W. Karlsen
Thank you for providing these great Precision Aerobatics airplanes to the world! Extremeflight, Pilot-Rc, Eflite, Aeroworks, Great Planes, Hangar 9 could go to bed and sleep, compared with the PA machines! I have never seen or flown a electric balsa/carbon plane with this kind of light weight and extreme durability as the PA planes! I’m on my third PA bird now (there will be a fourth), and the best so far. The Extra MX is amazing! It looks great and the performance is fantastic! The only thing I wish you could do to the Extra mx is to add carbonfiber in the front of the glasfiber cowling as you already have in the back, it cracks up really easily.
Again! The best electric flyng machine I’ve ever had.

To everyone PA team – Thanks!

Best regards,
Robin W. Karlsen

Simon Sievert
You read about planes that people say “make you a better pilot”.  I never believed them – until I got my PA 260. I’m progressing up from foam park flyers and the rock-solid behaviour of the plane immediately instils a level of confidence I never expected.
Brian Cobb
My extra 260 is tough as nails! It has seen a few mishaps doing on the deck 3d but still flys great with very minor repairs
Poy Ilano
 i probably have the only PA addiction and PA extra 260 here in the philippines. 
A scratch builder myself, i am very much impressed with the quality of the carbon/wood laminated airframe.
Both planes fly 3D very well right out of the box with very slight trim and mixing. In fact,
I recently won overall funfly champion during the 2014 Phil Nationals flying an addiction with a thrust 30
Chris Nichols
 Love flying my Extra 260 so much I gave a friend who moved to Florida my Addiction so he can enjoy a great flying PA plane.
Steve Shaw
Steve Shaw started my addiction with an extra 260. next i saw the addiction in a video and thought wow what an ugly plane. when i watched the video i bought one and then another. then the addy x came along . have had 6 of them. the addy xl have had 2 so far. also along the way i have had an extra mx a katana mx an ultimate and an electric shock.does anyone know of a group that can help with this sort of addiction? I just ordered a new Addy X today
turboparkar – Extra 260
Yeah, I’ve often said that my 48″ PA Extra with the throws dialed-back a bit for sport-flying would make a great second plane because it flies with such precision, has impeccable manners in flight, and lands at walking speed. PA planes also tend to fly much ‘bigger’ than they are, which is another reason why they’re so easy to fly.


Rudy Philibert
Shaun, finally remembered to get back to you, going to be 70 the 24th of this month it has its draw backs unfortunately memory is one of them.  To the matter at hand, I finally got to fly the 260 this pass Sunday, it was a little windy but like I told you if your going to fly around here you either learn to do it in the wind or you don’t fly.  The first flight was on low rates for about 2 minutes handled nicely, I then gave the trans to our expert 3D pilot who was my wing man and he put it on high rates and proceeded to ring the bird out, you were right the wings didn’t come off and he did just about everything in the book with the plane, landed it, handed me the trans and told me I have a winner.  The second flight I took off in low rates which lasted about a minute, kicked in to high rates and proceeded to start the learning process of ringing the bird out, I do about 9 3D moves plus a lot of the basic aerobatic moves, invert, split s, loop, flat spin, stall turn, etc. 3D is new to me but I’m slowly getting a handle on it.  This fellow that winged for me flies a bid with a 10′ wingspan and puts on quiet a show at about 12″ off the ground, when he hovers the tail of this craft is about 6″ to 12″ from the ground, he can really fly but then I’m sure you are familiar with that kind of flying.  Thanks for taking your time and input.

Respectfully and Best Regard,

Rudy Philibert

my 48″ PA Extra with the throws dialed-back a bit for sport-flying would make a great second plane because it flies with such precision, has impeccable manners in flight, and lands at walking speed. PA planes also tend to fly much ‘bigger’ than they are, which is another reason why they’re so easy to fly. Smilie


Lyle Hanna
I love my Extra 260 – it’s my favorite in my fleet and PA has done such a great job designing it.
Yep, what an amazing aircraft. Ran six batteries through her this morning. I have zero aerobatic ability but I am trying. Starting with stall turns, hammerheads and attempted hovers. Still amazed how easy it is to land.
Shane Guy
Just wanted to drop you a line to compliment you on your service and product. I’ve finished the build of my 260 and am very impressed. I think the packaging weighs more! Hopefully get a first flight in the next few days. Thanks again!