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4S 14.8V PA V4 Lipo 2600mAh 25-50c

4S 14.8V PA V4 Lipo 2600mAh 25-50c


The new V4 generation packs

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2600mAh , 14.8V, 25C(65A), 50C(130A) burst
33.8mm(W) x 31mm(H) x 115.5mm(L)
JST-XHR Balancer plug

The V4 Generation

We are proud to deliver the new generation of PA Lipo Packs – V4. The new V4 packs follow the same footprint of our previous trusty packs with specific goals in mind – long lasting high performance. We aimed for longer lifespan and with correct handling were able to achieve exactly that – our V4 packs last and last and last!

The new and improved V4 packs feature even lower internal resistance, lower temperatures, fast charging times and better cell matching.

The added punch, low internal resistance, voltage consistency and light weight allow for the ability to sustain demanding hardcore 3D maneuvers and therefore enhance the performance of any model the pack can physically fit in, and they fit PA planes perfectly for the required CG setting.


unlike other brands that over-rate their packs to false C ratings that don’t deliver the power they advertise, ours will in fact deliver more power than we advertise because they are a TRUE C rated packs.

The improved V4 chemistry features a much lower internal resistance provides at least 15% boost in performance over the V3 pack, with an added bonus of a safe charging rate of 2C * and because of the superior cell matching also much less balancing time needed.  In other words a much improved punch for quicker acceleration and a quicker cycle time at the flying field, doubling your fun

Our airframes are designed with the PA Lipos in mind and as such when setting up a PA airplane using our packs means plug and play without the hassle of figuring out the CG positions or modifying the airframe to fit.

Our comprehensive iPAs (Integrated Performance Airframe-Drive System) tests consist of particular airframe, motor, ESC, propeller and battery combination. Change any of those components and you change the model’s specified aerodynamic performance. Don’t compromise! High performance airplane, require high performance set up.

If you used other brand packs, you have probably experienced a power droop at the last 25% of the flight; this is a typical characteristic found on many ordinary Lipo packs. This is THE Difference you will find with the PA Packs: similar to our thoroughly tested V3 packs, the V4 chemistry provides a very constant voltage throughout the flight.

In the series of tests conducted, we recorded consistent flight performance up to 90% of the flight duration. This means high energy maneuvers could be performed with consistency up to almost the end of the session without being constrained to execute low power maneuvers (less throttle) at the last 25% of the flying session, in order to avoid damage to the battery pack.

The V4 packs take the limitation of EP flight out of the equation. No more compromises on the mix of maneuvers from start to end. The V4 packs allow you to fly in a similar fashion to the flexibility offered by IC-models within the flight session (See note 2 below).  This opens up a whole new avenue to perform flashy maneuvers such as a high speed snap into a hover followed by a torque roll and finishing off with a hand catch to add a high impact finale to your repertoire.


About our testing

Unlike other battery manufacturers, we have deliberately chosen to conduct lifecycle test in actual live conditions as opposed to bench testing in controlled clinical conditions. This ensures that our Lipos stand up to actual external influences (ambient temperature, ventilation, handling, field charging, cool down and repetitive cycles) at the flying field and in the air that will affect the overall battery performance.



The PA V4 Lipo packs are especially suitable for high performance 3D/freestyle Speed 380-480 class model airplanes, up to our MX size planes as well as 450 class hardcore 3D micro-helicopters.

Note 1

Based on our actual field testing findings of the 2200mah V4 packs conducted over the span of 12 months (i.e. in excess of 130+ cycles in grueling conditions of hard flying in punishing hot & humid conditions with average ambient air temperatures of 27-40 degrees C, 80-104 F). All our test packs survived the stress test with no evidence of permanent bloating and still remains above the acceptable usable range of an average Lipo pack (An average only 13% loss in capacity and a rise in operating temperature recorded at the 100th cycle mark). This test is still continuing to determine the end life of the test packs (20% loss of capacity or upon reaching an unacceptable temperature rise of 70 deg C, 158 F).

Note 2

Based upon setting the flight time to stay at or above 30sec before the speed controller Low Voltage Cutoff begins to kick in.

  • Charging the V4 packs at 2C is completely safe; however, as a rule of thumb faster charging of any battery reduces the quality of the charging. We therefore recommend to charge at 1C when ever possible in order to maximize the pack’s lifespan.


Due to the fairly linear discharge curve characteristics of our Lipo packs, the apparent feel of a power reduction beyond the last 25% of the flight may go unnoticed until the LVC kicks in. Due to the sustained punch right up to 90% of a normal session, there is always a temptation to fly to a point of hitting the LVC.  Henceforth we strongly recommend setting your TX flight timer to consume about 80-90% of the pack to avoid any unwanted LVC.