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Nexatec NXT 90HV servo – Pack of 4 servos

Nexatec NXT 90HV servo – Pack of 4 servos


The servo of choice for the PA Addiction XL, Extra MX,  Katana MX, XR-61, Ultimate AMR 60 and any other MX-XL size plane.

Save more than 10% with this package of 4 servos!

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Strongest servo in its size
High Voltage
Dual ball bearings
Coreless motor
Full Metal gears
Heat Sink


Torque (6.0V): 73.6oz/in (5.3kg/cm)
Torque (7.4V): 90.3oz/in (6.5kg/cm)
Speed (6.0V): 0.15sec/60°
Speed (7.4V): 0.12sec/60°
Size (Mounting H x L x W): 0.85×1.14×0.52in (21.5x29x13.1mm)
Weight: 22.3g(0.78oz)


I have been using the NXT line of servos for a few years now, and let me tell you, i’m totally surprised, they have the power to change the way your plane flies completely. Your plane will tumble harder than ever, track straighter than ever, mark point rolls better, snap rolls with better stops and your flying will look better than ever. Right from the first time i flew this servo i could feel a whole difference in the airplane, the authority of all the control surfaces went up!! this servo has twice the torque of a normal servo in this size! also the precision of the servo is there and it really makes you feel connected to the airplane! Overall i’m really happy with this servos and i recommend everyone to give them a try!
Daniel Dominguez AKA aerofundan

I have been using these servos and testing them for a few months.   The direct comparison with others in this range is amazing.  They center perfectly, which is a very important benefit, especially in this size servo.   They are strong, blazing fast and accurate.  They are a better servo.   Clearly better than anything in their class.

Michael Wargo

finally! the wait is over for real high-performance servos in this class.. Extremely smooth, accurate & STRONG.. these are nearly twice as powerful as most alternatives! 
Natesh Shankaraanand