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Customer Service Reviews


Adad and Shaun are great people. They will always do everything they can. .
Customer service is one of the things that set them apart.

William Beecher


Thanks for all the help and support. Really appreciate it and it is experiences like this that keep me buying your products. They all have been great.
You and your team are wonderful and I could not be more pleased.   

Tim Markley


Thank you for always quickly replying to me. Your customer support is the best I’ve seen.   

Dale Hendrickson


Today I received my package in the mail, and I can’t say that I’ve ever seen such a well packed box!! They fit a lot in there and I was impressed!!
Thanks for everything! I can’t wait to get my hands on this project.   

Scott Eshelman


I recently acquired a Katana MX at a swap that was a little less than par, good price though and I’m in the midst of some repairs.Needing some parts and wanting to set it up per the original documentation I ordered parts and mis-ordered one. Precision contacted me to make sure that I got the correct parts and helped me out with the proper setup instructions.It’s awesome in this day and age to get this type of assistance from a company, Totally pleased.I’m sure that it my repaired Katana with probably a little extra weight flies nearly as nice as I’ve seen, a new replacement will certainly be top of the list.   

Ed Larsen


Buying my ES and various goodies from PA was a real pleasure in terms of information and service from Adad. PA are certainly switched on as to what makes a business work- Good products and happy customers that spread the word and come back again. Five stars!   



I’ve flown everything from 1/2a to giant scale gas planes. I’m out of nitro and gas planes and into electric now.I have never flown a better plane than the the Addiction or the Extra 260 of yours. The quality is superb and the ease of building is a real treat. I’m having more fun with these two planes than I had with 23 others I used to fly.Thanks for a great product and hours of enjoyment.   

Jerry D


I have been accumulating a lot of time on my Addictions lately and had my first crash today when I ran out of battery while hovering!  I was timing my flight but because it was calm I was hovering longer than usual and didn’t allow for it and just ran the battery down too low.  Despite being only 4′ high I was still able to roll the plane upright and slow the descent. Only minor damage to the wheel pants, everything else is fine!  I have been doing some research lately on other electric planes and I now better appreciate how advanced your designs are.  Because they are lighter (yet still strong as I found out today) they can have much longer flight times than comparable aircraft using the same battery.  Most of the other planes I have been looking at have flight times that are at least 50% less than the PA products I am familiar with and some are so heavy that the flight times are less than 1/2.  The lighter wing loading also allows your planes to be more easily flown in any Park.  I plan to do some positive posting on some of the forums, RCU etc., you really do have an exceptional product.   

James Alton


I just wanted to share my recent experience with PA. I am really happy about how Shaun provides excellent customer support in technical issues in a friendly way with patience.        And not just that, He offered me a very generous offer as 2nd solution for my issue.

Thank you PA , you are really special , and if it were not for the extreme difficulty of releasing Radio control Aircrafts from the Egyptian customs, I would have bought more PA planes.



This just gets better and better, the PA airplanes I mean        

Of late, we’ve seen how the PA airplanes can be flown (skinned) in many many ways and this opens up the possibilities for heaps of people in flying the PA airplanes.

So long one can take off, land, and recover an airplane by oneself, thus far, the Kat and the Addiction presents numerous opportunities for most to enjoy this hobby whereby once a upon a time, such opportunities were lacking.

Of course, the latest addition to the PA family, Ultimate AMR belongs to this category as well.

RC @ Malaysia Forums


I had a slight accident over the weekend and just ordered a couple replacement parts from PA. Talk about fast service, i’ve already recieved shipping conformation for the day after tomorrow. What a company!!!!!!!!! Any other place would take that long just to “process” my order. LOVE IT,LOVE IT,LOVE IT! Keep up the astounding work PA.

the beave @ RCGroups


My first PA plane was the Katana Mini then the Katana MD.The last 4 PA planes were Extra 260’s ,2 destroyed and one sold off to fund a different brand that I really didn’t bond with.
What do I like ? The feel and comfort that I get from a plane that feels like an extension of your thoughts. Plus the backup from a Company that has stood behind their product if there has been an issue.

GPT @ RCGroups


I think it is safe to say, that we in Malaysia are having tons of fun with our (PA) planes. And it is really great to see that our group is growing constantly – people with hardly any aerobatic flying experience dare to get into the world of 3D with a plane like the Addiction or Katana. Light wingloading (or the slightly abused term in this forum to disguise a slightly higher wingloading : EXTREMELY low cubical loading ) will allow low and slow and give time to think.         

And the planes are fairly robust, too. Performance is great (and in many cases, like the MX and it’s Thrust 50 set up simply unmatched) – and thanks to the iPAs, set up is no brainer – everything works out of the box.

Even if it sounds a bit cheesy but I have never seen so many smiling and happy faces in my time flying rc planes as in the last couple of months.

Burger Thing @ RCGroups


I´m the proud owner of some P.A. finest models. The first one was a Katana-Mini, latter was a E-Shock, then an Katana Md, followed by the Addiction,a gasser Edge 540 T and the last one for me until now is a Extra 260.
The performance, materials, building metods like fiberfusion are all astonishing, but what I really love in Precision Aerobatics models is their search of perfection. 
When you have any model of P.A. in your hand, you can feel the lightness, attention to minimum detail, design, materials, and workmanship, and when lastly you fly it, then you can see this aspiration and search.
Each new model is a new step beyond. If you, like me, have the priviledge of build and fly these models, you can easily see this progresion. Every time you fly the last one, you think it´s really dificult any improvement, but rest assured because the next one for sure, will be even better. 
Nedless to say I´m not of P.A. Team or so. I pay my models like the most of you and also buy sometimes models from another companies, but the truth must be said. Also, the consideration and attention of their customer´s service is from another world.
In these days, when many companies in the market think only about business, is very difficult to find some people that really love their work and follow their way to be the best right from the begining.
Thanks very much P.A. for so nice models, and keep on the run.

ultimatetwo @ RCGroups


Since my first PA plane, I have not bought another brand…. They are great!I love the fibre Fusion, the rigidity and light wing loading of the PA planes.They look fantastic too and Shaun’s designs just seem to get better every time.My KMD is still my favourite flyer closely followed by my AMR and probably soon to be out classed by my new MX (still to be assembled)          Precision Aerobatics also has a great following of guys and girls. Participating in the PA forums is a blast and informative. Probably the best RC pics and videos come from PA fanatics. 

demonGti @ RCGroups


I have been flying wood “Off and On” for 25 years, electric for only 3… PA planes are in my opinion the lightest plane for the size I have flown with Electric power. That includes the Addiction, 260 Extra and the AMR Ultimate… 🙂        

Hibrass @ RCGroups


PA? Best planes and best people.         

The People? Whenever I drop in Adad always remembers not only me and what I fly and has read my posts but she knows about the guys I fly with too. Very passionate and professional. 

The Planes? Here some of my blog entries-

Electric Shock 13/4/09 
Well after more than 2 years this plane is officially retired. It was such good fun and truly took massive punishment and repairs and kept flying. It’s a great plane to just keep in the car and fly pretty much anywhere.

Katana MD 12/9/08
Man the thing rips up the sky. I was zooming around looping, rolling snapping and stuff amazed at how tight and quick all of the maneuvres were for such a big plane. Then I realised I was on low rates. HOLY CRAP it’s mad on high rates. Snap rolls are absolutely blinding and it loops and just about catches its own tail. Maddddd. My favourite thing this arvo was going vertical non stop and rolling all the way up as far as I dared. Talk about unlimited vertical.
Flying like this the KMD absolutely rips holes in the sky. It’s fast and agile. Unlimited rolling climbs, flat spins, knife edge spins, blenders, snap rolls, inverted passes all done with ease

Now I’m flying the Extra 260 and it is quite simply the best! Although a mate just told me not to buy another plane until I have seen his Extra MX fly (I guess he’s pretty happy with it)

And last but not least (for anyone still reading my loooong post), about 3 weeks ago I changed my avatar to my Extra 260! 

Mr Kamikaze @ RCGroups


PA Planes are not only the lightest in their class but they are also the strongest. They fly like a dream!

dead @ RCGroups


I have an Addiction and a Katana MD and I love:
The way they look(beautiful)
The way they fly(practically themselves)
The way they are so light(helium in the wings)
The way they are so strong(crash after crash, seriously, I’m terrible!)

forshagesan @ RCGroups


I like the quality of the planes, the way they fly and the looks of the planes.

derdude @ RCGroups


you cannot get a better plane for your money. and unlike 99% of manufactures you will stick around on the forums to give advice & help

goldeneye007 @ RCGroups


I’ve had the Electric Shock, Addiction, Katana MD and now the MX. All of them have been outstanding in terms of innovation, quality and flight characteristics. I would like a 55″-60″ Addiction, and will keep asking for one.



Like some others, I have also purchased many of PA’s planes. I started w/the mini Katana, then the KMD. When the Extra 260 came out w/the airfoiled tail surfaces, I just had to have it. Flew great, in fact, a died in the wool nitro pilot tried it, liked it, and I practically gave it to him. Now he doesn’t give me a rough time any more about electrics. I wound up missing it and bought another. Now I have the new MX. I don’t know how much better the PA planes can keep getting. I’ve been in RC since early 60’s and the hobby justs gets better and better.

Brufli @ RCGroups


First and foremost, its appearance is super!! I select plane by appearance first but have never been disappointed so far. Good looking plane flies great.          I have Extra 260 and Ultimate.

sumomo @ RCGroups


Great equipment, active helpful forums, and terrific team pilots that really want you to be successful. Love my green 260 and just received a blue Addiction today. Can’t wait to get it in the air. Gotta have it right for a fly-in a couple weeks. HercDriver and White Rocket rock.

modbuilder @ RCGroups


PA = Sexappeal        

only space left to be even cooler is a big ultimate.
cant express how much i love the small one.

long leg @ RCGroups


What I like about Precision Aerobatics is that they are AUSTRALIAN            

But what I admire is that PA have a clear philosophy in mind when it comes to developing a new product. 
This brings about creativity, innovation and ingenuity which puts PA designs in a league of their own. Their philsosphy extends to their customers who are satisfied in knowing that they are flying the PA way 

clintski @ RCGroups


So far PA is the only brand I keep coming back to. I started with the Katana MD, then added an extra 260, and finally an ultimate. Look forward to get the MX next and maybe the addiction as well.

civh @ RCGroups


I own the PA Katana mini, KMD, Extra 260 and the AMR. I love the rigid, strong, and light airframes. The iPAs that take all the guesswork out of what components will give top notch performance. And best of all the way they fly!          

Thank you PA



You know what is awesome about PA? When they say 34 oz AUW they mean 34 oz AUW.

forshagesan @ RCGroups


I would like to thank everyone at PA for making a well built set of aircraft. The items I like are the cooling scoops, the carbon fiber fusion, and the bright colors. I currantly own an addiction(Green), and an extra 260(Green) I have been waiting for the MX (Green) to be in stock at my local hobby shop. And then I will get the ultimate also. And most likely the electric shock as long as they are green. I think that would complete my Hanger room oops Family room Decor.

slowfunk @ RCGroups


Reasonable price! Cost per performance is great.
Although I pay more, I can’t find any better one.

sumomo @ RCGroups


Kudo’s to Precision Aerobatics!        

I have owned or flown all PA’s aircraft with the exception of the MX.

Each aircraft does exactly as described while using some very innovative design features.

I find the need to buy the newest planes out there all the time but never seem to let go of my PA planes. When I do re-equip mine to fly again I realize why I always hang on to them.

There will always be room in my hanger for Precision Aerobatics finest products. Keep up the great work and look forward to seeing what’s next
from PA.  



Simply the best.

mjkelly7uk @ RCGroups


Precision Aerobatics – because they don’t imitate they innovate

itai @ RCGroups


I have heard NOTHING but good about PA planes and have seen several owned by other club members that look awesome. I cannot wait to get one of my own!

Hornetnz @ RCGroups


That’s easy;        

  • They Fly the Best!
  • They Look the Best!
  • The iPA’s are the Best, matched to each airframe for max performance!
  • PA are the Best to deal with!

What more could you want?

Coonak @ RCGroups


What I like best about PA?        

Its the best engineered and flying models available off-the-shelf. 

The models perform as advertised on the videos meaning what you see is what you get….stock out of the box.

BUT what I really like best about PA models are the countless smiles I get from every PA model owner I meet. This is simply priceless!

Radio Rookie @ RCGroups


I’ve owned 2 Addiction and a AMR since Dec 08 last year and i would like to say i can’t really enjoy my flying weekends without any of these 2 buggers especially not with the Addiction.Building from the box is pretty simple and most of the complicated and tedious jobs has been done in the factory, and these planes are just simply stronger than they look.        Electronics setup is pretty much right on the spot and i don’t have worry about not enough power or mods i needed to do to make them fly better. Most important thing is spare parts !!! ….. i can replace them from wings to servo horns  or even motor bearings 

lamafever @ RCGroups


I have a 260,a KMD and an Addiction (#2) and I like them all for various reasons.I am also sure that I will have the AMR and the MX as well down the track.        

The airframes are at the top of the list,light,strong and sexy.



I started my PA experience with a Red Katana Mini. It was a tough little bugger, surviving some real hard “landings” as I was still new in the 3D scene.        

I then moved up to the KMD, it was a breeze to build and it just looked great. I still think it’s the best looking PA plane out there.

Now I’m regularly flying the Extra 260. It’s a go to plane. No fuss. 

I’m still amazed how the “PA Experience”‘ gets better with every new plane. Kinks worked out making builds easier, planes flying better. 



Why Do I Love the PA Products, Let us count the way’s?        

Low Wing Loading (Math doesn’t lie)
Luv ya long, long time!

bigbike44 @ RCGroups


Thanks Precision Aerobatics for the great airplanes. If I hadn’t seen Daniel’s SEFF 2007 videos I never would have become interested in balsa airplanes. I own the KMD and Extra 260.

straightedge_ @ RCGroups


What I love is the planes go together easy and fly awesome. The constrution is unbelievable.        

You can’t go wrong buying one.

Elvan Wilson II


Lighter is righter…..and they don’t come any lighter!

G.P. @ RCGroups


The Addiction and Ultimate are two sweet planes!

Spackles94 @ RCGroups


The Addiction is an awesome plane, flys like a dream.

new1200 @ RCGroups


I appreciate the effort that PA puts into their designs. In a hobby where both online or at the LHS it can be hard to tell if you get what you pay for, PA kits stand out to me for being an excellent value package–you can trust that they’ve made a significant effort with R & D.

Naboo @ RCGroups


We have the Extra MX, Addiction, Electric Shock. PA has the best quality, now I only fly PA planes. Soon these aircraft will be more, With the help of the PA, we will fly on the best planes.        



I have a KatanaMD and would like to add an Addiction and maybe the Ultimate to my stable. Seeing the Addictions at SEFF last year convinced me I need one.

David Hogue @ RCGroups


I am 17 years old and LOVE to fly, I have poured my savings into this hobby to get myself a Katana MD, Extra 260, Bad Boy and an Electric shock. I have had many other planes but NONE have EVER flown, built or been as enjoyable as a Precision Aerobatics Airplane.        

Love you guys, so friendly and helpful! (Cheers to Adad who I have had many email conversations with!)
Keep it up!

Nathan Ford


These planes are SICK! I just love them. Light fast strong to turn and burn baby. i fly mine in my tiny parking lot people just love the prop noise loading and unloading.
just sick, got to love um.



Well I got my First PA with the Red Katana Mini, was introduced to it by Hercdriver7777, Loved it till my transmitter battery cover broke and my battery hit my feet while I was inverted about 5 feet from the ground, needless to say there was no fixing the plane afterwords. I now have the Extra 260 with the iPAs and can not find a better plane anywhere. PA has mastered Eletric RCs.

cpouncey @ RCGroups


I entered the world of 3D with the Electric Shock, I moved to KATANA MD, I tried mini KATANA, I ended up to the ADDICTION and I found out that I was addicted… big times…. Now I am expecting my EXTRA MX to see how it feels. I also tried other makers, I love SEBART a lot, but the feeling all PA gives you when you flight them is irresistable and different than any other planes. I wish I had more space to buy them all, (am missing two pcs only  ). Any way I have no suggestion what so ever… all the team is excellent and all the planes are beautiful.

diomar @ RCGroups


What do you like about PA?        

The IPA:s and the confidence you get with it, flying these quality planes.

hypstar @ RCGroups


I waited a long time before finally buying my Addiction. It was then love at first flight!        

In quick succession, I then got myself an Extra 260 and a KMD. They’re all awesome planes.

I love PA because the quality of their planes and IPAs setup gives me full confidence in my equipment. This lets a newbie like me concentrate fully on learning new maneuvers, and to try stuff I’d never dare try on a lesser plane.

cricha @ RCGroups


I still have a Katana Mini………….and there are many members of our club that fly PA due to the light and strong build. They are just great flyers with recommended setup! Always look forward to seeing the next release!!

Lifelaffer @ RCGroups


Presently building an MX, my first PA plane. Love the idea of iPA’s, takes the guess work out. First thing I noticed about my model is all that wonderful CF!!
I’m not even finished building the MX and I know I want to add an Addiction to my hanger. Hoorahh!!!

Nick9000 @ RCGroups


PA = Pure Adrenaline !!!

Kenpro @ RCGroups


Impressive Quality, Build and 3D performance        

Precision Aerobatics ……the only Aerobatic limit is your imagination 




Hy to all PA Freak´S        

My first PA Plane was The Mini Katana..the second also..
it was the begining of a new Aeria..light..and small..
after the Mini comes the Addiction.. the greatest 3D plane i think..
the next ,the Extra 260..two of them..
it was a big Lump for me learning to fly better..
so i also need the ultimate..its a nice looking and good flying bipe.. i love it
but for me the best is the EXTRA Mx..
the new Sice..the lowest wheight word contest to the EF extra ..the MX is the BIG Winner!! 
About all the PA planes controllers and engines i cant say ANY BAD THING..

PA what else @ RCGroups


I like the ipas sets (model + all electronics) and overall quality and look.

MarcinN @ RCGroups


I recently picked up a Katana MD for myself, and PA’s new Extra 260 for my father for his birthday. The build quality is just amazing. Want to know how much work I had to do to align the tail? None. Put the horizontal stab in, measured it to make sure it was centered, and when I checked it to make sure it was level, it just was. The vertical stab? Slid it in, and it was dead straight. Putting the Katana together has just been a delight! Great manual, great build on the ARF, great covering, great hardware…My father owns so many planes. Between his and the ones I’ve had so far, I’ve seen what average and bad ARFs are, and how they’re put together… I find myself wishing PA had a bigger lineup of planes, because they’re just so much nicer than the rest! (*cough*PA Yak-54? ) I’ll be taking the Katana up for it’s maiden this weekend…Friday can’t get here soon enough!

SkaBob @ RCGroups


i do have a addiction and i really happy with it and my dreams come true with a katana md as my birthday present from my gal fren. really like those plane and accessories and going to poison those fren and uncle around me. simple guide simple build and simple fly.

ronnieloong @ RCGroups


PA, Precision Aerobatics, should stand for perfect aircraft! After flying smaller EP planes, Lancair, Cap 232, Extra 550(foam) and Ultimate Bi-Plane I was absolutely blown away with the performance of my AMR, for the price too! I can do tricks with confidence that I thought would take years for me to attempt let alone get good at! The AMR has accelerated my piloting skill above all expectations. And she is so beautiful in the air, I would cry if I crashed her but I have no fear of that after reading from other pilots that apparantly you can’t break these PA products.

Repko12 @ RCGroups


The company name matches the product.

antslake @ RCGroups


What I like about PA? I like that PA airplanes are constantly pushing the construction or ARFs forward. I like that they’re lightness oriented. I share PA’s tastes for color schemes. I like that my 18A PA esc works MUCH better than the TB18s I have. I like that they have many distributors in Europe.

poring @ RCGroups


Every PA plane I have bought has amazed me in it’s advanced design and build quality. They keep getting better & better. Love all the the carbon fiber. Still flying my aging little Katana Mini but I seem to find myself grabbing the Shock & Addiction most of the time now. I was getting ready to order an MD but think I’ll go for the Extra MX instead. PA support has been great. Every email I sent was answered quickly. PA really sets the bar high.

tom_B_in_DC @ RCGroups


I like the light wing loading and good looks. The models are easy on the eyes and easy on the lipos.

FlopGun @ RCGroups


Sometimes I think about upgrading my Extreme Flight Yak 78” with carbon fiber landing gear or battery tray, but then I thinking why I should do it all instead of buying PA plane? MX ordered.

ddosoff @ RCGroups


I have a yellow, Red, Blue, and Purple Addiction. Have a red and Yellow 260. Have the Red Ultimate AMR. Have the Red Mini Katana. What I can say about PA Products is that they all go together well with very few problems and if you get the flight packs they recommend, they also perform great as well. PA Planes is the best electric planes I have ever owned and will always have them in my hanger as well. THANKS PA

aj4wp @ RCGroups


My first experience with Precision Aerobatics was seeing their 50cc Edge 540T at our flying field. Of all the planes on the field that day (and since), that one plane always stands out above the rest. It’s clean lines, the color scheme, the obvious overall quality, the precision of each component fitting together like a fine-tuned Farrari, not to mention it flies extremely well. I came home from the field that day, determined to find out more about the Precision Aerobatics company.        

A few weeks later I purchased a red Kantana MD. As I removed the model from the box it was easy to see the extra care that was taken, even to the packaging of each component of the model. Upon closer examination it was obvious that extreme effort had went into this aircraft; the quality was clearly evident. Just like their Edge 540T, the Kantana MD had the same fantastic quality, just in a smaller, electric, package. 

What immediately stuck out was the extra effort that went into the fiberfusion carbon fiberglass bonding, how incredibility light the plane was, and the amazing way PA closely fit the circular fitting aileron-to-wing hinging. It was obvious from the moment I took the plane out of the box that it was going to be a great 3D performer, and it did not disappoint! The Kantana flew responded so quickly and precisely, it made me look like a much better pilot than I am. 

Being the first Precision Aerobatic electric on our field an audience gathered to watch its maiden flight. They were wow’ed by my flying ability. Truth is, I’m only a mediocre R/C (at best)…. quietly, I was wow’ed by how well the Kantana help me fly! The funny part was, I was just getting back into the hobby and I hadn’t flown an R/C plane in almost 8 years, but I immediately felt comfortable flying with this plane. 

Perhaps the reason I most like Precision Aerobatics aircraft is they stand behind what they sell. As with any electronic component, from any manufacturer, an occasional failure can happen. As it turned out the ESC in my Kantana failed after a couple of flights. I contacted Precision Aerobatics about the problem and they took immediate action to resolve the issue. In short order they had diagnosed the problem and sent me a new replacement component, without charge. 

It would tough to find any company that builds more precise, fantastic flying, great looking R/C aircraft, and stands behind their product like Precision Aerobatics does. 

Next in my hangar? The Precision Aerobatics Edge 540T, of course! :^))

Butch Quallich


Adad is the most wonderful woman in the RC world (it’s true !)…. and Shaun makes the lightest, most solid, best made and best quality’s planes that I’ve had in my whole life ! (and it’s true too !)



I love the fact they build ARF planes that are not built to crash or for the lowest common denominator. They build planes the way I would build them for myself.        

PA for life!

Alien_Tech @ RCGroups


What is best about Precision Aerobatics is easy
1. Quality of the material used 
2. FiberFusion is top notch for reduced weight, other have made this claim, others have failed to produce or even come close the a PA kit.
3. PA offers multiple colors of choice and they look great when in the air.
4. This is best of why PA is known throughout the communities and around the world
a. Have you ever seen a PA model not draw a crowd at your local flying field?
b. When they fly at a field, others will want to try and most just simply end up purchasing a PA model.
c. I love how the PA models have grown in communities, it starts with that one person showing up with a PA model and then it becomes a field full of PA’s lined up in the pits waiting for their turn to enjoy such a precision flying experience.
5. One of the best things I have noticed is PA branching out, offering this fine line to out local hobby shops.
6. We (PA flyers) can’t wait and dream of the next design PA is working on.

50mph @ RCGroups


Very simple really. Great range,great products, great service and at the right price……What more could you ask for.

clive45 @ RCGroups


PA produces the whole and total package. From planes designed with Fiber fusion technology to Thrust motors with RotoKool. The end result is a total package that will bring a smile to your face and make your fingers dance on the sticks.          

Katana MD, Thrust motor, PA ESC, PA battries
Extra 260, Thrust motor, PA ESC, PA battries

Customer support is un-matched in the aero-modeling industry.

Enough Said, the truth of the matter is that the flight characteristics alone has made me a life long custormer.

jds158 @ RCGroups


PA…I love your dedication to perfection. You show me that you have an absolute passion for this hobby that exceeds that of any other manufacturer. To have taken the design and engineering of your models to such a high level, namely “CARBON FIBER FUSION” blows my mind!! The longest living and hands down best performing airplane in my arsenal, is my red Katana MD. I’ve even crashed it several times by doing 3D aerobatics 10 to 20 feet up, and when lesser planes would crumple, the Katana just bounces off unscathed. I feel so empowered by an airplane that can take what I dish out! Thanks for building the best and most advanced airplanes in the world. You ROCK!        

Bob Barron


Excellent design, good building quality, acceptable price and very good customer support!
PA planes made me fly better because their flying characteristics are top notch!
The plane does exactly what it is asked to do… and I love that! I could practice 3D figures right after learning them from a book. Guys a the field where amazed buy the plane and surprised by my sudden progress.
No time lost in trying to trim it, 100% pure fun flying!

bartabac @ RCGroups


Beyound the excellent craftsmanship in the products, the high level of customer service is most important to me. Steve Evans, the US Representative, is very responsive and understands the products. He is willing to take the time to step through issues and problems to resolve them in a personal and meaningful way. That aspect provided by PA is rare in the industry. In addition, the How To section on the website, particularly how to perform 3D manuvers with video by Daniel Dominquez, is awesome and extreamly helpful. These items together with the quality products offered, set PA apart from all other companies I have worked with in the industry.

panther73 @ RCGroups


I have the mini katana and electric shock. I like the build quality of the planes, and the mini katana is a beautiful plane. I have the ipa for the electric shock and it has unlimited power.

skyfox @ RCGroups


I own an Addiction and Extra 260. Love the durability and weight to power ratios. Just wish all my other planes flew as well!         

Still waiting for a FiberFusion 30% plane to be announced.

ctnich @ RCGroups


What I like best about Precision Aerobatics Planes is it makes me look like a better pilot than I am. Thank You, Fly-On

Crashtester @ RCGroups


Service, Service, Service!        

What I love most about PA is the one on one service I have received each time I purchased or had a problem with a purchase.
PA’s customer relationship is second to none!

I started flying PA’s excellent models a few year back with a Mini Katana, second model was the excellent Supersonic, my third model was the Edge 540T complete with DA50R & Hitec digital servo’s.

Unfortunately through pilot error I busted up the Edge 540T in a low manoeuvre gone wrong…PA came through again and had a new plane shipped across the country, I live in Perth WA, in a week and I was back in the air!

Thanks PA
Keep up the great work!



The finest build quality backed up by extraordinary customer service. I’ve got one of the lime green Addictions and it never fails to awe me.

wonkavetor @ RCGroups


I own the electric shock and the extra 260 and have flown the addiction, and every PA plane that I have flown just leaves you with that locked in feel that gives you the confidence to just push your limits to the max and feel that the aircraft will not do anything you did not want it to. That combined with the IPA’s power systems you know you have power to spare and that just leads to all out fun and trying to come up with new manevers and perform them at lower and lower levels than I though I would ever be comfortable with, and that is why I love PA’s aircraft.

MDCramer @ RCGroups


The thing I like the most about PA stuff is that what you see flown by the guys who know what they’re doing is exactly what you get. No guesswork with setup etc. and the electric stuff in particular is the lightest, toughest and also the straightest that money can buy. My KMD was the first PA plane I bought (over 2 years ago) and I still take it to the field every weekend. Since then I have snagged a couple of addictions, one of which I sold, an Edge and an AMR. They are all my children. An MX is definitely number 1 on my christmas list.



I just would like to say that i am a very new pilot and the AMR was my second plane and it made me look very good. So, i just pick up the mx and can’t wait to get it in the air. Pa you have a customer for life…

signguy71 @ RCGroups


I am the proud owner and pilot of a green AMR, green 260 and a new blue Extra MX. They are all superb machines. The new MX is a fantastic airplane it draws unbelievable attention every time I take it out. I love the IPA packages the PA folks put together…always first class in every respect.



I just went to the LHS, they where unpacking a small truck load of PA planes. Oh’ my it was hard not to buy one of each model.

Roto Rob


Love the way the PA planes fly and the build quality.

ongl @ RCGroups


What I like about PA?         

-The way their planes fly. Nothing else i’ve tried comes close.
-I like that I can get any PA plane with IPAs complete setup in one click and not worry about a thing. 
-Their construction philosophy. (lighter IS better, but no compromise in strength) 
-Their SCHEMES!!! they have the BEST schemes out there, bar none. 
-Their looks; Because of PA, whenever I look at “the competition” the planes all look so wrong to me (and the schemes… ugh) 
-Fiberfusion; he carbon, oooh the carbon!
-The jealous looks and Oooh’s and Aaaaah’s they always draw wherever I take them. 
-Their durability 

I also like the way they pop in to the forums to provide information, not to police opinion and repress free speech.

aflipz @ RCGroups


My first PA plane was the green Addiction. I was immediatly impressed with the complete-ness of the Addiction. It went together without any problems. It has been a “rock solid” flyer from the very first flight. I hope to put another PA plane in my hanger very soon. Oh and the “reps” for PA here in the USA are a bunch of great “Ambassadors” for the company. I grilled them pretty good, this year at SEFF. Super nice bunch of people. Hercdriver, you’re my hero!

intorc @ RCGroups


To me the best thing about owning PA planes ( I have an Extra 260, and an AMR ) is the overall cost and value per performance. While yes they might not be the cheapest planes to get in the air, I don’t feel the need to look at or buy every new plane that comes out, simply because I already OWN THE BEST!

J Charles @ RCGroups


PA planes are good value or money. I have the Exta, Shock and Addiction. Addiction is the best and hardly needs any trimming on maiden and is suitable for new 3D pilots.

lexin @ RCGroups


Thanks for your products and after sales support. You make it easy when looking for a new aircraft. Its simple see whats new at PA and buy it. Great to deal with and great to fly.

tashmish @ RCGroups


To make it real simple, My first PA plane was the Addiction, then and Extra 260. Somewhere, in the middle a 42″ Slick slipped in and guess what, it made me appreciate the Precision Aerobatic aircraft even more! Thanks Shaun and Steve!

PA Funk @ RCGroups


It’s easy to set-upPerfect in allowing me to spend more time in the airAlways provide Quantum leap performance that makes me look Rotor-Kool better than I should be        Robust and Value 2; bang for the buck product!Most of all, ever since I started using PA products and services, I’ve met more people in the last 16 months than I have in a long time, from across the globe, because …IMHO the Thrust of PA is to bring like-minded-fun-loving-RC-flying people together in a simple way to build comradeship and stay connected while we pursue our flying, wherever we may be!

What I like about PA’s products and services?

• PA = Precision Aerobatics = PEOPLE ALWAYS!
• Precisely Attuned (IPA)
• Performance Airframe
• Priceless Airtime
• Playfully Addictive
• Precisely Addictive


It’s all about having fun …   

The Hitman @ RCGroups


As the owner of an MX and Addiction I can attest to the quality of both construction and design of PA products. PA needs to add at least an hour to the estimated build time in which the new owner just admires the intelligent use of carbon and the evident application of computer modeling to create the best strength to weight combination of any product line on the market. Add to this the availability of iPAS and individual repair parts and you have the best get-out-and-fly package available.

tribum @ RCGroups


I wanted a ship that could fly better than I could fly her. A ship that would challenge my abilities. PA’s Extra 260 is that ship – and more!        

I have the 48″ Extra 260 + IPAs. This is my first PA product. I have only about 20-25 flights on her so far.

After some issues with the guys in the big brown truck, I finally had a set of undamaged wings. Steve was very helpful, and didn’t hesitate to send me a new pair of wings; however, he didn’t have a set of red wings in stock, so it took a few weeks for them to arrive. Since I bought the plane, I have called Steve for advice on numerous occasions. He has always been willing to help, and always takes the time to answer my questions. Definitely a good experience – all things considered.

When I started the assembly process, the origin of the ‘precision’ part of the name became very evident to me. Everything simply fit! With any ARF, I expect to do a bit of sanding and/or trimming here & there to get everything lined up correctly. Not so with the PA Extra 260! Even the horizontal stab lined up perfectly without any shims or adjustment. Another thing I noticed was the warp-free structures and the wrinkle-free covering. The IPAs package fit without a hitch, and seems to be well-engineered for a good balance between performance and endurance.

My first flight revealed the rest of the reason for the ‘precision’ part of the name. When the wind is down, she flies like a ship of much larger scale. It’s as if she is flying in oil! It is easy to fly her slow, yet with absoluteauthority over the air. She looks nearly full-scale when flown in this manner. Not something I would have expected from such a small-scale ship. She reminds me more of a 40% ship, than a park-scale ship.

Subsequent flights revealed her “dark side” – her multiple personalities. Although she can easily fly slow, lazy circuits like a large-winged trainer, a bit more throttle and more aggressive stick action reveals her spicy, more lively side. Her flight controls and throttle are surgically precise. She will eagerly and happily respond to her pilot’s wishes. She feels light on the sticks, and can gracefully complete most any maneuver her pilot can think of – all without ever exploring the top 50% of her throttle.

If one succumbs to the temptation of her nearly unlimited power – as will eventually be the fate of nearly all who fly her; yet another facet of her personality comes to the surface – her wild & naughty side. At WOT, she laughs in the faces of Sir Isaac Newton and Daniel Bernoulli. She veritably defies gravity, and seemingly – nearly all the laws of flight. She seems to obey only the laws of André-Marie Ampère, Alessandro Volta, Georg Simon Ohm, Nicola Tesla. And the commands of her pilot. Her acceleration @ WOT is nothing short of breathtaking! She responds instantly and with absolute authority to any and all inputs her pilot commands, yet always retains her fluidity of motion. She knows no boundaries except those of earth, space – and those of her pilot.

Her flight envelope is nothing short of outstanding! She can slow to sub-trainer speeds and remain perfectly controllable, yet she is every bit as happy (maybe even happier?) @ WOT – ripping up the sky, seemingly defying physics – while performing wild and violent high-G, full-stick maneuvers. She is just as happy carving up the sky with precision, pattern maneuvers. Or anywhere in between.

Landings are nearly automatic. Most of the time, I can land her so softly, I swear she could land on tissue paper. When set up with a more forward CG, some more expo and/or less throw, she is as docile as a trainer – yet is still precise – very much unlike most trainers!

PA’s Extra 260 is one of those rare planes that can be easily set up to serve as an aileron trainer; aerobatic trainer; pattern ship; and all-out 3D-machine. A rare find, indeed!

I now know the reason for the rest of the name.

If the rest of PA’s line possesses similar qualities – it is no wonder that nearly everyone who flies a PA plane – ends up buying at least one! Yes – the price is a bit higher than some, but the quality & flight characteristics more than make up for that. I will be a return customer! Possibly an AMR or MX?

What do I like about my PA plane?

1) Excellence in engineering. Use of geometry to create strength where needed, in the directions needed, with the minimum amount of mass.

2) Excellent construction. Many experienced modelers would have a difficult time building an airframe as straight as this.

3) Adaptability. Can be configured for anything from aileron training or sport-flying, to pattern aerobatics or all-out 3D wildness.

4) Well-balanced IPAs. I can fly conservatively and get 15 minute flights; or I can spend 6-7 minutes defying gravity with a 2.5:1 thrust-to-weight ratio! Most of the time, I’m using ~1200 mAh or so at the 10-minute mark. After a 10-minute flight, the pack is just barely warm. There is so much available power, it is nearly ridiculous; yet the weight of the power package is so low. Like putting a .91 4-stroke where a .46 two-stroke should be – but without the the excess nose weight and overstress.

5) Surgically-precise controls and throttle. Never before have I owned a ship with precision like this! She responds to the most subtle inputs, yet remains so fluid in motion. Her throttle is like a digital caliper – precise, and perfectly repeatable.

6) She gives her pilot a sense of confidence that is difficult to find elsewhere. Not unlike the feeling of confidence one gets behind the wheel of a well-engineered automobile, such as a BMW or Lotus, for example. 

7) All of the above inspires her pilot to try new things…to push her flight envelope….to push the pilot’senvelope – to become a better pilot.

8) Knowledgeable staff, willing to help. Very good support – both online, and over the phone.

turboparker @ RCGroups


I’ve the Extra 260, Shock and Addiction. Love them all and would recommend to anyone who is interested to learn and master 3D.

lexin @ RCGroups


I have been flying PA airplanes for now almost 4 years, and i can tell you that every new airplane by PA is more and more amazing! it is like you think it is impossible PA can make a better airplane.. but the next one that comes up is even better!!! definately i hope to continue flying PA airplanes in the future         



I gotta give props (no pun intended) to PA. I had called over the weekend with a question during assembly and they actually called back. Great service and great product = more of my dollars to feed my addiction, eventually AMR and or Katana…

VetFlyer @ RCGroups


Hi all,        

Just to say I am very happy with PA customer service.

I ordered a new landing gear plus some other stuff and the delivery was very fast!
I also asked them to modify my initial order and they did it at once!

bartabac @ RCGroups


Hi Shaun,        

Thank you very much for following through on this I am suitably impressed that you looked into my inquiry so comprehensively.

I have a great deal of respect for Precision Aerobatics and the effort you go to in producing such fine products, my interest in the APC props is of course because they are a little less costly but do take note of your advice regarding the VOX wood props.

I will be purchasing more goods from you in due course.

Gian Young


Hi Adad / Shaun
Today i got my parts. Once again i want to thank you guys for your customer support. You are the best that there is.



Thank you for your call back, and the time you spent with me today. If this plane fly as well as your customer service this will be my favorite  plane. Customer service any more seems to lack politeness, concern and  urgency. This is not the case with you are your company. This Hobbie is my fun and release I appreciate your friendliness politeness concern and urgency. Thanks again and look forward to meeting you some day.         

Tim Parrish


Just want to share that although I’ve had some issues with my Addiction (Australia Post bashing the box to bits) PA have been awesome helping. Adad & Shaun have gone the extra distance to help. Shaun got me to take high quality photos then superimposed arrows, narration on how to fix up what Aus Post did. I’ve brought a lot of gear from HobbyKing but have never had much after sales, with PA I get to discuss issues with the man who designs the plane. wicked, They are prompt and very helpful. 
Game on !!!! I also own a Katana MX and will but PA again. Awesome!

amiga2000 @ RCGroups


Thanks for getting my Addiction XL out so quickly! Ordered on Wednesday and
delivered Friday. I appreciate the great service        



Many companies have support for e-mail questions. However, very few answerin a timely, accurate fashion as you did.        This tells me that PA understands the value of good customer service. I willdefinitely purchase my next aerobatics aircraft from PA.

Paul Herman


Dear Lady: this is just a simple letter of praise for Cheryl Widner at P.A.  U.S.A.  –  I recently made an order of two electric RC planes and made a mistake in doing so!  
Cheryl called me to verify this is what I wanted (it was not) she helped me get this order right and answered all of my questions and needs in such a courteous and professional manner, I felt this letter was in order!   Not only do you sell the best model aircraft on the planet, you also have top notch employees and support crew like Cheryl !

Dennis A. Hobson


Wanted to thank everybody at Precision Aerobatics for getting my order out so fast and for the customer service that is great. I added to my order twice and the good people at PA dealt with me with in a patient and pleasant manner, not to mention the Addiction X is awesome. The packing is top notch one of the best in the industry. Have not had a chance to fly the Addiction X yet but I have the Addiction and I love it, that’s why I bought the Addiction X. Thanks again for the great experience,

Richard Roberts


Received my Addiction I ordered on Black Friday the following Wednesday in perfect condition. Very Pleased

Ronald Boorman


Shipping was timely and customer service was very good with my recent purchases with PA.

jevery @ RCGroups


Superb Jim, Superb! Im working on it as we speak u see! 🙂        

Thanks so much! The service is just as brilliant as the plane it self!

Bjorn Erik


Just want to share that although I’ve had some issues with my Addiction (Australia Post bashing the box to bits) PA have been awesome helping. Adad & Shaun have gone the extra distance to help. Shaun got me to take high quality photos then superimposed arrows, narration on how to fix up what Aus Post did. I’ve brought a lot of gear from HobbyK*** but have never had much after sales, with PA I get to discuss issues with the man who designs the plane. wicked, They are prompt and very helpful.        

Game on !!!! I also own a Katana MX and will but PA again. Awesome!

amiga2000 @ RCGroups


Thank you for your call back, and the time you spent with me today. If this plane fly as well as your customer service this will be my favorite  plane. Customer service any more seems to lack politeness, concern and  urgency. This is not the case with you are your company. This Hobbie is my fun and release I appreciate your friendliness politeness concern and urgency. Thanks again and look forward to meeting you some day.       

Tim Parrish


Thanks so much! The service is just as brilliant as the plane it self!

Bjorn Erik


Hello P.A. I would like to thank all of you Cheryl, Jim and Jerry and anyone else who works at P.A. For the customer service, you are so nice and accommodating. Very professional but like talking to a friend. Wanted to thank the guys for there shipping and packing well the packing is the best I have dealt with on-line, they do the little thing to keep your products safe like taping props to a piece of cardboard. Owe yeah they make Great planes to. Thanks again P.A.

Richard Roberts


PA product is outstanding good and solid planes! (I have 4 Pa planes in my collection, and i’m very satisfied with their performance!)        

Paul Gunnar Strand, Norway


Just want to give a big thanks to Cheryl and Jim for their excellent customer service at PA USA. A big improvement from past PA experiences for me. I now have my fleet of PA (MX, Bandit, and Addiction X) up and ready to fly when weather improves. 🙂

wblacker @ RCGroups


Thank you!  I really appreciate that you took the time to send me a selection of pictures that I can make my screen saver.  It simply drills down that much deeper that PrecisionAerobatics not only has the best planes that I have had the pleasure to build and fly, but also the best people!        

I am impressed with everything about PrecisionAerobatics from selection of individual planes, the selection of IPA’s (I am one of those pilots who would much rather buy the factory tested and proven system), and what initially hooked me on PA the quality not only of the model with the fiberfusion which blew me away, but also the fit and finish.  PA planes are truly a joy to assemble. They are even more of a joy to fly and they make me appear a better pilot. 

Anyway, I wanted to thank you again and say that every experience I have had with every individual from PA has been superior customer service.

David Casey


Thank you for providing these great Precision Aerobatics airplanes to the world! Extremeflight, Pilot-Rc, Eflite, Aeroworks, Great Planes, Hangar 9 could go to bed and sleep, compared with the PA machines! I have never seen or flown a electric balsa/carbon plane with this kind of light weight and extreme durability as the PA planes! I’m on my third PA bird now (there will be a fourth), and the best so far. The Extra MX is amazing! It looks great and the performance is fantastic! The only thing I wish you could do to the Extra mx is to add carbonfiber in the front of the glasfiber cowling as you already have in the back, it cracks up really easily.
Again! The best electric flyng machine I’ve ever had.        To everyone PA team – Thanks!

Robin W. Karlsen


Hi. Just to let you know my order has arrived And it all looks fantastic. A very big thank you For sending me this order it’s a shame You can’t  buy it here. The delivery was very Quick, and all your products are the best.         

Thanks again.

A. Massey


My entire order arrived today in excellent condition.  Everything was well
packaged.  I’m looking forward to starting the assembly.
Keep up the good work.  You folks are certainly a quality dealership.
Thanks again,

Phil Newberg


Proud of my fleet of great flyers. Can’t wait to finish the XR-52! Delivery has been great and Shawn and Cheryl have been super helpful.

Willis Garman


The best aileron hinging and such a wide flight envelope. The best!

Kelly Greer


I started with the Addiction X, then got the Extra 260, then the Bandit, then the Katana MX AND THEN the Ultimate AMR ANNNDDDDD I’m building the XR-52 right now…         

You could say I’m “Addicted” to my Precision Aerobatics planes. The builds are all fun and pleasant and the parts fit together like a glove. Once built, the planes look and fly so beautifully, they are like an extension of my flying intentions. I always have a PA plane with me when I go to the flying field. Love them!

Wi Bing Tan


I really don’t need to win another addiction but if I did it would go to my youngest daughter that is flying my first addiction now. I will say the addiction was my very first balsa and pretty much my first plane I had only flew a yak 54 before getting addicted. The stability of the PA planes are amazing it has taught me how to fly 3d and I have only been flying for 2 1/2years and the guys at the flying field don’t believe me because of my skills. I really didn’t want to come out and tell no one but the truth be known it is because of the planes I flew which started with the addiction then the X and then the XL and of course now I’m flying the XR 52 but needless to say PA is a amazing company and one of my daughter’s is now flying the first addiction I purchased. So with that said I’m very thankfull for the planes that I have from PA not only for bringing my daughter’s and I closer but involving them in a lifelong skill and not on the street running amuck like I have seen with many of the other kids that are growing up. So if I was to receive a new addiction my youngest would defenitly be thankfull but even if I don’t she will be thankfull that her big sisters skills have progressed enough that I will give her one of my X’s and the little one can start with the little addiction that became dad’s ADDICTION!!! Thanks PA

Jason Ille


 I have had one since they first came out. The distinctive looks sold me on it.

Richard Paterra


 I love the strong,well thought out balsa/carbon fibre construction. The easy but action packed flight characteristics of all the PA plane I own.

Todd Webber


I love how strong it is, everyone at my field just loves the look of the plane, the instructions are so detailed, the electronics are the best i have had and the planes are so easy to control.

Alex Fredrickson


 Love my red Extra MX i stripped a wing bolt on a sunday morning and Adad was kind enough to take Shauns wing bolts out of his personal MX just so i could fly that day cant get better customer service than that oh and another time i broke a prop and the sydney sales lady( sorry forgot name) lives in my area and she personally dropped a prop to me on her way home now thats above and beond any customer service i thank you PA best RC company on the market

Damien Pool


As an aerospace student and active designer of airplanes I know how difficult it is, to make an extraordinary and well flying airplane. I really appreciate the hard work of PA to make their 3D planes aerodynamically and structurally the best out there. (I own a good old Katana MD, however I would love to call an Addiction mine, too)

Alexander Guffler


I have three PA planes now and I love everything about them from the excellent packaging they come in to the instructions to build it and the quality parts like the thrust motor and well designed airframes using carbon fiber with light wing loading. I wish I could own one of each of them!! Or maybe two!!

Harry Jay Rose


It flies the same everytime.

Don Livermore


 I learned how to fly 3D with my addictions. Darrin said it right Low and Slow. If its not not on the deck it’s not P.A.

Dave Sprack


 Because of PA airplanes gave birth to The RC Mafia craziness and all the time making us better pilots than we actually are 

Kenny Tan


 i love the quality of your products and their durability. Your customer service has been phenominal in helping me construct my Addiction X and the wing loading on all of you planes is soo crazy low that it flies better than my trainer and has floated over the entire runway that i fly at numerous times. It has taken sooo many crashes and came back every time flying just as good as it did when it first came out of the box. Your products are the best and no others can compare to the quality and durability

Kyle Stromecki


 What PA means to me is a quality product that I can count on time after time. I spent a month doing research on what ARF kit to purchase and who to give my money to. Reading multiple threads and forums I came upon the Mini Katana thread on RCG. I spent a good week reading that post and came to the conclusion that I was going to buy the MK and start a relationship with PA.        

My son (11) and myself (43) are now into the hobby about one year. We have purchase several planes from different suppliers and all I can say is that PA uses a ton of clear tape to make sure nothing moves in their shipping.

It’s just about simple build quality every time.

I love my MK and for my first real 3d plane I think I have a true winner and couldn’t have picked a better group to do business with.

Thanks PA

Chris McKillip


 I think pa is the best plane in this size. PA plane looks good and very different from other plane . There is a lot of carbon and it is take very light and strong. 3cell 2200mah battery is very cheap. So if we have 10 packs we can use it all size pa plane . 1 in smaller 2 in bigger plane.! So we dont need lot os size battery just 1 it is excelent !!! When i fly my addiction-x firts I feel the different. It is professional plane and i decide I never buy other plane just PA ! In my country just a fiew PA plane and i never seen if anybody would like to sell it ! It meens it is the perfect plane. ! Thanks PA

Dániel Horváth


 I love my PA planes, All the carbon makes them incredibly rigid, the addiction is an amazing learning tool for 3D, makes you better at hovering almost immediately, i just got the XR-52 for Christmas and i am having a great time with it, it is super light and floats like no other plane this size, A+++, keep it up PA

Steve Dobozy


 I have a lot of planes, but always keep coming back to my PA planes. The fun factor is too high not to have them ready to fly a moments notice, so much so I have been selling my ‘obsolete’ ones. Can’t wait for the next new release!

Jason Bedelph


All PA models should be called Addictions cause that is what they become. Great planes and great service to back it up, Gotta go fly…..

Jason Cole


Balsa/Carbon fibre!!! 3D flight characteristics!!! Awesome!!!

Rafael Conrady


 Always loved PA, performane, beauty, top notch designs, all these are great but equal or most important is their enormeus efforts for their customers ….this way when you get a PA kit and ask for support you doesn’t have the feeling to be an annonimus user, when you know that yours answer, suggests and whishes are atendended is like if you were part of a global family joined by the same love of flight….

Manu Muad’Dib


 Your planes just fly great

Kevin Williams


 I have a addiction X and it’s awesome! Had a issue with the kit and the customer service was outstanding. Helped fix the problem since I already had the plane assembled. One of the best flying planes I ever had. Top notch! There’s always room for another PA plane in my hanger!

David Jacob


 Way above average build quality!! the attension to detail on the carbon fiber is second to none.

Clark Thom


 Build quality was excelent and factory support was extrordinary.

George Roth


I don’t actually own a PA plane yet but I have been buying parts as I can afford. E.g. Servos. Vox props, carbon servo arm extensions. The web shop has been good and speed of delivery excellent. I am working towards buying a Addiction but would love to win one.

Rod Larkin


 it’s time to go high tech and ultra light!

Marc Archambault


 Bought my PA as a combo it came with a Thrust 30 and a Quantum 45 ESC 4year ago at Joe Nall Assembled it there and has been a blast to fly. A great every day flier. Thanks PA a great investment.

Fred Haddix


 Well engineered for a strong light weight construction.

Jim Seager


 All my PA. planes are the best performance aircraft in my hanger. The build quality is second to none.

Dennis Jeanna Jackson


 Love all the planes I have from pa they fly great

Scott Chizek


 Some of the nicest airframes money can buy along with excellent customer service!

Dan Wait Jr.


These planes fly the best whether you fly pattern or 3D. I love the complete package concept and my PA a (Bandit).        

These planes are the very best in construction and flight envelope. My Bandit is fantastic. I would love to get my hands on a Addiction. I hope I win. Your plane was my first RC aircraft.

Joseph Shirley


 PA planes make me look like a better pilot. I’ve had many different PA planes over the years and I love them all. My favorite right now is the Addiction XL.

Rick Samuels


 I love the way the PA planes fly! I have the Ultimate, the Addiction X and was excited to finally get the MX Extra. I fly with a lot of guys who love very precise flying; one of them is David Guerin. (F3A competitor, was a builder for Quique Somenzini, and Nats manager up to 2013) I wanted a great 3D plane but also a very precise flying plane. I had Dave help me with the final GC and setting the low rates for precise flying. He said: “I had a really nice plane with no bad characteristic” and I should “continue adjusting the low rates till it flew like an extension of me.” I love the slow axial roles with no wallowing. (Dave’s were slow and beautiful!!!) Yet when I throw it to mid rates it does beautiful 3D maneuvers and high rates for walls, elevators, slides and more dynamic maneuvers. Anyone who says this plane is not a precise plane either does not have it set up right on CG, throws or both. As I have seen the right pilot make this live up to it name Precision Acrobatics!

Terry Rikard


 Precision Aerobatic Airplanes have become the performance standard in 3-D model aviation. This is particularly true of the “Addiction” model.

Larry Field


bought a purple Mini Katana around 2005 (I think) and it flies like it is lighter than air. I have had 2 incidences in my years of flying it that brought me down to earth and I now realize that Precisions Areobatics planes are infact not lighter than air but they do indeed fly better than any other plane on the market. After years of enjoying my Mini Katana I finally broke down and bought a big brother for my mini in the Katana MX. I really do not know why I waited so long because my new KMX flies even better than I ever would have imagined. It is so precise and does exactly what your fingers direct. Not only are the planes well designed and fly great butn the customer service is wonderful. Thanks Precision Aerobatics for a great experience.

Carl Ravey


 What is not to like? they are light weight precision 3d planes that are just awesome to fly.

Kelen R


 I’m on my third PA plane and all I can say is that there is no other electric acft company at this level. The planes are hands down a work of art in building techniques and their performance is incredible!! I received a new Katana for Christmas and during the build I realized that the Vortex generators had accidentally not be sent with the package deal. I called and talked with Sheryl who took care of it immediately and hooked me up even when she was pulling her hair out preparing for the Ontario show. Thanks Sheryl. AA++ in my books guys. I always enjoy seeing what you guys come out with next. I would love to own at least one of each of PA’s planes.

Jim Williams


 I have had 4 addictions of every colour and loved them all. It is the one plane that enabled me to 3D and enabled me to fly all the other Precision Aerobatic planes. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT…still trying to do some of the manuvers found on the site…Service is EXCELLENT and in fact for a small company in Austrlia they know my name when I call. Thanks ADAD for all the advise and now 60% of the people in the club I started are now flying Precision Aerobatic planes….THERE IS NONE BETTER… Cheers

Kirk Louis Lang


I love to aircraft from PA. Because of the lightness and agility, and especially our functionally. Not find this anywhere. Only with PA planes.

Myšák Dariusz Svoboda


I love my PA Addiction- it makes me look like a pro! It has raised the level of my flying exponentially. There is nothing this aircraft can’t do! Light yet durable thanks to the Fiberfusion construction. My Addiction is on its sixth season! The IPAS system is the perfect match to a perfect aircraft. Thanks PA for the best airplane ever!

Matt Kelly


Love my Ultimate and Katana MX. Both flies very light,slower and realy aerobatic.The fusion of carbon balsa is strong and light weight.Both flies really diffrent but really great !!! I’m really excited cause i’m in the assembly of XR52 and will fly it in about 1 week !! I have 20 years of experience in rc plane and never seen excellent planes like precision aerobatics…Look is very nice of all there planes.And i dont wan’t to buy other plane than precision aerobatics !! It’s comes a little bit expansive cause I’M from quebec but I Personaly think it’s worth the cost !! 

Anny Lussier


Only one thing to say..!! They are by far the best planes on the market..!!

Greg Prevette


I have the Electric Shock. Stripped a servo putting it together….ugh…… Called and 2 days later had a new servo in hand. Great service. Would love to own another P.A. Plane.

Tim Heater


 The Bandit is my first PA plane. The how-to videos on the website added great detail to create a perfect build. Purchased with the Voltec 70-MG servos, I upgraded to Nexatec 80 DSM servos later. What a difference in performance. I loved the Bandit so much I purchased an XR-52. Now I have a problem. What plane to fly?

Steve Champagne


 I’ve had several addictions in my life….. mainly because I’m not a very good pilot. I must have the forgiveness and control that PA offers because I fly like a bandit most of the time and when I crash I just want to fall on my katana.

Chris Parrish


The quality can’t be beat and a joy to fly…. 

Brian Hayashi


Got my first PA product for Christmas!!! Awesome product, the best RC plane I have flown. I would like to Thank Adad and Cheryl. My Dad is computer challenged and ordered some of the wrong bits, and Adad and Cheryl fixed us up! Great customer service. you guys Rock. I would luv to get my Dad into an Addiction so we can fly together (He wont fly mine , he feels he is best left with EPP ) Thanks PA

Collin Kehler


best planes on the market! Super precise engineering.

Ever Perez


I have an addictionX. I’ve owned it for over three years and fly it as hard as I can and it takes everything that I throw it. It flies fantastic 3-D. Yet, it can fly precision aerobatics. It’s very evident the company name fits their products.

Casey Last‎


My husband has an addiction X and an XL and a Bandit. He absolutely loves them !! The best planes ever! Makes me a weekend flying widow … lol

Christy Buhler


I appreciate good engineering.

Trent Skaggs‎


There is only one thing I can say..!! they are by far the best planes I have ever flown..!!

Greg Prevette‎


I can’t personally say anything about my PA (I don’t have one …YET) But from what I’ve witnessed of my friends’ Bandit and Ultimate AMR… Wow is all I can say. Fly to the edge of the envelope or float along with stability and grace. Not to mention the quality, craftsmanship and design that go into them. Well done PA, well done!

Dave Haack


These PA airplanes just ooz style , strength and beauty!!! The carbon fiber reinforcements everywhere adds rigid stiffness for a true flying airplane.

Dave Webb


I love to aircraft from PA. Because of the lightness and agility, and especially our functionally. Not find this anywhere. Only with PA planes.

Myšák Dariusz Svoboda‎


I got a Katana Mini when they first came out but didnt fly it for about 12 years. Now I have a Bandit and an AMR. These planes are straight, stiff and light and you cant beat the quality with a stick. Light planes fly slower and hit the ground softer. With a little simulator time you can slow these planes down, lower the rates and use them as a 2nd trainer. The iPAs systems work great and everything fits like it should. When your trying to learn precision aerobatics quality really does count and with PA you get what you pay for.

Darryl Theisen‎


PA is hands down the best plane I have ever flown.

Greg Prevette‎


I have been flying and teaching RC Flying now for over 22 years. I have built and everything from basic trainers to 100 plus mph pattern planes. My favorite planes are aerobats. Last year changed everything for me now that I have found my new friends at Precision Aerobatics. I have a Katana MX and two Ultimate AMRs. It is sad to say but the rest of my fleet of over 20 planes are now collectors items sitting and collecting dust. Both my son Scott and I met the wonderful Precision Aerobatics Team in Toledo at the Weak Signal Show…and at first the claims seemed too good to be true. To my surprise, the claims of these airplanes being far superior are absolutely true. I have over 100 flying hours on my PA planes and I cannot get enough of them and they have taken my flying to an entirely new level. Everyone who has watched me fly them have been blown away by their beauty and PRECISION Flying. They make flying far more enjoyable with their predictable behavior. Also, when I have had any questions, observations, or customer needs they have been met with superior customer service. Cheryl and Jim have become RC friends….Thank you to both of you. The Katana MX was named Aerobat of the Year because it simply is………

Scott Waite


best 3D electric I have ever had, and is a great all around plane. I would love to have the XL model. maybe someday!. if you buy one you won’t regret it.

Steve Sexton‎


I recently bought a PA Bandit bling kit and Thrust motor and esc on the Black Friday sale. The PA team kept me informed as to the shipping status of the items. Unfortunately one of the items was missing from the package. One quick email later and the PA team shipped the missing part right to my Canada address. Can’t wait to build and fly the Bandit as soon as the snow melts. Thanks PA!!

Rod Moubray‎


Light, agile and high tech … what’s not to love?

Marc Archambault‎


Excellent customer service and love the planes. From the time I purchased my Katana MX and XR-52, I’ve been impressed with how friendly and quick PA are to respond to my questions. For the customer service alone, PA have won a life long customer.

Kev Allen


I love my PA planes, All the carbon makes them incredibly rigid, the addiction is an amazing learning tool for 3D, make you better at hovering almost immediately, i just got the XR-52 for Christmas and i am having a great time with it, it is super light and floats like no other plane this size, A+++, keep it up PA

Steve Dobozy‎


Best flying planes period.

Dennis Jeanna Jackson


It’s hard to imagine a company being bold enough to call themselves “Precision” Aerobatics. Well you hit it right on the head. My two PA planes (Katana and Bandit) are the finest planes I have ever seen. The Bandit is sexy. When I walk on to the field carrying my Bandit, it’s like walking into a room with a beautiful woman. Sleek, and well put together. My club members actually gather around my Bandit and admire it. All of my future planes will be Precision Aerobatics, because I’m not rich, so I want to put my money into absolute quality.

Jerry Zito


 I love Precision aerobatics planes cause they are very lightweight,strong and beautiful !! And all of them flies very good and difrent…. I had chance to try the bandit, ultimate,katana MD,katana MX,addiction X cause i have couple of friends have some PA planes too !! I will try sooner the XR 52 that i have just buy last week. I want to win this addiction cause i think it flies like the other ones !!!

Etienne Desmarais


 First off the service is hands down the best. After you make a purchase online shipping is prompt. If by chance you forget to order something just give them a call, they will add it to your order before shipping. The woman on the phone is always happy to answer all your annoying questions about tracking numbers or bundling things in one box to save on shipping! next i have to say quality of the airframe is awesome light but yet strong. if you happen to bash a wingtip on the ground or come in a bit hot youll be flying again in no time. i myself have the AMR and the Katana mini. on maiden flights didnt even need one click of trim straight as an arrow. even having these two totally capable planes when my uncle flys his addy i always find myself watching and wishing i had gotten one. its just insane the things he does with it and makes it look easy. im currently saving up for an addy X but probly not this year. safe to say im going to fly nothing but PA planes. anything else just seems like im cheating myself.

Moriah Wamsley


 Quality built aircraft! 100%

Joe Smith


Every thing that I have bought from PA has been of the best quality , Battery’s , Motors, speed controllers & the air craft ! It makes the complete package.

Ken Bird


 I started my addiction with an extra 260. next i saw the addiction in a video and thought wow what an ugly plane. when i watched the video i bought one and then another. then the addy x came along . have had 6 of them. the addy xl have had 2 so far. also along the way i have had an extra mx a katana mx an ultimate and an electric shock.does anyone know of a group that can help with this sort of addiction? I just ordered a new Addy X today

Steve Shaw


The quality of build and ease of flying from novice to expert PA has you covered

Ian Cash


I want to send out a big thanks to the team at Precision Aerobatics, I love my new Addiction X. Cheryl and the team in the US are great people and a special thanks to Shaun for his technical assistance. PA makes a great product and its good to hear Shaun is working on some new products to expand the line.

Jt Stanton


I own an Addiction XL and an Ultimate AMR. Both planes satysfied me from the start. The pre-assembled parts are perfectly manufactured and the final built up you have to do at home is arranged logical and using the manual very easy practicable. I never got in trouble getting any spare parts (thanks to my local PA provider whereupon it instead of the detailed construktion of PA planes often was no problem to fix minor injury even with my low skills in building. First it was a hobby, with PA it became passion, that means this brand made me become a fan in a way I actually only knew from rock stars!

Elmo Cooper


Quality of the builds and how light and tough the PA plane are

Paul Morse


Thank you both for the friendly, ‘stand behind our product’, service.        

When i fly the Bandit, everyone notices.

I will pass the word.

Thanks again,



Many thanks – the craft has arrived safe n sound – another perfect delivery from P.A.        you guys rock!!!!!

Paul Dowden


I am just emailing to let you know that I have never bought a plane off you guys before and i just pruchased the addiction but I can honestly say that i have never seen quality like this before, it is absolutely fantastic. So strong and yet so light, I definately think you should be making large scale 3D planes as well.

I also fly larger scale 3D and jets and i recently bought an F18 which cost me $18,000 Aus. Even though it is composite, the build quiality was friggen discusting and i have spend weeks making it airworthy and for that money you would expect perfection but for such a small plane that the addiction is, i think it shits over the F18 with the internal construction.

Keep up the great quality and i hope I see large scale planes from you guys soon

corey gregson


I’m really impressed with Precision Aerobatic’s customer service today !
Meeting the plane designer Shaun was amazing ! Not only he fixed my addiction’s problems but he also taught me how to do it.
I think I’m going to fly PA planes for life now !

icy_wind500 @ RCGroups


I just want to say that you guys make great products.  I come from the F3B & F3J competition world where you pay $2K for an airplane and there are no instructions, set-up notes or anything (this is the norm, but still kinda stupid).         

I found it really enjoyable building something as precisely made and well thought out as your kits (I have an Addiction X too).  Keep up the good work!

Best regards,

Steve Condon


Thank you for your support you guys are on top of it and make a great product.

Jason Moore


Shaun, I really want to thank you for all your patience and gracious support! Your suggestion was very helpful! the results were dramatic!        

So thank you for putting up with my incessant questions. I’m obviously not a builder, and on top of that, I’m an ex-classical musician with a compulsion for perfection. A nasty combination! I’m sure I will bug you with more questions before I’m done, but I can’t tell you enough how much it means to me to have someone to go to who can help me get this done, and done right.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Gratefully yours,

Rob Merriman


Just want to wish all at P.A. A merry Christmas and thank you for your awesome products. I have 4 of your planes and am very pleased with them. Cheryl you are always a big help and I thank you for that. Wish you and your family a very merry Christmas.

Tim Nelson


thanks once again for your invaluable help and service. Absolutely first class! I’m sure I’ll have questions along the way but I want I want to wish you the best of luck with the transition to the U.S !!!! Keep up the magic!!!

Craig McIntyre


I own 8 Precision Aerobatics planes (two are duplicates), and may be enticed to add the XR 61 with the birthday sale pricing. There’s no question in my mind, these are the highest quality, best flying electric airplanes available: light, strong where they need to be, and very forgiving. And, they don’t need giant power packs to get the job done. Good job PA! I’d love to see them produce a little larger aircraft.

Jim Robb


In the world of aerobatic planes, there are two categories : the Precision Aerobatics planes and the others ….        

The best electric planes ever! Every new plane keeps getting better and better!



A year ago I started flying foamies just to get into the hobby, after watching many videos I wanted to get into 3D flying so I bought the Ultimate 2 from Eflite, looked easy enough, right? Well, I found out 3D flying was a different animal so I started reviewing more 3D airplanes on line and came across the PA website, after reviewing the many planes I chose the Addiction, WOW what a game changer for the beginner, this plane is totally awesome!, I had only 6 flights on this and had to ordered a back up . 
I just recently had a problem with my plane ,  E-mailed PA and got very prompt assistance with Shaun, had the problem resolved with a few E-mails, the support was awesome.

Steve Petty


This would have been my third airplane purchased from PA. I purchase your products because they are of stellar quality. Design, construction, flight performance, all top notch, and seemingly noting has been overlooked.

Russell Hiley


Great news! Thanks for the prompt response Shaun! 
I’ll be raving about the after sales support to everyone I know, excellent indeed! 
Thanks again! 
Best Regards,

Josh Junga


Thanks again Shaun for all your support in the years past. 

Ken Miyake


Wow is all I can say,,this is the quickest response I’ve ever had from a plane company,,I’m very impressed ..thank you very much….  your customer service is the same as your planes,,,very pleasing in every aspect…   I only wish I’d have started flying your planes a couple years ago… keep up the amazing work. ..

Wayne joudrey


Once  again  thank  you very  much I  plan to  buy  more PA  products simply  because their  beautifully  designed , built an do  what you say  and  then  some. Thanks, 

Gary Vinock


They are fantastic planes and I am lucky enough to have 2. I’m still learning the basics but these planes help so much. I love my PA planes. 

Luke Conley


Thank you so much!  You have impressed me so much that now I must purchase another airplane from your store!  What quick and fantastic service!!!!! 

MD Linger


Thanks for your amazing support!        

Etienne Desmarais


Hi Shaun, Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I really appreciate your guidance, especially since I’m fairly new to the hobby and still getting my feet on the ground. I had heard about this type of quick help and it’s why I chose PA over other options. I also must take this opportunity to say how impressed I am with what you’ve done with the company and your approach emphasizing quality and technology. I can’t imagine the challenges you must have encountered starting the facility in China . Thank you for everything you’ve brought to this hobby.

Steve Brooks


They are absolutely the lightest and strongest planes that I have ever flown. I built a new AddictionX for a friend and it was an absolute work of art. It flew like a feather. I do not have a Katana 52 (yet) but I probably will someday.



Thanks again for your outstanding customer service as always



First off may I say how great your planes are to build n fly, Outa the box assemble with care & blow me they work perfectly no trim needed.

Paul Dowden


Thank you for your help. I just have to say that I purchased a Katana Mini from you, and I will probably never buy another airplane from anyone but PA.



Thank You!!! Received the replacement motor today. You are truly a “5 Star” company. I’ve put together 2 other of your planes for a friend over in Omaha, Ne. Addiction XL and Addiction, they fly beautifully. He also has a Katana MX in transit, for us to assemble next week. Mine will be done in a few days. My bucket list has a future AMR on it also. Have a wonderful day!

Gus Wielandt