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Radio Rookie Tribute

We are devastated to learn that our dear friend Clarence Boudville passed away.

Clarence was a PA team pilot from 2006 to 2012. He was also a PA rep and reseller of our products and brought the love of PA to Malaysia and its region. Above all, he was a close friend to Shaun, Adad and the rest of the crew.

Clarence was a rare soul, a dedicated person who was sincerely devoted to Precision Aerobatics and to the RC hobby. He was such a multi-talented guy who very quickly got involved in so many aspects of our business from marketing to R&D to test flying and more. He was the most helpful guy, fun and funny and PA-like-minded in so many ways. It was our pleasure to have him involved in many of PA’s firsts.

Among his many talents Clarence was an incredible photographer who provided hundreds of photos of our models. The very best of which reached magazine covers. He was a professional R/C pilot who developed his own special style and inspired his flying buddies to follow his lead.

Clarence was thorough and professional in any task, be it small or large and was always flowing with cool ideas.

Although he has been less involved in recent years, we have always considered him a dear friend.

Thank you Radio Rookie, for all you have been for us. Thank you for being such a true friend.

To Donna, Kimberley and the entire Malaysian RC mafia we feel your loss and send our deepest condolences