PA Thrust 50

The Thrust 50 incorporates a new curved Rotokool® impeller design which is extremely complex to produce. We have gone the extra mile to incorporate this feature for the larger Thrust motors (Thrust 40, and 50) in order to further increase the cooling efficiency so as to handle larger props and smaller capacity lipo packs. The Thrust 50 combined with the Quantum 70 ESC is extremely efficient and capable to produce tremendous thrust and high speed while drawing very low amps out of your packs! This means smaller battery capacities (lower cost and lightweight) can be used with excellent flight duration. 

This makes the power setup one of the most economical and practical approaches for driving larger models and one of the best motors for .40-.60 size electric aircraft conversions!   

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Motor specs
Outside Diameter                41.7mm/1.64”
Length                               58.2mm/2.29”
Weight (gr/oz)                   279gr / 9.84oz
Motor Shaft Dia.                  5.0mm
Mounting Bolts Dia.             M3
Max efficiency Current A *   50A
Peak current A (45 sec)*     70A
Battery pack range **         4-6 LiPo / 12-18 NiCd
Poles                                 14
KV (rpm/V)                        487kv
Recommended ESC             PA Quantum 70
Peak Watts                        1500W


We recommend getting a few different size propellers with your Thrust 50 motor. Swapping a propeller is an easy task so you may want to experiment and feel the difference to fit different style of flying. Also in a hot summer day you may want to use a smaller propeller while in a cooler day you can run the motor with a larger propeller.


PA Quantum 70A

Continuous current:70A
Burst Current (<10s): 80A
SBEC Output (Peak Loads 10sec): 5.5V/4A (max)
Li-ion/ LiPo: 2-6 Cells
NiMh/NiCd: 5-18 Cells

Note: The PA Quantum 70A SBEC has a4A switching power regulator chip which supports the high torque micro servos in the most demanding load-conditions imposed during aggressive 3D aerobatics, providing bulletproof reliability. In this form of flying the servos actuating oversized control surfaces and may stall momentarily under extreme aerodynamic loads. These loads may cause most low and medium power BECs to overheat and shutdown resulting in catastrophic loss of control.
The PA Quantum ESC’s high power SBEC has been specifically designed for extreme aerobatics and therefore has the capability to support the higher momentary peak loads to eliminate the possibility of unwanted shutdowns. This high power SBEC is also capable of supporting continuous simultaneous multiple servo operations typically found in CCPM equipped hardcore 3D E-helicopters.
The higher and stable SBEC voltage also reduces the possibility of receiver brownouts that occasionally occur on some 2.4GHz receivers in instances where conventional linear BECs are subjected to high servo loads causing the BEC voltage to drop below the voltage threshold required by the 2.4GHz receiver.
Extremely low internal resistance
Super smooth and accurate throttle linearity
Safety thermal over-load protection
Auto throttle shut down in signal lose situation
Supports high RPM motors
Power arming protection (prevents the motor from accidentally running when switched ON)
NEW Advanced programming software
Built in programmer card interface *
PC Link programming interface *
Upgradeable firmware interface *
Automatic Lipo cell count detection (also automatically sets the LVC point)
ESC over voltage protection (automatically disables when battery voltage exceeds 26V when initially connected).
A Green LED indicated that the ESC is powered ON or plugged to the PC (programming and upgrades)
* Programmer card, software and USB linker are optional upgrades.


PA Lipo V2 pack 11.1V 2200mAh 20-40c

The V2 Chemistry - The Difference

The new and improved V2 packs leverage on the proven V1 chemistry to provide superior performance consistency throughout the flight, reliability and trouble free long service life (see note 1 below) in a compact and lightweight format.
The improved V2 chemistry features a much lower internal resistance provides at least 15% boost in performance over the V1 pack, with an added bonus of a safe charging rate of 2C *.  In other words a much improved punch for quicker acceleration and a quicker cycle time at the flying field, doubling your fun (see V2 datasheet).
Our airframes designed with the PA Lipos in mind and as such when setting up a PA airplane using our packs means plug and play without the hassle of figuring out the CG positions or modifying the airframe to fit.
Our comprehensive iPAs (Integrated Performance Airframe-Drive System) tests consist of particular airframe, motor, ESC, propeller and0 battery combination. Change any of those components and you change the model’s specified aerodynamic performance. Don’t compromise! High performance airplane, require high performance set up.
If you used other brand packs, you have probably experienced a power droop at the last 25% of the flight; this is a typical characteristic found on many ordinary Lipo packs. This is THE Difference you will find with the PA Packs: similar to our thoroughly tested V1 packs, the V2 chemistry provides a very constant voltage throughout the flight (See graph below).
In the series of tests conducted, we recorded consistent flight performance up to 90% of the flight duration. This means high energy maneuvers could be performed with consistency up to almost the end of the session without being constrained to execute low power maneuvers (less throttle) at the last 25% of the flying session, in order to avoid damage to the battery pack.

The V2 packs take the limitation of EP flight out of the equation. No more compromises on the mix of maneuvers from start to end. The V2 packs allow you to fly in a similar fashion to the flexibility offered by IC-models within the flight session.  This opens up a whole new avenue to perform flashy maneuvers such as a high speed snap into a hover followed by a torque roll and finishing off with a hand catch to add a high impact finale to your repertoire.    


German made CNC machined precision prop adapter.

It may seem like a minor component installed in your high performance aircraft. However we find it extremely important since the prop adapter affect the final thrust and performance of your motor. Most prop adapters available on the market are prone to be slightly off center creating excessive vibrations that leads to the weakening of glue joints on the motor mount causing pre-mature motor-box failures. We have tested many differing brands of prop adapters without success in meeting our performance criteria (predominantly due to inconstancies in quality and precision). As such, we have decided to design our own custom made prop adapters which are specifically CAD/CAM produced in Germany. We tried many different brands with no success (mainly inconsistent quality and inaccuracy), so we decided to produce these adapters in Germany from the highest grade materials and machining. The adapter is CAD designed by Precision Aerobatics and is made for us in Germany.

VOX Props

Vox propellers have been designed and manufactured with one objective in mind - to maximize performance at the prop end, with the highest possible efficiency.

A variety of CNC machines and specialized boring and electronic lathes are used to accurately machine each of the Vox propellers. Four layers of coating applied to the wood to protect the propeller and to achieve a beautiful gloss finish. Once painted it is precision balanced again to assure a perfect propeller. During manufacturing and upon completion, we perform random checks for accuracy of tracking, diameter, pitch, balance, blade form and finish. If a single propeller is being rejected the entire batch is then tested individually to assure our high quality standards are kept.

With over 30 years in manufacturing of Ultralight aircraft and UAV propellers we are confident that our R/C model propellers will satisfy your requirements.

At present we offer two lines of propellers, one designed for electric powered models, and one for gas powered models.

Electric line
Vox electric propellers are made of Ultra light, high quality German Beechwood allowing higher acceleration rate and thrust, combined with precision, which is a “MUST” for high performance airframes, and is an added bonus for the less demanding EP R/C aircraft.


MX Lightweight Pilot Figure

Give your Katana MX (or MX size model) the scale look with a matching featherweight pilot.

Made of fiberglass and pre painted in four color schemes


Katana MX Bling Package

This package includes
  • CF spinner pre cut to fit 14x7 Vox propeller
  • CF Vortex generators
  • CF wheel pants
  • Custom made wing bags

Buy them in a package and save!


Katana MX Vortex Generator Kit

PA CNC machined carbon fiber Vortex Generators will enhance your Katana MX flight characteristics in high AOA flight and KE and will add the funky look to your plane

To read about the impact of the VG Click HERE


MX CF Long servo arms

Set of 4 Carbon Fiber extended servo arms specifically designed to achieve the desired linkage geometry for full control surface movement.  Note that the supplied servo arms are designed to match the Hitec 5085MG. If you already own these servos, please purchase the servo arms separately to ensure the correct linkages geometry is achieved. Once we release the VTS-90MG we will also change the servo arms in this package.


Thin gauge twisted light extension lead

Thin gauge twisted light extension lead (made in the same German factory as our giant scale airplanes HD leads). Due to its fine high quality strings it is extremely flexible preventing RF noises and features low internal resistance. 


MX CF Wheel Pants

CF Wheel Pants for the Katana MX


MX Wing Bags

Katana MX Wing Bags Set


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