Dear Australian customers,

Back in November 2015 we closed our Sydney warehouse, when we relocated our headquarters to the United States.

Since then, for the convenience to our Australian customers we have left the Australian web shop as it was before (except shipping out of our US warehouse).

Recently we have received feedback from multiple customers that this is confusing to them, as the site seems just like it always did but shipping from the US was not always something they were willing to pay.

We are currently working on a new website which will not have the 3 shops anymore, just the one US warehouse shipping worldwide. Until the new site is completed we ask that you browse the US shop, and email us to with your order requirements and your shipping address. We will send you payment request using PayPal that can be paid by either credit/debit card or PayPal balance. You will be charged in USD but paypal will convert your Australian funds at the time of payment per the current currency exchange rate at the time of your payment.

We realize this may not be convenient and we hope to have the new website set up by September 1st.
We also want to encourage you to contact Dave Toys in Victoria, as they have a lot of our items in stock and just now placed an order with us for Vox props, Thrust/Quantum combos and more of our planes. Their website may be tricky so give them a call on 03 9887 0558