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Fathers Day Special! and Ultimate AMR 60 updates

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Celebrate Father’s day and get the present you have been waiting for all year long!  

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40ft container shipment just arrived! 

Ultimate AMR 60 finally here! The entire PA range is back in stock

With that thrilling announcement we have an amazing new video of the Ultimate AMR 60 to share! Click the image below to view this video.




NEW AMAZING XR-61 and Katana 52 videos

Joe Nall was cancelled due to stormy weather, so Team PA gathered for a couple of days of flying and fun in NC instead. 
Watch two amazing videos from PA fly in – these must-see videos are from Alex Fredrickson and Daniel Dominguez at the top of their game!



Backorders progress update

Early next week we will complete inventory and start shipping backorders. We thank you so much for your patience! Please Keep in mind that a massive number of orders needs to be shipped and we appreciate your understanding and patience. As soon as we have a tracking number for your order you will be notified.

Ultimate AMR 60 pre-orders will start shipping later in the week or early the following week as we’ll pack into the boxes the hardware that arrived from Germany and check each plane prior to shipping.




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