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Ultimate AMR 60 update!

Just before we close for the week and drive that long distance all the way to Toledo, Ohio to attend the best R/C show in the country – here is a quick update on the Ultimate AMR 60 production.

Shaun returned a week ago from China after spending there three long weeks.  This has been one the most complicated R/C projects ever made. The production has been drastically slower because we insist on the quality of this plane.

Shaun checked every bit, did some assembling himself to test and simulate any possibility of issues to workers and coming up with solutions – one heck of a challenge to produce this plane!!!

We sorted out the final hardware to go along with this plane which is a partly made in Germany and partly fully CNC machined carbon parts made in-house. Quality bolts, nuts and heavy duty carbon fiber pushrods, each item carefully selected and ordered from different supplier! No compromise.

Since first revealed at Toledo 2017 and flown at Joe Nall 2017, Shaun did a lot of modifications to the plane to ease the assembling left for the flyer based on feedback from customers and team members – fitting the battery is super easy, removing and fitting of the wings made extremely easy for transportation and even bench testing the CG is made simple.

The production of the first batch is now completed and we are in packing stage, waiting to get the custom-made wing bags and will be ready to load over the next ten days, with delivery to our NC warehouse (subject to customs) around first week of June.

The AMR 60 is a well thought design that never been done before, an attempt to bring to the R/C world the finest Biplane ever made. Hopefully it will be appreciated and the wait worth the while.


Lastly – we also completed another major project that was tons of work – PA new website!! 
Visit us from your phone or your desktop, either way we hope your PA experience would be pleasant right from the first click.

Please know that as with any new site, there may be small issues that needs correction. Please email us with your feedback and we’ll sort things out.