VOX Propellers are manufactured to the highest standards using top quality German wood and cutting edge manufacturing processes. Even so model airplane propellers can be very dangerous. Please follow the following handling procedures, failure to do so can lead to serious injury.

• Refer to your engine or motor manufacturer for the proper propeller size for your engine or motor.
• Always install the propeller properly using the proper thrust washer and nut.
• Tighten prop nut securely but DO NOT over-tighten to the point of fracturing the prop hub.
• DO NOT let the spinner contact the prop in any way. Under no circumstances should the prop touch the spinner cone.
• Always use extreme caution when starting the engine. Use an electric starter or chicken stick, never use your bare hand.
• Engine adjustments should be made from behind the engine and away from the spinning prop.
• Keep fingers, hands, hair and loose clothing away from the prop arc at all times.
• Keep all spectators at least 25 feet away from the arc of the spinning prop.
• Never start your engine in loose dirt or gravel.
• To stop your engine always cut off the fuel supply, NEVER THROW ANYTHING INTO THE SPINNING PROPELLER TO STOP YOUR ENGINE!
• Discard all chipped props, fractured or with any signs of wear.
• Never repair or modify propellers in any way, always replace damaged propellers.
• Re-fasten the nut and washer after the first few flights. Failing to do so may result in loss of propeller during flight.