I've never even put a VOX prop on the balancer because they've been great. My experience is that the VOX props are  as good as it gets. Light, quiet, efficient, balanced out of box.

White Rocket @ RCGroups

If you are going to place an order with Precision Aerobatics, I highly recommend ordering a couple of their VOX 12X6 props - They are KILLER!!!

Jake48 @ RCGroups

VOX 14x7 vs APC 13x6.5
wood for me, more thrust, better sound, cool looking, more control in hovers & harriers.

jefierro @ RCGroups

The Vox is far better everywhere, overall no need to try the apc.

long leg @ RCGroups

VOX = Less rotational weight = more RPM = More Thrust.
for less amps..
Win Win Win  oh and throttle response is sharper!

clintski @ RCGroups

The Vox 14X7 draws less current than the APC 14x7E so you essentially get more flight time and also a much cooler drive.

The Vox 14x7 is also lighter than the APC 14x7E and that makes the tumbles on the AMR more energetic.

Radio Rookie @ RCGroups


Vox is just better, i was using the apc 12x6 and when i tried the vox(13x6.5) i felt a huge difference.

Yurievids @ RCGroups

You cannot beat a vox 12x4. They are just amazing. I've flown a lot of props on my Addiction and the vox 12x4 is by far my favorite. Do yourself a favor and get one. No, get five, because when you break it, you will miss it.

Plus, it's the coolest sounding prop I've heard. Spin it up to 25% throttle, it sounds like razorblades. Harrier right past yourself and you'll see what I mean.

captain stowed @ RCGroups

I'll second the vote for Vox wooden props! I get less amps, more thrust , and quicker spool up.

ronin8451 @ RCGroups

Once you fly VOX props you will never want plastic props again :)

Aerofundan @ RCGroups


I'm using in a 42" Slick a VOX 11-5 wood prop and 4S 20C 1800Mah battery. My little Slick will accelerate vertically until I back off throttle... The VOX prop is unbelievably quiet.

str8wing @ RCGroups

I'm flying the Extra MX on the 15x6 Vox prop, I'm very happy with it, I can only dare to imagine the power you get from the 15x7. I fly 8min pattern and some 3D, also love the unlimited climbs and speed pases at full throttle.

jefierro @ RCGroups

I like the 15x7 Vox. Nice, slow speed pulling power and fast enough for me.

evo62 @ RCGroups

i love the 15x7 Vox on the MX, i tried the 14x7..you also have a lot of Fun with the smaller one..

PA what else @ RCGroups