Electric Line
Vox electric propellers are made of Ultra light, high quality German Beechwood allowing
higher acceleration rate and thrust, combined with precision, which is a “MUST” for
high performance airframes, and is an added bonus for the less demanding
EP R/C aircraft.

AC-2094 VOX 10x4
AC-2095 VOX 10x5
AC-2096 VOX 11x4
AC-2097 VOX 11x5
AC-2098 VOX 11x7
AC-2099 VOX 11x10
AC-2100 VOX 12x4
AC-2101 VOX 12x5
AC-2102 VOX 12x6
AC-2103 VOX 12x7
AC-2104 VOX 12x8
AC-2105 VOX 13x5
AC-2106 VOX 13x6
AC-2108 VOX 13x7
AC-2109 VOX 13x8
AC-2110 VOX 14x7
AC-2111 VOX 14x8
AC-2112 VOX 15x6
AC-2113 VOX 15x7
AC-2114 VOX 15x8
AC-2115 VOX 16x6
AC-2116 VOX 16x7